“Where are you going, hiss?”

Jack sighed, he had already been through this four times this morning- 

“I already told you, I am going to pick up some metal ingots from my supplier.”

“No you didn’t!” 

“Oh?” I pull a piece of paper I tucked into my wife’s vivid scarlet kimono. “And what’s this?” I unfolded the paper and hand it to her. 

My wife, bless her heart is a Shirohebi; a white snake lamia, famously known for their jealousy. But I could never imagine how selective their memory could be.

“Oh.” She said with a sad pout. I insisted she write down that note, stating that I was going to get my supply of metal ingots. She looked up, her irritation back in her redish-pink eyes. “Hey! Hiss! Who isss going to be there? Who are you getting your ingotsss from?”

“Wyan, I already told you; I am getting it from Ta-pol!”

Wyan gasped and her face turned into an angry frown. “That Red-Oni?” She hissed and slithered over to me, wrapping her long body around my legs. “Hiss! Oh no you’re not!”

“Ah yes, and did we not attend Ta-pol’s wedding? Remember? The baker who makes those cinnamon buns you like so much? Why, I’ll bet he sends a dozen with me, just for you.”

“I like sss-cinnamon bunsss!” Wyan said with a happy smile. She flicked her tongue out, licking her lips and mine. “Hiss, can I go with you?” 

I scoffed, but it ended as a gag as Wyan had wrapped her lower body over my chest now and squeezed me. “Sure.” I wheezed out. “That is, if you’re willing to move about in the snow, leaving the forge behind.”

Her coils loosened from my body. Wyan, like all lamia hated the cold. She looked out the window and hissed disapprovingly. “It’sss-sssnowing! Brrrr, how dreadful, hiss!.”

“Okay, now, can you let me go?” I said, deciding to not wiggle too much, and relaxed in her coils that loosened a great deal.

Wyan hemmed and hawed moving between me and the window. She knew my livelihood surrounded my blacksmith’s forge, and if I couldn’t get any work done, there was no reason to fire up my forge that she loved so much. She would often spend hours with her lower half wrapped around me as I worked, just to be near me and the heat from the forge. Or she would curl up, watching me, usually falling asleep from the generous heat it produced.

"We could just use all the blankets instead, but I hadn't gotten around to washing them yet."  

“Okay! Okay!” She burst out, giving a slight shiver from the cold settling in as the forge grew cold. “Hurry back!” Her eyes softened and she caressed my hair and chest. "Please?"

"I always do." I said as I kissed the tip of her nose.

I sighed as I tromped out into the cold. Wyan was such a handful at times, I swear we could live on an island in the middle of the ocean, and she would still get suspicious of me just needing to take a leak, upset that there was a possibility of a mermaid that was waiting to get an eyeful or something.

“Hello?” I called out, entering the mining office of Ta-pol. 

“Arr, there yeh are.” Ta-pol grunted. “Yer late, as always. Ah- suppose yarn missus keeps yeh on a toight leash, aye?”

“You don’t know half of it.” I sighed. “I keep trying to re-assure her, but I’m nearly at my wits end.”

“Meh, yeh can always let her fix ye up just roight, aye?”

I shook my head vehemently. “No. Way. We discussed this, I told her that if she ever tried to ‘fix’ me I would either kill myself, or cut off my willy!” 

Ta-pol took in a sharp breath of air. “Yarrr, don’t talk like that. It sends bad shivers down me spine!”

“Indeed,” Ta-pol’s husband, Brian said as he entered the room. “Isn’t that a little harsh?”

I shrugged, “Love by coercion is not love, its slavery.” I spat, shouldering the package of metal Ta-pol mined from deep within the earth.

“I don’t know abou’ tha- I mean, me ‘usband’s baking is addictive as anything.” Ta-pol said with a cheeky smile patting her slightly pudgy belly. “And it goes oh so well with sake’!”

“Yeah, yeah. Well at anyrate, you know how much more reasonable Wyan becomes when spring returns. Here, I made this for her.” He handed a small basket that smelled of cinnamon.

“Arrr, that looks delicious!” Ta-pol said, plucking one from under the handkerchief. She stuffed it in her mouth and washed it down with a swig of sake. “Good luck the the missus, aye?”

“Heh, thanks.” I said as I left. Ta-pol and Brian were good friends. Even Wyan was more than decent, around them as long as they were together.

“I’m back!” I called out as soon as I opened the door. I barely had time to put down the ingots and buns when Wyan came rushing in the room. She stopped just short of me twitching, waiting for me to put away my snow covered jacket, and wrapped herself around me in a violent swirl.

Hisss! You took too long!” She hissed, squeezing the air out of me. 

“Cant… breathe…” I said, keeping my eyes locked to hers, and waited.

“Oooh! I am ssso mad at you! Why did you take too long!” She hissed, uncoiling herself and crossed her arms, her tail lashing out in the hallway. 

“First!” I shouted, causing her to flinch a little. “Where’s my ‘welcome home! I’ve missed you’ ” 

Wyan’s shoulders and chest seemed to deflate a bit and she rushed into my arms, squeezing by body with her arms instead of her coils. 

“I’m ssorry. I worry. You are sso good to me, it’ss hard to think that you picked me, that you sstill want me, even after all I put you through.”

I smiled and tilted her chin up. “Aah, there she is. There she is. The cute Shirohebi I fell in love with.” I kissed her lips and buried my hands in her snow white hair.

Wyan moaned and wrapped her body around me, this time the sensation felt like the gentle embrace of water.

“Hey, before we go too far, maybe I should fire up the forge? I still have one order to finish, and we can relax the rest of the weekend.”

“Hmmm” Wyan hummed (her humming instead of hissing was always a good sign) and shifted her coils to only keep one of my legs wrapped up. We would often spend the day like this. Wyan would almost always keep part of her self wrapped around me, no matter what I was doing as if I were some sacred treasure to her that she never wanted to let go of.

We made a lucrative living with my blacksmithing and Wyan giving me her scales that fell off which I used to make white scale armor out of. She would also use her magics to craft special water for potions that we sold for obscene amounts of money.

There, the handle for the rapier an adventurer ordered was finished. I handed it over to Wyan to look at. 

“Is it done?” She said, her hissing nearly subdued as her emotions were now calm. She held the blade up, looking at her reflection in its polished metal, tussling and teasing her hair a little, looking at her teeth and long forked tongue..

“Yep, all that was needed was the handle. I got plenty of supplies for the orders I have for next week, and there’s nothing to do all weekend.”

“Yay! Happy!” Wyan cheered and wrapped herself all the way around me. Her coils rippled and flexed, her tail wove in and out and in no time, my clothes littered the floor. “Now, you’re all miness… miness… miness…” She hissed, some how giving the word ‘mine’ quite a few more “S” letters then it should.

I teased my fingers to the ties she had for her kimono. Delicately pulling at them, enough to give tension to the knots, but not nearly with enough force to undo them.

Wyan stared, her eyes became unfocused and her tongue hung out a little, her body quivering with anticipation and passion. 

I teased the knots and the folds of her Kimono, brushing the borders of the fabric where they met her pale, milky skin. The heat from the forge began to do its work and a few rare beads of sweat began to form upon her chest and breasts. 

Still teasing her knots and fabric, I lowered my head and used the tip of my tongue to taste her skin, just barely moist with sweat. 

“I thought Shriohebi couldn’t sweat.” I breathed, pulling her white hair from her blushing ear.

“Jack.” Wyan moaned. “Pleassse.”

“Please, what?” I said, pulling one knot free, and grabbing her hands to prevent her from undoing the folds in her kimono. With my teeth I took the hem of her collar, exposing her shoulder and blew on the exposed skin, causing her to shiver.

“Pleassse.” She moaned again, rippling her coils around my lower half, making me feel the portion of her kimono that was soaked. She panted, her brow was now wet, and several streaks of sweat ran down he neck and onto her breasts.

In one motion I let go of her hands, grabbed her kimono and flung it from her body and relaxed.

Wyan whirled around in a mad frenzy; she ran her hands and tongue over my body in a feverish storm scratching me, biting me, constricting various parts of my body.

“Mine!” She hollered, and smashed her hips into mine, crying out from the ecstasy we shared. 

“Mine!” She growled each time she thrusted her hips, making me penetrate her body, wrapping her tail around my neck and constricting it with a gentle pressure, more like a hug than anything else. 

She stopped, and I already knew what she wanted. She unwound herself from my body and repositioned herself; she was leaning over the table, with her tail looped up and over her back, exposing her opening at an extreme angle that almost seemed impossible. She panted as the tip of her tail wrapped around me neck, and pulled me closer. She panted, looking over her shoulder, and brushed her hair out of her face. I came forward and entered her from behind, she cried out again from the new angle of penetration.

As far as I've heard, sexual positions were far more important to Lamia's than any other mammo, as their love canal would contort, depending on how they were positioned. It just so happened, this position was the one Wyan got the most pleasure from, even if it was the one she hated the most. 

I grinned as I kept pumping into her, she hated this position because of the vulnerable, submissive stance it required. And yet, considering the amount of times she wanted it, made me think it was probably more of a love/hate thing.  She wrapped her coils around my torso, keeping my arms free as her tail rippled around my neck.

“Oh! Oh! Jack! Oh!” Wyan cried out, her squeezing signaling she was close to climax. I pushed in, as deep as I could and tickled her lower back, scratching and tingling. Her entire body convulsed and shook, her coils constricted me, almost in a death grip while her tail milked my neck; rippling and squeezing.

She gasped and collapsed onto the fur rug we kept near the forge, and pulled me on top of her. 

“Mine!” She sighed in a completely content manner, squeezing her arms around me as her tail wound its way around and around, conforming to us both in a impromptu hammock-bed.

I sighed too, listening to her content sighs and breathing, listening to the sleet against my roof and felt a deep peace as I drifted off to sleep.