Damn, this night is absolutely torture! I wailed in my head. 

Winters were always brutal, but this winter was even worse than any I had ever experienced! 

I stepped with caution around a particularly nasty looking ice patch. I was looking forward to getting back home, back into the warm, and made some hot grogg.

“The apple cider from last year was awesome.” I said, almost drooling thinking about the fiery hot alcoholic beverage. “Some soft boiled eggs and-” I stopped; was that  a woman crying? 

I looked about, I couldn’t see anything. I shrugged, about to continue on… but wait… there it was again… it was crying, a woman crying. 

I trudged over, wondering who could possibly be out on a night like this. 

“A holstaur!” I breathed; I knew them, they were known everywhere for their large breasts, delicious milk, and bovine features. 

I never really noticed, nor cared for their appearance much. Sure, their breasts were enormous, as well as their hips and thighs. But, it never did much for me.  

I looked closer, the poor thing was almost buried in a drift of snow, she clung to a dirty blanket that was more like a small towel, and a sign was cruelly tied around her neck. It had one word on it; worthless.

What? Worthless- oh… 

I noticed I was near the town’s local Holstaur farm; a collection of Holstaurs, and their husbands and daughters. I stepped closer and noticed something off about this one; her breasts, hips, and legs were small. 

Oh, she must have one of those genetic abnormalities that rendered them unable to produce milk. In other words…worthless. 

The Holstaur still cried, trying to bundle the blanket around her, trying to stay out of the biting wind. 

I stepped closer again, feeling strange, feeling numb. I had no idea what I was doing, or why. She was one of hundreds of cowgirls I have seen, and she probably wouldn't be the last one born unable to produce milk. 

“Hey.” I said, kneeling next to her.

She gasped, obviously unaware I was there until I spoke. 

“No, it’s okay.” I said, taking off my jacket, feeling the bite of the cold even more. I placed it around her shoulders and took the damn sign off her neck. 

“M-m-mother tr-tr-tried to h-help-p m-me.” She stuttered from her trembling full lips and chattering teeth. “I w-w-wanted t-to b-be good.” She bawled out again. 

“Comon, you’ll die out here.” I whispered. I grunted as I helped her up, almost carrying her. Oof! Despite her appearing to be petite, she must have weighed almost as much as I did! She clung to me, her entire body shivering, and it was only then I noticed she was dressed in rags, definitely four or five sizes too small. I gritted my teeth, feeling a white-hot rage at the bastards. They probably stopped caring for her ever since the cowgirls her age started to develop, while she didn’t. 

She kept bawling, trying to talk, but I couldn’t understand her anymore. She clung to me like I was the only thing keeping her alive, her entire body trembled, sending a pleasant vibration throughout my body.

At last, we made it to my house. I was almost at the end of my strength, but resolved to make it to the shower. Clothes or no clothes; warm house, or no warm house, she had to get warm now, or she wasn’t going to make it; she was now no longer holding onto me, and I was carrying her full body weight by myself. She had long since stopped shivering and talking, barely breathing.

“C’mon! C’mon- damn you!” I choked though gritted teeth- At last! I turned the hot water on full blast with both of us in the the tub. At once, all nine shower heads spat on and sprayed us with ice cold, then nearly scalding hot water.

“Ooh! Ooh!” The Holstaur woke up with a start and fell over with me on top of her. I held my body over hers, the water pouring on my back and onto her, our faces inches apart. She panted, her eyes wide and utterly confused. She gasped, her breath misting on my face, feeling cold and smelling of a sweet alfalfa. 

I panted too, staring into her face was like a magic spell. Her eyes were too large for her face, but in the cutest way, and were a strange amber gold, and her face delicate and angular. Her bovine ears were a jet black with a white border to them. Her hair was an intricate swirl; a black overlay, with a pure white underlay to it. 

“Wh-who are you? Where am I? Where is momma?” She said in a distressed voice.

“Me? I am Alex, you are in my house- uh, bathtub actually. I don’t know where your mother is, but I found you-”

“Oh! Oh no!” She squealed, “They are going to throw me out! They said they were going to-” She panicked and looked about. “Wait- you- you’re not my master, you’re not papa.” She mooed.

I shook my head, “No, I found you in the snow, remember?”

After a moment of blank stares, a sad, heartbreaking realization flooded her face. She blinked as tears began to pour from her eyes; strangely she never closed them as she wept, she just kept her eyes locked to my own. 

“They threw me out?” She whispered at last. Her voice carried the sorrow of a thousand lifetimes, it spoke of a despair that could only come from a little girl who was betrayed by all she knew and loved.

“I-” My throat dried up; seriously, what the fuck could I say? How could anything I tell her make anything she experienced better. I exhaled and hung my head, feeling a shame that I had no right to feel, a disgust to the heartless bastards who did this to her, and a strange heat that had nothing to do with the shower or the water.

“Are…” Her voice broke me from my trance. I looked back into her eyes that were so much like gold coins. “Are you my new master?”

“What? No.” I said quickly, I never liked the notion of the more docile species of Mamono calling a human male their ‘master’ it had a crassness, a barbaric connotation that I despised.

The holstaur’s face fell, as if I was the one who threw her out into the snow. “B-but what will become of me? Where will I go?”


There it was, it was the moment of truth; what do I do with this girl? A Holstaur that couldn’t make milk was indeed worthless to the rest of the world, she would fare no better than if I had left her to die in the snow. Even the brothels that would eventually get her would toss her aside as there was a far greater demand for Holstaurs who made milk.


In all my life, I never thought I would end up with a mammo, let alone a holstaur. I never found them attractive, quite the opposite in fact; huge breasts that constantly leaked, the occasional, almost sour smell of spoiling milk on their clothes or their houses. The way their hips were huge, and the constant clop-clop of their hooves.

I traced my hand on the side of her jawline, feeling her smooth skin, burying my fingers in her silky hair, touching her small horn and softly grasping her long, floppy ear.

Her lips parted and she tilted her face up to mine. She stuck the tip of her tongue out as it met mine. A soft moan escaped her throat as our tongues played with each other.

I eased myself down upon her, feeling her small body tremble with pleasure, her small breasts and hips squeezing into my chest and legs. She gave a low, needful moo and with an effortless motion, tore my clothes from my body. 

“Master.” She panted. “Oh, master. Please, mate with me.” She said, her half lidded eyes filled with a burning need. She spread her legs and pulled the fabric her panties aside. 

I positioned myself and felt everything sway before me. My thoughts, my perception, even my sense of balance. 

“Please, please master.” She mooed, “I promise to be good. I will be a good girl, I promise. I will be yours, want me to be yours. Please, give it to me…” She moaned, now placing her hands on my bottom, pulling me to her with only the gentlest of tugs with only enough force to communicate her lustfull desire, but not enough to actually bring me nearer, giving me a rush of power and dominance like none I ever experienced.

“Master…” She panted, saying the word over and over, emphasizing it with her gentle teases and pulls on my body. 

I couldn’t stand it any more and began to lower my hips. 

The Holstaur grabbed my member and guided it to her hot opening.

I stopped with my member just barely inside her and waited. She was looking down, but I wasn't going to miss seeing the her expression when I entered her.

“Master?” She said, her voice full of frustration and passion. She looked up and immediately seemed to understand what I wanted. She placed her hands on my face and kept her eyes locked to mine; again, giving me that addictive rush of dominance over her. 

For a moment time seemed to almost stop, she took in her breath and held it in anticipation. I held it… held it… the only sound that punctuated the moment was the water from the shower and her delicious grunts from her holding her breath for so long.

With a swift thrust, I entered her. Her eyes almost closed, but she seemed to doubly resolved to keep them open. Her eyes almost lit up with a brilliant flash, and she let out her breath in a single, long-drawn-out word…. “Master!”

I plowed into her, thrusting and devouring her lips and tongue. We kept our eyes open the entire time, her moans and moos causing a strange, euphoric vibration in the collective spaces of our mouths. 

I felt the climax drawing close, and judging by her moans and the look in her eyes, she could tell.

“Please! Master! Cum in me! Give it to me!” She begged.

I felt my entire body grow unbearably hot, and all the heat seemed to flow into her in an orgasm that seemed to come from my entire body. Again, and again, I filled her up; at last it was too much for her and she broke eye contact to scream and cry out, holding me with monstrous strength.

At last I came to my senses and looked at my beautiful Holstaur. She looked to me, her golden eyes were wide and full of a deep contentment. 

“Master.” She sighed with a warm smile. 

“Call me Alex, okay?” I said with a smile of my own.

“Alex” She sighed, “Thank you. You saved my life, you gave me warmth. I will be yours, as long as you want me.” Her face grew uncertain. “You do want me? Right? Even though I am worthless?”

I shook my head and pointed my finger up, and touched her nose. “You aren’t worthless, you never were worthless.” I sighed, holding onto her and rolling over, still holding onto her. “Say, what is your name?”

“Alle.” She mooed, and gave a big yawn and rested her head upon my chest. For some reason, she felt light as a feather now.

“Alle,” I said, turning off the water, giving a big yawn myself. I wanted to talk to her more, to ask her so many questions. I wanted us to get out of the tub, to dry off and sleep in the bed.

“Moo.” Alle yawned again, and seemed to drift off to sleep. 

I wrapped my arms around her, feeling content; almost as if I were holding the entire world in my arms. Holding my Alle… safe and sound from the horrors of hell, and of the apathetic cruelty of the world.