I am Esmeralda and this is the story of how I arrived in my new home. I was alone, I had moved away into the forest in search of berries, but lost the 'orientation and no longer found the way. I wandered for several hours, suddenly I noticed the vegetation that had never seen, huge mushrooms and strange flowers, "You perza small Lamia?" I turned around looking scared me but I saw no one. "Here upward" said the voice, I looked up and saw a girl with hair blacks ending in purple tufts. She wore a black dress and purple maid but what struck me was 2 ears and tail cat. "I am lost, can you tell me where they are?" I asked anxiously, "I give you the well came in Wonderland" "COOOSSSAAAA !!!!" I shouted in amazement. I had heard about this place but I did not think I would have ever seen. "I'm a Cheshire Cat, my name is Claudia, come, I will bring you around," he told me the girl. He took me into valleys and quiet meadows, I saw many Mamono with their husbands having sex in the meadows, I was jealous, "I'm 20 now and I still have not found a husband, my friends were all arranged and not me," I said to aloud, "Do not worry" said Claudia, "Here you may also find" a lot of these types girls I had never seen, in the normal world there was nothing like it. "Would you come with me to a party, there should be an important person that I wish I knew." After about 1 hour we found ourselves davanta a beautiful house with a large garden surrounded by a thick hedge, entered and saw a long table with 4 people seated, a girl with an elegant green dress and a cylinder head, a man sitting next to her with elegant clothes, instead of in front of them a girl who looked like a black dragon but had two smiling and elongated heads that came out from the sides, next to her there was a man who was also in elegant clothes. We sat down beside them, "Boys and girls, this is my new friend, treat it well is new here," said Claudia, "My name is Esmeralda, nice to meet you, you would be?". "Pleased I am Sabil and here are what is called a Mad Hatter, he's my husband," she said, taking off his hat and pointing at the 'man next to her. "But I'm Jennifer and I am a Jabberwork and he is my husband, what brings you to Wonderland?" He asked. "I'm lost, no one has brought her here" I replied, "Nessuono happens here by accident, it is for a reason," said Sabil. We heard braying of 'entrance trumpets, came a carriage, Sabil got up and ran to the door, "Sit at capotevola, thank you for coming here today after so much" he said, "I heard that your husband has made some new pastries are here to test them and see you, "the voice said. They left the gate behind us, with Sabil there was a little girl dressed with a 'from antique red dance evening dress with mere embroidery, was blonde with a bow of gild head, a scepter of gold that ended with an' immense ruby heart-shaped and, thing that struck me, had 4 pairs of black wings that came out of the back and a black tail and pink. "Hello my lady" told everyone except me who did not know her, she sat at the head and at a sign from him began a little party-based tea and pastries. We talked of many things, from the time, the husband of pastries Sabil and giant mushrooms, then the little girl that everyone treated reverently said, "Then Esmeralda, you like this place?" He said "It is very interesting," I replied, but a what struck me is that I did not remember I told you my name .... "If you want to live here with us" ... "Thanks," I said, "But I have to go back, I have to find a husband," "Do not be an issue that, now we just need to see to make you a little more suited to this place. I'm sorry Sabil, I know that it is your home but I should be alone with her ", everyone stood up and left . She came up with a strange smile on his lips, stepped back frightened, to 'sudden she leaked the energy filaments. I started to run away but the filaments were faster and shook me throwing myself to the ground. "What shall we do?" I asked fearfully, "You'll see, not to be afraid," he said, the tentacles of red energy slipped under my clothes touching me, seemed like snakes crawling on my body. One of them slipped under my skirt, touching, others stood on my chest, the girl laughed and looked at me with two eyes that shone with a light pink. He nodded and the filaments entered into me, I cried but not of pain but of pleasure, a strange feeling that I had never felt so intensely. "Cos' was that feeling? Can you do it again?" I asked her, "Of course I can," he replied, "But it's better that I do not what I'll do to him", the pulse began again, but this time I fainted. I risvegiai few hours later, the girl was gone, and all around me there were Claudia, Jennifer and Sabil, "How do you feel?" Asked Claudia, "I think well, what happened?" I said, "And 'success now you're one of us, "Jennifer said. "What do you mean?" I asked anxiously, "Keep and shopped" he said Sabil handing me a mirror. I could not believe it, the part of my body from the serpent had become pink with the scales that took the form of heart, my dress was composed of a white blouse and a black skirt, she had been replaced with a dark red evening dress with heart issues. They also gloves that covered me up to above the elbows and were too 'them dark red. I looked in the reflection of my head, my hair from brown and pink color were collected in 2 tufts. I froze a 'moment to think, I was very pretty but a thought gripped me and I will share in the other, "Now that I'm here, as I can find a husband?", "Do not be afraid, our Mrs. we make coming here for those who seek one that is how we met our husbands, "Claudia said. A smile slid across my face, a mixture of thoughts of love and lust occupied my mind. "Let's go home," said Sabil, "Our husbands are preparing a reception to celebrate your arrival among us", "Who was the girl? I would like to thank you," I said, "She is our lady," Jennifer said, "One who has created this place and the beautiful daughter of the Demon Lord and Husband "I knew who it was" the Queen of Hearts ".                                                            This is the story of how I became a 'resident of Wonderland, I have a' different story to tell but I leave it for the next rounds                                   Regards Esmeralda.
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