Well, seem like Gary is yet again going to be alone for a while. At this point, however, he's no longer surprised. One of the few things he learned to accept rather quickly was that his buddy, Fernando, was popular among the ladies. Extremely so. Ever since he had become an incubus, well, the percentage of them 'coincidently' meeting up with a woman, be she human or not, had skyrocketed to the point where Gary continuously has to prepare whenever his buddy comes to whatever inn they stay in, in fear that his latest 'date' stinks up the place for days. Today seemed no different from the rest...

All of this begins as both of them are currently up, in the morning in which the sun shines through the window of their room. A late night in an expedition team to gather raw material had rather turned out well, a surprise for Gary. The pay was good but left them exhausted, prompting them to fall asleep on the floor the moment they crossed the door to their rented room.

As mentioned, the morning was nigh and Gary was busy with making breakfast. Fernando had just wake up, still in his underwear. And nothing else. Gary, who still busied himself in the kitchen, could instantly hear him.

"Dude, could you go put a shirt or something?"

Fernando raises his arm in the air in exasperation.

"Come on, man! It's just us too. It's not like I'm walking naked around the place!"

"Still gross, man. Fine by me if you like to sleep with nothing on ya, lord knows why, but wandering around like this is where I draw the line".

"What are you even stingy about anyway!? This isn't the first time you see me shirtless around. Thanks to you, I always gotta take a shower every time".

"Only because you keep 'bumping' into 'lost' women in a 'foreign' city. And for the record, walking naked after bathtime is also unacceptable".

"Oh my-- Fine then!"

Fernando, a bit jaded, slowly goes back to his room, searching for his favorite pair of shirt and pants, only to return moments later with an ocean set. He walks all the way to their door, still, a bit peeved about the attire dilemma.

"Man, Gary, you need to learn to lay back a bit. We're both guys, so what if you catch a glimpse of me after a little cleaning".

"A 'glimpse' is not how you say 'full moon' ".

"Yea, yea, next time I'll make sure not to hurt your fragile little eyes, alright?"

Fernando says those words like a man would speak to an infant. Of course, with a hint of sarcasm. Sarcasm Gary willfully ignore.

"Your incubi blood has made you way too lenient on things like this".

"Well, with your constant dribbling about caution, one of us has to relax for the other".

Gary throws a heavy sigh, no longer interested in arguing.

"Whatever, breakfast is almost ready".


With Gary returning to the cooking of the classic eggs and bacon, Fernando was left with picking up today's letters. They often came in a stack, what with their pay coming in this form. Since the two of them were adept at versatile tasks, the amount of coin-filled letters usually counted in the dozen.

Fernando takes a look through them effectively sorting them as he walks back to the kitchen table when he falls upon a letter. One designated to Gary.  He stands up.

"Hey, Gary! Something for you".


He walks over to him letter opened with the most idiotic grin one could muster.

"Do you want to go back to school?"

The village they were currently resting coincidently happened to host a magnificent schooling for anything and everything someone could aspire to learn. For Gary, it was an unending tedium riddled with nightmares of his previous time. 

As the two stood before the massive building spawning at least thirty stories in height, Gary thought about turning heels. A thought that quickly dies in his mind as hie buddy puts his hands on his shoulders.

"Come on, Gary. You can't walk away from this one".

"You know I hate mixed schooling. We could have gone elsewhere!"

"And skip out on this prestigious occasion to finalize your training? No way matey. A certified engineer is more to us".

"Yea, well, again, you know how much I hate those mixed schooling. Too many monsters!"

"Two birds, one stone. Assuming everything goes well, we can avoid the incident at that last school".


"Look, I know this isn't the kind of thing you would just walk by yourself, but as you've seen in that letter, you're not a certified man of your profession. Being expelled at the last weeks will do that. We're lucky you just have to catch up on those last week lessons".

"Yea, sure, whatever".

They walk into the school's hall,  Fernando already catching eye candy in the shape of luscious women going in and out, unable to get to 'meet' most of them. WIth the luck he has been getting, he may have just that. Gary on the other hand, had an alarming lack of overall emotion, save for incredibility toward his friend, who once again looked way too comfortable among the monsters.

With Gary entering as a soon-to-graduate student accompanied by his 'mentor' Fernando, the latter was immediately noticed, getting invitations left and right from several women. INvitations he was no one to refuse. Be it studies, experimentations or otherwise, Fernando was quick the happy man to be of service to these beauties.

Gary, on his side, had to bear witness the things he had happily left behind when he was expelled from school: bullying, blackmailing. coercing. Whatever happens to the nerdier like he was. Fortunately, Gary had the bright idea to bring his Polaris hammer, just in case anyone had any bright idea. Especially the monsters. Unfortunately for him, two steps in school, the principal, a demon wearing the same shade of color on her attire, had quickly confiscated it and left it locked outside of school, telling him he was not allowed to bring weaponry to school. He could get it back as soon as he done here.

Of course, Gary, now alarmed at the prospect of being mincemeat at the 'hungry' women with the freaky appendages opted to walk out the door. Another one of Gary's bright ideas shot down faster than a rock with feathers tapped to it. The same principal apparently learned of this expelled man wanting to finish his schooling a promptly told him, with a menacing grin that bailing out would mean a permanent exile from any engineer-type teachings. He would have to endure whatever seduction the women in it would throw at him.

So, it was a good thing for him to see a hellhound able and willing to bash out any trying for a scrawny man like him and many others. Which doesn't mean he would try anything with her. Of course not! Gary knows better than to engage in a conversation with a monster, who could pick up any word as their credo for mating.

So it is, that day after day, week after week, Gary continues to be saved by the same woman, over and over again. Well, saved is a strong word, according to him, since the man constantly walks with hidden tools underneath his coat or whatever he happens to wear. Inevitably, one could say that Gary would start thinking of thanking her. Quite a difficult task to ask of him since he knows nothing of her. Her name, her hobbies, the study she is attending. One thing was sure, for him. Whatever it was seemed to be tied to magic, as she had a singular class of arcane. The same he was bound to. Once again, brought forth as blackmail by the principal who couldn't help but be intrigued as to what made him expelled in the first place. A sense of 'duty' as well as a bit of grudge toward this man.

Right now, with the last days to fully acquire his titled of an engineer, Gary could only think of how to send a word of appreciation to the hellhound who kept him and others out of the hands' reach from the more 'hungry' and single women attending. One that wouldn't involve any close contact with her. The very last thing his friend Fernando suggested.

"A pat?"

Gary stares once again at the piece of paper he ha sent to Fernando since the latter was constantly surrounded by beautiful ladies. The paper was passed back to him, written in bold text:


"He wants me to walk up to her and give her pats on the head?!"

Gary rips the paper in pieces in a fit of rage, punching the locker attributed to him. Right now, the urge to find his so-called friend and clobber him with his Polaris hammer was pretty high.

"I'm gonna kill him!"

"You're going to kill who?"

A chill flies up Gary's spine, jolting him straight. He closes his eyes, praying to whatever that the voice he heard was not directed at him. After all, many a mamono loved pretending to threaten their human victims with death, only to devour them in a different sense. 

"Hey tiny! I'm speakin' to you!"

He could feel a presence behind him. A towering presence. He sighs, as he realizes that there was no one but him. And whoever behind. 

Slowly he turns, clenching a set of marbles hidden in his palm, facing the same hellhound who had once stuck for people like him. And now, she overheard him making a death threat, as nonsensical as it was.

"So, you wanna kill someone, is that right? You gettin' a power high from the fact that no one touched you thanks to your truly?"

Gary panicked. Anyone with a friend like Fernando would know the words he threw were nothing more than words. But seeing the fact that she stared daggers at him, it was clear that she had no friend like that.

"N-no, no! You have it all wrong! I-I was simply expressing a dissatisfaction toward someone else!"

"By stating you were going to kill him?"

She raises an eyebrow, questioning his motives. Doubt filtered her eyes, taking a step forward as Gary took one backward. At least until he could feel the cold steel of the lockers behind him. Panic swells in his face, prompting him to do that one thing he does in a time of imminent danger...


With a sudden momentum, Gary braces his hands to the left, in a gripping fashion and swings an arc before him. His irises turn to a sickly green as he does. His facial expression shifts to one mixed with anger and fear. The hellhound, bracing for a strike, backs away instinctively, awaiting the sensation of metal crashing on her arms. But, nothing happens.

Gary now remembers one alarming fact about his attempt...

...his Polaris hammer was locked outside of school.

HIs eyes widen in chaos as he looks at the woman he thought he was going to bludgeon with steel and lightning. Her eyes spit rage toward him, raising a fist ready to pummel him. She punches the locker behind him as smoke engulfed her sight while she aimed for his face. Smoke litters the entire hall, Gary running in total dread, seeking a way out of this sudden danger.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Gotta find somewhere to hide! Gotta get out of this place!"

Thunderous footsteps follow behind him, as the woman once blinded opted for her sense to track him down. She was gaining on him. Fast.

"Forget it! Where the hell is that Fernando?! He put me in that situation, he's pulling me out!"

As chaotic his run was, he could easily smell, even amidst the smoke, he set as a reserve of self-defense, the imposing odor of his friend. One thing that quickly came to the duo when Fernando became an incubus was the everlasting odor that lingered with his personality. A somewhat sweet smell with a hint of spice.

Gary turns to a room, closed but not locked. Entering it, he sees his friend and of course, another woman in his presence, embraced with each other.  A lizardman, it seems. Gary had no time to check as he locks himself in the classroom's janitor room. The two, a bit surprised by his sudden presence and disappearance, were even more when the hellhound broke through the door, anger in her eyes.

"Hum, I'll see you later then, handsome".

"Of course".

Giving her a quick peck on her cheek, Fernando walks up to the raging woman as the other makes an easy getaway.

"Hello beautiful, is there a problem?"

"Where is he?!!"

Fernando instantly knew Gary had somehow aggravated her. The same woman he suggested to give a good patting.

"Well, he passed here, but seeing this room was occupied, he went elsewhere".

"Sneaky little bastard, huh?"

"Tell me about it".

The hellhound's anger slightly cools down upon hearing those words. She was curious.

"So you know him".

"Indeed I do. But first, let's do something about that temper, shall we?"

"Wait! What do you mean by--

Her head could feel a sensation of a hand gently tapping on it. That accompanied with ear scratches, shifting her raging expression with a more mellow one. Gary was not to witness that incredible action for the janitor's room had another door connected to yet another classroom. Upon seeing it, he fled through it.

Time flew by as he had run back to the rented room they lived in. Fernando would come back, once again infested with odor. He carried today's supper.

"Yo Gary! You're welcome!"

"Why do I have to thank you?! It was your idiotic note that ignited this whole thing, to begin with!"

"Perhaps so. But I'm not the one who screamed about murder and tried to swing an imaginary weapon at her face".

"You know how much I hate women being so close to me like that! Them even more!"

"Which is why I decided to cover you by calming her down. You will suffer no consequence from all of this, don't worry. I made sure of that".

"Calming her down? Hmpf, yea right! I'm sure by 'calming' you mean something else".

"Well, you know me, dear friend. I don't to say anything now, do I?"

" don't..."