Face first on the ground and aboarded by not one but two monsters. Scales radiating even in the hollow reaches of the temple, an harmony of silver and gold. Even with her tomboyish features, the silver one had more than enough to make even the most daring of aristocrats fluster in envy. And they wanted to impress him, no less. So many explorers would consider this a bountiful gift from the god that inhabits this land...

...Not Jacob...

Fear instantly clutched at his face as a burst of adrenaline prompted him up on his rump and crawling back. This sudden shade of fear creeps up on the silver woman "Hold on cowboy, we aren't looking to pilfer and eat you". Her expression is one of questionning, one Jacob mistakenly takes for a predator looking to butcher his prey. His eyes spot the second one and panic takes hold.

"Stay back!" he spits, flicking something out of his gauntlet. A small capsule. The golden one approaches, curious as to what is happening when the man's face finally gets to her. Distraught catches her as well, her mind trying to find a response to calm the man in total panic.

Unfortunately, as her lips were to start moving, his marble shined in the air, tallying in the direction of the Alos. Her reflexes had her hands position in a defensive stance, wing scattered before her, dropping the nuisances such as his hat and whip. Awaiting the impending hit, she prepares for a counter attack, when it finally hits.

A burst of smokeerupts from the tiny thing, thick enough to blind them of their sights. "What the hell?!" she shouts, to the dismay of the Ian "What's happening out there? I can't see!"

The Alos swiftly flaps her silvery wing out in the open, scattering the smoke choking them out. Everything was gone. His whip, his hat, his bag. However, the Idol was still present. In fact, it was laid in the position he was moments before. The Alos takes the thing and inspects it.

"Perhaps this is his peace offering?" claims the Ian, walking over next to the Alos "I guess he's sorry for wasting our time". The silver woman frantically shakes her head "No, that can't be it. Did you see his stare? When he looked at me? At you? That was the stare of fear. Bastard thought we were going to kill him! Why?"

"Well, we did after all knock him out and played with his things" attempts the Ian, noting the manner her silver companion toyed with his wares.

"So what!? It's not like I gashed him or anything! Just a small boop on the noggin! A baby tap! And you did fold the rest of his things. No, I'm not letting this one go just like that! You imagine someone just running like that from two beautiful women like us?"

"Well, it was kind of unfair for him to scurry away without so much as a name" timidly speaks the golden haired one.

"Exactly! Thinking we were going to kill him or anything. I say we hunt him down and demand explanations!" shout the Alos, her scaly fist clenched in determination, a grin plastered on her face.

"Why not? After all, he might simply be mistaken about us. Surely he'll be willing to share out lives" agrees the other, as they both gaze in the maze.

Far from here, Jacob was running still, his clothes changed. His hat had gained in armor, as well as his gauntlets. A mask slipped from under his coat and a pair of googles donned his eyes. One larger from the other, likely equipped with a zooming feature. His whip was also changed, tethered in electricity. Despite his preparation, fact was, he got ambushed.

"Gotta get out of there! This place is dangerous! Dangerous. Monsters! Everywhere. Everywhere!" His pace is only increased as he pulls out a needle of adrenaline, injecting it on a exposed part not covered by his leathery plates. "The Haze! Inject the Haze! It will help me! To survive this infernal realm." His pupils, hidden by his googles, turn yellow. Underneath his clothes, his veins also shade in yellow.

His sprint carries his left, to the exit. So close! The light of the tunnel, he could see it with his boosted sight. His body reaches the outside. At last! Freedom would be his! "I'm free I'm finally fr--

Jacob's sights spots a pair of silver-golden ladies gliding in the air. Being at a high exit point of the temple, they didn't ye think to look up, but were rather surveying the groups of men who had hurdled in an attempt to gain the sweet treasures that hid within the massive shrine. Betetr yet, they wanted a grasp at the rare axotic women flying in midair, embraced within each other, displaying their affection for each other while scouting the countless Casanovas trying to charm them down for 'fun'.

"Ugh, maybe we shouldn't have kissed in tha sky. Lots of half-wits down here thinking they could sate us" spits the Alos, looking down upon the men, literally and metaphorically.

"Should we give one of them a chance? They look very enthusiatist" lets out the golden haired one, putting a finger to her lips.

"Hello no! Remember the last jobber that thought he could sate us both? Dumbass lost his consience after a simple hand play! I'm not trusting any of these wanna-be losers! Damn it! Where the hell is that twitchy man?!"

While the silver one continued on to rable, Jacob quietly jump out of his perched point of the shrine, to mix within the mobs of the men, all waving to the women in the skies.

The effects of the Haze amplifying his senses, the engineer was drowned in an amalgamate of pleading cries of the hopeless seductors "Come on Babes!" "

"If you're looking for a hunk, I'm your guy!" 

"I know what you ladies like!"

"My stamina is unrivaled across the kingdom Come and taste it yourselves!"

"I outlasted a Jho ladies! I'm sure I can bring you what you need"

Covering his ears to lessen the plead of these insane victims, Jacob takes a look upward as he slowly walks among them, staring straight at the two who intercepted him. His eyes twitch in fear, depicting monstrous creature with elongated jaws, humongus limbs and a thirst for blood. Eyes threatning with sour and malicious cackles, he picks up the pace, his eyesight seeing them scanning the willing crowd.

Unfortunately,midway across the sea of men, the golden Ian oversees a man amidst. "There! I see him walking away!" Her finger is pointed at him, with an uncanny accuracy despite the distance.

"Finally! Come here!" shouts the Alos as she detaches from her other half and swoops down near the men. Crashing into a pack of them, her talons effortlessly grapples the nab with the hat to quickly bring him up. Throwing him at her golden lover, she approaches in the guy with a stern expression "Now, do you have the time to explain to me and my mate over here what the hell passed through your mind to brand us with this weird-ass face of your an--

"Silvara, it's not him..." whispers the Ian, with a sordid disappointment look on her face. Silvara, the Alos flying in front had the same expression, only outlined with anger "I know Glidia. This bastard swiped his hat on one of these halfwits! Ugh, I can't believe this guy! How damn thoughtless of him!"

"Well, perhaps this is a sigh that I'm the one for you two ladies" chuckles the man eagerly eyeing Silvara with seduction.

"Drop him..." whispers the Alos, already scanning the outer layers of the crowds.

"I see him, the real one" she says, her talons opening, ignoring the falling scream of the man, dropping on the otehrs.

Jacob was ahead, sprinting through the forest away from this cursed place. A treasure is all he wanted. A simple one from an unimportant shrine. But, he had yet again been outpaced by the terrifying monsters that populate this realm. Why? Why are they so relentless?

Alas, his escape did not come unnoticed, as his senses could hear a high-pitch sound of a mass dropping on and accelerating to him position quickly. An even sharper sound narrowed quickly to his spot. He jumps, dodging a poisonous projectile. 

"No. No. No. No! No! No! NO! How can they have tracked me this quickly?" he snaps as he pulls out a repeater crossbow from his back to shoot back. Electrified arrows launch at Glidia , who swoops up to avoid them "Please stop running! We just want to talk".

No words rejoins her as a response, more arrows attack, forcing her to adopt a defensive flight to avoid the volley. Jacob's ears heard a crackling of a storm appraoching. From behind!

"Fire!" he shouts as he jumps up, flushed away from the trees hiding his spot as they burn away. At the end of the trail, Silvara was flying in low, raxing the place with a breath of fulmigating flames "There you are!" she spits between her fire breath.

Jacob's Haze drug allowed him the necessary reflexes to dodge such large scale attacks, as his boots sprung into life, embedded gems within, to serve as thruster boots. Wings sprouted from his back, leather and silk, to allow him flight. His first action? Acceleration.

"Oh no you don't!" threatens Silvara as she also hastens in speed, trying to catch up. Jacob's trail of problem would only worsen, seeing as Glidia swopped from above, to try and lacerate his wings with her tail. Directly over him, her spiked end began darting at his soft side, in an attempt at puncturing his wings. He quickly spun around in a 180-degree, facing her and threw a volley of blinding marbles from his gauntlets.

"Argh!" she screams, receving the projectiles straight in the eyes, turning clumsy in her flight. Silvara's eyes were wide from seeing this "Hold on! I got you!" Her wings closed in, gaining unnatural speed to grab her counterpart. "Hold on, hold on! Let me wipe this stuff away from your face."

Her tail swiftly went to rub off the dust from her lover's face while her gaze was directed at the fleeting Jacob, who looked back as he flew backward. His eyes only caught the being for the monsters they were, twitching in pure fear, looking to overdrive his boots to escape. 

"You're not going anywhere, buddy!" she screams out, the shout large and wide enough to reach his ears, before returning to her counterpart "Glidia, let's morph right away! Bastard won't be able to elude us in our primal forms!"

"B-b-but, won't that make him scared beyind recongnition? I thought we wanted him as our husband" tried to negociate the recovering Ian.

"Nothing we say will change this dumbass' mind. I mean look at him!" she says while pointing at the distancing Jacob "The guy thinks we're out to eat him! Need to knock his stupid ass down a few pegs before any talk can be assured."

"Alright then, but let's not hurt him too much, alright?" agrees The Ian, her shape morphing as well as the Alos.

Far from there, Jacob was far ahead of them. He pulled out his map and a small crystal, trying to figure out where he currently is. Suddenly, two louds schreeches run to his ears. His eyes dart behind, only to see two gigantic wyrens darting right at him! "No, no, no! Stay away! Stay away from me you freaks!"

His boots go on to accelerate even further. He was flying at maximum speed he could allow himself. Anymore and his wings, his armor, his very weill-being would be at risk. Alas, it was an aoption he'd have to consider, considering the wyrens were quickly closing in on him.

"We have you now, little man! Make this easy on yourself and desist right this instance!" orders the silver one.

"We just want to talk. Please stop running, you're only making this situation more complicated on yourself! asks the other one.

Jacob sure was not going to listen to them, with their jagged horn sprouting from everywhere. Their gaping jaws, drenched with blood and salivating on the prospect of feating on a poor man like him. "Never!"

He swiftly turns around, while still accelerating in the direction he flew all along, his wing sprouting small turrets, haling the two with a jab of micro projectiles. These were special, constructed in his lab hidden somewhere. They were basically miniature bombs with the force of large ones, detonating upon impact or the maximum traveled distance. Jacob litters the sky with explosion, gaing the attention of many land creatures. Those witness to this could see a tiny spot being hunted down by two majestics golden and silder wyverns. Many of the creature pitied the fleeting man, thinking him to be lost.

Depleting his ammo, Jacob takes no time to see the effects of his flurry, turning back to fly. Of course, the two were hot on his trail, getting closer with every second.

"What will you do now, little man?" taunted the Alos.

"Silvara, please don't make him anymore scared" pleads her mate, noting Jacob tapping on his gauntlet, about to do something "Wait...what he is doing? What are you doing?"

They could see his wing sharpen, in a dangerous angle of flight. His boots were burning even more furiously than before "What the hell!? This idiot is going to burn himself going that fast. Hey dumbass! The only thing you're getting from that manuvers is a serious set of injuries" Silvara shouts, a clear distress audible in his Hazed ears "Stop! You'll kill yourslef doing that!"

Jacob knew all too well the risk of his desperate manuvers. Alas, his mind spiked him with an imminent death from the two. If he was to die, then it might as well be from his attempt, rather than as dinner. "Overdrive enabled! Get me out of this place..." he whispers as the boots burned with such might that the flame turned blue. The sudden acceleration  shook him, the problems already arriving. 

His wing began to rip themselves apart. His boots started burning out of control, yethis speed only increased. His coat was not made to resist the g-force he had to endure. His mind blacked out, to the distress of the pair chasing him.

"Silvara, he's no longer here!" panicks the Ian while gaining speed to try and catch up, followed closely by the Alos. the man's boots skyrockets out of control and spins his body in a swirls before crashing downward on a descending mountain. So close and yet so far...

Crashing on the trees, a piece of his equipment breaks with each clash, worsening his condition each second.His hat ripped by the vines. His wings shredded by the branches that hindered them. A bone broke under a concussion of a solid object, only for his crash course to stop atop a tree. His head bleeds quite clearly. His eyes, closed and refusing to open. one of his boot fell off, exposing a slashed foot.

The two arrived seconds after he was held immobile, terrified of seeing his current state "No no no no no! This was not supposed to end like this! Why did he do that!?" questionned Silvara, distraught at the prospect of losing the man. She quickly picked him up and set his broken body on her back while Glidia hurridly looked for the direction of their habitat "Over here! To the north. Let's hurry, he looks very injured!"

They dash as quickly as their primal forms allowed, while Jacob had one eye barely open, seeing the clouds moving to such a speed, only to close again, too injured to bear the pain...

A week has passed, deep withing a sky-reaching mountain. A small opening, allowing someone to enter. the place where they made their home. Jacob was still asleep on the guest's room of their place, with the two still sitting at the end of the bed. His tattered clothes lied in a pile of scraped metal and leather. His weapons, wings, boot, everything was here.

"Do you think he'll wake up?" asked Glidia, a melancholic expression ohn her eyes, like pale gold tainted by sorrow "I mean, we just wanted to present ourselves. I didn't think there was a man who would fear us like that".

"I's astounishing the length we went to escape us" murmurs Silvara, her wings folded around her "We finally meet one that might be a gentleman, a kindred-looking spirit and he runs..." the last words came out in a hiss of disdain.

"I don't know..." whispers the Ian, getting up "I'm going to go get some bandages." her steps echo through the room as the Alos also walks away "I'll come with. Meybe he'll wake up by then"

10 minutes pass, the two walking back in. One with a new set of medicinal herbs and fresh bandages while the other carried a plate of meals homebrewed and ready to eat. Only, the moment Glidia steps in the room, her eyes widen at the empty bed "Silvara...he's gone!"

"What!?" she shouts while entering the room and seeing too "Where the hell did he go? This idiot is in no condition to play bravado and ninja his way out of here! Let's go at the front!"

They both leave the room, rushing at the entrance of their home, only to find a man, hunched and limping with a broken crossbow in hand, clothed in his ripped attire. His eye is still consumed by the Haze, easily picking up their footsteps "Damn it! So close too!"

Silvara surged on hit, putting one on his exposed noggin "What the hell is wrong with you, dumbass!?" The hit makes him stagger forward, reeling with pain as her fist had smoke escaping the tip "We were sick from worry that you may never wake up from this coma you threw yourself in and THIS is how you thank us? Trying to ninja you way out of here?"

"Wait, Silvara!" shout Glidia, noting the dread painted on Jacob's face, his back against a wall, pointing his broken weapon at them. His eyes were twitching at an unnarutal state "He's so scared of us...why is he scared like that?"

Jacob's eyes were portraying a pair of feral beast speaking, with hissed voices and grunts. His sense of color was all but lost to him, as everything was gray.Seeing Silvara and Glidia approaching only worsened his state as he weakly raises an arm, his heart's beats skyrocketing. 

"We're not here to hurt you! Please stop this terrorised expression of yours!" pleaded Gladia while taking his hands, on her knees close to him. She could not bear seeing the potential mate they searched for so long being so deathly afraid of them for some reason. A tear fell from her golden eye, passing close to her lips "Please...let us explain. We aren't after your life..."

Silvara did the same, a scowling expression tainting her magnificient visage. One rarely present for someone like her "Why are you so deathly terrorised of us? We have done you no harm. We wish you no harm. Speak to us...please" Reaching for his hand, Silvara proceeds to place it next to her heart.

The two were slowly and gently crying their hearts out, unable to bear his face so frightened. A man so afraid of monsters was unprecendented. Even more so when they were literally gold and silver. And yet, as they displayed this honest feeling of despair over his fear, the Haze that grasped at him died down. His iris turned back to a shade of green. His heartbeat slowled back to a standard one. Perhaps seeing them act nothing like beast called out for his psyche?

Regardless, the first thing Jacob could see was his hands placed on their chests, where their heart lie. Glidia could see his expression change, her tears turned to those of overjoy. Quickly grasping at his neck, she hugged him with all might, a laughter mixed with tearing. Silvara quickly noted his change as well, joining in, but with a tearing grin instead.

Jacob, now awake for the first time in a week, could really take the time to look at his surrounding. Elegantly decorated, with the two sitting at his side, curious as to what he is looking at when Silvara decides to shatter the silence "What was that back there?"

"What? What was what?" responds a perplexed Jacob.

"That fear. You looked at us like we wanted to eat you".

"Ohh..." Jacob sighs, their stares not letting up, awaiting a form of explanation "Let's just say I've had a bad experience with monsters before. I guess you noticed my eyes too..."

"Yes, we did" nods Glidia "You looked so deathly afraid, like an animal awaiting an execution. And its yellow pint."

"A drug imprint given to me by someone wearing a golden badge. Told me it would help me see monsters for what they truly were."

"A drug?" inquires Silvara.

"A golden badge?" speaks out Glidia.

The two look at each other, a stern exchanged. Then, back at him with synchronised vocals "The Order."

"Those motherfu--...arrogant dickheads! Of course this is what they do now! Since our king kicked their pompous asses out of our home, now they seek to make everyone afraid of us."

"I have to agree with Silvara on this one. They talk mightly, but at the end of the day, they'll do nothing more than to complaint about their broken nails and what not" spat out the Ian Rath, with a pout to accompany her words.

"Really? Well, I'm sorry but when I was assaulted around here, he's the one who pretty much thaught me to fend for myself here. He told me this would help me survive in here, provided I see your kind for who they truly are..."

Glidia puts a hand on his shoulder, a comprehensive expression on her face "Dear man, I know not of what sort of attack has forced you to pick up on their ways to live in this realm, but I would like to apologize for this."

"I don't blame it on you--

"But I do!" interrupts the Ian "I know this land of us is quite the perilous one. Beasts brawling among themselves for the right to eat their preys or converge on a prime location where prey is plentiful. I know that...and that it won't change over night. I know it all too much. But, I hope you realize we're not all like this. If anything, they merely do as such for survival. You humans fight each other for the same reasons, right? They do as well, but we're not all like this. There are many of us who would want to welcome your kind among us, teach you to live and thrive in a land some may describe as a war zone..."

Silvara listened just as intently as Jacob did. If she was the brawn of their duo, her counterpart was definitely more of a speaker than a fighter. And how magnificiently she spoke.

"Meanwhile, this man who claimed to help you with the synthetic druge he left you with wanted nothing more than to assure himself that you'd stay in leagues with them. Do you think he'd give a helping hand if we weren't around? If no mamono were around? No! The reason he commited to this was simply so you wouldn't consider seeing us for who we really are. Did we, in anyway, try to feast on you? To bring you on your knees? To kill you just for fun?"

" you didn't" acquiest Jacob, knowing fulll well she was not speaking out of term "Well, except for that blunt hit on my back side"

"It was a baby tap!" spits out Silvara "It's not like you bled or anything!"

"Well, if you were so much as in a mere contact with us monster girls, he'd have either killed you or let you to be eaten by one of the more feral creatures, after making sure you couldn't fend for yourself"

Jacob looks at her, desperately trying to find a semblance of a lie, any sign of manipulations. There was none. Nothing he could see. Her sharp eyes were fully open to the soul that lingered behind. He had been had. The swollen expression on his face let Gliadia know this was a rather hefty thing he just realized.

"So...all this time I've seen him. All the time he spoke to me about the righteousness of his method..."

"...nothing but sweet-talking" complete Gladia.

"I see..." lets out Jacob, in complete disdraught. His face swells even more. His eyes slowly burn the light within. His body gradually collapsing upon the bed. 

"Snap out of it, idiot!" scream Silvara, while violently shaking him like a ragdoll "Yes, the guy played you for a clown! Yes, he lied straight to your face about it and would happily have left you dying in the maw of some feral beast around. But you know what? You survived! You survived long enough for us to intervene in that shrine. Isn't that enough!?"

"All right, all right!" Jacob submits while clapping his head to flush out motion sickness "I get it! I'm grateful for the two of you."

"After making us run King know how long, you better!" she says, this time with a mischevious grin on her face, all while Gladia giggles at the scene before her. "If anything, this guy not only screwed you over, but he screwed me over! He screwed Gladia over as well! It'll be a cold day in hell the day some pompous order officier with a stick up his ass decides to screw not one, but two of my loved ones!"

Silvara jumps out of her chair "And you know what? We're marching straight to their gates to give them a piece of our minds! Do you know where they are stationned?"

"Well..." Jacob points to his slashed coat, the one Silvara picks over "I have a map on the left pocket, provided this trip turned south didn't have it ripped apart by the trees"

"Oh dear, I hope not. I'd also like to tell these mean people off" pouted Gladia.

A grin slowly adorns the silvery Rath "Guess the King has blessed us with the opportunity for a pair of feet up some asses". She brands the map on full display, somehow intact despite everything else.

A few days pass. A camp formely pristine with the purity of the color white. Clean, gilded, dominant of the surrounding lands. Now nothing more than a pile of rubble, burned flags, broken metal. Countless men lay on the barren floor, their armor stripped, leaving them in nothing more than their undergarments.

Alive and conscious, they however suffer from immobility due to all the poison circulating through their veins. What's more, with the malevolant presence in their blood stream active for hours, all the men could manage to do is to suffer the pair of Rath deciding what embarrassing position they would have to take. A unanimous decision was to have them take seductors stances.

Some would have their arms spread open for the first monster girl in search for a mate. Other would take more daring positions and lie down on the floor, in their tents, waiting for someone to claim them on the spot. All of them, forced to wait in their own tents. The badges used to ward them from mamono, all smashed to pieces. The tents, open from outside, inviting anyone in search of a 'meal' with an explicit message.

Hungry male waiting for a mate to sate!!!

But the worst had to go to the acclaimed ring leader of this settlement. Atop a pole, attatched to the the very tip with a sticky substenance, was a man balancing dangerously at the whims of the air currents. If his men had the fortunate luck of keeping a scarp of cloth, he was stripped in his birthday suit, to say the least. Bound in a way that would allow him in no way to hide his family jewels. A wooden post followed him, stating

Hero awaiting a hungry woman to satisfy. Come quick, lest someone else claims him first!

A masked man sits just over the dangling Hero. A pair of newly repaired wings slightly spreaded to help him with balance, he diddles around with a small cylinder container. A beacon he calls it.

"Jacob, are you insane!?" screams out the sausaged Hero " Do you realize what you have done!? After I've armed you to fight these monstrocities?"

"Someone intent on helping me defend myself wouldn't have done so by slowly poisoning me to kill me while distorting my vision of the world" replies the sawvy engineer, tinkering with the exhaust port of his madeshift beacon.

"That was merely so you could see what we saw! Don't you get it!!?"

"The two who rummaged around in this camp of yours seemed pretty different to what I delusioned myself to see with that Haze of yours" throws Jacob, planting the beacon.

"You're just like the rest of the trash! Tainted and beyond saving!" slanders the Hero, even as Jacob plants his feet at the pole, placing himself on the same height as the Hero.

"Oh really?" dismiss the engineer "Even though I'm giving you an act of Mercy?"

"What kind of mercy is this?" spits out the bound sausage man "Leaving us at the mercy of the wildlife here? Don't try to grab any gratitude from me with that!"

"Don't worry, unlike you, I know a concept of mercy. That thing over your pole will ensure only one type of monsters will leer in this camp. Think about it"

"No..." gasps the Hero, his eyes as wide as the sky.

"At least you won't end up dead like those you've left at the mercy of more feral beast just to avoid them findind someone." he leaves his dangling victim with while dropping to the ground, only for a golden Rath in her primal shape to latch on to him with her talons, driving him and her away to a nearby rendez-vous location, with another silver Rath laughing her lungs out.

"Did you catch his face?" asks Silvara, still bursting in laughter between sentences "Just look at him, screaming his lungs out like some pecock! Man, wrecking this place is so satisfying!"

Glidia laughed in harmony as she landed, dropping Jacob while returning to her woman form "It was very funny to pull him up to the tip of the pole. But, we could have at least allowed him to keep his pants"

"You kiddin' ? With him being the instigator of this disgusting shit he calls the Haze, it only made sense for him to bear the full consequences of his stupid actions. Like screwing with our man to begin with!"

"Can't argue with that!" nods the halcyon, quickly one to latch on to Jacob's chest with swelling pink cheeks.


"Hey now, stud, can't deny our feelings for you anymore now, can you?" adds the silvery Alos while taking the other half of his chest, blushing redder than cherries.

"B-but this is a bit sudden" blabbers the engineer, his mind struggling to dissociate the feeling of their breasts squeezing him thightly.

"Oh no it's not. This..." Silvara quickly unfastens his mask and  locks lips with the man behind, to his surprise.  Gladia, seeing this decides to let go and wait nearby, flustered just from the prospect of kissing him as well. The standing kiss lasts quite a while, before Jacob takes a step back, a very stunned look on his face.

" just a taste of what is to come" speaks Silvara while licking her fingers, as if she had just feasted on a fine meal.

"Wha-- Wh--" Jacob struggled to find words, his neural cells still fresh active from the tingling kiss, just before Gladia locked her arms behind his neck to kiss him as well. All of his mind's focus was on the very taste of the Rath. If gold and silver tasted amazingly on their own, having one immediately after the other would soon get him hooked to them. As much as them to him, as Gladia soon separated her lips from his, still embracing his chest, however.

"You were right, Silvara. He is delicious" she says with a sultry expression, still locked in a gentle gaze with her blushing patron.

"What did I tell you? The unusual ones are always delicious. Better than the horde of mindless muscle heads" nods the silvery Rath with the same expression directed at Jacob, still in gripes with the meld of their flavors.

"Can't argue with that" agrees the halcyon "I guess this mean they are good under the sheets as well"

"Wait, what?" questionned Jacob, sweat pouring from his forehead.

"You know what they say about the timid ones..." approaches Silvara, taking a side of their man's chest "A timid on the outside, a lover on the inside...."

If Jacob feared them before, his instincts were right. Well, partially. the Haze, as they call it, did indeed call them out on eating him.

But not in the sense he thought...