I froze upon seeing the royal blue envelope in my mail box. It was a response from the Mamono petstore. 

I unfolded the paper and thought back on the endless psychological profiling I had to undergo. It was a safeguard from psychopaths, or people who were otherwise inclined to hurt another living being. 

I felt an immense rush as I saw the one word at the bottom of all the results; Acceptable.

This was it! I was legally able to own a mamono! I folded the paper and sighed as I looked into the sky. I never earned a lot of money, as was average in looks. I was fit, but that hardly mattered anymore.

Nowadays, I could easily date, and marry a human woman. But, even in this day and age, where the majority of men preferring mamono partners, and women were more pleasant than in the fem-nazi age. I still was captivated by their beauty, their bearing. 

I pulled out my phone and pulled out  a picture of the exact partner I had in mind. I smiled, looking at her wavy pink hair, pink eyes, and pink feathers. A jub-jub. 

“See you soon.” I whispered to the picture and trotted back to my apartment. 

“Good morning Mister Yanis, congratulations on passing all of our safeguards.” A Lamia said with a pleasant smile from behind the counter. 

“Hello.” I said, blushing a little. 

“We have already received your preference and order for a Jub-jub. But, we need to go over a few specifics.” She gestured to a door on my right. “Doctor Masteon will go over the details with you.”

I nodded and entered the door. 

“Hello Mister Yanis, or can I call you Victor?” Doctor Masteon said, a middle-aged man who had short grey hair and blue eyes full of a sparkling intelligence and good humor.

“Victor is fine.” I said as I took his hand.

“Excellent. Well, Jub-jubs are rare, and we get very few requests for them, hence the extensive questioning for this specific species. In fact, fewer than one in ten thousand are accepted to have a Jub-jub.”

“Why is that?” I asked. I never heard this statistic, and was certain it was a closely wrapped secret. 

“Because most people who want them, are only interested in sexual slavery.” He shook his head, “We do not, nor have we ever condoned such crass tendencies. Each of our mamono are special, and alive. They may be made to a specific male, but it is precisely this reason that our matches are so particular.”

He smiled wide. “You show a very strong inclination to compassion and a desire for companionship; of course, people are all different, and so that’s why we are going to go over the more nitty-gritty details.” He took out a personal data device and pressed a button. 

Immediately a light turned on between me and the Doctor and a holographic Jub-jub materialized in front of me. 

“Hey, I know this one!” I said, feeling a little let down. 

“Yes, she is the picture you sent us, but rendered as if real.” He paced around the holographic model. “As you can see, we can benefit greatly by tweaking it a little.”

“I’ll say.” I sighed. The pictures I stored on my phone looked great. But something was lost, or vastly exaggerated when it was right in front of me. Her breasts were way too large, she was too short, her colors were way too gaudy and stood out like a fireworks display, even her facial dimensions were strange now that I could see them in three dimensions.

“So first off, lets start with her height.” He tapped on his pad and handed it to me.

After a bit of tweaking, I found that I preferred for her to be a little taller than me, her feathers were now more white than pink, as was her hair. Her eyes were still a vivid pink. Her facial features were much more subdued. In fact, if she were a human, she would be considered plain. I didn't know why, but it somehow gave her face a unique look that I couldn't pull my eyes from.

Her breasts were small now, almost an “A” cup, which almost looked wrong for her height, but her body frame was beyond petite, which made her so irresistibly adorable.

“Okay, lets see her walk.” Doctor Masteon said and touched a button.

Immediately my Jub-jub strolled in place, she had a very subtle sway to her hips, and even a slight grin to her lips.

“Nope, that won’t do.” Doctor Masteon said and pressed another button that halted her movement.

“What? That looked great!” I said.

“Yes, but-” He tapped another button, and a number ticked onto a screen. “Her strength-to-body size is disproportionate. In other words, she will get exhausted after about two hundred yards.” He tapped on his pad, and my Jub-jub shifted; she had a subtle musculature, and her torso shortened, but her legs lengthened, keeping her same height. He pressed another button.

This time my Jub-jub had a more confident and strong stride, her grin was more confident, and I could have sworn she looked right into my eyes and winked. 

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Masteon said. “Strengh ratio is near-superhuman. She can out walk you.” Now, how about her voice?

We went over every characteristic. Her voice, her preferences for food, hair and feather growth rate, and finally intelligence.

“So, how smart do you want her to be?” He asked.

“Uh, how smart can she be?” I asked, almost intimidated by the question.

“Well, current laws forbid any mamono to practice Law, Medicine, or serve in any leadership capacity. However, they can be intelligent enough for such demands. However most suffer from a slight depression in that they cannot test the extent of their gifts.” He shrugged. “Jub-jubs however have a high sex drive, so it may not matter.”

“Well…” I said thinking. “I want her to be witty, but not a snob, you know what I mean?”

The doctor laughed. “I think so, you want a clever rascal, instead of a scholar?”


“Okay, and speaking of sex drive, how high?” The doctor looked at me and frowned. “Is everything okay, Victor?”

I exhaled, I never knew how to describe this part, and always left it vague on all the questionnaires. But, now was a good time as any to come clean.

“I don’t know, doc. It’s hard to describe.”

The doctor crossed his arms and gave a knowing grin. “Oh, I think I know of a way.” He tapped on his data pad. 

I stared at him and a sudden voice startled me.

“Heya Victor.” 

I jumped; it was the holographic image of my Jub-jub. She smiled and tilted her head. She blinked and gave a slight giggle. “Just tell me, who do you want me to be? And what do you see in your life? Your desire? And your passion between your breath and heartbeat?”

I glanced back to the doctor, but he retreated to a chair and watched us both. 

“Well.” I exhaled and decided to blurt it out. “Sometimes, I want it, and I want it all the time at all times. And even though I may feel like that, after the first time is over. I just want to be all by myself.”

I looked at her face, open and contemplative. “Sometimes, I just want to be seduced, almost against my will, but never forced. And sometimes I just want to sleep in your arms.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know what I want. I just know that sometimes I’m afraid of being paired up with you… Cause, I sometimes think that if you want it all the time. I’m afraid I will disappoint you and frustrate you.”

“It’s the connection? Or is it something-”

“-No!” I say, interrupting her. “Sex, for me is just sex. It’s a physical gratification in response to a need that the body has. Some girls see it as this all-important bonding thing. That’s not what it is for me!”

I trembled, never really knowing- or able to put down this frustration in such concrete statements before. I kept going, even though I was going to regret it, this was my only chance to… self analyze myself.

“You see, what I see as closeness, as being one with my love, is being able to read each others thoughts. Being able to finish each others sentences! That is closeness. Sometimes, when I see you, I feel like I must have you, and just take you then and there. Sometimes I see you, and I think you are so beautiful, and I just want to…”

I exhaled, finally reaching the end of my courage. “…sometimes I just want to die in your arms…”

“Bravo.” Doctor Masteon said, returning to my side. 

I couldn’t say anything. I just endured my burning red face and feelings of shame.

“Victor, you are indeed one of the most sincere individuals I have ever seen to walk through this door.” He tapped on his data pad. “I think I have everything I need to finish, and construct your Jub-jub. I just need one thing from you.”

“Yes?” I said, still not looking at him.

“Just tell me, her name.”


(Two weeks later)

A knock sounded at the door. 

I wondered who it was, but strangely… I felt as though I knew this knock. 

“Yes?- huh?” I gaped. There she was, my Miranda.

“Hello Victor.” She said with a smile on her face. She strode forward, and placed her hands on my shoulders and pressed me into the apartment and closed the door. “Forgive me, but I just couldn’t wait to see you, and smell your home.” She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Beautiful.”

“Uh- Miranda?” I squawked.

She blinked in a non-verbal acknowledgement. 

“No, seriously! Is it you?” I said, almost panting from the shock.

Miranda nodded. “Yes, it’s me. I was hatched only a week and a half ago. They grew me to this size, and let me go.” She pressed her hand to my chest and exhaled. “I was born knowing you. And everything about you.” She hugged me close, wrapping her wings around my body. “Thank you for wanting me. Thank you for asking for me…. thank you…”

I closed my eyes, feeling an immense, deep peace flow through me. She repositioned her body and kissed me. I felt her tongue press upon mine, and she playfully bit my lips and tongue. 

I took her by the hand and started to talk, about me, about my apartment when Miranda held up her finger.

“Victor, you do not need to impress me, or tell me these things. I know them, I know you.” She brought me to sit down and settled in my lap. “I know you may feel as though I may have some expectation of you, or maybe you have a need to impress or bond, but-” She caressed my hair. “That is not the case.”

“Oh.” I said, overwhelmed by how Miranda instantly seemed to “get” me. She even mimicked my body language, making me realize how I would often turn my face when I was uncomfortable. 

“Here, let me try to relax you.” She said, pulling off my shirt, exposing my skin. She then began to stroke my back, sometimes with her talons, scratching my back with a certain delicious sharp-roughness, sometimes with her feathers, making my skin break out in goosebumps, and sometimes-

I exhaled as her lips pressed upon my shoulders.

She repositioned me, now I was facing the wall as she worked my back. She pressed her chest to my lower back,  and her pelvis to my butt. It all translated into a hot, heavy pressure in my pants. 

“Hmmmm” She moaned as she kissed me again, and again on my back, after a while of that she started to work on my arms… talons… feathers…. tongue… lips…

I cried out, half in pain, half in painful desire as she closed her somewhat sharp teeth upon my neck, and now had her taloned hands on my lower abdomen, in an almost insaine reverse doggy-style position. 

“Ah, Victor… are you enjoying me?” She whispered, then bit my ear.

“Stop… teasing me….” I panted. 

“Oh, very well then.” She said, immediately lifting off my body and sat on the sofa. “I think the new series is on television, don’t you think?” She said with raised eyebrows.

I stared at her, completely at a loss of what was going on. I slumped next to her. “Yeah, I think so.” I said, shifting my erection-

“-Hey, don’t do that.” She said, bringing my penis to stand straight up again. “It lets me know you like me. That you want me.” She said, grinning again.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I shouted, frustrated beyond all comprehension. “Stop teasing me!”

“I did!” Miranda said as she got up on her knees and pushed me down upon the sofa. “I did stop teasing you. Now there you are, all hot and bothered. Tell me Victor, what are you gonna do about it? Do you want it? Do you want me?” She said, baring her fangs in a strange sneer.

I had enough, I reached up and grabbed her hair and forced her off me, and onto the floor. 

Miranda squawked, sounding like a startled exotic bird as we tumbled to the ground with me on top.

“C’mon! Do it! Take me!” She said with a smile, grabbing onto my penis over my pants. 

In no time I had her clothes and mine off. She resisted me in the most delicious, and tantalizing way; protesting just barely, but then again encouraging me at the same time. 

I tore into her body, heaving everything I had as she squawked and cried out, wrapping her arms around me, and biting into my shoulder. 

“Yes! Harder! Please! Cum in me!” She cried out. 

I felt an indescribable agony leave me, turning into a wave, an overwhelming flood of pleasure. 

Miranda sighed and squeezed my body and stretched her legs even as they were still entwined with mine. “Oh, that was amazing!” She breathed. She tightened her grip and rolled us over. “But now, its my turn.” She said with a wicked smile.

“I- I don’t think-” I muttered, unsure if I was still hard. 

Miranda held up her finger and lowered her face to mine. “No, stay hard.” She said.

Oh man- the way she said that seemed to command every primal instinct in my body, and I already felt an unbearable pressure build in my penis. 

Miranda began to move her hips, sometimes leaning back, sometimes with our chests touching. It didn't take long, but I could feel the point of no return. Her eyes flashed on me, and she grabbed my body and we were now in a sitting-up position and holding onto each other as the second wave came over us both. 

She buried her tongue down my throat and screamed into my mouth. 

Afterwards, we sat there, leaning against our arms and palms, our hips still connected. At last Miranda sighed and rolled over, showing me her tight, small ass and looked over her shoulder. 

“Man, I need a shower.” She sighed. “C’mon. Lets go again.”

“This time-” I panted. “I really don’t think I can.”

“Sure you can.” Miranda said, grabbing my hand, bringing me to stand too. She ground her ass into my crotch. “Besides, you haven't taken my virginity yet.” 


Miranda strode forward, she swayed her hips and placed her hand on her ass. With her other hand she pulled back her hair as she looked over her shoulder. Her eyes sparkled with an unmistakble invintation and she beckoned me with her finger as she rounded the corner. 

I walked forward, already starting to feel ready again.

Yep, they knew me well, and this was only the beginning…