“What’s wrong, Bunny?” 

Bunny sighed and plunked another sugar cube in her cup of tea. “Well Jenny, its just that you and Molly have husbands. I’m lonely, I want a husband.”

Jenny poured more tea into the cups and sighed as well. “That was luck, as you well know. Hmmm, you know, I wonder what my husband is up to.” She straightened her hat and nudged Molly. “Molly, do you know where our husbands said they were gong to?”

Molly snorted awake and yawned. “Dormouse oil.” Molly mumbled and snorted back to sleep.

“Ah yes! They went to the queen to get some oil for Molly’s tail.” She removed her hat and looked inside. After a few moments, she tossed it aside and sipped on her tea. “And a new hat for me, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Jenny, you grow your own hats, you know.” Bunny said, licking and sucking on the carrot she carried around her neck, wishing it was a man she could put in her mouth.

“Now don’t be rude.” Jenny said, wagging her finger. “Saying such things is very, very rude indeed.”

“Very, very, very rude indeed.” Molly snored, still asleep.

“I’m not rude!” Bunny huffed, and sipped on her own tea, “I’m just in heat right now, that’s all.”

“You’re always in heat.” Jenny corrected. 

Bunny took out her carrot and stuck out her tongue, and then began to lick the carrot, fondling her crotch, feeling pleasure, but it was empty, hollow, and so unsatisfying.

“Now, now.” Jenny said handing over a handkerchief. “You’ll ruin your appetite for cakes and tea.”

“I dont want cakes and tea! Oh! I want a man!”

The air was suddenly filled out a loud trumpet sound, signaling that someone entered Wonderland.

“Oh!” Bunny cried out, “I wonder where the portal opened?”

“Hmmmm.” Jenny opened her pocketwatch. “If this thing is correct, and mind you- its been broken for a few days now, it says the portal will open up-”



“-Right here!” 

Bunny looked forward, the only thing that broke the silence was Molly’s snoring.

“Oh my stars! It’s a boy!” Jenny said, removing the hat that just grew on her head only moments before.

Bunny felt her head spin as the man’s scent started to fill her nose. She felt her entire body flush, swell, and throb. She swallowed, just barely aware she swallowed her carrot whole. 


Alan coughed. The last thing he remembered was traveling through the woods… and… and then?

“Hello there, precious.” A voice said above him.

Alan wiped some strange substance from his eyes that smelled delicious. He licked his fingers- 


Two faces looked at him, one was a beautiful, sultry woman wearing a ridiculous green hat, and a pink suit, and the other-

“Oh no!” He cried out, struggling to get away. It was a rabbit-girl! 

“Now, now!” The woman with the top hat said, grabbing his leg and hefting him in the air. “It’s rude to drop by the tea-party without being invited you know, very rude.”

“Very, very rude.” A new voice mumbled. 

Alan looked- Ah crap! Another monster girl, this one was a mouse-girl. But what was she doing asleep? 

“Wh- where am I? Let me go!” He cried out, trying to push the rabbit girl away as she sniffed his exposed chest and stomach as his shirt bunched up to his chin from being hung upside-down.

“Why, you’re in Wonderland!” The woman said. “I am Jenny, mad-hatter extraordinare, This is Bunny, my friend, and over there is Molly. She just sleeps.”

“Sleeps.” Molly mumbled.

“Okay, let me go!” Alan cried out.

“But- we don’t know your name!” Jenny said, sitting Alan on one of the chairs and pushed a tea saucer. She placed her hands firmly on his shoulders and sat him back down as he tried to rise up.


“Alice? Really?”

“No, Alan.” He said, trembling, pushing Bunny away as she tried to tug on his shirt. “Get off me!”


“Now- now! Don’t you mind Bunny, she’s just very curious about you. Don’t worry, she’s almost done smelling you.” Jenny said. She clapped her hands as she returned to her spot at the table that was laden with all sorts of sweets, cakes, breads, and tea. “Oh chair? Be a dear and keep our uninvited guest for a spell.”

Alan felt his heart race as the chair he was on formed some sort of jelly-like barrier around his stomach, pelvis and legs. 

“Awww, I wasn’t done yet!” Bunny whined as she could not longer tug at Alan’s pants.

“Patience, Bunny. The poor man is frightened and hasn’t even had a cup of tea!” She poured a small amount into an empty cup and drank it down, and refilled it- “One tenth of a cup, if you don’t mind terribly.” 

Alan looked at the cup. He felt a severe distrust well within his gut, but then again, the Madhatter just drank the same tea, so he supposed it would be okay.

“Fine.” He said, quaffing the tea in one go. “Can I go now?”

“Goodness, all at once?” Jenny gasped.

“Don’t listen to her.” Bunny said, snuggling up to Alan’s chest. “Would you like something to eat?”

“Ah! no- no!” Jenny said, “Guests must wash up first! And he has cake all over his face!”

“Oh! Right!”

“What are you doing? Stop it!” Alan protested as Bunny began to lick Alan’s face all over. A certain sensation began to spread from his gut to his body, particularly staying in his pelvis, making him hard. 

“Hmmm, mmmmm.” Bunny moaned, settling into his lap, and moving her hips in a rapid succession, causing a delicious vibration through his body. “Oh! By all mamono! You taste so good! You make cake taste so good!” She panted, now licking his lips.

“Try the caramel.” Jenny said, holding up another tea kettle. 

“Yes! The caramel!” Bunny gasped, sticking her tongue out. 

Alan panted as Jenny poured a drizzle of caramel on his face, he stuck his tongue out and gasped as a drop fell onto his tongue. It was the sweetest and creamiest caramel he ever tasted. 

“Oh! Oh!” Bunny moaned, and licked Alan’s lips, and tongue. “Oh! Husband! Please!” She begged.

Alan felt his lips move on their own as he closed his lips on Bunny’s tongue, and kissed her lips. Her hips increased their power and speed, almost making it feel like sex. She lunged forward, toppling the chair, making it break apart, and the jelly barrier with it.

Jake felt an unbearable pressure in his pants, and fumbled to get them of, almost fighting Bunny who was also trying to get his pants off. 

“Oh! Enough of this!” Bunny cried, tearing his pants off in one motion, and gasped. “By all mamono! That is so beautiful!” She cried, immediately seizing Alan’s penis and licking it, nibbling on the head. She ran her tongue on the tip and tried to force her tongue down his hole, causing him to cry out.

“Oh! Oh! I can’t decide! I want it! I want to taste it! I want it in me!” Bunny cried out. 

Alan had enough of her indecision. He grabbed her face and brought their lips together, making only one option available. He felt a strange barrier stretch, and give away as she settled upon him. Her hips rocked, at first slow, then fast-faster- it was so fast, it was almost painful. He gasped and sunk his teeth into her ear as she cried out. 

At last- he emptied into her, she cried out with each pulse- gasping and weeping. 

“Oh my husband! I love you! Please stay with me!” She said, wiping her eyes.

Alan felt his body relax as she snuggled up to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. “I will.” He said, watching the first of the stars peek out in the night sky.