"Ohh, that's why you went asking for my complete measurement" states Doug, face to face with a gigantic replica of his himself.

"Yes. I wanted to get every. Single. Inch! Of your glorious shape and form. In the course of our very intimate 'measuring' nights, of course. Not a single inch was to be wrong. None!" her round glasses briefly flash the violet passion of a monster only simmered by her scientist eccentricity.

A metallic fusion of adamantium and silver, the shell of man towers about as high as would a typical giant monster, re-shaped back as its primitive counterpart: a velociraptor. Its teeth and claws, silver. Demon silver.

"And you say they denied you the prize" continues to question Doug, unsure of what to think yet. The Gremlins present at this exchange a look among themselves, most of them thinking of the mild manner he expresses, seemingly dull in himself.

"They did. They did! They all did! They said 'Lidia, why would you even bother making a thing out of metal? Lidia, are you this incompetent in necromancy? Oh look, Lidia's acting like a crackpot again. Lidia, Lidia!' Urrr!  ".
"So it is. Well, Lidia..." Doug places his hands on his wife's shoulders, his eyes hidden by the angle of his lowered face "Lidia, Lidia, Lidia..."

Her eyes look at him, as the Gremlins. They are in the anticipation of dullness, unlike her fiercely expectation. "Lidia...why didn't you tell me?!"


"I knew you'd understand me, dear!" she fixes her glasses in fiercer temper, hands reaching for his, sharing the explosive outrage Doug now steamed.

"What?" one of the Gremlins looks at the man, dumbfounded at his sudden heel-turn.

"Why did you think I bestowed him as my precious mate? Only another passionate such as I could be allowed to share the fortress as I! The man of a thousand weapons and a hundred armor! How do you think he manages to wield and wear my meticulous craftmanship?!"

Her voice turns to his attention "I'm sorry, darling! Very sorry! But, you can understand the outrage that had blinded me to disallow me the sharing of this recent project. Now, I must ask you! Yes, ask you! Ask you to fight once more in my honor with the accumulation of my anger and spite! Bring this gigantic replica of you to them. Destroy what they have built with my rightful prize money! Show them what it means to anger Lidia, the Metal Matriarch!"

"Yes, I will!" shouts Doug, completely consumed by the same fanning ethereal flames of his wife "They will come to rue the day! None will be allowed to brittle my maiden in such disgrace and get away with it! Every single one of them will taste justice. Justice!"

"Justice!!!!" finishes Lidia, enamored as just as her 'justice' husband, all under the incredulous stares of the Gremlins wondering what exactly have they stumbled into. More importantly "Where the hell did this unchained temper come from?!"

"I don't know, but I like it" voices another Gremlin, watching the two utter cheesy phrases about righteous vengeance and delivering due judgment.

"Ohh, one last thing, my undoubtful darling" speaks Lidia, floating back to the giant mech. Her eyes briefly glance at her Gremlin friends who sought to aid her, who grin, knowing the time to reveal the last piece to accompany Doug in his quest. Two massive metallic doors open on both side, revealing pieces that only serve to further fuel the fires in his eyes. None can doubt that his dear wife truly had been cheated. Cheated by all of the cheaters. He was now coming...

The local palace, a place re-organized to accommodate for undead contestants, filled to the brim with several liches and their servants. Their husbands and guards of the palace. The owner of the palace stands on the balcony, fanning herself via a telekinetic fan "My oh my, how positively dull. To think I was inches away from inviting that half-wit 'mad-scientist'".

"Well, the others did say she was oddity itself" speaks a man beside her, dressed in an elegant officer uniform.

"Can you blame them? A lich dedicated to some half-hearted metal and useless gadgets instead of things meant to be fun. It's no surprise, really".

"Well, it is true that a lich passionate by metal is a bit strange, but isn't today's contest about the protection of their loved ones?"

"True, but I couldn't possibly--wait...who is this?"

Her pale eyes converge on a lone figure walking through the gate, stopping in front of the aroma of experiments. The man seems to be looking to identify someone, his head darting left and right in a sweeping way, slow and meticulous.

He stops, his then eyes rising to meet the wight and her husband.


"What is it?" The man's voice peers with dullness.

"That man, I think he frowned at me".

"Now, why would he? I don't think he'd have any reason to..." His words stop as he looks as well.

Doug can see them perfectly with dim lights scouring his face in a harmless dance, amplified as hard light. Goggles fashioned from it. He lowers his stare as the hard light dwindles and fades away.

The other liches just now take awareness of the lone man "Well, well, will you look at that? It's crazy Lidia's 'lab' assistant". Dull snickers rush at him with the cessation of their tinkers.

"Come here to witness what true liches look like?" adds another, struggling not to laugh in an equally monotone tone.

"Or perhaps you wish to beg for her to be let in?"

"How sad...shame you're stuck with the crazy one. But the rules are the rules. This insane wife of yours isn't welcomed here".

Doug starts walking among them, watching their craft as he went, scoring a chorus of intrigued gazes from the cohort, including the wight. As he walks, he nods subtly, muttering to himself in a way not available to be heard by the rest. Soon enough, his pace stops, his back facing the palace, facing the balcony.

His words turn the previous gallery of mocks and laughter into pure outrage and anger "Those are some nice 3th-grade science projects".

"3th-grade? Have you forgotten the fact that your insane wife isn't even here? Her entry rejected at the door?"

"Yes, you are right. It's easy to deny someone entry when every SINGLE one of the rest of the contestants is afraid enough to embark on a smear campaign. But then again..." Doug's eyes turn tot he top of the balcony "...I didn't expect a thorough inspection".

"How rude! I didn't think a rude character would intrude upon my sanctuary" declares the wight with the silent gaze of her man.

"Ohh, come under the impression that nothing we do here would come close to that deranged wife of yours?" spouts one of the liches, a tone dipping in outrage.

"Well, I wouldn't say it like that, but, you said it. If that's how you want to tell it..."

A hand lies on his shoulder, forcefully clenched "Hey buddy. Do you understand the situation in which you are? Coming alone in the den of superiors just to belittle those present?" One of the husbands hadn't taken well to his words. Well, none of them had taken well to his words, he was just the closest "Do you know what we do to insolent little ones like you? I'm sure this 'wife' of yours won't mind if we 'borrow' you for a few experiments. For about...a century. Minimum".

"Ohh, don't you worry about me". A low hum vibrates around the two "Justice is never alone".

"Justice?" The man asks, trying to stifle a laugh.

"Justice" He is met with a tone devoid of anything but the serious pitch of his voice.

"Justice? Can you believe it? Justice..." the man erupts into laughter, as well as the rest of the cohort. A laughter that does not last.

The man placing his hand on Doug soon finds himself passing through a wall of solid concrete. The runes attached to his body light up...and die down as the blow suffered by Doug's metal encased hand had delivered and overwhelmingly powerful strike, the armor itself gleaming in blue streams of energy.

The awed expression of the cohort turns to anger "Come to make a desperate bid to enter this so badly, are you? Well--

"Justice calls!" he shouts to the heavens, a set of mechanical armor phasing literally out of nowhere, loudly interrupting the speaking lich. It encases him from head-to-toe, disallowing any piece of his skin out.

The final piece, the helmet, struck around his head, buzzes alive with more blue hues on the visor's eye-sockets. He turns to the rest of the contestants, his voice electronic through some means "I am the Justicar. You have insulted the honor of my wife. Prepared to 'die' ".

They look at each other, unable to conceive for a minute how serious he appears to sound "Justicar?"

The lich who dared the question is forced to duck under a palm-beam burning the complete backside of the wall. The man sitting along the wight rises from his seat "Guards! Get this man--

"No dear, let it go" demands the wight, still fanning "No better way for Lidia's deranged cueball to learn the hard way".

Four men step to his challenge, each carrying some mean of protection provided by their wives, the fruit with which they entered this little contest "Justice, huh? Well, we'll impart our own justice and clobber you silly, how about that?"

"No, you shall not. Justice watches in my interest. For justice is now...manifest!" He raises a hand to the sky, the latter grumbling in thunderous blows "I see you muster the apex of your crafts. In the name of my beloved, in the name of righteous fury, I shall tear them all apart! Come! Go, go! Justice marital fury!"

A massive ethereal gate shapes in the heavens, ripe with a court of an unknown metal. Transportation of an even bigger mechanical velociraptor. All under the increasing awe and shock of those present, especially the wight "Wait, this is what she's been doing all this time?"

The mech is set in a free fall, the wight's awe turned to panic "Dear...I think now would be the time to call the guards. I do not think out palace can withstand whatever is falling this way".

"Of course, my lady". The man rises out of his seat a second time, shouting "Guards, guards! Arrest this man!"

A pack of armored men and women come at his voice, branding ghastly spears in a military cadence. All of them, blown away by the forceful land of the mecha velociraptor. Its shockwave, a powerful dispersion of blue erupting under its metallic feet. Worse, still, Doug had now disappeared.

Or so they thought...

"This is the summit of my beloved's work. This is the denial you have given her. This is the wrath of her blow. I am the mind of this instrument. Her craft, my will. We will rend your pretenders. Only when your projects have been ground to dust and you fall on your knees on the destruction wrought upon you, will you be allowed to 'die' ". Doug's voice is amplified by the mech's outputs, speaking with the veracity of his tone, roaring directly at the four contestants' husbands, they who carry the summit of their work.

The contest, a mean to decipher protection by any means possible.  Lidia, being an adept of the technomancy was already trying enough for many liches. The line she crossed appeared at one of her earlier designs. A case of armor, arcane or technological.

So, why did they consider her nothing more than insane? Her designs. One thing monsters love is to be able to tear through their husbands' clothes for immediate intercourse. In the lich's way of life, they are prone to using not only his but her body as well for experiments. Lidia loved covering Doug's body with metal and wire.  Light and crystal. All of his armors.

Such a thing was considered blasphemous for them, even despite her countless explanations that such armors afford much greater protection, being littered with metal plates, energy shielding and arcane wards, her field of expertise. They didn't care. Covering this 'sacred tool' no matter the intention had them branding her as criminally insane, going so far as to botch her chance to make this proof manifest in the eyes of many.

So, she's making her chance of manifesting this proof in the eyes of many by having the only man who she trained, nurtured and loved sweety clobbering the rest of the candidates with little effort as her latest mechanical beast embedding Doug proceeded to smash, kick, bit and slash the others.

A one versus five minus one brawl clearly going in Doug's favor. Their weapons couldn't hope to dent his velociraptor, breaking at the point of contact. The one bearing runes had they exhausted, taking too much of kinetic beating from the spirit energy rending claws of the beast.

The second man who boasted a magical field of protection couldn't score any decisive spell against the mighty creature, as its own ward-encrusted plates devoured the mana from the spells before he himself was in the jaws of the giant dinosaur, its bite searching for no flesh to harm, but squeezing him from his ward, then his own mana, crippling him of the ability to generate more. The spell derived from the lich had failed to consider an overwhelming swarm of demon silver coating its teeth.

The third man who's undead wife boasted the more 'acceptable' way of handling technology, armored with but a set of lights passing as energy fields was quick to regret his spiky advance. His electrical-dipped arrow could not even muster a full flare of the beast's own shield generator. One that sees his feeble array dispell as the bigger one had assimilated the smaller.

The fourth man had wards in jewels such as rings, necklaces, crowns and the such. An easy debuff for the towering monster who's jaws had unleashed the radiant power within its teeth. A sort of power dampening beam in the likeness of a lamp. If said lamp had the blinding power of the sun, dyed in blue.

They drop to their knees, the very restricted onslaught of the velociraptor robbing them of their stamina and their mana.

It stops, looking up int he heavens, its clawed hands reaching upward "Can you feel this?"

The liches went for their own, less worried about the well-being of their husband at the onslaught of Doug's mechanical avatar and more incredulous at how easily the apex of their work had fallen against the 'mad scientist'. The machine continues, Doug raising his hands deep within, the manifestation of its flawless movement "This...this is justice. You lay in the ground, your work, destroyed, as you have destroyed the chance of proving my beloved's tireless toil. Your men, in disbelief over their failure, as I was over her rejection among the rest of you. All for what? Her path? I was told your kind was to walk the unknown paths, yet you have turned your backs on her for her selection..."

The man inside the machine lowers his hand as it follows, looking back at the wight, half frightened, half mesmerized. Its hand points its palm at her "And you! Seeker of unorthodox. Have you forgotten where you come front?"

"Me?" The wight expresses her solitary word with somewhat of an affront as if she had nothing to do with anything here "I do not know why I am being accused of all people. I have---

"But you do. You have heard their injustice, the foul smear they smeared at my beloved. And yet, you did nothing. A criminal of silent compliance as well as your words preluding my arrival. Blind to the path of the unorthodox many of your kind have taken. You too shall taste justice".

"Hey, buddy! Perhaps you want to take it with me first, huh?" a familiar voice reaches to the man within the machine. The first guy he sent against a brick wall, returned to his feet. A few of his frontal teeth now are amiss. Yet he grins still "Quite a punch you threw there, friend. Didn't even give me the opportunity to insert my candidacy".

His hand goes on his bare chest, where his heart is. His fingers clench on it,  likely some method of activation as green energies start flowing through the man himself "Well, here I am. No need to move, mister 'justice', I'll be with you in just a moment".

The velociraptor turns to the first one Doug struck, watching, waiting. "Now you face the true might of my mark!" A lich stands on a summoned tombstone, a book containing the summit of her project "As this insane Lidia deviated from the true path, cladding you with metal and fallacies, I remain true to our edict. His stamina is the legitimate source for his strength, unbound by magic, unshackled by this frail shell of yours. You will see, as she will..."

Her eyes turn to her growing husband, his boundless stamina literally enlarging him "Now, let my husband grow!" A final burst of green washes across the man entirely, greatly accelerating his growth, powered by her tome. The light and smoke both blind those present, forcing their eyes away. Awe from the rest, reverence from the wight at such the spectacle displayed before her.

The light dims, the smoke blows away, revealing a man twice the size of Doug's mech, its power-fueled electronic eyes rising to try to spot the man's eyes as his head scrapes the clouds.

"You know, I still didn't pay you back for that right hook" booms a deep voice, returning green mist eyes down at Doug's raptor mech. A giant fist rains down on his position. He leaps away, the blue hue of his shield rushing to the machine's plates just to muster the sheer shockwave from the punch colliding on the bare soil. The winds expelled from underneath sends a wrath unseen before, ripping part of the garden, tearing most of the ceramic floor apart and hurling debris straight at the wight's mansion. Her wards remain untouched, but, as she turned to see the path of destruction "My mansion..."

Turning once more, she spots the large raptor mech flying through the top of her building, tearing a hefty chunk of it "My mansion!!!" Her ghost hands clap on both side of her head in complete distraught.

"So, what was that about justice, huh?" The gigantic man booms his presence, reveling in augmented performance improvement bolstered by his size twin to the enormous stamina reserve he musters. His greenish gaze lowers to the crumbled raptor lifting its mechanical head upward.

"Justice..." it softly bellows, defying the disadvantage the man within was hurled into, literally, scoring a reflected stare at the green giant boasting his proud chest, bare for all to witness the imposing insignias barren upon his flesh.

"What?" the giant lowers his head, a hand to an ear "What was that little man? Very sorry, it's hard to hear sniveling weasels from this high right now. Care to repeat?"

"I don't think this is necessary, Huey" interjects the lich responsible for this mixture of runes and mortal energies fueling him, her feet landed upon a shelved piece of the mansion "This one has failed his miserable little attempt. In extension, that insane Lidia as well, that worthless cobbler".

"Oh yea, that overcompensating insane asylum attendee" the man, now designated as Huey, laughs off, his voice vibrating the wrecked surroundings "This is her best effort then? Sending her delusional paladin wanna-be spouting nonsense about some non-existent justice?"

"That very one". The lich continuously spins the pages of her tome, already passed beyond lending attention to Doug's slumbered mech.

Laughter erupts from the skies as the wight scoffs the extended damage surrounding her as she does the dust clinging to her clothes "Well, with this little skirmish concluded, I think we have a clear winner, despite a most unfavorable interjection..."

She looks to the lich standing beside the green giant, gleaming with fresh adrenaline through his sigils "Now, if you would please rid me of this..." her eyes are but turned back to the raptor mech, a beacon just peering out of its back. A strange cohort of fluorescent dust seeps from it seemingly at random "...trash?"

"Justice...?" It slowly rises out of its brief slumber, hunched in a combat pose, the beacon radiating evermore.

An unimpressed glance from both the undead and the green jolly giant, the latter crossed at arms "Dude. I punched the ground, and you could barely stand it. What do you think will happen if I punch you?"

"Justice...isn't done...I am not..."

"Huh? Wanna try that again?" the human titan lends an ear, his head englobing the entirely of Doug's mechanical raptor "Go on, give it a real good yell. Maybe I'll hear something".

Pure streams of energy spill from every orifice of the machine. More still from the man in its bosom. Doug's armor shines with the same tide of power as overwhelming holographic glyphs of Latin origins circles his neural bridge. A repetition of the same text flashing in hard lights all over the miniature room. More still come to his side, plating parts of it over his armor, stabilizing the sudden overflow of power, wrought about by the blatant spit roasting they were mounting against his beloved.

Outside the neural bridge, a thunderous roar filling the skies with his kindred power, forcing the giant, the lich, the wight back with lightning streaming all around it. His voice, a herald of doom for all to hear "I. Am Not. Done. With. You! Justice. Is. Not. Through. With you! Can you hear me now?!"

No word could hope to find his ears, the thunder deafening, to the green giant, most of all "What the hell? Somebody stop this horrid cacophony!"

The metal flesh around Doug's machine shifts and mutates as a bigger pillar of pure power spills upward, tearing at the cloudy skies. His claws become hands. His hind legs, human legs. Face, torso, back, muscles, all taken, shaped in human likeness. Disturbingly close to his own body, a legacy of Lidia's meticulous hand in her latest war machine. Its name, a laughing stock on any other day, a waking nightmare for those truly witnessing it: Husbandosaurus of the mark 7.

The pillar had spent its presence, to the wight's increasing awe and shock "The's bleeding? How it is bleeding?"

The green giant now found himself facing a mechanical being of the same height. A man, such as him, metallic, but bathed in an ever illumination of shining hard light acting as the machine's clothing, much sturdier than the shield and wards it bestowed.

"Well..." The green giant clenches his fist, swelling them with the stamina power swirling in his runes "...shit. I guess you wanna go..."

Another deafening roar breaks through, not from the Husbandosaurus itself. Massive pieces of metal, yet unseen by the cohort and much more falter through the rift with a reverberating shockwave. The Tellarium, metal gathered from the cosmos, Hue into an oceanic blue, as to mold to Doug's own spirit energy, and by extension, the Husbandosaurus. They mold into peerless pieces of armor before melding into the various part of the man-machine, Doug moving in accordance to allow easier collision.

"Ohh..." utters the green giant, starting to feel a slight nervousness "...ok. Now, I face a giant armored man with metal as his skin and an overlapping layer of protection...".

His slight nervousness turns to unnerved nerves with the sudden formation of four mechanical tendrils from the tails "...with tentacles".

"By the demon lord, is this what Lidia meant by scorned vengeance?" Spouts one of the other liches, trembling at the mere sight of a machine defying her comprehension, her soul box overwhelmed with fear synapses. Enough for it to shut down for a brief moment, enabling her and others to feel pure dread.

"This--this is nothing!" The lich responsible for Huey's spell dubbed the Well of wills tries to reassure the rest, turning to him "My experimental husband will see this delusional individual downed once more and forever". Her voice quivers slightly, a ripe doubt among her words of confidence.

"THIS---! The massive machine man speaks, with utmost clarity, his voice, quaking the land under their feet, shaking the air they breathe, vibrating the sky they see  "THIS IS THE MONUMENT TO ALL YOUR SINS! THE UNBOUND OUTRAGE OF JUSTICE! BURN IT INTO YOUR EYES! TASTE IT WITH THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUES! THE INJUSTICE SHALL BE NO MORE!!!!"

"Sure, buddy!" An enlarged hand comes to the Husbandosaurus' left helm plate. A grievous mistake on the jolly green giant's side, his fist sees the fluorescent power of his body reeling from his hook "Huh?"

It makes a symphonic sound, like a leech drinking the totality of the blood of its victims "Dude! What the hell?! It's eating my stamina!"

He quickly moves his fist from the war machine, watching it writhe from the sudden siphon of the Well of Will's spell. Turned back to Doug's machine, he raises his other hand as it gathers greenish power, coalescented into reality.

"Fine enough! I can't slag you up close? Then how about this?!" He hurls a beam of complete stamina straight at the Husbandosaurus, the latter intercepting it at a palm, pushed back by a margin "How about that, huh? Can't do much now, can you?!"

"Hmpf, as expected". The lich boasts in confidence, seeing the inch given as a sign of total defeat. Her eyes glance to the awed wight and her husband "I believe you had something for me--


Her gaze returns to Huey...and widens in shock.

"Help?" His stream, while a surprising strike against the Husbandosaurus, could find no more to impede. In fact, the Tellarium armor was now actively eating the stream of mana and stamina, as the beam was turning blue at the middle.

" YOU HAVE SPENT YOUR BEST COIN IN THIS BLOW, YET IT FAILS TO  CHALLENGE MY HIDE! BEHOLD, AS I SPEND A COIN TO RETALIATE!" The Husbandosaurus clenches the metallic hand containing the green beam, seeing shackles pour from the gauntlet, biding the beam into continuity, crippling Huey of his desired retreat.

His other hand rises, swiftly shifting to a hand cannon. A literal hand cannon, tuning in the tide of lightning and mana. All exacerbating the lich's panic "Oh dear...oh dear. Hold on!"

She flips a page, landing at the middle. A spell of renewal and reparation. Her hands flash in the green tide, drawing a storm worth of power from the page, embedded with a self-rejuvenating gem of stamina, the centerpiece of her project. It crackles, swirling like a vortex in the palm of her hands.

She looks up, looking to pour this precious stamina into Huey...and shrieks in defeat as the Husbandosaurus had already gathered its striking shot quicker and much more immensely.

Huey's runes completely erase under the night-inducing shot of a devouring lightning beam. It pierces his body and ventures forth, sending destructive swathes in a sweeping pattern. It avoids the vital spots as much as his flesh. Its target: the swelling stamina swelling in his bosom. It devours it. Completely.

The power is ripped from his runes, spread apart in particles of green and blue, shortly before enveloped in the blue. Like a gashing wound spreading outward, Huey bleeds stamina in such intensity, his form can no longer be sustained. He topples forward, unable to stand on his feet due to the returned cost of his shape. He falls forward, hoping to score a final blow to Doug's Husbandosaurus.

His failure taxes the wight, his still massive body smashing the last remnant of her mansion utterly "My mansion!!!!"

He shrinks rapidly among the debris, leaving Doug alone as the last giant present. The lich responsible for his experimentations rushes to him, her power yet swelling "No, no, no, no. I will not be beaten by Lidia of all people. Get up. You fight him again".

"HE SHALL NOT!" Doug's imposing voice booms yet again as the hand of the war machine opens its palm. A gravity well beaming from his hand, encasing the man named Huey, as well as the rest of the liches' husbands. Its malevolent aura binds their body in a condition close to a flash freeze, quick to lift them far from their wives' touch.

"Worse still, it had somehow taken hold of the wight's husband as well, to her everlasting shock "What are you doing?! Why him? Why me?"

"YOU ARE PART OF MY BELOVED'S HUMILIATION. JUSTICE SHALL BE INFLICTED UPON YOU AS WELL!" His machine head turns to her, the tide of its eyes turning purple.

"By killing them?"


The four tendrils lunge downward at the liches, all distracted by their husbands' sudden lift to the heavens, as well as the wight. Coated at the tips with a slurpy liquid, it covers them entirely with it before simply leaving them to float down.

The effects, immediate. Their bodies, touched by inner hotness. Their cheeks redden. Their feminity throbbed in endless hunger, forcing the afflicted women to start 'massaging' themselves. Moans erupt all across the ruins, silenced under Doug "YOU HAVE ROBBED MY BELOVED, ONLY TO CALL HER MAD. NOW, YOU STAND, MAD...WITH LUST! UNABLE TO FEED IT! THIS IS THE SENTENCE!"

"You can't be~~Ahhh!--serious!" The wight pants under her unending self-pleasure, eying her drifting husband so far from her reach. Such was the potency of his aphrodisiac, that monsters couldn't find the focus to cast a spell under this pressure.

A knock on the giant eye of the Husbandosaurus occurs. Twice "Darling~

A familiar voice spreading a chorus of groaned defeat  "O~oohh great...Lidia's here~~kyaa!"

~I think they got the message~ She ignores her fellow, fixated on the machine's eye. It shuffles with glass after glass removed at the center, leaving the Husbandosaurus to stand idly without the heart of its power source: Doug.

"Really? You're fine with this? I thought they--

~Ohh, don't you worry about this, my peerless justice crusader. I am more than satisfied with our little machine's performance~ Her hands reach around the neck of the armored man, his armor seconding as some living skin. It peels away from the designated areas of her touch, to allow the two to feel each other as they hug.

He lifts her by her waist, spinning briefly with little effort. Her 'madness' had been more than sated "I'm glad, really. Won't you go claim your prize, though?"

Her eyes turn cold, not at him that he knows "No...I have seen enough from this cohort. None of their 'pure' projects could come close to my Husbandosaurus. And even less to my personal crusader. Another house has contacted us, interested by the heap of potential our work has. They can keep their prize money for all I care..."

"Hmm, very well". Still hugging his beloved, Doug raises a hand, briefly rushing it with energy, resonating with the war machine. Its hand responds, lowering the static men from their shells. Immediately, their wives assault them, copulating on the spot, all under Lidia's returned fascination "Ohh? I didn't expect the aphrodisiac to be this virulent. Who knew distillate devil bug pheromones could be still strong..."

"Devil bugs? How did you--

"Ohh, it's a long story, but, let me spill the research of this liquid" Lidia turns her eyes back to him, the rift from upward, the lift carrying her to this place, lifting her, him and their Husbandosaurus war machine. Slowly, she starts speaking, her mind detached from the mess occurring down. The growing regret from the wight mating with her husband with no end. A regret of a pearl shining in the bottom of the sea, leaving. Forever...