"Hey! Keep up! Don't stand there smiling at me, I said move it!" 

I sighed as I continued to trot down the road. seriously, what did I get myself into? Deciding to work with the trading guild was supposed to be a life filled with adventure, and riches. 

I took one last glance at the cool spring where I was refilling my canteen and caught up. "Sorry boss, refilling my canteen with the water over there. Here, wanna try some? It's cold.”

My boss, a well meaning but grizzled veteran of the guild guffawed and shook his head. "I'll have none of it. That water could be filled with monster girl saliva or worse!" 

"Psshaw! We haven't seen anything, or any signs for days." I murmured. "Besides, aren't we still in order controlled territory?”

My boss grunted and spat. "Your head is full of fluff. No, we crossed out of the border yesterday evening.”

I endured a few exasperated looks from my fellow caravan trainees, but took it in stride. Last night was a rough night for everyone. My boss wanted to arrive a few days early and no one slept until the sun came up.

We trudged on, but our horses and mules became agitated and easier to spook.


"Hey." I said looking about. "Do you hear that?”

"Hear what?" My boss said, looking around as well. 

"There's this buzzing sound, can't you hear it?"

My boss' eyes grew wide, "Monster bees! Everyone, get your crossbows out! Hurry!”

I looked about, I still couldn't see anything, and the buzzing sound was growing louder. The men had grabbed their bows and was looking about, their faces drawn tight in apprehension and fear.

"Hello!" A voice called out from behind a tree. 

"Who's there! Show yourself!" My boss shouted. 

"Oh, I think not. The day has been so kind to me, I would rather not be hit by your crossbows." The voice said. It was a sultry, sweet voice with a hint of a giggle. 

"Men, stand down. Hold your fire." My boss barked, "If she were going to attack, she'd done so already."

"Oooh, so true." The voice said, followed by a giggle. I gasped as I saw a beautiful face peek from behind the tree. Her honey brown eyes glanced over the caravan and she stepped out from behind the tree. 

She was absolutely gorgeous! She stood at least six and a half feet tall, and her body was full of plump curves and swells. She had two large fuzzy antennae above her head and a round bumblebee abdomen with a sharp stinger. Her large breasts were barely held in by a bit of leaves and vines. She looked to me and waved playfully with her fingers. “Hello, my name is Brianne.” She said with a playful air, tossing back her golden mane of hair that was almost to her chest.

"H-hello." I mumbled, “I’m William.” 

"Don't you dare!" My boss said, smashing his fist into my head. "Don't you get friendly with them, or you'll be forever in their clutches!"

"Oh! Oh dear! How barbaric!" The bumblebee said, gasping and placing her hand to her mouth. "See here! Don't hurt the boy!”

"Mind your business! What do you want?”

Brianne bit her lower lip, and gave me a pouty look and turned to my boss. "Well, I was wondering where you were going?”

"None of your business!" My boss barked.

"Well, were you going to meet with a trade caravan from the Hinterlands?”

I gasped, and my boss shot me a murderous glare. "What if we were?”

"Well, that caravan came under attack from a group of harpies." She shook her head, and her antennae bobbed along. "No one was left."

My boss spat and grumbled. "A likely story! You're probably the reason for them being all gone!”

Brianne frowned. "Hey! Seriously! Stop being mean!”

"Are you kidding me? We've come all this way for nothing!" He shouted back.

"Actually, no you didn't. The harpies didn't take anything from their caravan. That's why I am here. I want to know if you want to trade.”

For the first time, my boss was silent. Even his grouchy persona was subdued. "Uh, well. Yes."

Brianne smiled, making her face look even more beautiful. "Say please!”

"Please!" I said before my boss could speak.

Brianne looked to me and smiled again. She strode close, making me realize just how tall she was compared to me. Her wings beat the air and her eyes were full of excitement. "You're really cute." She said touching my shoulder, her body aroma wafted around me, smelling of a heady sweetness and flower petal.

"So are you- ow! Hey!" I yelped as my boss thumped me over the head again. 

"You wanna lose your free will, boy? You stay away from her!"

"You're mean!" Brianne pouted. She looked to me and back to him. "Well, anyway since you did say please-" She put her fingers to her mouth and gave a loud piercing whistle. 

Immediately the entire air around us was filled with buzzing, and a group of twelve bumblebees made their way through the forest with the caravan we were supposed to meet.

The rest of the day was spent in tense, but agreeable trade negotiations. The bumblebees were more than fair with the goods we were set to get, as they had little interest in it; salt, salted meat, and various bitter spices. On the other hand, they loved what we had to trade. Fabrics, silks and sugary confections. In the end, we ended up with the entire caravan, and only spent three fourths of what we expected to.

"Excellent! We have one more thing to offer!" Brianne said, her face a little mischievous. 

"Forget it! I am responsible for these men! their families are expecting them to marry human women.”

"We will trade the wagons, and horses for him!" Brianne said, pointing at me.

"What?" I blurted.

"What?" My boss parroted.

"Yep, him." She said with a cheeky smile. Brianne looked over her shoulder. "All my other sisters have husbands of their own. I want you." She said, stepping close to me.

"Up to you, lad." My boss said with a shrug. "You ain't got family back at home, and you’re too much of a liability to accept into the guild.”

“What?” I sputtered. “You mean I’m out?” 

“Hey!” My boss grumbled, “I could’ve waited to tell you until we got back! I could’ve paid your share and left you to bumble to the next craftsman who would have to put up with your bumbling habits! It’s not personal, boy! My trade caravan has the highest success rate for a reason!”

Brianna felt her heart break, seeing William’s spirit deflate upon hearing this proclamation from his master. She eased behind him and placed her hand upon his shoulder. 

“William,” she cooed. “Come with me, I want you. I love you. I want you to be happy, and happy with me.” 

William looked up to her. Oh! How young he was! He wasn’t even old enough to grow a beard! His large blue eyes were moist, but far from tears. He turned back to his master.

“Fine. You win.” He said with a sad, defeated voice.

“See ya around, kid.” The mean man said without a backwards glance.

William watched them go, his head hung low and his breaths were chaotic and nearly on the verge of tears.


One of Brianne’s sisters padded forward. “Sister, take this. It will help. We will meet you back at the hive.” She winked and pressed a small box in her hand. 

“Thank you Bonny.” Brianne said with a smile. 

“To the hive!” Bonny shouted, causing William to startle as the air filled with a loud buzz and gust of wind. 

“Aren’t we- don’t we have to go too?” William stammered, trying to keep his eyes to Brianne’s face, but failing miserably. Oh! How cute he was! He shifted his legs trying to hide his manhood and a deep red creeped into his cheeks.

“Oh, you are so cute!” Brianne squeaked. “Come now, don’t hide your arousal!” She kneeled and repositioned his stiff member to proudly push the fabric of his clothes into a sizable tent. “It shows me you like me, it makes me feel so wanted.” She brought her hands to her breasts and squeezed them, making the sparse vines and leaves almost burst from the pressure. “Don’t you like me? Don’t you want to touch me?”

William’s mouth dropped to the display and he nodded. 

“Well then, touch me. I am yours, my body is yours. I am your wife, after all.”

“We’re married?” William stammered, his eyes jittered to her face again.

“Tsssch, if you want to call it a marriage. A marriage is an event, I’ve seen plenty of marriages. You and I, are not a ‘married’ nor are we a ‘wedding’ We are husband and wife.”

“Well, actually. Its more like a state of being.” William said, seeming to come out from under his lust. “A state of two being people have, you know, being married… together.”

Brianne leaned forward. She brushed her breasts across his stomach, then chest. She slid her hands across his hips and squeezed his bottom. “Details, details. All that matters is you and I are going to be one, yes?”

William swallowed and began to cough as his saliva must have went down the wrong pipe. 

“There, there.” Brianne cooed, and patted him upon the back for a moment. She eased back and kissed his nose and smiled. 

“I- I never… I mean I-” 

Oh! How cute! They were going to be each other’s first! How wonderful! 

“Me too.” Brianne said rubbing his chest and kissing his cheek. “How exciting- oh my, your heart is beating so hard.” 

Briannne stood and took William by the hand. “Come, husband. I know of a good place.” She wrapped her arms around him and took the the air, absolutely reveling in his hard penis pressing into her soft belly, his almost overwhelming body heat, and the powerful thud of his heartbeat. 

“Here, this spring is so wonderful, do you not think so?”

“Yeah! I’ve been here before.” 

Brianne smiled and sat down upon a fallen log, close enough to the cool spring to touch. Still holding onto William, she eased him to sit in her lap. “There, isn’t this comfortable.” She said, squeeing his face into her breast.

William couldn’t answer, he started to pant again.

Brianne giggled and slid her hand up his thigh. “William, I’ll keep going, if you touch me.” 

William swallowed again and placed his hands on her breasts and squeezed them. 

Brianne cried out, feeling an immense pleasure course through her mind and body. She slid her hand closer, and wrapped it around his stiff penis and gave a delicate tug. 

William gasped and reflexively tore the vines from Brianne’s breasts allowing them to swing free. 

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Do it!” Brianne gasped as William took one her her pink nipples into his mouth and suckled on her sweetness. Oh! Is this what pleasure felt like? Her crotch pulsed and throbbed with an almost excruciating pain and heat. She teased his shirt off and playfully bit into his shoulder as he continued to suckle on her breasts. 

“Oh! William! Wait!” Brianne called out, remembering the box. He stopped, and looked up, an almost savage look filled his eyes. Brianne panted, trying to catch her breath and produced the box. “I want to give this to you.” She fingered the tabs and plucked a special chocolate from the box. She broke it in half, and the air immediately filled with the scent of concentrated royal jelly and Alraune nectar. 

Brianne leaned to Williams mouth and licked his lips and opened her mouth. “Say, aaah.” She moaned, her lips just barely brushing against his. 

William opened his mouth, his panting now fast and heavy, smelling of sweet bread. His tongue touched hers, he tried to lean forward into a kiss, but Brianne backed up just enough. She held the position, having just the tips of their tongues touch. She then slowly had her tongue extend and wrap itself around his tongue, squeezing and playing. She snaked her tongue down his throat, pushing against his body as he tried again to go in for the kiss. Her tongue went deeper and forced his windpipe to close just as he was about to take a breath. 

William panicked, but just before he passed out Brianne released his windpipe and locked their lips together, exhaling her breath into his lungs as he gasped it in.

“Whew, that was fun.” Brianna said with a giggle and came in close again. “Aaah.”

William opened his mouth again, and again their tongues touched. She placed the half of the chocolate on their tongues and finally let William go in for the kiss. But he was too eager, and accidentally swallowed the sweet whole.

“Aww, no fair!” Brianne pouted. She took the other half of the chocolate as an idea came to her. “Now you have to wait, you have to watch me enjoy this!” She cooed. 

She licked the chocolate, allowing the nectar and jelly smear all over her lips and chin. She nibbled at the dark succulent shell, careful to not swallow too much of the treat, but not so crass to have pieces of food in her mouth. No, she made sure all she did was coat the inside with a thin smear of chocolate, jelly and necter. 

“Say aaah.” Brianne moaned, her lips, and inside of her mouth completely coated with the sweet confection.

This time the kiss was even more exquisite. William’s tongue was driven to a mad frenzy, desperate to lick every trace of the sweet confection from her mouth and tongue. He didn’t even notice as Brianne leaned him to the soft grassy floor and pulled his pants, finally allowing his penis to be exposed to the chilly, early evening air.

“Was is good?” Brianne asked in a shy tone after William finally got the last of the sweetness.

“Yes! Oh god! Please!” He moaned, his penis seeming to twitch and thunder with each beat and pulse of his heart. 

“Not yet,” Brianna cooed. “I want it to be perfect.” She sighed, holding her dripping flesh above his stiffness, allowing her wetness to fall upon his penis. 

She began to fan her wings as William’s penis began to become coated, causing a wind to bring a chill, to combat the heat from both of their crotches. William whimpered and cried out, desperately pulling at her hips in vain. She was far stronger then he was, and they would proceed only when she was ready. He whimpered in the agony of his frustrations and passion.

“Do you want it, husband?” Brianne said, now hearing his cries going into the realm of torture. 

“Yes! Please!” He cried out, trying again to pull at her hips. 

“I will, only if you promise me something. You have to promise me, you. won’t. move.”

“Yes! Okay!” William gasped.

Brianne sighed as she felt her flesh part to accept her husband. She gasped and stopped, rising up as he tried to thrust his hips into her. 

“No! You will be still.” 

William took in a stuttering breath and flattened again.

Brianne waited, and lowered herself again. She shivered as her flesh parted, then stopped as she felt his flesh press against a barrier of sorts. She looked, only a portion of the head of his penis was in, but couldn't go no further.  She smiled, enjoying the pressure upon her fleshy barrier. She wiggled her hips having the head of William’s penis press upon it, allowing the tip to explore the tiny fold of flesh.

Brianne panted, as the flesh behind the barrier throbbed and ached. She looked into William’s eyes. “Are you ready?” She breathed.

William nodded.

Brianne cried out, feeling the barrier stretch, and break. She lowered herself slowly until her hips met his. 

“Aah, that was so good.” Brianne moaned. She sat up high and took in a deep breath and ran her hands over her body, squeezing her breasts and up through her hair.  

She looked back down and smiled. She slowly raised, and lowered her hips, rocking with a gentle slowness, letting a pressure build within her, and feeling the pressure build within him. 

As the pressure and pleasure built up, she felt an almost instinctual urge to quicken her pace, but she denied it. As she did, the urgency and pressure grew faster, but she stopped when needed, allowing the frenzy to cool, leaving behind the purest desire to build. 

She continued to move, delicately touching upon the fringes of the climax, retreated just barely from its explosive finality. 

At last, she could not stand it anymore and just barely increased her pace, this was it, it was coming, there was no stoping the orgasim.

“Aaah! Aaah! Aaaaaah!” Brianne screamed as she felt him explode within her, bringing a white hot sensation that flowed within her body. She snatched his arms and forced his hands to her breasts and he squeezed them with a ferocity as if to punish her for making him wait so long, he lunged forward and bit into her nipple and suckling her breasts as if starving. 

“Aaah! More! Oh More!” Brianne gasped, still being rocked with her own violent waves of pleasure as he continued to paint her insides. 

William reached forward and grabbed her hair, forcing their lips together, and together they  both cried out and moaned in each other’s mouths. 

Eventually the explosive passion died out and Brianne smiled to the sky panting, holding her sleeping husband to her chest.