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Inquisitor Vandire was currently walking through an 'unnamed dungeon', in an 'simple village', in a simple region of the Order. In truth, on paper, this place didn't exist - and neither did the people, who worked their craft here. Their craft being one of the utmost importance - to the degree, that anybody and anything was allowed here.

For here, they worked to craft their instrument of salvation against the Demon Lord. A tool, a soldier, a weapon - one who wasn't dulled by their magic, made to betray their humanity because of their weak will, nor corrupted by the mamono, whom deserved nothing but a brutal death in the view of Inquisitor Vandire.

The cells here very empty, keeping prisoners wasn't required - once they had found the 'right one'. He soon emerged in the 'lab' of Alchemist Eckhardt - the main researcher for the Order, in this little slice of land.

"Is it ready?" asked Vandire, eyeing over the man, who was in the process of going over a few research notes.

"Indeed - we're certain, this weapon is the ultimate counter to those filthy monsters," replied Eckhardt, compiling his notes and having the Inquisitor follow him, through a well-lid hallway. Torches burning around them, as they approached a special section - which housed a furnace and anvil. Currently a man, in black armor was hammering silver behind, his face hidden and looking away. Away from the prisoner, who was held to the wall, by magical chains - preventing him from moving.

"Is this it?" asked Vandire, looking the young man over. Seeing only disgust infront of him.

"Indeed, the first of the Accursed. His body has reacted well to the chemicals, agents and potions - his will however, has proven to be rather...set," sighed the Alchemist, in a sad tone. Feeling guilt over the opinion of the young man, to not want to fight those monsters for the Chief God. And not feeling guilt, over subjecting another human to these sorts of... pain.

"Wake-up...Accursed," called Vandire, slapping the young man, to awaken him. The young man, merely glaring at the Inquisitor and Alchemist - for all that he was forced to tolerate in here.

"Alexander Allhard..." started the Inquisitor, pulling open a notebook, with 'its' details written on it. "...servant...soldier...hero...traitor. Do you have anything to say for yourself? For betraying your race, to monsters? Corrupting your body away from the belief of the Order? Loving a monster? Have you no shame, you race-traitor?!"

"Is it a crime, to understand, a fellow sentient being?" replied Alex, looking at the man. He couldn't call the Inquisitor human at all, judging by his morals - more like a monster. A true monster of unbelieveable cruelty.

"You seek to undermine, our race, our way of life, our existance. That I am afraid, can't be allowed to continue - if you won't serve willingly, then your body will," he spoke to Alex, having the alchemist hand him a few notes. "You see, your stay here - we have granted you several gifts, that we hope, you will put to good use."

"I will never serve you! Nor will I slay mamonos for you!"

"Ah? Trying to humanize those beasts? No matter, you won't have choice..." spoke Vandire, over the hammer bangs of the anvil, smiling at Alex, before glancing over the notes. "You see, your body has been changed. We have made your Spirit Energy uncorruptable, be in joy. Your body will now reject Demonic Energy in all its form, purifying it back into its pure form once again as mana. No matter, how much a monster seduces, kisses or attacks you - all it will do, is produce more Spirit Energy. Essentially, fueling the Accursed Knight with more and more power."

"Even the strongest Lilim, would be turned aside - since your mana would leech off the monster' demonic corruption and purify it, storing more and more mana inside you. The strongest spell of a monster, is bathed in demonic energy - and your body, will simply absorb it, enchanting your might."

"...I fail to see, how I will do anything, you crazy zealots demand?!" roared Alex, trying to brake free from his chains but failing.

"Oh that is easy to solve..." replied the Alchemist, as the blacksmith in black armor, was finished with his craft and left the room. Producing a silver necklace, with a blue gem inside it. "Angelic magic. One used to cleanse the mind, will now be demand you to destory any and all demonic energy you sense. Which all monsters contain."

"You'll be made an example - let any monster, who see you from here on. Know to fear you - and the might of humanity..." spoke Vandire, putting the necklace on the struggling prisoner.


On the outskirts of a small mamono village, a young succubus girl, was playing amongst the fields. Laughing and cartwheeling through the various Big-Big Flowers - giggling on how the plants tickled her thighs and feet. She was so occupied, with her fun-housing, she didn't hear the sound of somebody walking towards her. It was heavy and clunky - sounding like somebody was wearing armor.

She smiled at that thought - it meant, a human was approaching their village. Maybe another female, so she could play with somebody. Or a hot husband, so she could show off to her rival from next door, that bitchy lamia-girl - that she could get a husband faster than her.

She soon looked around her, spotting somebody approaching - in heavy black armor and carrying a scythe. She took a look at him, and took a big smell of him - frowning a little, smelling him being 'taken' by another. But the fragrance he carried, so much mana inside him - it made her horny, by the mere sight. Well, she hoped her waifu, didn't mind - if she took him for an hour or so.

"Hi there hero-man, missing something..." she cooed, soon jumping infront of the hero. Putting on her best, cute appearance - like her mother had taught her, heroes were all suckers for the cute and innocent. Keep calm and be cute and harmless was the motto.

The hero in question, gently chuckled to himself - which made her slightly nervous, since that laughter sounded...cold. She was curious about that, before she saw him raise the scythe - and she jumped back with all her strength. Missing as the scythe cleaved apart her favorite, flower-field - and even carving the ground apart.

"Hey! What are you doing, you meanie!" she chirped at that - putting on her best pouting look, before the hero looked at her. At that point, she got scared - every instinct in her body telling her one thing. This wasn't no hero, or heroic figure for that matter. It was instead a Hell Knight - laughed at school, but they stood for one thing. Humans, who took pleasure in only one thing - hurting others.

When it raised it scythe again, she took one step and then broke into a full-sprint back towards her village. Screaming along the way, and yelling a warning to every mamono and their family, who could hear her. They needed to get ready to defend themselves quickly.

Back on the destroyed flower-field, the Accursed Knight merely looked around at the the decaying plants - chuckling darkly to itself, before crushing the weeds underneath its armored boot. Breathing in the tainted air of this Bright Green Monster Realm - and feeling invigorated, both in its hatred and its magical might. The demonic energy purged from within his body, having produced twice its equal of mana, into him. His mere being inside this realm, was like a steady pulse... of hate against the monsters.

It raised it scythe into the air, roaring a battle cry - that reached many a mamono in the area. Not willing them with hope for a husband, but rather fear of pain. Looking at the village, slightly away, before starting to walk towards it - smiling underneath the helmet, but inside - the mind of the weapon, Alex screamed in despair against its chains of having his body commit suffering.

In a smaller village, miles away a young Inari soon felt, troubled - feeling her breath catch in her throat. Clutching her chest, she knew at that moment - something was wrong. With a strange feeling, she felt her mind slip towards her childhood friend - that sweet boy Alex, whom she wished to refind and marry, in the next year.

But now, she felt worried for his safety for some reason.. "Alex...what happened?"