Three years before...

A mine erupts with a sudden rupture of methane. Two miners are still caught within, One throws the other out. The field medic, Sonny takes his comrade, Jason and throws him out. "Sonny!" he screams, trying to get his hand on the medic being quicckly surrounded by the gas. 

An unfortunate revelation comes to the medic: a deathly allergy to methane on his skin manifests, making his bones weaker, draining him of strenght. He collapses on the floor as emergency teams arrive with magical vacuum crystals to contain the leak.

Sonny is slowly losing consiouness. Muffled voices calling out to his rescue echoe through the mine as he finally shuts his eyes...

Two years prior...

Sonny's unexpected allergy has granted him a year-off to recovery, with even a word of mention from the Orlans' leader for his selfless rescue of another. Alas, his condition prevent him from attempting but the most mundane of tasks at home. Shopping for grocerices is nigh impossible, as his skin aches him with pain, while his bones are brittle from the atempted recovery. 

A year passes before a someone knocks on his door, presented as a emissary of a selective program intended to welcome servants in homes of citizens. More specifically, men living by themselves. Having heard of his condition and the circustances behind it, the emissary has selected Sonny as a perfect candidate for a  match. Still not sure of the meaning behind it, Sonny agrees, thinking it'll be a mere deliverance of supplies.

A year ago...

Sonny is presented to a kikimora named Claire as soon as he returns home. She has already started working around his house. At first gracefull for her helping hand, as the months pass, he starts feeling like a burden to her services. Often requesting her help over time does not help as the dropped plates, ustensils and more happens too often for his taste. 

He thinks she is wasting her time with him and decides to look up wealthy people looking for a maid. Claire takes offence to the fact that he'd even think to send her to a noble despite his need for help and proceeds to spend two entire hours strongly disagreeing with his choice, repeating over and over among other things that she would never leave a kindred man to himself just for a possible upgrade of quality in life.

Sonn ends up embracing her in an apologelic way, she whispers that she'll always be here for him. By the end of the year, they end up marrying as a ocean blue ring adorn Claire's left finger.

Ever since then, their bond has deepened, no longer as employee and employer. No more as master and servant, but simply as husband and wife. Though Claire, being unable to go against her deeply rooted nature as a kiki, continued calling him master.

As that last year progressed, however, Sonny would find himself troubled with something else. For the last week, Claire has been acting strange. Well, his mind has been throwing worried messages for a month at least.

But last week, for everyday, three times each, her act has been more accident prone. Monday, on his way to work, Sonny had heard his wife call out to him, saying he had forgotten her home-made launch. Happy she had ran to him to bring it back, he noticed her wear was...inviting. A smear of red ran across his face the moment his eyes glanced on the cleavage she sported running halfway through his route to catch him. The shirt she took on appeared as a thin one with a very explicit opening. Halted halfway in the process of grabbing ther basket, Claire seemed a bit stunned.

"Master?" she called out, snapping his eyes out of her generous chest at the mere prospect of being caught staring. Were it not for the fact that Sonny often preemptively put on his gear, his eyes would have been caught straight away. Luck happened to be on his side this day.

Thuesday, Sonny had come back from work much earlier than usual, since that day was 'Work Day'. He was walking back hoe when his eyes spotted his maid tending to the clothes. "Welcome back, master" she waved midway. 

He waved back as well "Hello back". But his hand stopped as he got closer, while she was straight back into hanging the rest of this week's laundry. Sonny's eyes witness the dampness of her shirt and skirt. As a result, probably from the sweat accumulated, the outer folds of her cloth she wears clinged to her skin, emphasing her ample body in her sorrel pigment. Once again, Sonny's cheeks rushed with a heatwave, his step slowing without notice just so that he may admire her shapes.

Unfortunately for him, Claire slowly turned back, feeling her husband still on the path home, behind her. With haste, he turned his face to the other side, staring vaguely at the other households. "What are you looking at, master?" she asks, making his heart skip a beat. His mind struggles to find some sort of answer, too tethered on the perfect shape she harbors underneath her cloth.

A dog slips in his field of view while his eyes frankly searched for something. [Thank the heavens] he thinks to himself as his finger rises at the direction of the dog. "Seems they have a dog".

Claire looks as well, her eyes sparkling with delight "Aww, how cute! I'll get around here to pet it as soon as possible!" Sonny lets out a breath of relief at the note of his diversion a success. He quickly walks back home, as quickly as he can, trying to put it all behind him.

Wednesday, a day off for him, Sonny went to do some work around the house. Be it filling the chimney, clearing the rooftop or otherwise, he was quickly hard at work. at noon, his wife called out "Master dear, a break?"

He slides down his ladder, welcomed to a plate of hot buns and a lemonade glass. "Ohh, tasty!" he comments, his hands soon emptying the plate of buns. Because he had skipped breakfast, Claire decided to give him a heavier filling of buns cooked with a mix of stew within. Finding them to be absolutely delicious, Sonny continues to empty the plate, but at a certain point, one of his hands landed on a softer bun. His gaze lingering in a different direction, Sonny squeezed a few times, finding it to be incredibly soft and firm.

[Huh? This one's different. Dessert? New brand? I wonde--] his train of thought is disturbed the moment his eyes return to the plate. He's not touching a bun of a particular shape. Claire quietly fidgets at the feeling of his hand gently squeezing on her right breast. The way she held the plate meant her chest rested among the buns. But Sonny didn't notice until it became too late.

He immediately steps back, an apologelic bow in the process "Sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't see where I--

Sonny continues to spit every excuse available as he slowly backs away, a deeper shade of red intruding his face. Claire had by then keeping the plate tight on her chest, a similar blush on her face, laced with a tint of regret. Her lips parted in a pout, one Sonny couldn't see considering he was already back inside...

Thursday night, Sonny was busy cleaning up his medic tools and kit, under a lamp in the basement. "Man, how I love this part" he says to himself, filling up the liquid components and one-time use supplies. His pickaxe, bandages, band-aids, everything was done. His costume cleaned and awaiting. Oxygen mask and googles, also on standby, he walks back up the stairs and closes the basment down.

"Master, can you come for a moment?" Claire's voice called out. Sonny runs along, climbing up the second flight of stairs leading to her room. "I'm here, what's wrong?" he asks, only for her to call out once more "Come in, I need your opinion".

Sonny does so, but his eyes are feasted to a shirtless chest, one saved only a new brassiere. Sonny's first instinct is to back away with eyes shut "Sorry! Didn't think you were--

"Master, it's alright" she whispers as she walks toward the dazed miner. Her hands reach his. The man feels a slight tug forward and a door shutting behind him. The sensation fades from his finger as his ears catch the sound of someone laying on the bed.

"Master, I can't have you helping me with your eyes closed" she says with a bit of a pout on her face. Sonny sighs a bit and opens the bit by bit, but staring elsewhere. The mirror he got for her, one that gave a representation of her body, if needed. Claire stood up, walking to him and presented herself. Her chest especially, her hands joining underneath, just to give it more importance.

"Do you like it?" she asks, a faint blush on her face.

"Y-your new garnement?" he stutters.

"Yes..." she says in a whisper, cheeks red like cherries. She could tell just by looking that he was not prepared for it, but the look he gave her makes her blush even more.

Struggling to find the words dues to an excess of blood rushing to his cheeks, Sonny utters something about complimenting them, before his mind starts deviating to 'other' thoughts. Soon though, this problem starts becoming adjacent to another more 'visible' one. Sonny quickly rushes away from her room, spouting a simple sentence with no time for her to respond "Gotta take a shower!"

Claire's ears catch the steps running all the way to the toilet. She shakes her head with a slight dissapointment.

Friday, an easy day for Sonny as the mines aren't as active as the other days. That meant he could afford to spend more time around at home in the morning. Most of it went to silently observe Claire cleaning yesterday's dishes. Without any word, he admires her digillent work. The way she moves, the manner in which she passes from a plate to another, the flawless form of her body. It seemed he was about to hold his day at work simply to watch her, right until...



A fork falls on the floor, forcing her to bend down to pick it up. Sonny's eyes widen in surprise behind his googles. No underwear hid her private part. Save for her standard maid attire and snow legging, Claire was pretty much bottomless.

Almost immediately, the miner put his hand on his masked face as small protusions of blood escape his nostrils. The noise brings attention to Claire who turns to see Sonny reaching out for paper. "Master?" she speaks, walking in with a piece of napkin in an attempt to wipe the blood away, inadvertly making things worse with the current uniform sporting an open cleavage.

Sonny's nose blots with more and he runs off to the nearest bathroom, screaming 'Sorry' as he does. Claire simply watches him running away, worried about his condition but also somewhat scored with a pout. A sigh escapes her lips.

Fortunately for Sonny, though, the week-end went without incident, as the numerous amount of 'slips' he bore witness made him overly cautious, meaning an increase avoidance in glimpses of his kiki's general presence. While speaking, his eyes wandered elsewhere. When presented with nourishment, he'd make sure to avoid 'grabbing' something not meant for. All while ignoring the brewing storm, both in his person and the oncoming week...

The monday happened pretty casually, the day running its time. Sonny walked over to the mines, a pink basket with Claire's special homemade stew. As usual, the odor attracted a few dozen critters, hoping to get a lick off of the meal. As usual, Sonny had to make a run for it, clutching the basket like his precious, throwing hissing sounds back at the animals tailing him until they'd get near the mines. The cacophony easily repelled them and he'd put his launch at the community storage unit. An ordinary day...

As the night starts occupying the sky, Sonny had already returned home, to a warm welcome from his maid "Welcome home, master!" With open arms, she hugs him, as it has been done throughout the year they got married. Only, this time, something caught his eye. Inside an open closet, an apron of pure white lingers. His head slightly crooks to the left, trying to get a better view.

Claire could sense his curiousity "A gift from the newest lady who settled in, an arachne. She told me it would mold well to me".

"It already looks pretty from here" Sonny compliments, still in the arms of his kiki.

"I had hoped you'd like it" she eagerly responds, her oceanic tail wagging in happiness. It shines in the moonlight.

Soon enough, though, exhaustion assulated Sonny, prompting him to seek out the nearest seat, which happens to be his sofa. Claire giggles and guides his step to it, slowly removing his oxygen mask and googles "You just rest here, master. I'll prepare something for us in an hour". The miner nods slightly, feeling his eyelids shutting down. The world around him ceases to be as he drifts to sleep.

An hour and 10 minutes passes. Sonny, quietly dozzing off. A faint smell comes to his nostrils, but he keeps his mind in dreamland. Well, at least until  Claire comes shaking him awake "Master, master! Supper's ready!" Sonny wakes up, a bit startled by the sudden gesturem but soon takes a deep breath "Alright, I'll be here in a f--"

Sonny's eyes lock on Claire, noting a certain point. That she wears the newly gifted apron, that is certain. What was missing happened to be the rest of her clothes. No maid uniform, no casual wears, no even undergarments. Sonny could see why she looked so good in it. She wore nothing but it. Absolutaly nothing, not even a pair of socks. Sonny couldn't believe his eyes. It was all true.

To make things worse, his mind throws back the fact that an arachne was responsible for that apron. Meaning that it would do everything in it to cling to her body, just to emphasize certain parts. Like her ample chest that he never noticed until then, as most of her cloth pressed against it, to make it seem smaller. Her legs, so beautifully carved in a perfect marriage between human shape and her kind's shape, all dropped in a sorrel pigment. The tail she always had, as blue as the ocean, painfully complimenting the whole body, finely cared for. Her waist, so flawless, like an hourglass, very inviting to any man.

To any man, her body was screaming for physical attention. In Sonny's care, it was screeching that much more for his touch. A touch that didn't happen ever since they got engaged and married. Despite the fact that he has every right to do so. Spending this much time apart had affected him just as much as it affected her. So, seeing her bathed in nothing more than a fine silky apron became the straw that broke the camel's back.

Claire turned back to the kitchen, but stopped midway in the door frame, sensing his eyes on her. The pent-up hunger he substained for all those years, now slowly leaking out, through a pin-prick. Looking back at the kitchen, she basked in his desire for her. After all this time, he would finally be treated like a woman. 

Making use of the endless patience she carried with her thoughrout the years, she resumes her walk, hips swinging left and right, explicitly inviting his hands to hold them. Finally disappearing from his field of view, Sonny stood up, and began walking to the kitchen. He hadn't enough of her. He walks as quickly as he can, only to stop at the frame.

There she is. Among the myriad of kitchen tools, aromas and cacophony, Claire stands out like a candle in a tunnel. "A beautiful lady, and I have turned my eyes to her" he whispers, approaching the busy Claire. Her tail, wagging in empty space soon turns away, seemingly making space for his hands.  His eyes scan her waist once more. They daddle, mostly exposed. Truly inviting. He gently puts his hands around them, prompting a small jolt from Claire, who did not expect him to do so.

"Master..." she calls out, feeling his hands join together on her stomach. A heart-felt hug from behind, he does without words. Her cheeks starts running red, causing her to take a heavy breath. Even with his pent-up desire accumulated, Sonny is gentle, expressing it with tender touches. While doing so, he rests his chin on her right shoulder, simply to get a hold of what she is preparing. A heavy plate of steak, adorned with leaves littered with black spice on them, surrounded by chopped up pineapple slices.

Sonny smiles, giving a peck on his dear's cheek. Her smile widens, one of her hand reaching out to his cheek. She wants him here, at her side, doing what any happily married man would do upon coming home. She carved this attention just as much.

"Looks delicious", he lets out, prompting a nod from Claire, who felt happily distracted by his words "I have thought master would come back tired, as he always does in mondays. Knowing this, I thought a more filling supper would brighten your mood up".

"Ohh, the steak is looking delicious too", he says in a blatant manner.

"Wait? You weren't talking about the steak?"

In a gesture to proprely demonstrate how wrong she was, Sonny tenderly turns her around by the waist, welcomed to a stunned but blushing visage of his wife. With no hestitation, he plants a kiss on her. Her eyes widen with complete shock, and soon close down to immerse herself in it as well. Her hands drop the wooden spoon she was using for the sauce and rejoined behind his neck, simply to lock him in place. No inches is separating their bodies, save for their respective clothing. Between kisses, all her lips can afford to muster is ~master...~

Eventually, their lips part from each other, with a trail of saliva lingering between. The two lovers gasp for air as a striking 20 minutes passed during that moment. Claire's cheeks are as red as black cherries, but her smile shows no shame. "I'm sorry it took so much time for me to see" apologizes Sonny, his face as shaded as her own. A teasing scold comes from her ~Why did master take so long before showing his love for me? I felt so lonely for so long...~ Her left eye winks at him, more than happy to finally get a heartfelt embrace from her dear.

"To be honest, it didn't look like you craved it so much" he comments, noting the amount of time he felt it would be inappropriate for him to try something.

"Well, master was too busy trying to keep a lid on his honest desire for his spouse, did he not?"

"Wait, you noticed that?" Surprise paints his face, an eyebrow slightly raised.

"Of course I did. Mostly because I felt a lack of intimacy between us. I knew immediately you had merely kept it under check". Her face turns a bit sour, remembering the year spent for each on their own. Even under the same roof, they could feel like mere co-inhabitants instead of a couple.

"I see". Now linked by a tangible bind, Sonny could feel her broken heart during that time spend together, but apart. Close, but far. All of it because he felt ashamed of said want to touch her, feel her. So he kept it closed and away. All while ignoring the fact that for a monster like her, a sincere desire for closeness was what she craved for. No mere fleeting need to go straight for her body, but so caress her, to whisper compliments on her ear, to hold her close to him. All held up in a cage of shame for said feelings. For a husband of a monster to keep the lid to ruthlessly shut had her heart wince. "I...I just thought my touch would be---"

"It was not, my dear master" she interrupts as she lands a hand on his cheek "The touch you gave me this instant shows how wrong you were about expressing your love. Now that I have felt it, my heart is a bit hrt from the year you witholded it".

"I know..."

"But now, it feel like all of that waiting has paid off" she adds, with a bright smile on her face.

Sonny chuckles a bit, putting a finger on her chest "Is that why you decided to put this on and nothing else?"

Claire winks, feigning outrage ~Master, how could you think I'd ever put on something explicit just for attention?~

Sonny laughs a bit, pulling her closer "Oh really? All of this just for my attention? Well, you have it. But as a price..."

Her heart skipped a heart upon hearing this, but it was an overwhelmingly happy one. With no hope to say anything, Sonny picked up Claire, her legs clinging to him despite her feign despair, playing along as she couldn't wait to be his woman. Her eyes closed, she could hear his loud steps across the stairs. her breaths rivaling with the weight of his climb, the very last thing she would utter tonight, before her words would be cut off by her impending moans...

"...but master, what about supper?"