Are destroyed, an 'other work day at the fish store that is gone and to make matters worse is the' anniversary of when I left her. I go back home, I have a little sore muscles due to a load of very large fish that we had to download and cut, 200 meters from home to meet Mrs. Sater, "Good evening Mr. Faustus how are you?" I said " good evening, ma'am, "I reply," I am a little tired, but I'm fine "," I passed by his house and saw the windows open, I thought it was already at home. If you forget to open it? ", it makes me think "I do not remember that I left them open, but it could be" the answer "Goodbye Mrs." I greet you and I go back to the house. Just know that actually house the windows of the dining room are open, I approach the potra d 'entrance and take the broom that I keep near them. By cautiously with the broom in his hand ready to strike anyone, step stay and arrival in the kitchen, there 'is no, I approach the window and close it. Thinking that there is no one checking if something is missing in the room, they could be entered and the thieves have rummaged around and not finding anything had escaped. I light candles and reassured and get ready to go into the tub to wash when I hear noises coming from the bathroom, I take the broom in a hurry and I start slowly toward the bathroom. I see a light coming under the door, I do courage and threw open the door and shout "Let me see the thief, if you have courage ...." I freeze when I see the 'intruder. And 'her, Lavinia, the woman who had left me one year ago is here in front of me in my bare bath immersed in' water. He has blond hair, a shapely body, "Hello Faustus, I've been waiting and meanwhile I got in the tub, I hope you do not mind," he says, "I do not mind, but why are you here? How did you get in?" The I ask, "I went and I forced the window," he says, "This I thought so, but why are you here?" "I missed you" I said "I can no longer live without you" "I do not understand," I say, "you were the one saying that life did not feel like we were doing well and that the life of one who was working at the fish market would not have become an important person "," I was wrong, that is the past, I want to be with you right now with. Come here me and let's talk, "I answered, wondering gaze and the act of entering the tub with her. the feelings I have for her are still in my heart despite what he had said to me one year ago, I undress and later in the tub with her. it was not as I remembered, had curly hair and now are smooth and not as skinny as before but with some extra Pounds, all things that I asked you to change now she had made, one thing that strikes me is that his eyes are green and which has a mole under the 'right eye, all things that I could not remember, and that make me crazy for a woman. "Do you think you can forgive me after what has happened? "He asks me approaching," I'm still a little 'hurt and confused, you left without a word, I got home and you were gone but now reappear, what am I supposed to think? "I ask," Do you think they are here to stay, and consider us, we could start over. I'll stay at home and I will work in the country, I have already spoken to the owner of the inn to make the cook. " " One moment ! "Interrupting" The owner of the inn is a Troll, will try to monsterizzarti! "I say," Fear not, we have an 'agreement will not change for you, but for you I will be who I am, "I replied" Now we can relax and think of a more beautiful tomorrow for us, "saying that he kisses me and hugs me, I incredulously I do the same and Down with my hands up behind his back clinging to her. She slowly descends from the mouth kissing my neck, in the meantime I l 'I caress and hold her to me, the rest is something that I could not remember so pleasant. We spent all night in the tub to prove our love, the next morning we have breakfast together, and she prepares the thing that amazes me is that it's good, he never knew how to cook, he must have studied. I take and I go to work, she greets me and I go back to the store with the hope of a new life.

It's been 3 months since Lavinia is back, we spent many happy days, every night demonstrated it our love sometimes normally in the other bed in the bath or out in the fields when we had the picnic and did later, l 'only strange thing is that when I would have liked to do it according to the brightness of the full moon she closed the windows and wanted to go to bed early. Apart from this thing I finally made my decision, I want to ask her to marry me. Today I took a day off and went from Mr. Zosebur the seller of the country's jewels, "Hello dear Faustus, all right? "He says with a smile," All right, thanks, I would buy a 'ring for a special occasion, "I reply," For a' special occasion I have this, "he says pulling out a ring from a drawer. "Golden Ring cun a heart and inside 1 ruby" "I'll take it," I say, after having paid and greeted I go out and I start to get home. "I'm back" I say, opening the door, "Welcome back dear, it went well today? "Lavinia tells me," It is good and you? "I tell her, she comes to me and I see that she has her hand bandaged," What happened to you? "I ask worried," I was cutting the meat and I wound but it is not anything serious, we can eat and then go to sleep, I am a bit 'tired, "he says with a little' anxiety," Yeah, now c ' it is the full moon. Okay we eat and then sleep, "I say. He cleared the table after eating and she closes all the windows and the door, after a while we go to sleep in the bed. Are a bit 'sad, I wanted to make her the proposal tonight but I have to wait. In the middle of the night I wake up with stomach pains, I probably undigested think, I would like to raise to drink of 'water but do not want to wake Lavinia, I reach out to touch it and move it but can not find it. I think it went to the bathroom so to have a little 'window open light, the light of the moon illuminates the entire room, I hear a noise behind me, I turn around and I can not believe what I see. Right in the middle of the room there is a strange creature, he looks like a 16 year old girl with a blacks bobbed hair, white skin and red eyes, wearing a black dress with a 'wide skirt. I scared to run to the door to see if Lavinia looks good, "Wait Faustus do not run away," he says the little girl, "As you know my name? Lavinia where are you? "I cry but I do not get answer. Terror seized me, "What did you do to Lavinia monster? "I say angry, the girl looks at me frightened then known that on his hand c 'is a bandage, the same hand in which he Lavinia and at first glance it seems to me the same handkerchief. "I have to tell you the truth, now that you've seen me I have to tell it to you," he says, "I am not the true Lavinia, my name is Francesca and I am a Doppelganger. I saw you a few days before our meeting in your house, I had heard of you by the people at the inn, they said that you're a good person, kind and honest but anchored to a woman who had abandoned you. One day without you noticing I approached to you you and I read your thoughts, I saw it in your memories that Lavinia woman and so I turned into her, I changed only those defects and added those things that you liked as hair and a mole under 'eye. "I sit and ponder for a few seconds, then I say" Quindo was all a lie. The fact to be with me and that you love me, all a 'deception? "" No !! "She says, raising her voice," I really love you, since you have known months ago until now, the body could be Lavinia but the mind is mine, I never really wanted to deceive you, I was afraid that I do not I accepted. I just wanted to make you happy but with my true form did not think there'd be successful, but my feelings for you are real, even my character and my attentions are true. All of what you have known about me is true, only the external form was false. Now hate me, I think it is appropriate for me to go, I just want to say I love you. I'm going ... "" Wait, "I say grabbing her hand" Lavinia was beautiful but also arrogant, you are kind and good, if this is your true form, then it does not matter to me, I fell in love the real you and not your appearance physical. And that's why ... "I take from the pocket of my pants that I had put on to a chair a little box, I kneel before her and I open the box. All 'interior is the' ring I had bought "Lavinia, no, Francesca, will you marry me? "I ask looking into her eyes, she blushes, he closes his eyes and after a moment hugged me crying. "Yes, you want it, since I met you !! "He says shouting. I stand up and pull her to me, she takes my hand and puts me down on the bed, "Tonight we will do it without cheating," saying that slips the dress she wears on the ground, sits on top of me and start to kissing. That night we did it under a full moon, and she was in her true form. The next day he tells me that despite his height is 29 years old, the second in less than me.

Today is a special day, it's been three weeks since I asked her to marry me, and today is the day of the wedding. The church dedicated to the fallen deity is full, I am close to 'altar with the dark priest to my right and my witness left. Appearance with stirring, the moment when she will come through that door with a thought that turns me on the head, "And if one day she will escape? "In that 'moment I hear the door open and she appears, wearing a white dress that covers her from neck to the pelvis, shoulders are uncovered from the pelvis down and wearing a wide skirt with a train 1 meter long, it has a head veil that barely covers pretty face. I position it next to her and the dark priest begins to speak "Dear friends, we are gathered here to join Faustus and Francesca together in marriage. Faustus you marry Francesca? "" I do, "I say," Will you marry Francesca Etu Faustus "" I do, "she says smiling. "For the fall Divinity power I now pronounce you married," the pulled back the veil from her face and kiss her, she smiles at me so sincere and happy. How could I have thought that this time it will not go well, she loves me and I love her, this time everything will be fine.
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