Watching her lips awaiting his for a kiss, the mind of Leno eagerly pressed the forward button, so tempted to figure out whether her chocolate color was really just a pigment mutation or more than what the eye beholds. However...

"How about we go inside first, my dear?" his voice interrupts as a finger is gently pressed on her pouting lips, to her surprise. She fidgets a bit, realizing that the two are them are still at this man's door, at the ear and sight of all.

"Ohh! Of course!" she expresses, not an ounce of passion wasted. She swings beside him, a hand still locked on one of his, pulling him along, with barely enough time to push the door.

The momemtum is not lost, propelling them straight on his sofa, Leno first. The bunny girl, Soriel ends up exactly where she willed it. On his lap. This time, there was nothing to distract them.

Positionning her legs to be in a wariza stance directly over his pair of feet, Soriel throws her hands behind his neck, right as he throws his behind her waist. The two were red as cherries, the bunny lady more so because of her rare skin pigment. Her lips once again pout for a kiss, with her 'generous' chest nested on his own.

"Soriel, what made you stay?" Leno interrupts again, prompting a questionning expression from her.

"What do you mean by that?" she returns his question with another, still laced with the honey-sweet voice of her, tempting his so much.

"Well..." he leans backward, his face slowly striken with shame "All this time we have been together, I've always thought you were too good for me. Way too good for me". His voice is deeper, bearing down the weight of shame.

"Now, now..." denies Soriel, shifting his face back to her gaze with one of her freed hand "You can't just throw a weightless sentence like this. The very fact that I'm here and oh-so-itching for a sultry kiss from you means otherwise, my dear lad"

"But, the reason I say this..." one of his hand departs from her waist, giving a quick pouting reaction from her. It points at the number he left on the table "I never called you, when my buddies told me you wanted a meeting..."

" I presented myself at your door" she rebutes with a gentle smile "They told me you might be in a situation where you may be less-than-willing to throw a call, so I swung by"

"But I was unprepared. A sore eye for your first date. A wreck in our time spent together..."

"...You were, at first" replies Soriel, an expression teeming the endless patience in which she can indulge in rebuttals "Like I said before and countless times, I knew you were at your lowest. I know what it's like. Nobody is perfect".


"But nothing!" she interrupts, putting a finger on his lip, momentarily shocked with the smoothness of it. She keeps herself focused, however "I knew you had disastrous dates before. I know you were not at your best when I met you. I know all of this. Your friends even told me you drowned your sorrow of bad streaks in alcohol every week. But you know what? I still wanted to meet you. Not the drunken you. But your best self. The one I've heard so much about. When you lacked the motivation to go out, I helped you out in places you used to love to inflate your old passion. When your wasting your time with excessive alcoholic drinks, I drained them out and prepared brewerages that didn't taste so raw and bitter, so that you may get your cognition back. And you know what?"

'W-what?" asks Leno, struggling to remember the effort she went through to put hikm back to shape. Soriel really wanted him out of all men that were around before, didn't she?

"All of it has paid me tend-fold! Look at you now! You're a selfless man! A nice looking man! A kindred man! Everything I could ask for someone to share my life with. Do you think I would have stuck around if I wanted one of perfect 'Ken' dolls men? No! I've seen a few before! One of my friends has been in a relationship before! They're nothing more but people with shallow values. I don't and will never want a 'perfect' man. I just wanted someone close to my heart. You ARE that someone, Leno". 

Her finger is pointed straight at his heart with a melting expression. Grabbing one of his hand, she places it on her open cleavage, where her heart it "Do you feel that? It beats with your proximity. No one else will get it so frantic..."

"I see..." The only words he is able to utter. This amount of love poured in someone, no man could be insensible about it. Less so those who have been 'down in the dumps' for a while. So it was of no surprise that Leno could find nothing to rebut her words with. As altered his state was back then, his mind remember clearly all she did for him, asking only to be loved back. Not as a flawless being of pure perfection, but as a man.

Their feelings now transparent as a river, Leno's mind remembered one crucial thing he had put on hold during this little conversation. His lady sitting on him. She was always dressed in a cute fashion, clothed in casual manners.

This time, being in the mood they are now, his eyes registered a more seductive attire. A skirt somewhat shorter than the usual she wears. A short jacket in no way sheltering her very generous chest. The tank top that is nestled inside the jacket seemed just about short, making it mold around her breasts. All of this, seductive yet barely exposing. A mutation of not only her pigment, but the way she thinks and does things. A true variation of a march hare.

His eyes inevitably wonder on the pair of lips he was set on kissing. No rather, on tasting. Soriel quickly catches on ~Ohh? You want to kiss me? Well, I'm not going anywhere~

One of his hand cups her chin, right as she pouts again for a kiss. The two are heavily breathing, their noses pocking the other. And their foreheads.

And their lips...

Leno's eyes immediately widen before closing. A breath between each kiss, he tastes the full scope of a bunny girl. The smoothness in which she assaulted him with. The softness with what she brushes him with.A passionate volition, yet so gentle and romantic. A perfect blend of chocolate and milk, melding together to create a unique experience. An experience Leno's mind was panifully aware he had once spent months trying to push away.

No more. he wanted more. His sudden clapse of hand around her waist could clear that much. His desire took hold, soon taking lead as he slowly flips her to the side of the couch, his weight gradually bending her back to the pillows under. Her movements sumbit to his, sliding the lovers resting on the couch, their tongues still entertwined with each other. 

Her eyes open with tears. Tears fluctuated with overjoy. The gasps between each kisses would lead to believe she did not expect such a passionate embrace. Her hands clenched slightly on his back, bending him closer so that he could feel her kiss close. Feel her chest ache for his touch.

In a strange communion between the two, Leno could understand her desire. He moved his lips away from her. Her eyes shaped in one of question mixed with incomprehension, even as a trail of saliva still connected the two. He bit his in regret, seeking more of her chocolate breath. But, he also knew she wanted things to escalate as well. 

With no words, he grabbed her hands, lifting her up to size. With no sound, he places one of his arms under her thighs, the other on her back, carrying her like a princess as hie feet slowly move among the objects in their way. Her hands reunite behind his neck, leaning closer to him.

The climb upward the stairs is slow and methodical. Leno's vision often returning to his lady's chest. His mind would feebly recall their focus on the flight, only to enfeeble, soon giving the oculars leeway to envision the feeling of caressing this ample pair. Her finger would occasionally cup his chin back to the door leading to his room with a honeyed word ~Soon~.

Eventually, reaching the base of the bed small for two, Leno slowly sits his 'guest on the edge of the matress, before turning around. This was a prime opportunity to take a rest. For his mind to take a calm approach. The last passed half-hour was passionate, but perhaps did her force himself on this gentle woman? [Perhaps I went overboard with Soriel? This should be enough for today. I'll leave her my bed and go sleep on the couch]

A hand reaches for his sleeve, gently, but the strenght behind halts him entirely in his steps. The sudden action causes his feet to spin in the opposite direction, taking a gander at a still aching bunny, a hand between her legs, a seductive pout on her face, eyes vibrating with fire inside ~You're not going anywhere, are you? It's impolite to leave a guest wanting~

[Or not...] The last words on his mind.

Soriel tugs on his sleeve, awaiting a response the same way he took lead before ~uuu~. Leno didn't know why, but something about this apparently submissive behavior faned his desire for her more than ever.

Leno takes a seat next to her. But before a word escapes, the bunny woman simply goes on to sit before him, at the edge of his bed, her firm but soft bottom deeply against his pants. His hands gently grasp on her stomach, prompting a jolt from her. Her head turns behind, meeting his gaze halfway as her hands clench to his wrist.

Leno stopped for a moment, watching her reaction unfold. Her teary eye as well as slight squirming. For all of this, she did not protest, nor push his hands away. It is simply uncharted territory. "So this is the first time someone grasps you like this, then?"

With her elevated ears falling forward as if embarrassed, Soriel quietly nods, only to feel the warmth of his hands rise to the ample breasts. Her eyes close forcefully, not yet used to someone else reaching up for them.

"These are quite large. Don't you think they need a breather?" he whispers in her ear, followed by a silent nod from his lady. His palms slightly press on the tip of her chest.


Soriel lets out a shriek, catching Leno out of guard as he promptly pulls his hands out. Her eye turns to him again, a gaze familiar. A wanting one.

"I'm sorry, but that scream..." he blabbers halfway, her head nodding once more, awaiting his hands yet again. The heat of his palm oncemore crawls up her chest to meet the elongated tips of her breasts. Even with a tank top veiling them, they are met with such softness, smoother than the coiling water of a river. 

His hands wander over them, going for the shoulder. A discarded jacket plummets on the floor, just as her tank top joins in on the soil. Her bouncy breasts move with great elasticity, putting Soriel under great embarrassement. Her arms move on covering them, her mind split between the need to feel his hands lovingly caressing them and the need to shelter her exposed self to someone else.

"It's alright" whispers Leno on her ear while hugging her belly from behind. His eagerness tempered by patience, he gives her soothing words to calm her trembling "It's alright. I understand it's your first time.There is no need to rush"

A minute passes, the two beamed under the fluorescent light of the moon, shaded against the darkness of the room. Slowly but surely, Soriel loweers her hands, feeling less enthralled on hiding her chest, giving Leno a backdoor view of her visible breasts. Her eye looks once more behind, seemingly impatient about her host taking lead.

A surge of heat in the form of hand imprint on her breasts in their naked view, prompting a gasp from the sultry bunny. A gasp shifting overtime to heavy breaths as his hand gently squeeze them from under, with a shade of red visible under the moonlight. Her breaths accelerate with time, her palms clenching on his wrists. A plead to carrying on despite her louder demeanor, one he happily follows with hsi index fingers toying at the tip of her nipples.

Leno continues playing with her chest, unaware of his own body reacting to her gasps and moans. Eventually, the toying turns more and more intimate, Soriel's eyes close, gritted teeth, a mere attempt to halt what was erupting. A geyser of emotions accumulated from her nether regions, broadcasting what her mouth struggled to keep shut.

A mightly scream rises out of her deep vocal regions as a shaking surge makes it's grasp on her very skin. One of her hand quickly slips under her nethers, moving quickly under her underwear as her shout increases in decibels. Leno stops, instead hugging her from behind again, speaking with his silence, a recomforting hug.

The night lunges deeper in the room, leaving little light. Soriel's breaths are regulated once more, still comforted by her host. Her eyes look down on her skirt, seeing his hands gently intertwined on her belly. A content sigh escapes her chocolate lips.

"You really are the one for me" she whispers in the cold of the night.

"I guess I am" he says, nesting his chin on her shoulder, as one of her hand raises to meet his cheek in a loving embrace "I still think you are too good for me, though..." A chuckle accompanies his words.

She chuckles as well, her eyes regained in a sultry expression ~You think so, huh? Perhaps I need to says it again. But now with words...~

With a regain of energy, Soriel turns to face Leno, quickly unfastening his belt buckle. In a few seconds, the only thing standing between his 'tower' and the outside world were his boxers.  As this happens, a glittering drip escapes her nethers, basking in his view under the light of the satellite.

"Wait? You don't mean.."

~I want to offer you the one thing a woman has to give to her sworn lover. Surely you know what I'm thinking about~

Leno knew all too well what those words meants. His mind never crossed the possibility of mating with her, but it now sought it, just as her mind sought it.

"So, this is how you wish to convey your feelings?" he asks, pulling her closer to him, his 'thing' threatning of ripping through his pants.

~Words aren't enough for you apparently. So, this should speak loud enough~ she replies right as he flips her on the bed, kissing her with the same gentle demeanor they did on the couch before hand. The meeting of their lips serve only to accentuate the glistening from her skirts.

Soon enough, they part lips, her eyes showering him with her readyness ~Come and take me~.

His hands slip under her pretty short skirt, slowly pulling out something within. A pair of thin laces adorning a shiny brown panty further from her forbidden place. In a matter of seconds, her hands call out to him, readying to become a woman. His woman.

He leans on her, his waist near her own. Their hand enterlapping on each other as he witnesses a tear falling off her cheek, with her teeth gitting...