“You’ve got what you came for, now get out!”

Eric sighed, taking his weekly groceries, turned and left the local dry goods store. He cursed the day his brother fell to an Alraune.

Before then, both of their futures were so bright! Knights of the order, with their commander’s favor. Together they had rescued several realms, pulling them from the clutches of the mamono, and the demon realm itself! 

A wet splat hit him in the face, Eric spun with his fist cocked back, ready to shatter the face of the gap toothed fuckhead who dared-

“Is there a problem here?” 

“Yeah, this traitor was in my way, and is causing trouble.”

Eric lowered his fist, “He spat in my face Kor!” He shouted in defense.

Kor turned to Eric, “Don’t ever speak my name. Now get out of here, before I draw my sword. I have no patience for traitors!”

Eric snarled, about to strike the man who had fought by his side countless of times. “I am not a traitor!” He screamed. 

“Aye, but your brother is, your twin brother. You share the same blood, and the same weakness.” He pointed, “Now get!”

Eric gave a scathing glance to the gap toothed bastard and walked off.

“Why, brother?” Eric wailed as soon as he closed the door of his modest hut. He remembered that day, deep in the forrest, and Walter… unable to bring his sword down upon the Alraune who just stared into his eyes, with her hands upon his face, smiling. 

It couldn’t have been her scent, both of them were wearing masks. It couldn’t have been the touch of her nectar, both of them were wearing full armor. 

“Why brother? I have nothing, I’m so alone. If only… if only… If only I could understand why…” Eric sobbed into the darkness. His life changed drastically since then. Stripped of his knighthood, publicly humiliated before all those who saw him as a hero. Robbed of his lands, money and title, reduced to cleaning the sewers of the city, and denied an honorable death. 

He ate a meager dinner of bread and cheese and went to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day in the sewer. As Eric drifted to sleep, he could have sworn he heard a someone, seeming to call out in a lonely voice.

She slipped through the streets, silent, but hardly unnoticed. For all could smell her as she passed, after all, she was a bubble slime. 

It took a while, but she soon learned how to use shadow and the cover of the buildings in the city to slip past and explore the world above her. 

However, there was never as much of a need as this night. For during her many wanderings in the sewer, she saw him. He was different. He had this aura of strength. But more then that, he was alone, like she was. He had to be! Even in the sewer, even around the other humans he was alone. They glared at him with resentment, and whispered words that had the feel of so much malice. How strange, even surrounded by his own kind, he was alone.

At last, she reached his house. She concentrated, making her form more solid as to not leave any residue. She slipped through the open window and watched him sleep, the only sounds that broke the stillness was the soft popping of the bubbles she produced.

The man was so beautiful, his jet black hair was long, and she remembered that his eyes were a startling grey. Now that he was out of his protective clothing, she saw his body carried an immense strength… he was a trained hero! 

She gasped and shrunk back as his nose and brow wrinkled once he caught a whiff of her scent. She knew that humans, especially men found her scent to be repulsive, though she didn't know why. She hoped he would be different, as he was different from all the others she ever seen in the sewers. 

She wept and a few bubbles leaked from her eyes. 

“If only…” She whispered, rushing out the window, swearing to herself to not watch him ever again, already knowing that she was going to anyway.

“Oh, if only…”


“Nice job, Eric.” 

Eric looked up; it was Bardon, his overseer. Thanks to his training and conditioning with the order, he was a lot stronger and more resilient than any other worker who ever did time in the sewer. And the workers here seemed to appreciate anything that made their job easier or faster. 

“Thanks.” Eric said, using his long handled spanner to push more muck into the carts that would be dragged away to the fertilizer drying fields. 

“No, I mean it; say, maybe you can come by some time? I’d like you to meet my daughter.”

Eric stopped, “What? Really?”

Bardon laughed and shoved Eric into the pile of muck he was working on. “Are you kidding me? You? The traitor? Get back to work, you filth!” 

The rest of the crew broke out in peals of laughter. He stood, it was enough, he broke the spanner in two and rushed forward, using it with vicious efficiency. In no time, the crew were on the ground, mewling in pain, clutching bruised (but not broken) limbs. After all, he had to come back to work tomorrow. 

She stilted a giggle as she watched him beat the cruel humans senseless. They were so mean! How could they behave like this to one of their own? 

She looked at the men still mewling in pain. She resisted the urge to claim one of them for herself. These men were not like the hero. They were weak, and did not carry the same energy and feel as he did.

She followed him to the sewer’s exit. But instead of going to his house, he walked on to the edge of town. Where was he going? Why was he going there? She followed, doing her best to stay far enough away for him to not detect her scent.

He went to the river and splashed water over himself, getting the muck and slime from his protective clothing. 

She felt a hot rush as he took off his protective clothing and then his regular clothes. His skin almost shone in the late sun, bathing her hero in a dim, red light.

He sat upon a nearby rock held his head in his hands. Oh! he was speaking! She had to know more words! She came closer, what was he saying?

“Maybe… maybe I should just leave… I could go anywhere, maybe even be a guard somewhere else?” 

She stopped, the man looked up and seemed to be smelling something! Oh! he must have detected her! 

“Damn smelly clothes!” He cried out, throwing the bag.

She left, deciding to not take any chances. Even though he didn’t have any weapons that could hurt her, he as still a hero, and vastly stronger than she was. She could try to kiss him, to take him for herself, but it was too risky. She slinked off…

“Maybe… maybe… If only, If only I could…”

"You know something Walter?"


"Of all the monsters we've slain, and the towns and people we rescued, we are always regarded as murderers. As evil. It's like they don't even comprehend that the dwarves are all but extinct, and the kingdom of the elves are diminishing every season! And yet, we watch the husbands of these monsters cradle their 'so-called' wives, pointing their blood stained fingers at us, screaming the same thing; murderer."

"You know, Commander Reinhart says the humans we pull from demon friendly towns, and demon realms never recover. They spend their days pining away for the monsters they loved. But, sometimes I wonder, are they so different from those who take human wives that died too early?"

"Yeah, but- why can't they see, or understand that humanity would go extinct if the mamono were to have their way?"

"I don't have an answer for you, Eric. I wish I did. Come on, put your mask on. I think we are getting closer to our quarry..."


Eric awoke, still hearing the echoes of his brothers voice the day they went to hunt down the Alraune. He cursed his brother again, why did he fall to her? Why!

The next day was filled with nasty stares, and venomous whisperings. But at least they kept a good distance; good. 

Eric was finished with being pushed around. He was already thinking about leaving the city behind, and staking out for a better life. 

His mind was so full of thoughts of leaving, that he didn't notice a squad waiting for him as he came to the sewer’s exit.

“Eric?” One of the said.


“You are under arrest for attacking the citizens of the city.”

Eric stepped back, “Excuse me? They attack me first!

The guard nodded, “We do not deny that claim; however, since your classification is indentured traitor, not citizen; you are going to be thrown into the slave mines.”

Eric knew that that meant; it was a death sentence. He pulled his dagger and backed further into the sewer. “Come and get me then!” He snarled, already knowing he could take out the entire squad and enact his plan to leave the city then.

“We thought you’d be like this.” A new voice said from behind the squad. 

Eric felt his stomach drop, it was Jaana.

“So they sent me as well. Come quietly Eric, I don't want to-” Her voice faltered and a blush crept upon her cheeks. 

Eric squeezed his dagger, the last connection he had to being a knight. “No, I am going to die anyway. I would rather die than-” He coughed, choking on a nasty smell, something even more foul then the usual odor of the sewer. The squad of guards, the sewer workers and even Jaana seemed to notice. 

“Bubble slime! Everyone! Fall back!” Jaana cried out. 

Eric was about to run to, but stopped. He would only run to a life of harsh slavery and death. He watched them retreat, and almost felt relieved as they closed the gate to the exit.

Eric turned, he knew of a drain that lead to the sea, and decided now was as good a time as any.


Eric turned, and looked at Jaana. He knew she couldn’t say anything, and he couldn't blame her. 


She seethed, still thinking about the way the other humans almost took him away from her… from her!

She smelled the wetness of that vile bitch who came with the guards, and knew she carried longing for her man! She was about to come closer, to defend her man, to drown them all in the waste they flushed in her sewer when they all noticed her smell and ran.

She was at first horrified, then felt a complete elation to see her man decided to not leave the sewer! He wanted to stay! oh! what a turn of events this was. She followed him, already forgetting that the other humans even existed.

He walked on, his entire bearing spoke of a high alertness and awareness of his surroundings. He knew he was being followed, but she knew the sewer better than anyone. She followed, soon figuring out he was heading for the exit. 

No! He must not leave! He was supposed to be hers! Why was he leaving? Did he not know that she loved him? Did he not know that she was lonely too?

Her mind tumbled along at a desperate pace, as she followed him, because of course she would. She would follow him to the ends of the world.

At last, after a long day, and longer night of walking, Eric could see the drain tunnel that emptied into the sea. He knew the bubble slime was following him; thankfully he still had his protective gear which included a mask that would prevent her kiss. 

And yet…

If it weren’t for the slime, I would have never gotten away from Jaana. 

He turned to the sewer, his back now to the drain pipe.

“Look, wherever you are, I want you to know that you have my thanks. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you… thank you.”

“Please.” A voice bubbled from behind him.

Eric turned, feeling his hair stand on end, feeling a strange fear erupt within him. There, blocking his way was the bubble slime. She was a putrid green and brown color, her entire mass almost seemed to boil and froth, releasing bubbles everywhere. The smell coming from her was nearly unbearable, even the mask's filter wasn;t sufficient to completly filter her odor. 

“Please, so lonely.” She whispered, her arms reaching out.

Eric recoiled, but her words kept his feet in the same spot.

The slime moved forward and circled around Eric. Her facial expressions were delicate; small nose, large eyes, delicate mouth that was twisted into a desperate pout. She brought her hands into a begging gesture. 

“If only I could understand? Why brother?” She sighed. “Why brother? If only… Please… so lonely… I could go anywhere?”

Eric knew of slimes, knew they had limited intelligence. He fought and brought down many in his time, and knew there was no chance to take one down with only a dagger. 

Bubble slimes, slow, not so sticky. I could easily get away. Eric thought. But unlike any mammo he encountered, this one was not trying to rape, or trap him.

"Look." He said, but stopped. He felt dubious as to whether or not the slime could actually understand him. However, she moved aside, allowing him to pass. 

Eric walked though the exit of the sewer and beheld the sea. She kept following, muttering her words every often. He was surprised she didn't try to attack, but just kept following him.

He waded into the waves and washed the filth from his body and clothes, knowing he was trading one stench for another, as he would hardly smell better as rotting brine water. 

He glanced at the bubble slime, noticing she was almost as tall as he was. Her eyes were a gold-yellow color and her hair was a darker green-brown than the rest of her body. He kept in the water, knowing she couldn’t follow him or risk being dissolved and took off his mask.

Oh god!  He coughed and retched. Her smell was even more horrible in contrast to the fresh sea breeze. 

He put on the mask and was grateful its filter and the partial immunity it granted from her stench, and full protection from being force fed the various substances mammo had.

He noticed the slime still hadn’t left. He walked to her. “Look, I’m real grateful you saved me, but I can’t be with you. I..” 

He sighed, still unsure if she could fully understand him, and walked off, unable to bring himself to fight her, or to try to force her into the water. He walked on just hoping like mad she would get the hint and leave him alone. Otherwise, when he reached another order-friendly territory, she would be slain.

Oh! There was hope! He still hadn’t attacked her! She followed, unsure what his words truly meant, but hopeful there was something she could do about her scent. It seemed her scent was the last barrier to them being together! 

She followed, certain that being away from the sewer would help. All she needed was time.  She kept a close eye on her hero, keeping away other mamono that were looking for a husband of their own! She even had to chase away a few Holstaurs, and gunked up the feathers of a harpy who tried to get too close to her man. 

He seemed grateful for her assistance, and would often talk to her as they journeyed on. 

At last! They reached the spot where all his trouble began.

“Walter!” Eric called out, slapping his hand on the enormous flower. He didn’t know where else to turn to. He was sick of the bubble slime following him, sick of having to constantly wear his mask or vomiting non stop from her smell. 

Yes, she did chase off a few cow-girls and a harpy who almost carried him off, but then again, Holstaurs and Harpies would be easy to dispatch as they didn't have the immunity to blades like slimes did.

“Brother!” Walter said, grinning as he poked his head from behind one of the many petals. “I thought I would never see you again.”

“Ooh! Is it Eric?” A feminine voice giggled, and the flower opened up. “Welcome back.” The Alraune sighed. Her eyes widened upon seeing the bubble slime. “Oh! did you bring a friend?” She tittered.

“No!” Eric growled. "She's not my friend! Don't you speak to me!" He growled to the Alraune. 

He glared at Walter, "My life is ruined, thanks to you! Did you know what they did to me when they found out?"

Walter only lowered his head, "Brother-"

"They stripped me of my title!" Eric screamed! "They took my lands, my fortune and branded me a traitor!" He panted, trying not to cough, but failing. 

Walter shook his head sadly, "Brother, I can't even begin to imagine what you went through. I never meant for you to come into harm. I can't give you anything but my sincere apologies, and-"

"Your apologies are shit!" Eric screamed, "It won't return my life!"

Walter nodded, "If there is anything I can do-"

"Yeah!" Eric rasped out, all my previous feelings of betrayal burning away from the overwhelming question I carried for months. "Why? Why! Tell me why!" 

Walter looked me square in the eyes. "I was tired of killing."  He lowered his head, "And Teresa decided to marry Lord Gergison." Walter sighed as a shocked coursed through Eric. Teresa was betrothed to Walter, and he loved her dearly. 

"She- what?"

Walter nodded, "Yeah." He looked to the Alraune. "And Lillian..." He sighed as a dreamy look settled in his eyes. "No one ever looked at me like she did, not even Teresa." Walter looked back to Eric. "And it's only now I understand, its only now I can answer your previous question."

"Why can't humanity see that mamono could drive humanity extinct like the dwarves?" Eric said numbly, remembering.

Walter nodded. "In all the world, there is no one who loved me like Lillian, no one who could ever love me like Lillian." He sighed as he stared into her eyes. "And even though the season of man may come and go, passing away into nothingness from such unions... I only turned my back after I was tossed aside, and rejected by my own." He placed his hand upon my shoulder. "Like you."

Eric threw Walter's hand off my shoulder, "Pathetic, you turned your back for sex! So that's it? After years of dedication and purpose, all you are going to have to show for it is a lifetime of sticky sex!"

"Or love." The Alraune said from behind Walter's back, looking at me with a happy expression.

"Pfft!" Eric scoffed and crossed his arms.

"So," The Alraune said looking at the Bubble slime. "If she isn't your friend, then why is she here?"

"She won't stop following me, and I need your help to tell her to go away! I can’t communicate with her. She just repeats the same words over, and again. I tell her to leave me alone, and she won't listen.” 

Eric crossed his arms. “You’re a mamono, and she is a mamono. Tell her to go away!” He looked at Walter. “You owe this to me! They took away everything! I can’t go back to the city, and I can’t go anywhere else unless she goes away!”

Walter looked to the bubble slime and wrinkled his nose and waved his hand. “Oh! Pew! I can see what you mean.” He coughed

“Hmmm” The Alraune  tilted her head, allowing her vibrant pink hair to flow to the side. She blinked her orange eyes and tapped a long green finger to her dark red lips. 

The bubble slime frowned at the Alraune, but stayed her hand, knowing she was already married to his brother.

"Slimes are always such a curiosity." The Alraune muttered. "They have perfect memory, and learn at an alarming rate." She sighed and nodded, "Very well." 

The Alraune shrugged, and moved her arms and body, looking to Eric and to her. Her hair swayed, her entire body swayed, seeming to conduct an orchestra. 

The Slime looked surprised, but surprised then turn to shock, then hurt. She gestured, responding to the Alraune.

"Eric, I have told the bubble slime you wish to be left alone, even though she chose you to be her husband."

"And?" Eric said, sparing a glance at the bubble slime.

"She does not want to live without you. She has asked me to kill her."

Eric felt a tremendous shock course though him. He swallowed, but the saliva turned to ball of dust in his throat. "Fine, do it." He said, and walked off without another word, without looking back.

He walked on, trying to convince himself he made the right choice; repeating the tenants of the Order as he walked on. Remembering the certainty of extinction the dwarves faced, that humanity would face if things didnt change, if people like him and his brother didnt hold fast to their duties. As knights of the  Order... as humans...

We tried to sleep, but couldn't, so he walked. But his footsteps grew heavier and heavier.

"Why!" He screamed into the night "Why? Why do I feel this way?" 

He turned, and tore down the path, not knowing why he was returning, or what he was doing. 

The sun was just beginning to rise when Eric staggered into the clearing. 

"Walter! Lillian!" He coughed out, his strength had at last failed him, and he fell to his knees.

"Ooh! Is that you, Eric?" Lillian said, as her flower opened. "Why have you come back?"


"Wh-where is she?" Eric panted. "Is it too late?"

"Too late for what?" Lillian said, then her face flashed rememberance, "Oh! Well, actually I think it is."

Eric trembled, completely unable to understand why he felt this way. "I- you- no!"

Lillian shook her finger, swaying it from side-to-side. "No, what? I thought you were going to stay true to your Order. After all, it was by your command and her request that I acted."

"I know that!" Eric screamed. "But, I don't know... I don't know what I am feeling. Why I came back, and why I am..." His body rocked with sobs, and the entireity of the betrayals of his life flooded back. 

"Brother, do you... feel affection for..."

Eric still continued to tremble and nodded, and threw away his mask. "Yes. I get it, brother... I understand now."

"Such a pity." Lillian murmured. "Would you be her husband, if you could?"

Eric nodded again. "If only..."

The ground shook and Eric gasped, he tried to stand, but had no strength left and fell over as an enormous rose sprouted from the heaving Earth. Its petals opened up, revealing the bubble slime. 


Lillian giggled. "Eric, in you, I saw the same look for her, as your brother had for me. And so, I didn't kill her. Instead, I removed the years of refuse she had from the sewer, and replaced it with the nectars of the forrest, and my own brand of nectar."

The bubble slime came forward. Her coloring was so different than before. Instead of a fetid puke green and fecal brown, it was now an amber color with pink swirls. Her form which once boiled and frothed was now calm. Her bubbles blossomed with a strange slowness in her form and almost looked like jewels, refracting and bending the light around her in brilliant sparkles.

Her heart melted seeing him before her. He returned! Just like the Alraune said he would! 

Somehow, even though his strength was gone, he managed to stand. His eyes were wide in awe with tears sparkling in them. Oh! How his body language screamed his regret and remorse! How he agonzed for her forgiveness. Did he not already know she forgave him?

In all of the world, and of all the mamono, none could ever communicate the subtle nuance of body language as a slime could; even the telepaths, and magical mammo could never understand the subtle gesture of the chin. The near invisible shrug which carried an unbearable shame. The longing of a sigh, and the desire of a breath. 

Yes, she knew them all, and in that moment there were no words to express his feelings, or his heart. There were no sentences within the mind that could express a heart so overwhelmed. 

He trembled, trying to step to her and would have fallen if she did not catch him.

She game to him, already full of forgiveness and love. She took him into her arms and wrapped her body, fully encasing his legs, and stomach. 

“Please.” She whispered, cupping her hand, offering a portion of her body to him. “I understand, I want to help you. I want to love you. We can be together, we can go anywhere… together… we can be together.”

He looked up from her hand and to her, his eyes were pouring tears, she felt the echo and pulse of his heart, racing from ecstasy, desire, and terror at the same time.

“I want to be with you... but... I don’t want to lose myself!” He cried, his terror amplifying. “I don’t want to lose my soul!”

She shook her head, she knew what he meant. “I can not take your free will, no more than love. I can not take your soul, no more than you can give the sun to the night.” She took his hands into her own and poured her liquid in them. “I offer myself to you, let me be yours, want me to be yours. I have waited so long for you.”

He shook his head, “Wh- what about the others? My brother? Why do they never leave? Why do they never- It’s like they are under some kind of mind control.”

She shook her head, “A fish will never leave water under its own free will, as much as a heart will never leave the one it loves.” She liked using words, and wondered how the Alraune was able to change her so dramatically; giving her words and comprehension of them. 

He sighed, his heart slowed and his breath became calm. “Okay…” He whispered, he brought his cupped hands to his mouth, and accepted his fate along with her love. He then looked up and brought his lips close, his eyes still sparkling with tears conveyed a clear message as his lips touched hers.

I have no one left, but you.

An enormous rush and heat spread throughout her entire being as she accepted his kiss and tongue. She moaned, reveling in his hands now touching her face, burying themselves in the projections she made to resemble hair. She resisted for as long as she could, but at last poured another measure of her body down his throat. His body tensed up, and he broke the kiss, coughing and gasping for air. 

She concentrated, pulling his clothes with her body mass on her lower half, and delicately plucked his shirt from his chest. Oh! how sweet his sweat tasted, her entire body whirled around him, tasting him, touching him. She buried herself in every pore and opening she could find, removing his waste, teasing his penis. 

He cried out, protesting the sudden intrusion, but his entire body turned hot, and she knew it would not be long before he would climax. 

“Yes, let it go. Give it to me.” She moaned kissing him again, wrapping her body around him, leaving only enough open space for him to breathe. 

She cried out as she felt his body grow stiff, nearly convulsing as his hot essence flooded her own, her mind went blank and she looked up to the sky, knowing she had at last found her husband.