A cowgirl pit? What the hell?

"What the hell?" spouts Tevin, sprang out of his chair, his dubious voice directed at Aaron "Dude...the hell is this?"


"Don't 'huh' me! I asked you what business of cult stuff are you conducting right now?"

"Cult stuff? No, no" Aaron waves his hands in a dismissive manner "Dude, you know me, no? I'm not in some weird cult or anything. Why would I?"

"Huh, I don't know..." Tevin feigns ignorance "The shrouded beetle girls? The pit that suspiciously looks like some sacrificial pit? The chairs? The secrecy? The fact that you threw a random girl into it just for her to come back as a cowgirl? Are you worshipping a cow god? If so, I think you've spent too much time in the dairy vapers"

"No, no, no, you've got me wrong, man" Aaron gets himself up, walking over the frightened young man turned. He turns to an empty hallway where more Khepri come about, a man by his shoulders. The cowgirl's eyes flare at his sight, to which she runs to, hugging him in relief.

He hugs back, worries in his eyes "Are you alright? Did they--

"I'm fine" she retorts "It went without a hitch, although I was scared for a moment. Everything, so dark".

"Right, sorry about that. Egyptian magic is a bit rigid on the matter" answers Aaron as the Khepri sweep the cowgirl clean of any demonic energy remnants before presenting her with a new pair of cloths over the stained set she bore. Modern clothing with an Egyptian twist, complimenting the attire.

"It's quite alright, good king" she winks, clinging to the arms of what seems to be her lover or husband "This new form will give us an easier time now".

"Good to hear, good to hear. You go home and settle in now. Take your time, we will have a specialist coming in a few to show you the ins and out of your new functions and get you started".

"Of course!" confirms the man, quick to take his beloved in his arms, quite impatient to get back home. All to the dumbfounded look of Tevin, at a loss for words.

A look not unseen by Aaron, slowly returning to his seat, the former blabbering "What? Who? What? Why? What?"

"Ohh, did I forget to mention? Yea, most of the women here consented". Aaron boasts with a prideful tone, about the same pride as the hooded Khepri, they, prone on taking a solemn stance.

"They want to be turned into cows..."

"Nah, man" he dismisses "They want to incorporate a holstaur form. The shy, the timid, the unconfident. Picking on a gentle, yet fierce persona of the bull maiden. That, and we were running out of milk anyway".

Tevin, hearing of his words, is once again dumbfounded. he lets the brand of words come back again "What?"

"As I said, we were running out of milk" Aaron reiterates his phrase, to the nodding of the hooded Khepri.



"Ok, so let me get this straight..." Tevin promptly gets off the chair provided to him " went off the grid, making us think you were dead for two years. Two years. Then, you send letters out of nowhere, claiming you are well, just to drag us out here, in a temple in the middle of nowhere--

"The city is literally next to us" jousts Aaron.

"Nowhere! Turning women into species of holstaur just in a bid to fill your milk..."

"Well...when you put it like that--

"Ok, cool, I'm out" declares Tevin, to Aaron's dismay.

"No, hold on! It's not what it seems--

"Not what it seems?" Tevin makes a forced laughter "So, I didn't just hear you speak about how we're missing' milk? All of this just for milk?"

"Well, yea, but--

"Then it's settled. I'm out. Do what you want. I. Am. Out!" Tevin makes a sprint to the exit, all the while ignoring Aaron's voice calling him back "Dude, wait! I didn't tell you the whole thing! Dude! Chelsia was waiting for--Tevin, man--ugh..."

The king of this strange process returns to his seat, sighing heavily as a Khepri comes to his side, looking to the exit as well "My king, it would seem this friend of your remains unconvinced. Would sending miss Chelsia not make for a potent key to convince him? It has been a while since she's been tended to. And I fear she may no longer let one of us carry that task".

"Yea, you go and do that. I gotta revise what I'll say to him. I need me my milk handler. Dude's sitting on a massive hangar just begging to be refitted for milk storage. Ain't nobody else a specialist on the cryo equipment".

"As you wish, my king" The Khepri takes an elegant walk away, two steps before returning to his side "I forgot to ask, my lord..."

Her cheeks redden strongly enough to contrast her bronze skin pigment "The cohort wishes to know which of us will you invite to bed tonight..."

"A good question..." Aaron rises from his seat as the rest of the hooded court resume their rituals, well-intended on making every woman a holstaur. Setting his sights on the sole Khepri, he tugs her close to him, making sure no inch is present between them "You've worked pretty hard today. How about a night between us, hmm?"

"My king..." she flusters and blushes, her thoughts speeding before her words " is as you will".
"Dumb..." Tevin had returned home, changing his outfit to a jumpsuit "Dumb, dumb, dumb. A freaking cowgirl cult? I'm staying out".

Tevin, the mechanic, and delivery of goods. The first, full-time. The second, part-time. Maintaining and fixing air-coolants in the week. Gathering and shipping cold products in the weekend. Always had a fixation on cool temperatures.

"Dude goes around turning people into cowgirls just because he couldn't be bothered to fill his milk pitcher. Lazy douche".

He slaps his hat on as he walks to the outside. Outside, where one of the holstaurs waited outside. Chelsia, precisely. Her pretty green eyes catch Tevin jolting hard enough for his hat to pop off his head like a pop-up "Chelsia? You too? Seriously?"

"Hi, Tevin..." her face convey blushing, flapping ears as an indication of her happiness to meet once more, "Aaron told me you'd take good care of me from now on. To be honest, it feels rather lifting".

"You serious? You know he did that just because he couldn't fill his pitcher, right?" His eyes return disbelief at how easily Chelsia let herself convinced to turn holstaur.

"Uhhh?" her ear dressed straight, almost as her horns "That's not what I was told. He said that milk was missing".

"..." A slap echoes through the house as his hand strikes the full front of his face, all under Chelsia's curious look. Her hands come to reach him, removing it from his face.

Face to face with a monster. His childhood friend, no less. The mesmerizing hair falling on her back. The peerless features on her face and cheeks. The radiant eyes gazing back. It is surreal to Tevin. Of course, the 'I need milk' returns in his head, snapping him out of his delusion.

"Seriously, you let that garbage come to your head? Ugh..." he sighs, causing her ears to fall down in the feeling of disappointment. Not the brand of response she was expecting.

Tevin opens his door wide, never the less welcoming "Well, come on in. It's not like you're at fault in this..."

"Graceful! I shall be an asset to you, my dear old friend!" The elegance she was previously filled with briefly disconnects as she bullrushes inside, straight for the kitchen. Objects fall left and right in her wake, causing a bigger deal of sigh in Tevin "Missing he seriously ridding on that excuse all---...whatever..."

He goes away, mounting his truck to drive his rounds, not to be seen before the evening...
The day falls under an unnerved delivery man. All day, exposed to this 'milk conspiracy'. The streets, the stores, the people. All of them, talking and moaning about milk. Milk, milk, milk.

"This cult...or prank, or both--whatever! It's all giving me a headache" he spits in annoyance under the decreasing rubble of his motor, parked at the lone space aside his hangar. Meters close, his home stands, battling the darkness with the lights within.

Walking in, his nostrils smell the delicate assault of flour, cheese, tomato, and pepperoni all melded into a perfect slice divided into 12.

"What is this? Pizza?" Tevin's eyes are shut, guided by his nose instincts to the kitchen. A magnificent pizza decorates the top of his table, the sole contender of the kitchen's battlefield. Dirty dishes an tools litter the place, all passing through the cleaner of Chelsia's hands. Spoons and the such, all coiled by her tail.

Her ears slightly flap open in the resonance of his entry "A warm welcome back to you, good friend. How did your day fare?"

Tevin drops his cap to the side, his rattling voice returned to her question "About as well as a mass prank did..."

"Ohh, no need for the sour mood, friend. I had a feeling you would have a hard time adjusting to this new array. Henceforth, here is a sublime dish to your liking!" she states proudly, making little of the sauce stain on her left cheek.

"I must admit, that looks like some damn good pizza". The aroma cleanses his fatigue, about as well as his favorite dish can. Already his senses converge on the untouched fusion, the cheese, in particular, standing out as golden.

"Then my task is done. You wind down on my handiwork while I go prepare myself in the bathroom. Ta-ta!!" The newly anointed cowgirl dashes away through the frame, leaving Tevin and his hunger alone with the pizza. His shackles undone, the man lunges at the dish, devouring it with no remorse in the span of minutes...
The time sees Tevin vouched at the sofa, resting after his bountiful harvest "Man, that hit the spot right here".

"So glad you enjoyed my little home cooking, good friend" Chelsia's voice comes to the living room, followed shortly by the new holstaur, dressed in a modest, yet alluring shirt and skirt "I remembered how much you love these flavourful combinations".

"I'm honestly surprised you went so far as to cook it for me to begin with. Last I remember, you weren't exactly the most enthusiastic about kitchen duties".

"Well, as I mentioned..." the cow lady takes her steps to the sofa where Tevin is laying. Her motion doesn't stop, forcing the man to move over under the threat of heaviness from another human being mixed with dairy mistress "I knew you'd take time to adjust to these new standards of life, so I thought to soften the blow..." The last words whistling over her lips pass in a muzzled tone washed over by the noticeable blush in her face. Her eyes yield to the embarrassment and divert.

"Soften the blow? Why do I get the feeling you're trying to get somewhere?" Tevin's head tilts sideways, gazing with the might of an interrogator. His sight lowers on the center of gravity Chelsia bears, her chest "What the...why is your shirt damp?"

Her fingers dot at the middle, directly over her chest under limp ears "Is it now, friend?" Her tone of fallacy is a blunt failure, as her acting skills in pretense have remained subpar.

His eyes roll upward in epiphany "Of course that's why he sent you here".

"Whatever do you mean, dear friend?" she asks, still masking her voice with the fallacy tone.

"Really? Still going with feigned ignorance? The 'Ohh, I'll send a friend to his side and demonstrate the veracity of my claim, that'll win him over'...nothing?"

Chelsia continuously dots her fingers midway, very well aware of Tevin's reticence at playing along this farce. A slight problem for her "Surely it wouldn't hurt to see what it's about, right? I do hope you consider, just for tonight".

"And why would I? What benefit would me walking in his little pyramid scheme bring me?"

"It won't weigh down on me for the moment..." she lets out.

"Weigh down? What do you mean weigh down--

Looking at her again, does he realize " were never a d-cup kind of gal".

Swollen within, her cheeks puff up in defiance of his words, a contest to his claim. Further backing her outrage is her tail, swatting vigorously left and right, close to a tantrum.

Tevin hiccups, a mask over his laughing attempt, yet resigned to lend a hand "Sure, just this bit. Feel free to go gloat at how I've been had or something, I don't care, I'm staying out of this mess".

"But there is no such thing as a prank. Have you not sought the news?"

"Nope..." Tevin returns to the kitchen, writing a little note in a stick pad before slapping it on the fridge "I'll have whatever needed tomorrow, alright?"

"I thank you, good friend, for the aid. I trust it will be as relieving to you as it will to me".

"You know, I kind of want to see how long you're willing to keep that false speech pattern for him". He leaves her with blatant mistrust, though it fails to scorch her mind, as the toll of a cellphone lodged on the side of her skirt rings in a bell melody. The ringing continues, all to the point of her hand reaching for it...
The night falls, Tevin deeply encroached in the dreamland. Chelsia snores away in her own room, an ancient one used by her herself long before her metamorphosis.

His dream is invaded by the thought of milk, as is the degree of exposure he deals with. Buildings, stores, clothing, culinary, everything going through an overhaul with speed unheard of. Obviously, thanks to the holstaur workforce putting the elbow grease into the renovations. At least those already affiliated to the construction.

"Milk...dumb...excuse...stupid..." Tevin's dream is an unwell one, unnerved by how deep Aaron's little pyramid scheme dives, only to be snapped out of it by a ring.

He wakes with force, the pulley transitioning him from sleep to wake, a rough one, though welcomed one "Ah good, I was stuck in a dumb dream"

He reaches for the phone, opened and waiting, welcomed to a voice he was expecting "Hey man, what's up?"

"Nothing, at least, save for Chelsia you've apparently turned into a cowgirl". Tevin's voice pierces with disbelief, devoid of any shock or surprise.

"Hey now! She was up for it. Can't pin this one on me". The Khepri king rides on an innocent voice.

"Sure, and I'm the queen of England. What do you want?"

"I'm just looking out for my buds. Is that so hard to believe?"

"Well, considering this farce of yours literally has the city re-shaping itself, I'm going to say yes".

"Oh come on, man! It's not as it is! There's more to it than you think".

"Oh, yea? So far, all I hear is that you couldn't be bothered to get a milk jug. A bit of an overreaction, don't you think? But sure, you missed milk. Whatever, she's doing fine...somehow".

Aaron's voice finds joy in the news "Oh, thank goodness. Considering the others' initial apprehension in their new selves, I was worried for a second. Now, I'm sure you know about cows, right?"

Yea, why you asking me? You can get milk from literally anywhere if you're still stroking with that inherited laziness".

"No thanks, already stacked to oblivion here. Also, FYI, you may get some regular visits".

Tevin groans in annoyance "Ugh, thank a lot".

"You're welcome. But seriously, Chelsia is going to come around with a bit of 'maintenance', if you get my drift".

"Yea, yea, this 'milk' issue that's put us on the spot. I get it".

"Ok, cool. Cool. I just hope you don't go and do something stupid like buying some machine or something. Speaking of that, I gotta remember making a note about it. Nah, I'll ask one of my wives to make the changes..."

~My king, these matters can be solved the next morning. Come to bed~

Silence. Tevin can hear some 'noise' on the other side. Weird noises. Aaron comes back to the phone, panting "Hum...we'll talk later. I have royal business to attend to".

He hangs up, leaving Tevin with his thoughts, brushed away for sleep. He didn't care much. All just a kneejerk reaction to milk...
The day rises with Tevin relaxed, well anchored on the amalgamation of silk and tissue composing his bed, deeply in the realm of the dreamer. Pulled awake, however, by the subtle, toll of the door. A subtle toll finding itself amplified by Tevin's sleeping state, as shattering a dreaming process, surprisingly easy to manifest.

"Ugh..." The first act of his day, besides breathing. Checking his clock. The sight burns any groggy clinging to him in pure outrage "5: 00 am?! Who the hell comes around knocking at doors at 5 in the morning?!"

The knock continues, melding with the delivery man's added groans. Fitting his pants turns to be a harrowing experience. If his mind had ridden itself of the morning grog, his body didn't. It fights him all the way through the dressing stage, only parted from him through the door.

Pulling the knob to him, Tevin is presented with a couple. A man. A holstaur. Both standing side by side, a gray container ahead of them. Tevin's eyes take a second to adjust, quick to identify the two "Aren't you the two who went to flee from Aaron's cult...pit, whatever?"

"Actually..." notes the cowgirl, raising a finger across "...I was told it was--

"Yea, sure, whatever, don't care for that guy's farce. What do you want?"

"We're here to deliver our excess milk". The man gently takes a hand to his companion's shoulder, causing a noticeable blush on her face under his continued rattling "It was a bit scary at the beginning, but being coupled for so long, this uneasy start had turned into--

"Yaddi, yadda yadda. You say something about milk?"

"Well, yes" the holstaur reiterates "We're here to deposit our excess...milk? As intended?"

"Deposit milk". Tevin speaks the words slowly, making sure he didn't accidentally hear this.

"Yes" confirms the lass, proudly patting on the large filled content sealed off with a large cap.


"Hum, yes..." re-confirms the man once more, dumbfounded by the reiteration of Tevin. Unlike him, he was breaking form, a side effect of this milk's consumption...not that Tevin would know.

"Ok, how much is he paying you for this farce?"

"Paying?" the man asks, assailed by confusion at the sudden turn of questions.

"About one to two thousand and five hundred a week". The lady holstaur breathes with utmost sincerity laced with a side of pride. Pride soon put to question by the delivery man.

"Half of five thousand? Really? Good lord, how deep is he in that dumb prank?" His hand raises in bewilderment, equally as stunned by the number "Good gravy, is he really that dedicated to this stupid drivel of an excuse?!"

The delivery man loses sight of the couple, his vision blurred out by the maddening absurdity of the thing. Aaron, claiming to have been missing milk, now paying no less than five grand past two weeks for the mere excess milk collected. And of course, he probably knows of his massive hangar storages, twins in fact.

He jests a hand towards the two, his eyes avoiding them "S-sure, leave it here. Don't know what the hell I'll do with it, but sure, whatever..."

The two slightly bow in agreement, a soft 'thank you' whispered between the lips of the lady, returned to the man's side. They depart, leaving Tevin with an entire keg of milk. His time thought about this process, denied.

"My fair greetings, good friend! I see you are caught with a quite heavy tank!" Chelsia skips to his side, greeting his ears with her lullaby reaching for the object with her fingers "Henceforth, I shall bear this for you all the way to the hangar!"

"Sure, I guess I'll go get what I need for tonight" Tevin turns back to his room, fitted once more in different attire. His steps carry him to his truck, ready and willing, to drive him far...

The evening spits Tevin's truck back to his domain, somewhat far from the town as a farmer would be. His expression, since passed from shock... "Aaron is really reaching for whatever this is supposed to be". acceptance "Well, nobody getting hurt in all of this, so, to all their own. NOT getting into it, however. Missing milk, get out of there with that".

He walks the box of tools inside the hangar, at the middle where he has created a sort of living room in. Among his tools, close to the freezing room, he starts building it. Building a milking machine. Probably one of the last ones available. Many, broken, deported, some say outright outlawed "Outlawed? Why would they outlaw it, to begin with? Probably Aaron's ludicrous rule".

Having finished, he returns to his true domain "Hey, Chelsia! I'm back--

"Good friend!" she lunges at him with no fear of missing, plummeting the man under her delectable weight "I bring you a warm welcome back!"

"You're--still--speaking---like that?---Really?" Being under another human being, weighing about as much as he, a strenuous task for Tevin to endure.  Another test sparks in his mind. To state that he had feelings for her, even before her change into a much more enticing woman sporting cow features, a gross understatement.

As she was now, unbound by whatever had held her from the kindred emotions, Tevin had spawned thoughts. Lecherous thoughts. Her breasts, her touch, her voice, heck, even the way she speaks, it all starts grinding down on him. And now, there he was, pressed under everything that composed his childhood friend and more.

"Oh? I have always spoken as such. Unless you refer to before my metamorphosis. I found out midway that such tones are pleasant to you. As a lucky coincidence, being under this new form makes it easy for me to articulate favorable tones".

Tevin makes himself off under her weigh, fighting his ailing breath "Is that what he told you?"

"No~ope!" she winks, gathering her hands behind her back, seemingly awaiting what he was coming to "I'm sorry to ask, good friend, but had you not a declaration to make as I wished to welcome you?"

"Declaration? Oh, yea, yea, come with me. Got something for you" Tevin turns back to walk away, ever followed by Chelsia by the sound of her hooves clopping on the earthly soil.

They walk for about 2 minutes when a massive hangar storage stands before them, veiling the second twin behind it, used as a freezing hangar. Tevin's delivery items were and still are of cold products with a need to remain cold or frozen.

The first one is where they go, opening the door for Chelsia to gaze at the machinery present in the middle "Dear friend? What is this contraption?"

"A milking machine. The weigh you muster around here..." he feebly points to her chest, his eye turned away to avoid a true mention.

"You mean my breasts?" she immediately shouts, no trace of hesitation and even less embarrassment, her hands joined under the d-cup pair.

"Yea, said it was a bit uncomfortable. So, milking machine. All for you".

"Sounds..." Chelsia's voice does not match the casual cheery pitch she bears speaking with Tevin, directing a distant glare at the machine. Even as it features a complete overhaul for holstaurs with everything they could need in a milking session, especially with the 'milking process' being a pair of artificial hands tailored to human likeness.

"...convenient, yes" Tevin sets up the machine as Chelsia creeps closer, a fist on her left hand. She isn't sure why, but she hates it. It reeks of disgust toward her.

Still, she'd have to try it. Slowly, Tevin fashions her around it and sets it on. The machine vibrates for seconds, heating its engine. Then, the rubbing. "Uhh..." Chelsia's voice could be attributed to a soft sensation of comfort. Enough for Tevin to return "I'll be going to grab something quick to eat, alright? I'll be back".

He wanders away under the sound of the milk machine going at a casual drive, pressing the artificial hands on her breast in their work to squeeze out the nutrient within...

Minutes pass as Tevin passes by, a slice of pizza in hand, a pair of juice cans on the other "Well, it's been a while. I hope the machine isn't rough on her".

He opens the door, assailed by silence "Odd, I could hear it working from here. Did it just stop?" Of course, a sigh comes out of him as he witnesses the machine in pieces. Pieces, literally littering the living space of the hangar. The hands, in particular, smashed to rubble.

"I guess she was rough on the machine..." he utters, aware of the form moving in the corner of his eyes. Chelsia moving up from the lonely sofa.

He turns "Here goes this pretty penny. Did...did the machine offend you? Why would you smash it like that, to begin with? You could have removed yourself from it".

"Dear old friend, I have indeed reason to have wracked it. It's evil, pure evil".

"Evil..." Tevin rises an eyebrow, unconvinced.

"I-it gets everything wrong in its touch. Either too much groping or not enough. Every spot it passes on is done at the wrong time, with the wrong intensity. There's no good coming out of it..."

"Well, what do you propose? I barely got this one out of the three left in stores and I'm no farmer. I don't know the intricacy of pouring milk from your 'assets'. Not that it was my first solution, to begin with".

"Well..." Chelsia approaches, her hands resting on her exposed chest "It wouldn't hurt to try, would it?" A soft smile adorns her face with a hint of coy tone escaping "I mean, all the time you were fixated on them, it'll be your opportunity to feel them, my old friend".

"Don't speak like that, you know I was simply curious about the shapes and words of your shirt".

"Whichever you say, good friend. In the meantime..." she stops speaking, awaiting his move, still flashing her breasts firmly in place, yet prone to spill.

Tevin sighs turned to the sofa, seeking to make this as quickly as possible.

It was anything but...

Chelsia closes the gap between the two, causing enough draft in the sails of her skirt to briefly lift it as she sits on his lap. His words spill dissidence as a warning "I'm telling you once more, I don't know what I'm doing".

"It's alright, good friend. I shall be your humble guide on the matter" speaks the holstaur with enthusiast, placing her hands on his to put them on her breasts. Slowly, he begins to squeeze and fondle them, forcing moans out of her, followed by small pants. The renewed sensibility of her physiology gives a path to those pleasant sensations.

Tevin was no exception in the matter. He has already grown to love the touch on his hands, briefly forgetting the very reason for this fondling. His pants began to suffocate under the hardening piece underneath.  He strives to force it out of his mind, focused solely on getting this task done with.

And them, Chelsia's lips. Against his own. Embedded deeply "Wha---Hol---

Her crimson cheeks broadcast the entirety of her feelings, merged in love and pleasure just from a standard procedure. he does not fight it, all too encroached in the sweet taste of his childhood friend.

The converged feelings between the two, soft and intense, gentle and passionate, drives the bodily function of Chelsia. The tip of her breasts spills the much-sought nectar all under her subtle shaking, akin to a climax. Quick in his mind, Tevin, yielding still in her lips, points her flowing to the container he had fixated in front of her. A 'gift' from one housing an holstaur.

The milk pours with no interruption, gradually dying as the pressure and quantity lessen until her breasts are as dry as a depleted well. They keep their strong shape even as his hands falter on the side.

Their joined lips separate, blurred by the heavy pants of Chelsia, her strength spent over the course of this procedure. Her hand falls over his, resting as she is prone to as well "Thank you, good friend. I feel much better now".

"No, no, hold on! Are we not speaking of this impromptu kiss you just shoved on me? Chelsia?" No chance, she was already starting to doze off, obviously tired from this 'exercise'. He shakes his head in disbelief, softly putting her on the sofa to dream her dreams.

Standing up, Tevin is welcomed with a very ungrateful sight. His pants, tight and damp. He ignores it as he walks to the door, albeit clumsily, its presence defying his walk pattern in mutiny. In spite of it, he wanders off, seeking his bed, pent-up, teased. He powers through, thinking it will wither with time.
Tevin's dreams are filled with Chelsia, proving his body's refusal to dim down. Between the kiss and the fondling, his 'shaft' remains standing in defiance, an obstacle to his sleep. To the point where he had downed a gallon of water to muster the tide of desire with the bodily functions.

"Better to sleep with the urgent need for the restroom than whatever I'm afflicted with".

Slowly, he pulls himself to the lullaby of the dream. his eyes losing light, preparing to shut off for good this night.

The ring of his phone slaps the prospect of rest from his hand, grabbing a groan out of him "Come on! This better not be Aaron again!"

He gambles the answer to the call, praying it to be a mistaken number. Good thing he isn't a gambler.

"Hey, man, what's up?" Aaron's voice booms through.

"Significantly worse with you calling at two in the morning".

"Can't quite reach you during the day" Aaron excuses himself.

"So you go for the night, while I'm literally trying to sleep".

"Again, the only time I can actually catch you".

"You speak as if weekends aren't a thing", contests Tevin, groggy from his battle with the need to rush to the toilet.

"Yea, yea, I guess. See, the weekend's for relaxing. I'm in my work mindset. And worrying one. See, I heard you went and bought a milking machine". His voice is concerned, somewhat out of character for the usually cheery Khepri king.

"Yea? Well, she smashed it. Just like you expected it. You can go and pull out your parade 'beep, beep, I won, I actually got him'. I'll be hanging up now".

"See, this is why you don't throw away the pamphlet--

"Pamphlet? You never gave me a pamphlet!"

"Proverbial pamphlet, friend. As I was saying, had you let me explain, you would know the holstaur aren't particularly fond of machines. It's kind of why I went ahead and got most of it deported. Apparently, it feels hostile to them as opposed to their kindred's meticulous care".

"Well gee, I guess that would have been fun to hear before I went and spent a grand on it. I should have hired someone for that".

"Wouldn't have worked either, friend. It's the reason I've made the effort to assign one for one. The rule of one. They don't take too kindly on other men or sometimes, even women on trying to pour the milk out of them. It'll feel like sandpaper coated with broken glass that's somehow been lit of fire with salt at the edge. At least, that's what it sounded like with my Khepri coming about with surveys".

"Well, what the hell am I supposed to do? I'm not exactly a farmer, you know. Seriously..."

"Just give it time man. I mean, hearing your words, I'm guessing your first attempt went without a hitch. Give it time. You'll get the rope around. It was weird for the others at first too, you know. More so for the guys, surprisingly. But anyway, this isn't even why I called in to begin with".

"Really?" Tevin's voice is glazed with a jaded hint.

"Yea. I know how you work, man. Right now, you trying to tough it out, just 'getting it over with'. I know because others have done the same as well. Word of advice: that little stunt you pulling, not gonna last long".

"Stunt? What stunt?"

"You know. Fondling a woman's breasts can have an expected effect on a man's...manhood. You may or may not be going under it right now".

"Well, gee. Sorry for that, I'll just turn my body off for that" Tevin speaks with all the sarcasm he can muster, dumbfounded by it passing over Aaron's head.

"No, no, no, that'll only make things worse!"

"Are...are you serious right now?"

You think Chelsia just randomly went under that procedural change? Nah man, just a chance to make her emotions true and sincere. Knowing you, you're already thinking of hanging up right now---

"...I'm going to hang up now. Absorbed enough stupid for the night".

"Alright. You'll see--

  • Click*

"Yes, she decided to turn into some cowgirl because of her emotions" Tevin's mock voice goes full throttle "It isn't because I was just missing milk. Sure bud, sure. Keep me out of this. I'm already tangled as it is".
The week is looped between work and rest, often mired by the unending tide of incoming individuals, all of them, shoving their milk jugs in Tevin's front door. Hard as it was, his morning was made easy by Chelsia's monster strength lifting the massive jug reaching up to a man's hips.

The night would spot Tevin having to spend a measure of time milking her further, to pour more, to a gradual decline, one that would set her free for a while.

"Wait! Hold on--" Her lips sought him with the crescendo of this miniature event, conveying her taste with fierce passion. It and the fondling becoming his body's bread and butter to jump-start his man's desires, which he would defy by hurrying along, to put her to bed before it became problematic.

His solution? Drink copious amount of water in order to lul it down to a manageable size "Unfortunately, that means a hefty trip to the bathroom".

Yet, the Friday night would tune a different chime. A return home for Tevin. In the arms of Chelsia "A warm welcome back, my good friend!"

"Glad--to be--back!" His suffocation has become a daily occurrence of return, to the point where it didn't mind him all that much. The sensation of her voice cooling in his ears, coupled with the pleasant touch of her chest had gradually made themselves at home in his heart.

The holstaur's apron was stained with cheese and tomato, smeared over his own uniform "Very sorry, good friend. I seem to have forgotten my attire's stains",

"Ehh, don't worry about it. It's the weekend. Besides, I smell pizza. Totally worth it" Tevin's shoulders rise in a shrug, nonchalant about the stains.

"A re-comforting thought. Come! There is pizza to be savored. As thanks". Not willing to wait on him, the soft-hearted holstaur takes his hand in hers and rushes to the kitchen, dragging him along.

"My boots are still on!"

"It matters little. Your stomach gets priority!"

Time passes, overseeing the two on the sofa, watching some show on the television. Chelsia lays by his side, her head resting on his shoulder. Her hands coil around his arms, as her chest continuously brushes it, sending shivers through it.

The further progress of time sees her asleep, softly breathing. Tevin takes a gander at her.

Chelsia, sleeping, a bovine angel. Her lips especially drag his eyes. Plump. Pink, soft. His mind sought another taste, vanilla flavored, likely due to her monster attribute. He could act upon it, feeling it, tasting it "Good lord, I think I've become addicted".

He turns away, not intent on spoiling this little moment between the two. Alas, his body sang a different tune, as his manhood rises against his jeans "Come on! Not now, not now!"

The cover veiling their bodies, Tevin takes to cover her entirely, laying her to sleep. His feet rush him to the kitchen where he gets a large pitcher of water before going for his room. Had he the mind to glance at the living room, he would see the sheet laying on the floor, empty...

The darkest of the time for the night, Tevin sleeps. Or at least, he tries to. Again, his body seems to be chastising him for his inaction, revealing his pent-up desires reflected in his dream. A dream featuring his cowgirl mounted on him, kissing and whispering.

A vivid dream, bordering on the lucid edge. One seeing Tevin returning this passion as an outlet for his real desire muffled. So real it feels. The taste, identical. The touch, identical. Tevin overstates his reach, however, his hands pressing down on her back. This illusion becomes unable to handle his festering desire, his zipper opened and allowing his manhood to tower outside. Blurred in the instant of his fulfillment...

He gasps himself awake, bound to his bed. His breathing, unending. He looks at the clock. It's 1 in the morning "Ugh...what a dream. I think I need more water".

~Is that what you call it, dear friend?~ whispers a voice. Close. Close to his ear. Softly.

That's when he notices. He's bound to his bed. Not his arms, nor his legs. But his torso seems heavier than usual. He brings them to his chest. The rugged surface of his stomach is replaced with sensual curves feeding his senses. The rest of his body attunes to the surrounding. Two distinct presses on his chest, a delicate breathing to his ear, a beating heart following his own.

"Chelsia?!" his eyes finally adapt to the darkness, witnessing the cowgirl laying on him in nothing more than a shirt and her underwear. Her ears flap with his risen voice "What? Why? What are you doing here? Why are you here?"

"You were moving a lot, dear friend. You have surprising strength in your sleep, you know?" She speaks with a heartfelt smile on her face, her lips coated with a bit of saliva gleaming in the dark.

"That's not answering my question right now!" Tevin's eyes shoot to the water pitcher near him. This is bad. She was likely kissing him in his sleep. his dream, no dream. His desire laid bare for her to see. feel.

His hand tries to reach for the water container. Chelsia sees his act and blatantly slaps the thing away. Its spillage seeps on the wooden floor, compounded by the strike of the pitcher.

"Dude!" he yells out in full panic. There is nothing stopping his 'rod' from smelling the opportunity.

~It's alright, dear darling. You won't be needing this any longer~ Her whisper only accentuates the fleeting dream he had, the festering desire deeply in his heart.

"Darling?! Where did the darling come from?! Chelsia?!"

His lips meet hers once more in a fiery kiss. His will to resist, robbing itself away. She stops, her breath permeated over him, faces inches from each other ~My gratitude compels me to act as such, my darling~

"Chelsia, you don't need to debase yourself like this! We're friends, remember? Why would I--

"This dream you've been having. About me. Charged with love, filled with desire. I want to fulfill it. To release this pent-up frustration you've had accumulated tending to my need".

Tevin's heart skips a beat "You noticed? I knew I shouldn't have..."

One of her fingers lays on his lips ~Shh, Shh. It's alright. I shall wringle all of it from you. I'm very glad to be able to act on my long repressed feelings~

Repressed? It all goes to what Aaron said about her. The change she went to become this cowgirl. She was always so shy about such things. Unable to convey her words before panicking midway.

But now, under a renewed body, trivial matters like this no longer hold her. Tevin could see that much "So he was not wrong..." His head turns sideways.

"Took you this long to figure it down, darling~ Her voice conveys a measure of celebration, a victory attained.

"Yea, yea, don't gloat too much. I'm already in gripes with Aaron being right about something". His shade of red shines in embarrassment. His chin is cupped by her fingers, directing his eyes to her deep smile, devoid of any coy victory rattle.

"Do not worry about our friend, my darling. This is between you and me".

"Oh really? What are you going to do? Unlike you, I do not bear the mammaries to empty".

"What are you talking about? I see something in desperate need to be 'milked' that you've neglected for so long~ Her hand comes close to her private area, standing over his erected 'meat' rod. Her pinky encircles it, caressing the sensible tip ~You've given me much and bore this much tension~

"It's hard to remain unaffected when one of your best friends continuously kisses you deeply, over and over, while whispering of her delight in your ear".

"I understand..."Her pinky stops, a transparent liquid seeping from the very tip of his shaft. Her smile grows softer as she plants her hands on his chest, positioning herself directly over it.

Mesmerized by her peerless face, Tevin never the less notices her hips. Naked. Her underwear mysteriously disappeared among her caress "Chelsia...where did you out your underwear?"

~Silly darling. I can't have you release your pent-up feelings inside if a bundle of silk stands between us, can I?~

"You're not serious?" Tevin feels the grasp of his manhood by her delicate hand. Ever gentle, she stops it from throbbing randomly, setting it in position, ready to impale herself with.

~But I am. All of your essence...inside as a token of responsibility~ Saying no more, Chelsia lowers herself, Tevin's 'meat' rod fiercely spilling her juice with every inch burying inside her. A soft moan seeps from her lips.

"Tsk..." The man can talk no more, his senses overtaken by the immeasurable heat of Chelsia's body.  The last shred of his concern evaporates, replaced by a soft desire "Can't believe I'm inside one of my best friends".

~It was to happen sooner or later~ Her breath his short, feeling the man's rod embedded. It was already not enough for her ~I'm...I'm about to move now~

Ans she does, thrusting her hips against him in a repeated movement, hungering with every press, every thrust. Her moans fill the room, mixed in her love for the one she dotted for so long and the monster desire. Softly passionate, her voice is joined by his grunts and hands to her hips.

The tempo increases gradually, allowing the anointed couple to taste the other. For Chelsia, the diamond-hard rod underneath her womanhood, pushing ever more of her 'juice' around and out of her depth. Mixing noise colliding the viscious liquid around Tevin's crotch.

For him, the warmth of her liquid, lovingly coiling around. The tightness of her intimacy pressing ever more under each thrust, gently, strongly. It was too much for him "Chelsia..."

~Spill it. Your desire...your essence. Make me yours~ Her voice pleads for the release, intensifying her hips' movement. The pleasure becomes overwhelming.

His rod begins to twitch subtly. It becomes volatile in its throbbing, bloating, and...

Tevin strongly anchors his hands on each of Chelsia's hips, halting her movement as his 'shaft' explodes inside under a damp noise.

~Ahhh!! Aaahh!~

Chelsia's moans only serve to feed Tevin's hunger to fill her, his bloated rod compressing with each expulsion of white-hot seed, prompting his hip to slightly jump with each strong spurn. His entire privates work to churn out as much of his pent-up hunger, briefly compelled to compress and buck.

Chelsia's back coils backward, her hips held firmly in place, filling to the brim with his burning seed. No inch of her feminity is left untouched by his prowess, her 'wall's stained with white.

Eventually, however, it loses its strength, spent on this climax. Its work leaves the cowgirl weakened from the pleasure, no less, as she falls on Tevin, panting and gasping with short breaths, unable to dress herself up ~Darling...~

"I'm sorry..." he whispers, fondling her hair as she turns to face him, her eyes full of love.

~Don't be...because I'm not~ Her lips close in for a kiss, gladly taken, his hands now clinging to her hips, filled with the heated essence of a week's work of accumulation. At least part of it.

A thing she notices under his tightening fingers ~You're still...~

"This time, I'm moving. You just sit here and enjoy" He gives her a smirk with a renewed thrust "It's as you've said, I always had many fantasies about you. Particularly this position you're teasing me with".

~Well, darling, I can't quite help it with your hands holding me like that~

"Tsk, you should have expected it" Their voices giggle with the other before the chorus of moans returns. Tevin's 'meat' rod had regained its desire, thrusting again deep inside Chelsia, pushing the work of his previous release out, gradually, staining the sheets, the bed.

Her moans rise in intensity a second time, amplified by the gentle passion rushing to their hips. Her face is submerged in a tide of fiery devotion, an utter delight for Tevin to lay his eyes too. Her gasps cutting any word she may attempt to speak, her illuminated eyes dancing with the tears of joy, her crimson cheeks brimming with passion, the tightening of her feminity.

All of it, giving rise to his limit "Chelsia...again I'm..."

~Fill me. I want to shudder once more~ she whispers among her pants. Her demand is met almost instantly, with Tevin's throbbing stopping altogether, his hands making sure her hips remain immobile as his rod churns out more of his white seed.

Chelsia's screams are much more intense as the white substance erupts in a much thicker amount, prompting his hips to jump barely every half second. The amount is such that even her insides are not enough to contain the man's essence, forcing the liquid to seep out through the tight gap of their intertwined privates. A puddle rushes slowly with each twitch on the bed, staining it more.

Chelsia's eyes shut completely, the first experience of a man erupting inside her not once, but twice, more than she can handle, even with her monster body. She lays limp, plunged to a docile sleep in his arms, even as he was now 'empty'.

His manhood plucks out of her with a wet noise, leaving nothing to prevent the overwhelming substance he filled her with completely ruining the sheets in their 'liquids'.

"I'm really sorry. I forgot you were still..." A hint of blood slides beneath her legs, the source being her feminity. Her virginity is washed up in the result of his encroaching desire, laying in its aftermath.

it didn't matter to her. Not anymore The afterglow of her face is mired in absolute jubilee, even under sleep. A great relief for Tevin, worried for a second. He tries to reach for the sheets, only to realize it had fallen off the side of the bed during their love session. He groans in capitulation after a few attempts "Of course..."

The two's sleep as peaceful as the night itself, Tevin doing his best to cover her shivering body with his arms, underestimating the bliss Chelsia is this very night, defying whatever cold may pretend to assail her.

All the to morning seeing him spread his eyes open beyond the clock's 5:30 in the morning "Thirty minutes before it rings...nope!"

His failure to reach the fallen sheets are not repeated upon the clock, a single click setting the snooze alarm off "Obnoxious thing. Why didn't I change it yet anyway?!"

His eyes turn to Chelsia, still sleeping, still clinging to his body. Her gentle face, looking like she's alien to the concept of bed hair, probably due to the monster blood flowing through her. Her soft breathing through her lips, whispering about.

"I swear, it's like someone dropped a bovine angel on me. She's magnificent" One of his hands come to gently press on her cheek, causing a subtle blush to the sleeping maiden. A little more than just that, really as her eyes wince for a moment, jumpstarted by the impromptu heat in his hand.

They open. Slowly. Shining under the waking sun, a tide of blue and yellow. The light rushing through the window couldn't hope to compare to the light in her eyes by Tevin's admission.

"A...'very' good morning to you, darling~ she whispers, a devoted smile stretching her fair visage, briefly washed by the melodious yawn. The anchor of sleep leaves her completely, giving space to a morning embrace.

"Good morning to you too, heavy sleeper". The memories of Chelsia spending most of the morning dozing in their childhoods returns to his thoughts. Certain things never change.

Her eyes turn to the back of the bed, where most of the 'action' occurred "Hmm...we really have struck an impression on the bed, have we not?"

"Don't worry about it. This one's old anyway. I just wanted an excuse to throw it out".

"Well, I'll gladly aid you in this small endeavor" Chelsia's new speaking pattern had grown on Tevin at this point. Quick to rise, he reaches for his clothes. The unstained ones. All under the holstaur's eyes, a thought to her mind "Dear old darling? If I may..."


"I can't help but notice how...stained we are. Would you agree to a communal bath? I've always wondered what products you make use of".

"An opportunity for some 'accidental' touches? I'm all in". He says those words with no delusion of hiding his intention, all under the giggle of Chelsia "Well dear, I would have thought you'd have your fill yesterday".

He takes a step forward...tugged by her hand at the sleeve level, causing his head shift in curiosity. A sheepish gaze from her ocean irises followed by an unorthodox request "Darling? I...I seem to find myself unable to make too much use of my legs at the moment..."

Looking at her, his last words come back to him. Beyond the sheet's revolt "I was wondering...with those strong arms of yours".

A smirk comes to his face, quick to place an arm under her joined legs and another to her back, ushering a small shriek out of her, evolved to relief, carried away to the bathroom with meticulous steps.
The bath time passed as expected. Rather than taking a pre-emptive space, the two went to a corner, Chelsia on his lap. Rather than clean themselves, the anointed couple cleaned each other, Tevin orbiting mostly on her chest. And between those, kisses, hugs, fondling. Anything and everything a marital couple indulges in short of actual lovemaking. Not that Chelsia wasn't impatient for the oncoming night.

Breakfast comes and goes, the two prepped and ready. Chelsia spins around in an elegant dress merging esthetics and practicability. Tevin on the other hand, went for practical, as his uniform could only hope to as a jumpsuit.

"Well, today's the delivery weekend". He shoves his cap on, flashing its logo on the front.

"So it is. I shall make sure to keep everything pristine around this little restful place".

"Yea, thanks. Should be a short work day. I mean, every weekend has been mild up to this point. What could possibly--

His words move as his hand does, opening the a raccoon lady standing on the other side of the door, a board in hands, a bright smile on her face.

"...go...wrong..." Tevin did not expect some business patron to stand behind. Chelsia was merely curious about her presence.

"Oh good, you are awake. Then we can discuss trades" she speaks, fixing her glasses with a hand forward for shaking "The name's Daria, president of the Geo Importations, I've been told you're the one keeping our shipment".

"Hum...Tevin, delivery man" he returns the handshake, confused as ever "Not sure what you've heard, but I'll just some delivery man. I don't really own some massive shipment or anything".

"Of course not, the man told me it was in the making and I sought to meet a long-standing partner" she retorts, washing a band of hair from her face.

"Really? And what did he say?"

"Well, amidst a few internal problems..." she turns her sight to Chelsia, the latter perking up at the attention "...fixed at this point, he told me that the goods I seek to periodically purchase are all stored under your key..." Her eyes then turn to the hangars "... which looks like a very vigilant key, if what I saw inside is to be expected".

"Ohh, you're here for the milk..." Tevin's eyes start to roll out, already prepared for his sarcastic retort.

"You have no idea how glad I am to cut this global shortage short" she lifts the paddle with the force of arcane, only taking his hand in her own "Really, I appreciate your trinity's business. And so does most of the globe. This city's esteem will no doubt climb profitably".


"Have you not heard? The current supplies of holstaur milk have been lacking for a while".

"You're not...serious..." Chelsia's eyes dart Tevin's back, screaming 'told you' in their non-voice.

"Ohh, but I am. You probably failed to notice due to the overwhelming flow of availability in this town of yours, but the sought-out product pressed from women such as that lovely wife of yours has been as an all time's low. A city full of those individuals coupled with a spouse bringing their excess to these storages might just be what could bring an end to this dried well".

"Ohh, really? That is unexpected, to say the least..." Tevin ponders for a bit "How did he even think this far anyway?---Hum, sure. I have some if you would follow me".

Tevin springs a key from his pocket, a distinct blue key. He wanders to the shelved massive habitats, followed closely by miss Daria, once again fixing her glasses' position. Unlocking the door, he presents her to a legion, literal legions of jugs filled to the brim, the size of half a man.

"Oh dear..." her eyes briefly widen at the sheer volume of the quantity "...I must admit, that is a lot for a city that's just jumpstarted this procedure".

"Well, you haven't been around then. You try and catch to some sleep when lines of people wait to leave these at your front door. Seriously, Chelsia's monstrous strength have proven infallible in this painful task of bringing every single one in, to put in an orderly fashion. I'm even thinking of refitting my second hangar just to accommodate".

"Is that so? That must mean the citizenry present really enjoys their 'patronage'" Daria gives the man a coy smile, alluring exactly what she thinks of. In spite of himself, he blushes slightly, turning away in embarrassment "Ohh, no need to feel humiliated at this prospect. I meant it as a compliment" Her coy smile turns sincere "I think that's all I needed to see. Would you be available for a later discussion for pricing and trade?"

"I would, yes. Somewhere along noon".

Excellent. Couldn't have hope better, my hubby had fancied himself some downtime" She leans close "I hear the pancakes here are fantasy tier. Better not stray here too long. We'll be in touch". A gust of wind washes up from her feet, leaving but a bit leaf where she stood.

Leaving Tevin dumbfounded. Looks like Aaron was right after all "My god, he isn't going to let me live this down, is he?"

And cue the ringing cell phone in his pocket, with no mistake of who calls "Hey buddy..."

Tevin sighs with as much power as he can, well aware of what awaits him "..."

"Soooo...I've been told you've been contacted by a certain Daria".

Yep, he's pulling the parade on the other side "Please don't"

"Don't what? I'm doing anything"

"Don't...seriously, I get it"

"Get what? I'm not understanding much right now. Could you extrapolate?"

If only he could see through phones. The Khepri triad, trying to keep themselves from giggling as they listen closely. Aaron himself struggling to maintain his feigned ignorance.

A sigh of defeat blows from Tevin, squinting his eyes as to get this over with "Fine, you were right, ok? Somehow, part of the continent decided that they'd just spill over all of their milk just to prove you right...happy?"

"I mean, I kind of saw this happening".


"Like, miles away".

"Yea, yea".

"Bit of a shame you couldn't".

"Yea, sure. Whatever, besides shoving the 'nya, nya, nya, I was right song', is there a reason you called? Although I wouldn't be surprised you don't".

"Actually, I do. Join me, dude".

"Join you?"

"Yea, you know. Me. You. Chelsia. The old gang. Kind of like some holy trinity or something".


"Come on man! You owe me this. How long would it be before the two of you even hit it? I made this possible. Between this and the disbelief you threw at me all month, I believe this is a small compensation".

"I guess...sure. Sure, just because she'd probably pick your side anyway". Grumbles of concession, unheard by Aaron.

"That's the spirit! the beginning of something beautiful, I'll tell you what". With that said, the droning buzz of a closed phone rides on Tevin's ear.

A silence that lasts but seconds, with Chelsia skipping over to his side, her hands taking him "It feels like us three are returning to the fold, darling".

"Search me, I don't know how..." Tevin takes in her hands, caressing them with his thumbs "...but he somehow managed to pull yet another far-fetched scheming".

"Ohh, it matters little. Come. Come, I have dishes to share with you~

Leaving him no time to discuss, she turns from him and returns, his hand laced in hers. They have much to prepare, much to do as the town would begin seeing much more traffic...