This story was inspired by a random WWYD based on an Aspara, In the comments of the Aspara page it did not give a name for who came up with the idea.


Your friend just dragged you to a so called "theater" to watch his favorite live Aspara dance to get over his stress. Like every night she danced you both enjoyed it, yet you can have sworn she always looked for you at the very end of her dance before she bowed to leave the stage...

 This night in particular is very different as both you and your friend's days grew even worst as you realized the hard way that it was a trap for other single mammomo to pounce on possible husbands...

 in the middle of the chaotic orgy and chaos, the Aspara calls for you through the sound system and reaches her arm towards you.... her innocent look is now cast aside as she lustfully licks her lips while she sways her beautiful hips to prepare herself for her "Special" dance....

 What do you do?


I shake my head in both disgust and disbelief. That may sound harsh but there you go, for one thing I’m certain that it’s not me she’s calling to and secondly, I remember the words of my father, “Girls like her are nothing but ten miles of bad road.”

So with that I’ve seen enough, literally!  Speaking for myself: I can’t stand the sight of people making out, it just makes me nauseous for some reason and this….is 100 times worse.

As for my friend, well….he seems to have bugged out on me, I don’t see him anywhere around here and as he was just beside me a moment ago clearly he didn’t feel the need to tell me where he was going!   

Then again I wouldn’t really call him a friend he’s more like a casual buddy, we have very little in common to tell the truth, and the only reason I came here was because I was either too nice or too stupid to say no. 

Okay yes, the Aspara is a rather beautiful Mamono and her dancing was……tolerable, for me anyway!  But to tell you the truth I didn’t really want to come here, I’m not much of a, how do I put it? Doer! I prefer sitting at home alone and not having people bother me, to actually going places and being around people.

But, I digress!  The Mamono here don’t seem to notice me, though that’s probably because they are all too busy with…other things!

Fortunately for me, for me they seem to have all found other men more attractive than me.  Which is no surprise, fetching I am not, I wouldn’t go so far to say I’m ugly but? Well I’ve never been one to catch the female eye and now almost in my mid 30’s I don’t really want to anymore.

Taking a look around me and trying not to gag in the process at what can only be described as a pornographic orgy, I try to see if I can spot that fool who decided he wanted to come here and needed to drag me along. 

Most if not all of the men in attendance seem to have been, uh! Claimed by an assortment of Succubus, Hell Hounds, Manticors, Dark Valkyries, Demons and strangely enough what looks like a pubescent girl with bluish skin and horns atop her head.

Grunting to myself I shrug it off as some kind of Succubus convention and resume my search for my partner in crime. 

But there is no sign of him, did he leave already?  It’s possible I guess, but it doesn’t seem likely, I would have thought I’d seem him among the other men screaming obscenities while in the throes of passion.

And speaking of which; the noise and smell in here is starting to make me queasy and frankly I really don’t want to be here anymore.

With that said I placed my foot onto the chair I had been sitting on during the course of the show and taking a moment to decide where my next step should be saw that there was an empty space to my right in-between a Succubus and a Valkyrie who looked too busy to notice me.  

Stepping carefully over my chair I tried to ignore the sights and sounds around me as I maneuvered myself between the debauching that was going on and make my way towards the isle where I could freely move about and head to the exit.

Despite my best efforts I accidentally stepped on one or two of the monsters and uttered a quick apology, but it didn’t seem to matter, either they were too sexed up or having too much fun to notice, which doesn’t bother me, the less fuss the better I say.

Finally I reach the isle and start to make my way towards the exit.   I’m almost out of this place when I suddenly feel a hand grab my wrist, not hard mind you, and not it a way that would indicate any sort of threat, it was more of a gentle clinging than anything else and it suddenly made me feel oddly euphoric, which for me is a big deal as I suffer from clinical depression.

With no reason to suspect any danger I turn around to face whoever has grabbed me and to my slight surprise come face to face with an Aspara, or rather one very particular Aspara….as in the one that deserter and I were watching until just a little bit ago, and the one who I had been so sure hadn’t been calling to me.

I still don’t believe she was but at the moment I can’t help but notice how gorgeous she is, I mean I could tell she was cute from a distance but up close! All I can say is “wow” just “wow!”

The other thing I can’t help but notice is the expression currently adorning her pretty face, it seems to be a mixture of confusion and, dare I say it? Desire???

No, No! Confusion and probably worry, not desire! Reality check Chris! Women are not into you, never have been and never will be.  She’s probably going to ask where my friend went off too!

Yes, that’s it! She’s just worried he ran off or something, well I don’t want to tell her this but I’m going to have to be honest, I don’t know where…

“Why are you leaving?” she asks, sounding as though the thought might actually scare her.

As for me, all I can do is stare, my brain has yet to process this new information, is she asking ME?! Where I’m going?

“Didn’t you hear me call out to you?” she asks sounding both confused and more than a little hurt.

I don’t have a clue how to respond, this….this has never happened, I mean it doesn’t happen! Well…not to me anyway.

An uneasy silence falls between us, the Aspara, whose name I have yet to learn, is still holding my hand and now is looking at me as if to ask “what did I do wrong?”

Or at least I think that’s what her expression means. Honestly I couldn’t say for certain because I am terrible at reading people and situations.  However, I know enough to know I don’t know how to respond.

“What’s your name?” she asks finally, breaking the uncomfortable silence that has been hanging over us for who knows how long now.


“Chris, I’m Mari!” she says now starting to smile a little. 

My heart has just gone into overdrive and I can feel my checks burning. 

“So, Chris!-” she says in a silky tone of voice as he places my hand between her breasts, my face is now practically on fire and my brain in only an inch from blowing a fuse.   To say this is a whole new experience for me would be like saying the sky is blue. 

This is beyond new for me, this is inconceivable!  I mean, since when does this happen to a plain, uninteresting, unaspiring, no name nobody like me?

“Would you like to see me dance again?”

Under any other circumstances I probably would have flat out refused and just resumed my journey home, however, all thoughts of leaving seem to have been forgotten.   Though I confess I feel a little uneasy about this, Mari however seems to take my silence as a yes and proceeds to gently lead me back into the theater and though I didn’t know it at the time but she was also taking me towards our new lives.....together, forever.


A/N: To be honest this story did not go as I had wanted but oh well, I felt the need to have written something again, even if it was just a short story I wanted to have finnished a story once again.  I must admit that I kinda rushed the ending because I was afaid that if I put it off I would never get it done.

BTW if you were expecting a Lemon to this story you came to the wrong place, I don't write smut thank you very much!  Personally I had wanted to go a bit longer with this story but just couldn't keep up the motivation.  I have been struggling for couple of years now with not being able to write and when the mood just suddenly hit me for this...I just had to do it and be able to finnish.....something again!

Constructive feedback is always welcomed!