I’m sitting at my usual place with a withering potted plant in front of me. Concentrating, I gather magic to my hands and hold them up to the flower. With a clear mind and steady breathing, I start pouring the magic into the flower. As the magic seeps into the flower, it starts standing up and regaining its color.

“Very well done, Pup,” says a feminine voice behind me. I turn to see my teacher, a Unicorn named Crystal. She says ‘Pup’ is short for pupil, but I think it’s some kind of cute nickname for me. Not that I mind or anything.

Some would say that my teacher looks like any other Unicorn, but I think she’s much more radiant. Her platinum blond hair, her light pink skin, and her beautiful white fur are just some her most outstanding features. Her long, white robes show that she is someone important: she is the official royal healer. And I’m her apprentice.

“Thank you, Miss Crystal,” I say, getting up from my chair and bowing slightly.

“If you are done with your magic practice, I would like you to join me in my rounds of the castle. Then I would like to go to the forest and pick up some herbs.” Miss Crystal likes to combine her healing magic with herbal medicine. She says it helps the body grow stronger that way.

“I’ll be right there!” I grab my white and gold cloak and my Healer’s Staff, which was just a fancy crystal ball on a stick but it was given to me by Miss Crystal so that makes is twenty times more special. I also grab some supplies and the basket we use to put our gathered herbs into. After I grabbed everything I needed, I follow Miss Crystal out into the halls.

Like many castles, its halls were made of tiled floors with walls and ceilings made of stone. Paintings, tapestries, expensive vases and decorative armor lined the halls as well. I don’t really pay to much attention since I’m either focus on my studies, or…Miss Crystal. It’s amazing that I’m able to do any of my studies with me thinking about my teacher so much. Maybe it’s the idea of impressing her that keeps me motivated.

“Ah, Lady Crystal, it’s a pleasure to see you this fine day,” says an old, balding man draped in his own set of dark blue and gray robes. One of the King’s many advisors.

“It’s good to see you too, Lord Krilaten,” Miss Crystal greets the man.

“I see you and your apprentice are doing your usual rounds today,” states Lord Krilaten. Can I just say real quickly that I don’t trust this guy as far as I can throw him? Something about him always felt…off about him. And he’s always giving Miss Crystal these looks behind her back, the old perv.

“You know me, can’t sit around in one place for too long.”

“Quite! Oh and Lady Crystal, would you like to join me later today for a nice cup of tea? The garden is looking quite beautiful today,” Lord Krilaten says with the creepiest smile a man could give. Miss Crystal either doesn’t notice it or she’s ignoring it.

“My apologizes, Lord Krilaten, but I’m afraid I have a lot of work today, but thank you for the kind offer. If you’ll excuse me,” Miss Crystal states, bowing slightly and heading down the hall. I look back to see a scowl come up on Lord Krilaten’s face before he huffs down the hall. Take that you creeper.

That conversation also brought up something. I know I’ve asked her this a million times before but… “Miss Crystal, are you sure I shouldn’t be calling you ‘Lady Crystal’ instead?”

Miss Crystal turns her head back towards me and smiles. Not in an annoyed way, but her usual gentle smile. Maybe a hint of humor in it. “I’ve told you plenty of times, Pup, but right now I’m just your teacher. You don’t need to think of me as someone high ranking.”

I can’t help but smile. Someone like me, basically a commoner, having the privilege of being that closely equal to my teacher. Or maybe I’m thinking too much into it. My thoughts, however, are interrupted when a lightly armored young man comes running up to us.

“Lady Crystal, I’m so glad you’re here!” the young soldier exclaims as he tries to catch some of his breath. “There’s been an accident down at the training grounds!”

“I understand, please take me there.” Miss Crystal says, being super calm like this happens a lot. It kinda does. With that, the young soldier, Miss Crystal, and I all hurriedly make our way to the training grounds.

Once we make it, we see a group of trainees in a small crowd. Miss Crystal and I make our way over and find a Hellhound and Lizardman holding their wound; both injured on the arm. The Lizardman I could see was a bit worse off than the Hellhound. They also seem to be arguing with each other.

“Haven’t you heard of restraint, you hot-headed mutt!?” the Lizardman shouts trying to stop the bleeding on her arm. With the amount of blood covering her, it seems pretty bad.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t so clumsy!” the Hellhound shouted back clutching her arm. I could see that it wasn’t bleeding quite as badly as the Lizardman’s though.

Miss Crystal starts rummaging through the satchel she carries around with her and walks over to the Lizardman. “Alright you two, please stop arguing for a couple minutes so we can treat you both. Pup, I’ll let you take care of Miss Cera while I’ll take care of Miss Lisa.”

I give Miss Crystal a nod and walk over to the Hellhound, Cera, as I rummage through my own pack. Cera doesn’t say anything as she takes a seat on the ground, still holding her wound. As I dig through my stuff, I take a peak over to Miss Crystal at what she’s doing.

As quick as if it was second nature, and probably is at this point, she grabs some bandages, a cloth, and a couple leaves out of her bag and places the leaves in her mouth. Fortunately, some of the trainees have brought Miss Crystal a bucket of water to use. She dips her cloth into the water while chewing on the leaves.

She then cleans the blood off Lisa’s arm and taking a bit of the herbs out of her mouth, Miss Crystal then starts gently rubbing it on top the wound. Once that’s done and the arm has dried off enough, that’s when Miss Crystal wraps Lisa’s arm up with the bandage. All of this takes a like minute with no pause in between.

I’m not quite a quick and smooth as my teacher, but I do my best to make sure the wound is treated properly. After cleaning off Cera’s arm, my suspicions are confirmed about her wound not being all that serious. So after cleaning the wound, I just put a small leaf over the wound before wrapping the bandage. Once I’m done, Cera inspects my work.

“Not bad, ‘Pup’, maybe you would like to stick around and watch me train?” Cera asks getting a little too close to my face with a toothy grin befitting a Hellhound.

“Sorry, Miss Cera, but I’m afraid we have some work in the forest to do today. Besides, I think the captain is going to want a word with you,” Miss Crystal states as she points to a more armored man walking towards us.

Captain Stanton of the Royal Guard, the man in charge of training the trainees, especially the Mamono. Helps that he’s married to the head maid of the castle, a Kikimora. He also has a lot of natural charisma that gains the attention of a lot of people, despite just being a captain.

“Thank you, Lady Crystal, I hope you weren’t too busy when this happened,” Captain Stanton says when he finally approaches us, giving Cera and Lisa both a glaring look. Both the Mamono bow their heads in shame.

“It was no problem, Captain, it’s the reason I do my rounds. Also, I hope everything is fine with your wife?”

“Well, I wish she would sit down and rest more, but it doesn’t seem the extra weight can keep her from her duties.”

After sharing a few more pleasantries between the two, Miss Crystal and I start our round again through the castle. Our rounds go fairly quickly since the biggest incident to happen was at the training ground. We do happen to pass by the captain’s wife who I could see was several months pregnant.

It isn’t long before we start making our way towards the forest located behind the castle. Just over the bridge that crosses the river is Grand Wood Forest. A fairly larg forest that takes up almost half the kingdom. While some kingdoms are protected by mountains, ours is protected by the forest. How, you may ask? By the assortment of Mamono living in it of course!

The forest is inhabited by many different types of Mamono, including types such as plant, insect, harpies, and much more. They’re all pretty nice, though that might be because Miss Crystal is with me and she is basically the forest doctor as well. They do tend to be a little flirty at times, but I find it all in good fun.

Our visits to the forest has us looking for medical herbs while Miss Crystal also teaches me about plants that can help boost medicine or are bad for people and Mamono. I, of course, listen to every one of her words.

After we’ve gathered a fairly sizable amount of herbs, there is a sudden rustling sound coming from the tree tops. Suddenly, something large comes falling from the sky and I just happen to be in the path. I’m knocked to the ground and when I start getting up, in slight pain, I see what landed on me was a Harpy with brown hair and feathers.

“Oh my, are you both okay?” Miss Crystal asks, helping me to sit up straight.

“I’m fine, what about you?” I ask the Harpy. I notice that she’s sniffling and holding her wing.

“Bad men…*sniff*…attack me…rip feathers off…*sob*” the Harpy explains, until she starts crying. In true Miss Crystal fashion, she rubs the Harpy’s head, trying to calm her down.

“Shh, it’s alright, I’ll make it all better.” Miss Crystal then starts rummaging through her bag, and I don’t miss a beat and hand her some herbs we picked up.

While there was a little bleeding from where the Harpy’s feathers were pulled, it didn’t seem all that bad. Most likely just very sore. Like with the trainees from earlier, Miss Crystal chews on small amount herbs, and rubs it on the injured spot without any of her magic. Like I said, it wasn’t really that bad.

“There, does that feel better?” Miss Crystal asks in a gentle voice. The Harpy sniffles a little, but nods her head. “Good girl.”

She gives the Harpy a kiss on the forehead which causes the Harpy to lighten up and giggle.

“Thank you, Horsey Lady!” the Harpy says, giving Miss Crystal a hug.

“You’re very welcome. Just don’t stain yourself too much and your feathers should grow back soon,” Miss Crystal explains. The Harpy nods and takes off back into the air, waving at us goodbye.

“What would this forest do without you?” I ask in a joking manner. But when I look over to Miss Crystal, she has a serious expression as she gets up. “Miss Crystal?”

“I’m a bit concerned about what that Harpy told us; about the men that attacked her.” I nod in understanding as I grab the basket of herbs, Miss Crystal and I start making our way back to the castle in a much brisker walk than usual.

On our way back, I couldn’t help but feel a little paranoid. How far was that Harpy able to go before her wing hurt too much for her to fly? Were those men still in the forest? Would they to attack us? The more these questions buzzed around in my head, the more skittish I got just from the crunching of leaves under our own steps.

After I jump from another strange noise I hear from the forest, I suddenly feel tightness around my hand. I then notice Miss Crystal standing fairly close to me, and that her hand is grasping mine. I look over at Miss Crystal and see she has a faintly red coloring on her face. She notice me looking and just smiles and gives my hand a little squeeze.

This small action is somehow enough to completely calm me. Somehow, just knowing Miss Crystal is here with me not only makes me feel safer, but also really happy.

“Well now isn’t this a beautiful sight,” says a sneering voice from behind us. Our hands unclasp as we both turn around to the owner of the voice.

What we see is every bit of what you would expect from someone claiming to be a bandit: bald head, scars, an eyepatch, leatherwear, a big rusty sword, and a grin that only spelled danger. A chorus of snickers surrounds us as a bunch of other burly men seem to manifest from the forest itself.

“Looks like we found ourselves quite the prize here, boys, a Unicorn and her dear husband,” the bandit says. My face starts feeling hot after his comment; whether it was from anger or ‘husband’ comment I didn’t know.

“Please, we don’t have anything of value on us and we don’t want any trouble,” Miss Crystal says, putting her hands on my shoulder and moving me so she’s in front of me. Wait, Miss Crystal I’m supposed to protect you!

“Excellent, we don’t want any trouble either! But I’m afraid you do have something of value,” the bandit says in a very threatening manner. “Unicorn blood could fetch a pretty penny to the right buyer. We could live like kings!”

With that, the bandits start to approach us slowly. I look around and don’t find any sort of escape. I hold my staff tightly ready to fight them off. That is until I hear a soft chuckle coming from Miss Crystal.

“Hasn’t anyone taught you better?” Miss Crystal asks. “You should know better…THAN TO STAND BEHIND A HORSE!”

Miss Crystal then proceeds to bring her hind legs up and kick one of the bands square in the chest. With strength I didn’t know she had, she grabs me and throws me on her back. Once I’m on she takes off into the woods.

“You think you can get away!?” I hear the bandit shout behind us.

“Don’t worry, Pup, I know these woods very well. We just need to-GAH!” Suddenly, Miss Crystal lets out a cry as we end up crashing to the ground. I turn around and before I can ask if she’s alright, I see three arrows stuck to her. Two arrows were in her right leg while the last one hit her left.

“Miss Crystal!” I cry, running over to check on her. The one in her left leg, thankfully, was barely stuck in her, but the two in her right looked pretty deep.

“Hehehe…” I hear the lead bandit laughing as him and his men slowly advance to us. I notice two of the bandits with bows, one of them having pointy ears. “Nice try.”

I get up and move between Miss Crystal and the bandits, gripping my staff tightly. “I will not let you harm her, you brutes!”

“Ha! Look at this one, men, acting all big an-” Before he could finish his sentence, and honestly before I even realized it, I had taken my staff and was about to smack him upside the head with it until he manages to catch it, gives me an evil smirk, and me punches me in the face.

“Pup, are you…?” Miss Crystal started to say until I started getting up again. Man, no one can get out a complete thought. I rub my jaw while pouring a bit of my healing magic into it to alleviate some of the pain.

“I guess we’ll have to rough up this one a bit,” the bandit leader states, cracking his knuckles and advancing towards me.

I ready my staff to defend myself when suddenly there’s a cry from one of the bandits. We all turn look to him and see him getting pulled up into the trees by some vines. The forest is suddenly filled with a growing buzzing sound as both Honey Bees and Hornets come swooping down, snatching up some bandits. The other bandits are picked off by other forest Mamono that seem to just appear out of nowhere.

“What in blazes is going on!?” the bandit leader shouts. A figure then suddenly appears in front of him and punches him square in the gut, knocking him unconscious. I see the one who knocked him out was a Mantis.

“Sorry we’re late,” the expressionless, monotone Mantis says as two other Mantis suddenly appear and take the bandit leader away.

I stare in amazement with all that’s going on until it suddenly dawns on me the Miss Crystal is injured. I quickly move over to Miss Crystal as she’s still lying on the ground.

“Get the one on the left, it’s the shallowest…” Miss Crystal states. I follow her instructions and move over to her left leg.

I make note that it didn’t look too deep and my suspicions were correct. It was probably shot by the human bandit. I take out all the supplies I need and, while pouring a bit of healing magic over the spot the arrow is in, I quickly pull the arrow out. Miss Crystal grunts a bit but just looks over to me and nods, giving me her patent warm smile.

While not as deep as the other two; the arrow was still in well enough to bleed. Soaking a rag with a bottle of water I carry, I clean off the blood. I place an herb leaf on the wound and put a bandage over it. Why didn’t I chew the herb like Miss Crystal?  I’m almost certain that Miss Crystal’s saliva has a little healing property to them. Also, I don’t really care for the taste of the herb on its own.

Next is the two deeper arrows. I…I don’t know what to do. Do I pull them out quickly, but they’re in pretty deep. Do I do it slowly? No, I can’t hesitate. Miss Crystal is trusting in me right now to do this so I just have to do it. With a deep breath and an apology to Miss Crystal, I pull each arrow out as quickly as I can.

O-oh no…they’re bleeding really badly. I just need to clean the wounds and…the bleeding is really bad. Oh gosh, oh gosh, what do I do? Is Miss Crystal going to bleed to death? I need to stop the bleeding! I give it everything I have and pour my healing magic into the wounds. I’m not stopping until the bleeding does. Oh hey, the bleeding is lightening up and…and…

“Pup!” I barely hear Miss Crystal’s voice as everything suddenly goes dark. Why does my head hurt?


I slowly open my eyes and notice I’m back in my room at the castle. Was everything that happened in the forest just a dream? I try sitting up until a painful throb in my head hits me. I lie back down, waiting for the throbbing to go away. I also look outside and notice that it looks like morning. Maybe it was all just a dream…

“Oh, Pup, I’m so glad you’re awake!” I hear Miss Crystal say as she comes into my room holding a steaming glass of something. Smells like tea. I also notice some scars on Miss Crystal’s leg where the arrows were…oh.

“So what happened in the forest wasn’t a dream?” I ask as Miss Crystal hands me the cup and help me slowly sit up. It smells really good so I blow on it to cool it off a little and take a sip. The headache I had suddenly felt like it was lightening up.

“No, it all happened. You were very brave, Pup, I’m so proud of you,” Miss Crystal says, giving me the most genuine smile I’ve ever seen. I think I see a bit of a blush on her face, too.

“But why did I pass out?” I ask, trying to get myself to calm down.

“Probably because you were using too much magic at once; I thought I taught you better.”

“Sorry, Miss Crystal, I guess I just panicked when I saw how much you were bleeding…” My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a sudden kiss on my cheek. Feeling my face start to heat up, I turn to look at Miss Crystal, still smiling.

“Please don’t worry too much about that. I’m your teacher, I’ll help you get to the point where you won’t have to worry about that again,” Miss Crystal states. I nod, but then something catches my attention. I notice both a large bouquet of flowers and a fair amount of, admittedly, delicious looking fruit.

“Has those always been here, Miss Crystal?” I ask, pointing to what I saw. Miss Crystal turns to look at what I’m pointing at and then giggles.

“One of the Mantis brought it in. Apparently, the Mamono of the forest wanted to apologize for taking so long,” Miss Crystal explained. I couldn’t help but smile at this gesture. They really are good girls.

Not wanting to sit around all day, I try to get out of bed to get ready to help Miss Crystal on her daily rounds. Before I could get out of bed, though, Miss Crystal places a hand on my shoulder and gently pushes me back down.

“Please rest a little longer, Pup. I don’t want you pushing yourself too hard after expending so much magic at once. I’ll do the rounds real quick and see how you’re feeling later, okay?”

As much as I wanted to argue, I did start to feel a little tired. I get myself comfortable in the bed again, as Miss Crystal sets my tea on my bed stand. With another kiss, this time on the forehead, Miss Crystal starts heading out the door before tiredness starts to take hold of me. Two kisses in quick succession… I’ll probably fall asleep smiling like an idiot.


I really am proud of him. I never really considered taking in a student when I first came to this castle, but there was just something I saw in him. I just had this feeling that he had the potential for something great, and he proved that yesterday. But…is potential really the only reason I took him in?

I knew from the moment I met him he was cute, but I didn’t really think anything about it during the first couple of years. But now, after spending time with him and seeing his determination to learn, watch me work, and what he did when he saw me hurt…I think I’ve started to fall for him.

But he’s my student! What would others think if we got…serious… Oh, I don’t want to think about it, it’s too embarrassing! Maybe I’m thinking too much into things. Maybe what he did really touched my heart and I’m mistaking it for love. Right, I just need to wait. Maybe after I’m done teaching him and…

“Ah, Lady Crystal!” My thoughts are interrupted by a sudden voice that startles me a little. Oh, it’s just Lord Krilaten.

“Good morning, Lord Krilaten. How are you this morning?” I ask, being as polite as possible. I won’t admit it out loud, but he does give an uneasy feeling sometimes but I can’t place why. He is one of the king’s trusted advisors so he can’t be a bad guy.

“I’m doing quite well. In fact, I was hoping you had a little more free time to join me for some tea?”

“Sorry, but I am in the middle of my rounds and…” Actually, it would probably be rude to turn down his invitation again, and if there is anything wrong while I’m away, I’m sure they’ll go to my office and Pup can help anyone that comes. “Actually, Lord Krilaten, I would love to join your company.”

“Splendid! Please, follow me to the royal garden. I have a table set up just for us.”


*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

My relaxing sleep and nice dream are interrupted by a series of knocking on the door. Groggily, I get up, throw my robe on, and head to the door to check who it was. I open the door to find Lisa the Lizardman on the other side; her arm still wrapped up.

“Good morning, I didn’t bother you did I?” Lisa asks. I shake my head and open the door to allow the Lizardman in.

“What can I help you with?”

“I need my bandages changed and see how my wound is doing.”

“Miss Crystal couldn’t do that?”

“She looked busy so I didn’t want to bother. Are you not able to do it?”

I can’t help but feel a little insulted by that comment so I gesture for Lisa to take a seat. ‘Can change bandages?’ That’s one of the basic things I learned a while ago. After unwrapping her arm, I take a closer look at her wound. The herb and Miss Crystal’s magic really healed it up well. Though just to be on the safe side, I put a small bandage over it so Lisa doesn’t irritate it and accidently open it up.

“There, I don’t think it’ll take long for it to fully heal. Might leave a scar, though,” I say.

“That would be awesome…” Lisa says, rubbing her wounded spot and smiling.

“By the way, you mentioned Miss Crystal looked like she was busy?” I ask, throwing away the used bandages.

“Oh yeah, it looked like she was heading off to the gardens with Lord Krilaten,” Lisa explained. Wait, what!?

“Wait, what!?” I exclaim as I run into my room to grab my staff and then dash off out the door.

“Wait, what’s going on!?” Lisa calls from the room behind me, but I’m too focused on getting to the gardens.

It doesn’t take me too long to get there, but I stop at the entrance when I see the two together at a small, white table. It looked like Lord Krilaten was pouring each of them a cup.

“I want to thank you again for joining me, Lady Crystal.” I hear Lord Krilaten say. I then notice him pulling something out of his sleeve, open what looks like a jar, and pour something yellow and seemingly thick into one of the cups. Was that honey?

“It’s no problem, Lord Krilaten, it is a very nice day to be out,” Miss Crystal says as she takes the cup that Lord Krilaten poured the yellow stuff into.

I watch as Miss Crystal lifts the cup up to her lips and take a drink. Maybe I should have stopped her, but she puts down the cup with a seemingly content look on her face. Maybe it wasn’t anything bad, after all. I guess I just assumed the worst about Lord Krilaten…

“Mmm, this tea is really good, Lord Krilaten, what’s in it?” Miss Crystal asks. Is…is her face getting a little red?

“Oh, just a little recipe I wanted to try,” Lord Krillans says. “By the way, how do you feel?”

Why would he ask that? Wait, it looks like Miss Crystal’s face is getting redder. She’s also breathing harder, almost panting.

“Actually, I’m starting to feel a little warm…”

“Good, then that means things are working,” Lord Krilaten says as he moves over to Miss Crystal…and suddenly grabs one of her breasts! Miss Crystal let’s out a scream that quickly turns into a moan.

“Now, how about we get to know each other a little better my Lady,” Lord Krilaten states, leaning in closer to my teacher.

That’s it, I’m not standing around here and let this continue. I start running towards the two as fast I can, readying my staff. Once close, I club Lord Krilaten on the side, knocking him away. I stand between him and Miss Crystal with my staff in both hands.

“Mis Crystal, are you okay?” I ask my teacher, but she doesn’t answer as her face gets redder and she starts panting harder. “What did you do to her, what was it you poured into the tea!?”

Lord Krilaten shakily gets up. “Hehe, if you really want to knowl, I put pure Alraune Nectar into her tea.”

I know what that stuff is. Not only have I met the Alraune, and their husband, but we sometimes you very diluted nectar or honey in some of the medicine we make.

“You won’t get away with this!”

“Why not? I’m one of the king’s trusted advisors; I believe my word holds more power than yours. Once I’ve relieve Lady Crystal of her affliction, then me and her shall be happily together,” Lord Krilaten rambles, pushing me closer to the boiling point.

“I will not let you touch her!” I shout. Lord Krilaten starts to come closer to me. I hold my staff ready to deal a blow to his head if needed.

“What’s going on here?” a commanding voice ask. Lord Krilaten and I both turn to see Captain Stanton with Lisa and Cera, the Hellhound, behind him.

“Ah, Captain, great timing, this young man assaulted me and slipped some Alraune Nectar to Lady Crystal,” ‘Lord’ Krilaten fabricates. I look to him in shock and turn my attention to the Captain.

“I did attack him, but he’s the one who slipped Miss Crystal pure Alraune Nectar in her tea and was planning to take advantage of her,” I explain.

The captain merely looks over to Cera who had gone over to the teacups. She picks up both, sniffing them. After sniffing one of them, she lets out a shiver.

“Yup, Alraune Nectar,” Cera states before she starts sniffing the air and moving over to Krilaten. Before he could say or do anything she, with the help of Lisa, grab him, searches him, and pulls out the jar he was hiding. “Kinda hard for someone else to use this when another person has it, don’t you thing?”

“Tsk, it matters not. The king will believe me before he would believe any of you!” Krilaten shouts, basically admitting his crime.

“The rules, established by the king himself, states that no one is allowed to use these kinds of items unless both parties have consented. Considering Lady Crystal is the royal healer and trusted friend of the king; I believe her word will hold more weight than yours,” Captain Stanton explains.

“Fools, the king clings to my every word and advice! I could slap him in the face and tell him someone else did it and he would believe me! I will make Lady Crystal my personal toy!” Krilaten declares. I’m about ready to start clubbing him, but I’m stopped by Captain Stanton’s hand on my shoulder.

“…Cera, it would seem Lord Krilaten needs to let off some pent up energy. You are hereby promoted to helping him with this,” Captain Stanton states. Cera’s eyes start to light up and a toothy grin spreads across her face.

With just her thumb, she pops the lid of the jar off and starts drinking the Alraune Nectar. Then, she grabs Krilaten by the collar and forces him into a kiss, making him swallow some of the nectar. She pulls away from the kiss, panting and wiping her face of any nectar that dribbled down her chin. “We’re about to get to know each other very well soon.”

Krilaten screams, begs, and moans but Cera just drags the man toward the direction of her sleeping area. We all look down and notice a small wet trail following them. I can’t help but chuckle a little knowing what’s going to happen to him. Hopefully Cera can make a better man out of him.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrap around me from behind. Softness touches my back and there is heavy breathing in my ear. “Miss Crystal…?”

“Please, Pup, I need it so bad, and you’re the only one,” Miss Crystal says in between pants.

“I’m sure there’s another way. Maybe we can make some medicine to counteract the nectar and…”

“There isn’t time! When we get back to the room I…I won’t be able to stop myself.”

“…But I’m not worthy. At least, not until I become a full-fledged healer and can stand with you as an equal.”

“Pup, I loved you since the moment I took you on as a student. I wanted to wait but I can barely control myself. Please, I want this to be consensual.”

Hearing her say this causes my heart to flutter. Those were words I thought I would never hear, especially from Miss Crystal. I still don’t want to do this since I still feel I’m not worthy. I look over to Captain Stanton who just gives me a nod and Lisa who gives me a thumb’s up.

…It is my duty as a healer to help someone in need, and right now, that someone is Miss Crystal: the Mamono I fell in love with on first sight like her. “Okay, Miss Crystal, I’ll help, but I don’t want this to mean we’re officially married. Not until I’ve become an official healer so no special treatment, okay?”

“Thank you, Pup, and I’ll try, I promise I will try.” Supporting Miss Crystal, I start heading back towards our rooms.

“It’s about time,” I manage to hear Lisa say behind us with Captain Stanton chuckling. Apparently Miss Crystal hears them, too, since her embrace gets a little bit tighter.

I make my way back to our rooms with a red, embarrassed face and a huge smile. From now on, I’ll work hard to truly become a worthy healer for Miss Crystal; to one day call her…my wife.


(A/N): It's been a while since I've last written one of these. I mostly was taking a break, but there were other issues that came up.

This one is a loooooong one. A little over 13 pages on Word, my longest written one-shot to date.

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