“But, why me?” I asked, still on my knees, not daring to look upon  my master; King Derthor.

“I can see why you are hesitant to undertake this task. After all, you are not the most skilled, nor the strongest, nor the most experienced.” He blew out his breath and cleared his throat. 

“However, you are the only sword bearer, who would lay down his life for others without a second thought.”

I looked up at my King, and nodded. “Yes, your majesty. I… I cannot deny my resolve.” 

It was true, the wars upon the Kingdom had taken a toll. True, we came out as the victors in the harsh civil war, but its cost was fatal. The lands were ruined, and the people were going to starve before the fast-approaching winter turned to spring.

There was only one way to save the kingdom… and that was money. And there was only one place to get enough money to feed a kingdom; from a dragon.

We all knew of the mighty dragon, Valeress. She was what you would call a world-destroyer, type of dragon. Before the demon lord took over, tales would be whispered about her size, rivaling a mountain. She was ageless, and her power was said to rival even the demon lord’s children.

“Stand, Micheal. The dragon slayer amor is ready.” King Derthor said. 

Together we walked to the royal armorer, people parted before us, some bowed, and even some offered words of encouragement to me.

“Thank you, Micheal.”

“We will never forget you.”

As much as their words felt sincere, it was a hollow comfort, as I was not expected to kill the dragon. Nope, I was only mean to keep her occupied until they royal sorcerers could whisk her treasure away.

I gasped upon seeing the armor. It was a masterwork. A full suit of armor that was made from thin slivers of steel, sandwiched together. Each sliver was imbedded with enchantments of strength and speed. In theory, I would be able to rival the dragon’s strength. However, no one knew how long the enchantment would last.

“I am ready.” I said, nodding the the royal blacksmith and enchanters. 

(Several hours later)

Valeress opened her eyes. Someone was coming. She sniffed the air… a man, and whoever he was, he had the smell of a strength like none she ever experienced before. She felt her heart race a little at the notion of an actual strong hero coming into her lair. She got up, sending a few gold coins to tumble down her sizable mound of treasures she had collected over the years. 

She stretched and yawned, flexing her green wings and sniffed the air again. He was close. She flapped her wings and settled upon the hard stone floor that was littered by the bones of foolish heroes who had dared to approach her in the days before the current demon lord. 

“Hello, now… who might you be?” Valeress said, noticing the single, armor clad warrior; complete with a war spear and shield.

“Valeress, my name is Micheal. I have come to claim your treasure in the name of the great Falcon empire!”

“The Falcon empire? You mean to say that kingdom still exists?” She snorted. “Good heavens, the last I heard of The Falcon empire, was when it was ruled by an incompetent, and hurtling straight for civil war.” She scoffed. “What’s wrong, did your little king get tired of butchering his own people?”

“Enough!” Micheal cried out and lunged forward. 

Valeress sidestepped and grabbed his spear…but couldn’t make him budge for some reason. What was wrong? Did she grow weaker?

“How- Oooof!” She cried out as Micheal closed the distance and slammed his shield to her face, making her fly back. 

By all Mamono! This human is really strong! Valeress thought, bewildered, looking up at the ceiling for a moment. She startled back to her feet and wiped the corner of her mouth. Blood? I can’t even remember the last time I was ever injured! She felt a heat rush to her entire body as she stepped closer to the man, her knees now slightly wobbly.

She never encountered anything even remotely like this! How was it possible for a human to be this strong? 

“You are making a biiiiig mistake!” She hissed and picked up a spear of her own and clashed with the brash knight. 

However, parry after parry- thrust after thrust, she couldn’t get anywhere with him. He was too strong to tangle with hand-to-hand, and her skills at weapons fighting were rusty from disuse. 

What are you doing?” She screamed, at last noticing her treasure being enchanted away by carefully hidden magicians. “That treasure is mine!” She seethed and threw a spear that missed one of the magicians major organs, piercing his leg as he moved away, just barely making it.

“Got you!” Micheal cried out, and clamped his arms around Valeress. 

“Let go! Let go!” Valeress screamed, breathing great gouts of fire, struggling to force his arms apart; but it was no use. A part of her felt an immense thrill; she was being man-handled and held against her will by a man! By all mamono, his scent was so intoxicating. She felt her legs burn and drip with arousal at him being so close. She felt his breath upon the back of her head, and neck and felt a murderously hot blush rush to her face and race down to her thighs. 

“I said- let go!” She screamed, and decided to use her trump card and forced her body to change into her dragon form. 

She roared, breathing fire and lashing her tail. She was going to make them all pay and- Something caught her eye! 

“Uh oh.” She watched, helpless as her jar of Wonderland fall and shatter upon the ground, opening a mini portal that was too close to her, and the knight. 

(Several hours later)

I rubbed my head. The last thing I remembered was being on the back of that monstrous dragon, and the next… a flash of purple and pink? 

“Where am I?” I moaned, looking about his surroundings. It was a rolling plain he was; green, seeming to be in the middle of summer. Odd, it was almost winter back home. 

“Oh no! The armor!” I cried out- my armor was gone, all I had on was my sword bearer clothes. I looked about with frantic eyes for Valeress- I sighed, she was nowhere to be found- thank goodness. 

Just as I started to make his way he felt a wind suddenly pick up and heard a flapping of wings. 

“Ah, crap! ” I hissed and ran, looking over my shoulder. Nothing- “Ooof!” I cried out as I ran into somebody.

“Huu-uh! Ow!” A feminine voice cried out. “Goodness, you’re strong!”

I gaped, there before me was some kind of pinkish mamono. Her horns, hair, eyes, and her clothes followed a lusty pink motif. She dusted herself off as she got up, seeming to take extra attention to her generous breasts, and even wiggled them before me. “Uh- sorry.” I stammered, backing up as she took a few steps closer to me, smelling of sugar, pink, tinged by the heady scent of her arousal. Two tentacle like protrusions with mouths that had long, wet tongues came close. 

“Wow. You’re handsome.” She said, tracing her fingers across my chest, and rubbing her breasts against me. 

I gulped as the tentacles wound around my back and licked my neck. 

“I’m Heidi. Who are you?” She whispered, pressing her entire body against me, undulating her hips against my crotch, moaning with each thrust.

“m-micheal.” I whispered. 

“Aaaaah, Micheal…” She breathed. “Welcome to Wonderland, Micheal.”


We both startled, and I almost cried out in shock. There, red faced and eyes full of rage was Valeress. 

“Get off of him, you man-stealer! He is my treasure!” She hissed and grabbed my arm.


Heidi tugged Micheal back, who did this lizard think she was? If she thought for one moment that Micheal was married to her, she was sorely mistaken. Micheal was single and didn’t have the faintest scent of being claimed. 

She giggled, completely amused by the lizard’s frantic pulling. She was strong, but she couldn’t use that strength on Micheal as they would easily tear him apart. 

“And just who are you, just some lizard who lost her way, hmmmm?” Heidi giggled, laughing at the lizard’s frustration.

Lizard? You have some nerve! I am Valeress! I am a dragon of the first order! And I said let him go!” She roared.

“Oooh, a dragon? Dragons are so cool.” Heidi said, continuing the fun tug of war. “I am a dragon, too. But unlike you, I don’t have all these ideas in my head that everything and everything is inferior to me.” She yawned along with her tentacle mouths. “How drolll. No wonder you’re so desperate. How long has it been honey? Are- are you a virgin?”

Valeress’s face went beet red and she bared her teeth. “None of your business!”

Heidi laughed, she let go of Micheal and rolled on her back and held her bellowing sides that now hurt from laughter. “Oh- Oh! Oh my goodness! I’m dealing with a thousand-year old virgin! Oh! Oh my!” She bellowed with great mirth and snorted.

I’ll show you! Valeress screeched, and lunged with talons and teeth bared.

Heidi continued to laugh. She had fought countless of times with other Jabberwocky dragons, and used all her lusty techniques against the poor virgin. She grabbed he breasts and squeezed them, licked her neck and fondled her wet crotch. 

“Oh, where do you think you’re going?” Heidi cooed, having one of her tentacles wrap itself around Micheal. “You’re next.” She said, now fully devouring Valeress’s love canal. 


Micheal struggled to get away from the two dragons, but it was no use. Not only was he held by the Jabberwocky’s tentacle, he was held by the dragon’s tail as well! 

It didn’t take long before the dragon’s cries of anger turned into moans of desire. She was absolutely powerless against the Jabberwocky and her techniques. She nibbled her arms, kissed her protesting mouth, and forced her tongue down her throat. She had her tentacles pin her legs as she licked her crotch and fondled her breasts. 

“Give up! Say you surrender!” Heidi breathed. Now holding Valeress from behind. Her tentacles now bound around her arms, and her legs positioned to keep Valeress’s legs spread. She fondled her entire body, rubbed her slit and licked her neck.

Valeress cried out, and her knees went wobbly. She was about to fall, when Heidi smacked her taught ass with her hand, forcing her to stand again. 

“Had enough? Give up!” She cooed, and bit her ear. “No? How about this?” She had one of her tentacles let go of her arms, and quickly pinned it under her wings. The tentacle’s tongue buried itself in Valeress’s love hole and she cried out again.

“I give up! Please!” She cried out. 

“Good.” Heidi purred, and let go.

Valeress fell to the ground and rubbed furiously at herself, but it didn't seem to be enough. She caught my eye and charged. Only this time, I didn’t have any armor to match her strength.

“You’re mine! Mine!” She hissed and ripped my pants off. She grabbed my face and kissed me, fist with tender, deep kisses, that quickly became fevered and frantic. 

“That’s right, keep going.” Heidi purred, as her lips closed on my nipple and bit, and sucked my tender flesh. 

An incredible jolt of pleasure erupted through my body as Valeress settled upon me. 

“Good, good.” Heidi moaned. She repositioned herself, bringing me to be sandwiched between the two dragons. Heidi, with her front facing my back, and Valeress riding me from above.

I gagged as her tentacles wrapped around my throat, just barely letting me breathe. Valeress grabbed my arms, pinning them to the ground, and Heidi grabbed Valeress’s ass, guiding her thrusts as she rode my penis. 

My world grew dim, pink, red, black- oh! I could barely think for all the pleasure coming at me, I couldn’t move! I couldn’t breathe! 

Just when I thought I was going to die, I felt my breath enter my lungs, followed by two tongues as both Valeress ad Heidi kissed me and each other. 

“Aaah, dearest noble, dragon slayer. We are going to have so much fun together, aren’t we, sister Valeress?” Heidi moaned as she now positioned herself on top of me, and slid down my cock, causing me to cum again from just that move alone.

Valeress couldn’t speak, she just panted, and moaned as she brought her lips to mine, devouring my tongue and lips. Kissing me like a man dying from starvation eats lifesaving bread.

Time seemed to drift by, a swirl of green, pink, and black. When I at last came to, I was in bed with both of my girls wrapped around me. 

I eased out of bed, I was so thirsty! I needed water! Water!

Ah! I found a pot, and drank. I sighed and sat down upon a chair, wondering whose house I was in. 

I noticed the front door was open and looked out into the soft darkness beyond the house. I stood. I should run! I should escape! 

I sighed, and made my way back to the bed and climbed in. 

My two girls half-awoke from my motions and made room for me to get between them and wrapped their arms around me as I fell asleep, thinking that I wouldn't trade this moment for enough treasure to satisfy two dragons… 

Maybe because that's exactly what I was now.