My name is Francis and this is my diary, a way to remember an 'event that changed my life.

I was a sailor, I always lived in the sea, was born on a merchant ship and after reaching the age of majority found work on a ship that traded with Zipangu. One day we were at sea I was arguing with the carpenter, "I'm tired, now the sea is rough and gives me a little 'annoyance" said the carpenter, "Fear not end soon. Please Poseidon to protect us. " Carpenter was a devotee of the goddess of the sea, as many of us the rest, I had never thought about it, I had a lot of faith in gods never having had

no 'help. After about 6 hours we saw black clouds in the distance, the captain shouted "Men furled the sails and keep ready, there will be dancing," everyone did as he ordered. After a while we were in the storm, never seen such a thing, the winds and waves lashed the ship would slip to the right and to the left. A gust of wind did break one of the ropes that held the sails, "One of the sails is about to explain, put in place that rope! "He cried the carpenter," I'll go, "I said, taken a new rope and went. I climbed on the tops and arrived on the tree, walked to the rope had broken, the untied and put in place the new one, I was going to get back on the bridge when a 'very big wave made me lose the' balance and fell into sea. I was at the side of a water surface ship, "Man overboard" cried a sailor, threw me a rope, I started to reach out and take it but could not. The waves dragged me away from the ship, now thought to be over when I touched something with his back, the panic took me, I was already thinking the worst but after I turned I saw it was there

a 'heap of seaweed, did not know if he had supported but I held on to it and to my surprise he resisted my weight. He spent the night and the storm subsided, I was drifting close to that pile of floating auks, the leaves were of a dark green color and bent down, I did not know that some algae could float, believe her anchored to the sea bed but I do not set myself any questions. They spent many hours, the sun was high in celo and I began to have some hungry, tired, murmured a prayer, "O Poseidon, if you hear me, please help me and do not leave me," I did not know if he heard me, but I was desperate. Hungry I wanted to eat one of the leaves but strangely when pulled never left, all of a sudden I felt something touch my leg, I looked and saw a fish tangled in the seaweed, I reached out, took it and ate it hungrily. They spent many hours and the sun was beating, I was very thirsty when suddenly started a light rain. A cloud had obscured the sun for a few minutes just long enough to drop a few drops, unfortunately I had a container so I folded one of algae for use as a bowl. I picked up a bit 'of water that I drank at once, I still had silk but the rain ended, tired I looked around and saw that the storage of algae leaves had turned to the' tall and had collected water, drank from a of the leaves but I kept the other as a backup. I sailed for 2 days, it seemed that the mass of algae that moved on its own, every day was 2 or 3 fish caught in algae, "Poseidon if it is you who send me these gifts Thank you, thank you too mass of seaweed." On the third day I saw an 'island in the distance, I headed always there with algae, arrived on the beach I lay down and took a breath, after a few minutes I turned towards the sea and said, "Thanks for giving me the sea gods supported", then turned towards the 'clutter do algae "Thank you, too, will never forget you", I turned and turned to leave, "do not go so fast," said a female voice. I turned "Who said that? "I said, I looked and saw only the 'mass of algae. "Would not you like to talk a little 'now that you're on the ground? "Said the voice seemed to come from the algae, I approached and then a girl came up from algae. She was beautiful, about 28 years old, 1.70 cm high, a slender physique but with beautiful breasts, not overdone but suitable to his body, the skin had a white color that faded on the dark green to the legs, the hair was of a dark green water, and he was wearing what looked like a suit of algae. "You have supported me up to this point without saying anything, why? "I asked her," I was afraid if I told you who I was, you'd be scared, usually those of my kind, like almost all Mamono sea when they want a husband show themselves to him and they have sex right away, I wanted to first take you saved "he said. "Thanks for saving me, may I ask who you are and why you saved me? "I asked," My name is Valeria and I'm a Flow Kelp, Poseidon sent to rescue me. You are kind, you have thanked the goddess of the sea and then you thanked me believing that I was normal algae, I like that about you, in fact I like a lot about you. "He said as he walked towards me. "I must say that you are very beautiful and you too are very kind, you saved me, I fed you and you gave me drink, how can I repay you? "I said, while she was in front of me," There is no need for you to repay me, l 'I did it with pleasure, but there' s another thing I would do, "I did not have time to argue that put her arms around his neck and after making me a smile kissed me. It was a passionate kiss, I did not hesitate and I hugged myself. We kissed for a long time, then I lie down on the beach, gently took off my clothes, while she blushed as she looked at me but at the same time was smiling, I began to kiss her navel and went up not leaving no part of her, I came to her mouth gave her a kiss sticking my tongue into her mouth, she did the same after that took the 'her initiative. I have too much in your memory those memories that I have no need to write in this diary. After spending some time in that wonderful neighbors we went to bed so, "Now according to the customs of us monster girls got married," he said, "I'm glad that it is so, I am very happy to be your husband," I replied, smiling. "What will we do now? We would live on this island and I? "I ask her," I am a creature of the sea and live here on the coast would be the 'ideal for me, I know a cave near here, and we could live there while you go to pick up something on earth I pescherò. Like as a proposal? " tells me . "Of course I do, as long as I'm with you I'm fine with anything. "

Today is the fourth year that we're here, we had a daughter, and we're fine. They have reached other couples man and the sea monster, most of them live on the bottom of the island's barrier reef but are often on the mainland for a ride. Being near Zipangu there are many land couples who visit us geese move here. In a 'cove we have built a temple dedicated to Poseidon. Never a thank you I'll end up all he has done for me, saved me and sent my wife Valeria and save me, may his kingdom will never end.

Flow Kelp e marito