Hello fans of my work, this is the absolutely fantastic, ego-centric, best author you'll ever, ever come across. The one! The only! The great ORE-SAMMA!

Er, seriously, I just use that username as a pun. I am not really Ore-Samma (look up japanese meaning of the word.)  But more seriously, if there was ever a one-shot that might get me banned, or warned; this one is it. I am not, nor ever really was a fan of bondage-rape-vore-S&M, but I am here... so its kinda of an oxymoron in a way. And so, here is my first piece that steps into this world. There are scenes of....light? medium? Bondage and kinda-sorta going into torture?  There are no deaths, and no (super?) graphic violence. 

This was a piece done for a fan, and I hope my fan likes it. If anyone has any request, please let me know. And if any admin or user thinks this crosses the line, let me know. I will correct myself.

Thank you, Ever your servant 



I looked up at my Valkyrie mentor; Schala. “I hear your voice, my lady.” She was so beautiful, and I desired her with every beat of my heart, and every breath of my chest. However, the rules and the tenants of the heroes were drilled, and re-drilled into me. I could not ever touch her, and nor she to me.

“Long have you been disciplined and studied under me, and you know the ways of battle.” She smiled, but it was full of sorrow. “And the time has come for you to fulfill your destiny. You are to face the Ace of spades, known as Morrigan.”

“Am I destined to defeat her?” I said, wanting with all my heart to step closer.

Schala shrugged, “The wheels of destiny turn beyond the veil. I am unable to describe the press of existence… only that you are destined to face her, that is all destiny requires of you.”

I nodded. “Thank you, my lady.” I stood, about to leave the church when she called out, one last time.



She stepped forward and slowly lifted her helmet from her golden locks that now spilled over her cobalt armor. “Tristen, though we cannot touch each other, know that I love you, as much as you love me- even more. I have watched you grow. I have seen your mother, seen her cradle you as she died… I have seen your father beat you, and turn you away from his home. I have always watched you, and I have always loved. you.”

She held up her slim-sword. “And though I would desire nothing more than to lay down my duty, to be your bride, I must continue as I am, as must you.” She unsheathed the sword and pricked her finger and rubbed the blood on her lips, and kissed the blade. “But I can give this one boon to you; a token of my love, to you. Please, never forget me, even if we never see each other again.”

She tossed the sword to me, which I caught. And when I looked up, through tear-filled eyes, she was gone.

I looked at the press of her lips on the blade, and moved on.

“Brother Tristen? Has our lady departed?” Thaddeus, a monk of the order I was part of asked.

I nodded, “Yes. I depart for the border of Neverland in the morning. If all things go well, we shall push the queen of hearts back.”

(two days later)

I panted, flush with the thrill of victory! All of the minions of the queen of hearts were either dead, or pushed back! I even beat down three Baphomet generals! A feat that was unequaled by humanity! I patted the the slim sword I kept by my side, in a way if felt as though I had Schala with me, I could almost swear I heard her whispering to me as I fought. “Queen of Hearts! I, Tristan stand before the edge of your kingdom, and the realm of humanity! I challenge you to combat! Show yourself, or send your greatest champion!” I shouted into the swirling pink mists that served as the border between our realm and Neverland.

I continued to breathe deeply, feeling a grand rush, seeing how far we pushed the border back! We must have gained over twenty miles! This sort of victory was un-heard of in recent times, and land was reclaimed that had not been humanities in over seventy years!

“Oh-ho! ho! Young Tristian.” A happy voice rang out. “Do you truly dare to challenge me?”

I gulped; there she was, the Queen of Hearts. One of the strongest Monsters in all of existence. I exhaled, feeling the supreme rush of destiny fill my entire being. This was it- I was going to fulfill my purpose!

I drew Schala’s sword and leveled it to her. “You, or your greatest champion. It does not matter, you are finished.”

“Really?” Her eyes glanced upon the sword. “The blood of a virgin? And a virgin yourself!” She said, her eyes widening in surprise. “An offering like this shall be taken with the most serious of responses.” She fished out a deck of cards and shuffled them.

“I think… you shall face my virgin! I thought I would never use this ace up my sleeve, but pairing a virgin, with a virgin is just too delicious to resist.”

“Wh-what?” I stuttered. I was always kept pure, to be the mightiest of champions for humanity. That I always faced monsters who knew of carnal pleasure always gave me the advantage. In fact, the more lewd, the stronger I was.

But to face a virgin? Was that even possible, considering Mamono? And if so… would I have any power to defeat her?

“Morrigan! Come out! Your Queen calls your name, and has brought you a husband worthy of your power, and purity!”

Purity? A mamono pure? What kind of madness was this?

A large Ace of spade flew before me and, before I could recover from my shock, a beautiful women phased from it, and pulled me in.

“Hello, Tristan,” A voice cooed in my ear.

“Back!” I cried out, drawing my sword and taking a swipe at the woman before me, but my blade was stopped by her hand. She was absolutely beautiful. A living contradiction. She was dressed in reinforced black leather armor, her hair was a simple pony tail, and her eyes blood red. She didn't have the same look of lewdness or desire as most mamono had. In fact, she was calm, collected… she almost looked normal.

“Of all the things warriors are trained for; know your enemy is perhaps the most important.” She broke my sword and tossed the fragments aside. “I am my queen’s trump card for a reason, I knew you would come, I always knew. I have been watching you, Tristan.”

“Then you know, I will never give up!” I cried out, and pulled Schala’s slim sword, ready to pierce the Trumpart through her chest, when she caught that blade too.

“Yes, I know.” She whispered and broke that blade too.

“No!” I cried out, feeling a piece of my soul shatter with the blade of my beloved. I was just about to reach for the piece that had the press of her lips upon, it when the boot of the Trumpart fell upon it, shattering it into dust.

I felt my entire body burn with rage! How dare she! I grasped the rage within me and had it fuel my entire being. I lashed out with my techniques of unarmed combat, but she was too strong. She effectively ripped the plate armor from my body, and pummeled me nearly senseless.

I gasped, struggling to stand, struggling to breathe. I would not fall! There had to be something I could do!

Morrigan exhaled, gingerly picking her way towards me, taking care to not step onto my ruined armor. “With all that out of the way, it is time for your judgement. It is time for you to answer for the deaths of my kind!”

“I will make no apologies for reclaiming human lands, preventing the extinction of our race!” I choked out as she grabbed my neck and pinned me to the wall.

“You are so occupied with conquest. All we want is your love.” She whispered, her teeth bared. ‘But, as much as I love you, you must be punished.“ She said, her words now a hiss.

“What-” I gasped, just barely able to see the flash of metal as she pierced my abdomen.

I cried out, feeling a sharp pain, and a slow spread of warmth across my body.

…. ….. she…. cut me….

“Do it! Kill me!” I rasped out, absolutely refusing to beg for mercy, as I personally slain many mamono only hours before.

“I do not want to kill you, it is not for me to kill you, but-” She pierced my abdomen again. “-but to love you!”

I cried out again, trying to force her arm away, but my hands slipped on her soaked hands.

She forced me to the ground, and now held the blade to my chest. She slowly pressed down, using only one arm and one hand. I tried with everything I had to push her back, but she only toyed with me. I saw a manic glee in her eyes and she licked her lips as the blade went down with an infuriating slowness.

“Aaaaahhh.” She sighed as the blade pierced the skin of my chest- this was it- I was going to die-

“And there… how do you feel?” She said through her teeth as they sank into the flesh of my ear.

I dared to open my eyes, the pushed the blade down to its hilt, but strangely enough, I could tell it did not reach my heart, nor did it pierce my lungs.

“Why don’t you kill me!” I coughed between breaths.

“I told you- I love you. But you must be punished.” She hissed. “Now… don’t… move… I want to show you something.” She breathed and let go of the blade. “Aaah, do you feel that?” She purred, and put my hand to the hilt of her blade.

Yes, I indeed felt it, my heartbeat vibrated the blade, and its pulse thrummed through the handle.

“Your heart is beating so fast, with pain, with fear… and with pleasure.” She breathed.

“What are you talking about?” I said, snapping my eyes back into her manic, gleeful, bloodlusted stare.

“Only this.” She said, moving her hand over my red-soaked chest, abdomen, and grabbed my-

I gasped, completely unaware that I was hard until just now.

“Our first time together, you are going to break my barrier, and spill my blood too. It was only fair, to spill your blood, and let them mingle as we consulate our marriage, husband!”

“N-never!” I said, feeling a little light-headed.

“Please?” She moaned.

“Wh-what?” Now she was asking me?

She wrapped her blood soaked fingers around the blade handle and pulled it out with a moan. She brought it to her finger and pricked it, and rubbed both of our blood on her lips and kissed the blade. “Please? I want you. I want you with me.” She said, rubbing and squeezing her body to mine, making a mind-blowing sensation of our flesh, cloth, and body fluid. A pressure that I felt everywhere, in my groin, in my wounds, and in my head.

“Please… kiss me… and love me…” She said, her lips brushing against my own.

I shuddered as I brought my lips to hers. Tasting her desire, tasting blood, mine, hers, still on her tongue. Surrendering any resistance I had left, to her kiss.

She raised up and poured a portion over me, and immediately I felt my wounds close, and she tore my pants from my body. A hot blush came upon her cheeks as she positioned my penis right below her dripping opening, she hesitated, and with her other hand, peeled her folds back, and slammed her body down, penetrating her body with mine.

“Tristen! Oh! It hurts!” She whimpered.

I couldn’t answer, I could only gasp and breathe as her eyes welled with tears and as she shook her head and bit her lower lip… from frustration? From pain? From passion? It was impossible to tell.

“It’s okay.” I breathed, at last able to say something.

She seemed encouraged by this and started to move her hips, crying out, first from pain, then from pleasure… Together we rocked our hips together, flowing as one, our bodies still slick, sticky and slippery from my blood, and our love organs by her blood that flowed from her opening along with her love juices.

She cried out as I emptied everything I had, adding another fluid to the entire mixture. She lowered her face and bit my chest, causing me to cry out. I grabbed her hair and forced her face to me, kissing her lips-

Bad idea.. she bit my lips and tongue, making our kiss taste of heavy copper and heavier desire. It continued for a long time, but I suddenly came to realizing she was stroking my still-wet chest, and feeling a strange stinging sensation on my lips and tongue.

“Will you stay with me?”

I startled from the sound of her voice, startled by the concept, never considering that I could leave her.

“I will.” I said, closing my eyes, and holding her close… wondering if this was to be my fate all along.

She sniffed, “I’m so happy. Tristen, I love you.” She cried out, and caressed my neck with the most tender and gentle kisses I could imagine. I felt her tears land on my shoulders, and felt my heart melt.