• Wan = Japanese vocalization of barking*

Gosho sat upon the edge of the docks, deep in meditation. 

Harmony is achieved when the mind is at peace. 

He sighed; it was all worth it. His grueling training at the hands of the immortal jade masters. The absolute solitude as he unlocked the mysteries of the spiritual energy within himself.


Gosho opened his eyes and stood, hearing his master call his name. He strode before a jade statue. “I hear your voice.” 

His masters were the ultimate expression of Kung-fu; the pinnacle of harmony and focus, transcending human flesh and spent their existence in deep contemplation of the ebb and flow of all existence.

Before, he could scarcely believe that the seven statues before him were the masters he had sought to ascend to this level. But once deemed worthy, he began to receive their instruction. Today was the day if he would be told if he could return once his life was nearing its end.

“Gosho, long before you came here, you mastered the ways of the body. Here, in this sacred hallow, you have learned of the ways of harmony. The Yin, and Yang. It has been a long time since we have had a student who has come this far.”

Gosho nodded, but remained silent. His first lesson with the Jade masters was absolute patience. 

“However, we deem you unworthy to return. Your balance strong. You are nearly one in the ways of Yang; pure and focused, disciplined and rational.” The statue's face almost seemed sad. "However, the ways of the Yang must be balanced by the ways of Yin; dark and wild, emotional and chaos."

A sad acceptance tingled upon him, he already knew he was not returning. He had found the sacred hallow far too early in his life. For all the masters who had come before him were decades older, and were already nearing the end of their life. The fact he still had many decades before him would cause his lessons to be corrupted. And even so, he knew of his failings. He thought the mind tempered by stillness, by logic and discipline should be the overwhealming presence in himself. 

But, he was wrong. He was unbalanced, he neglected the ways of the Yin.

“I understand.” He said with a curt bow.

“Go now, Gosho. Carry all that you have learned, live your life in balance, and let that be sufficient.”

Gosho turned, and left with a sad, yet light heart.

As he traveled, he felt that the path was much more worn than it ever was before. He felt a small concern for his masters; wondering how long their Hallow would remain a secret. He wanted to turn back, to warn them, but remembered how they foresaw their own destruction, content to let the cycle end.

“As it should…” Gosho whispered, remembering their words from the strangely calm acceptance of their ultimate fate.

He stopped; something was watching him. It was a creature of a terrible Yin energy, and absolutely unbalanced. 

“Show yourself, who are you?.” Gosho said, already sensing a feverish need the creature had, knowing that its need involved him.

“Ooh! I like you.” A wild, feminine voice called out. “I am Hijana. Wan! Wan! You will make a perfect mate for me.” she purred.

Gosho eyed the dark woman before him. It was a creature of the dark. It was either once a woman, or a creature of demonic origin. Her eyes burned with a strange amber-red, and her skin and hair was as dark as obsidian. He smelled her arousal and felt a deep pity for it, knowing she was ruled by imbalance and ruin.

“I am not your mate.” Gosho said, rolling up the sleeves of his white robe. “I am not your friend, I have not attacked you, but will not suffer whatever you intend. Leave me in peace, and go in peace.” 

The dark woman howled with laughter. “Wan! Wan! Can you hear yourself talk? What absolute rubbish! Wan!” She spread her lips and peeled them back from her gleaming white teeth and fangs. “Listen, boyo. I don’t know where you’ve been for the last couple of eternities, and forevers. But, I didn’t ask, nor make any suggestions. I’m telling you how its going to be.” She sauntered closer a few steps. “Now, we can do this the easy way, and you can lay down right now, and take off that pretty white robe, or-” She punched a sizable hole into a nearby tree. “-we can do this the fun way, and then the hard way. Wan! Wan! Oh! Please tell me you want to do it the hard way!” 

Gosho balanced himself and waited, already knowing talk was wasted on the animalistic mind the creature before him had. 

“Not gonna say anything? No running? Wan! Wan! Good! You’re gonna need that energy for later boyo! Seems like we’re gonna do this-” She lunged forward and yelped in surprise as she bounded through nothing but air.

“-the fun way?” She finished in a genuine confused tone. 

Gosho easily sidestepped the creature and waited. 

“Ooh! I really like you! Yes, I really-” She bounded forward again, and again she passed through air.

Now the battle really begins. Gosho thought, feeling the creature fill with rage and desperation. She lunged forward, not nearly as much as the last time, intending to stop right before him.  

Gosho struck out; using about half his strength, trying to not seriously hurt the creature. He had a detailed feel for its energy, strength, and speed just from its first few attacks and grinned; this would be an easy fight. 

Move after move, counter after counter the creature never once laid a hand on him. Her rage grew with each failed attack, each failed attempt to grab and takedown. Gosho kept a steady assault to the same few pressure points, and weakness the creature revealed. Her vitality was amazing, her wounds and bruises healed with an almost instantaneous flair. 

As the water wears the rock, nothing is unending. 

True it was, the longer the fight went on, the easier it became. The creature was getting more and more blind to her rage, and her attacks that were once short, swift and effective were becoming more and more wild, and full of raw physical power that was wasted. Her breaths that were once in time with her strikes degraded to wild panting, and her pressure points were becoming more and more tender, her yips and gasps from his blows were becoming louder and her more motions degraded into desperate flailing.

“Wh-who are you!” She shirked after a particularly hard blow to her floating ribs that knocked the woman to her knees.

Gosho held his posture, he hadn’t even broken a sweat, or gotten a single speck of dust on his white robes. 

What a contrast she is. Gosh mused, wondering if they were like the forces of balance. His yang, to her yin.

“Oy! Can you hear me? Wan! Wan! Who are you!” She shrieked, still rubbing her ribs.

Gosho though for a moment, and shrugged, seeing no harm in telling her his name. Who knows, she just might stop this tiresome exercise. “I am Gosho.”

“Where’d you get that strength? Are you a hero of the order?”

Gosho shook his head, he never heard of this ‘Order’ she was speaking of, but he decided further conversation was pointless. 

“You will now stand aside, and never bother me again. Otherwise, I will see you as an enemy and attack you as such.”

“Attack? Wan! Wan! Aint that what you’ve been doing, boyo?” The woman panted. 

Gosho shook his head, “No, up until now, I have been merciful. I have been defending myself. If you want to continue this unprovoked attack on me. I will end this fight, make no mistake.”

The woman’s eyes flashed a brighter red. “Wan! Do you have any idea how more tempting you’ve become? Wan! Wan! Do you have any idea on how much more I want you now?”

Gosho changed his posture to an attack pose. “You will find that having, is a far less satisfying thing then than wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”

The woman shook and trembled from head to tail. She started to claw the ground and bit at her arms in frustration. “How? Hoooowww?” She howled. “How is a mere huuuuuman so strong and fast?” She paced back and forth, salivating from her mouth and between her legs, wiping the corners of her lips with her arm. 

“Calm yourself, find focus and balance. Master yourself and you can overcome even the desire that consumes you.” 

“Master? Wan! You really think you can become my master?” She gave a laughing howl. 

“I am no one’s master.” Gosho retorted dryly. “I said to master yourself. Control!”

“Oh! This is rich! Wan! Just who do you think you are?”

“I am Gosho!”

“Oh! That does it!” She shrieked and came back in, limbs flailing in all directions.

This time, Gosho pressed the assault, giving her no opportunity to rebalance herself, react or breathe. He pressed the assault, now aiming for killing points; neck, throat, joints, major blood vessels, nerve points and organs. 

In no time she was on the ground, barely able to breathe or move. She grunted, trying to crawl away, a now overwhelming desperate and primal need to live seemed to take over her madness. 

“Forgive me, you poor creature.” Gosho said with a sad voice, seeing the pathetic thing trying to scrabble away. “You will depart this life, hopefully to a better place by morning.” He wetted a cloth and pressed it to her lips and walked off without a backwards glance.

He walked on though the night, feeling the presences of others like the opponent he just defeated. However they had the feel of a reluctant caution, and Gosho was certain they witnessed what had happened and kept their distance. 

He meditiated as he walked on; restoring his own spiritual energy and vitality. Gosho had no need to stop or sleep, as he long since tranceded past its want or need.

After a long time, he stopped and faced the east; contemplating the balance and flow of life, and his part in it.

Everything needs balance, motion needs stillness, the mind contemplates reality, and the body moves in reality. The mind sees, but the body knows. Bring balance to my thoughts, bring balance to my mind. Bring balance to my life, bring balance to my body.

Gosho stood, now finished with his morning contemplation. He was aboutto set off again, when he heard a weak cry.


Gosho turned, it was that woman. Somehow she survived the night and followed him. 

He sighed and resumed his fighting pose. 

“No! Please.” She said, shrinking away and rolling onto her back. “Please.” She begged.

“I don’t know how you survived the night, but I suggest you leave me to my journeys.” Gosho said, suppressing his astonishment. 

“Please.” She whimpered, still on her back. “ Wan! Take me with you.” 


“Please! Be my master! Teach me!” She begged. 

“Master?” Gosho recoiled at the was she said the word. It had a completely different connotation and feel. It carred a strange desire, and submission that communicated to him in a raw, primal way.

“Please! Master! Oh!” She whimpered, still on her back, her arms and legs folded up like a submissive dog.

“Would you get up?” Gosho said, her actions were making him uncomfortable. 

“Master!” She yelped and clung to Gosho’s leg panting so heavily it was rocking his entire body.

She clung to him with her eyes closed, hoping he would accept her. Never in all her wildest dreams did she ever think it was possible to be dominated! Even the gods themselves could never tame the hellhounds! 

But he didn’t tame me, nor did he try. Hijana thought. 

No, he dominated her. He beat her, again and again, and brought her within an inch of death! Within a millimeter of death! She was so close to death, she could smell it even upon herself! And through it all, he just walked away. 

He conquered her.

He defeated her.

Humiliated and broken, bruised and deserted. He wasn’t just her master… he was the master. Master of his own fate, and of her!

Maybe he would try to tame her, maybe he would succeed. But for now he dominated her entire being. 

And by all the mammo, did it feel good!  

“I said-” He tried to push her arms off his leg!

-No! Doesn't he see that she now belongs to him? Doesn't he see that she can't live without him? 

Her arm slipped and she grasped again, somehow wrapping her paw around his stiff member. 

“Oh! Please! Master! Master!” She begged, working his stiffness with all the tricks she knew. “I will be good! Wan! I promise! I will do whatever you tell me! Wan! Just don’t leave me behind!” She lifted his white robe, inhaling his intoxicating musk and took him into her mouth. 

Oh! By all mammo! His taste was unlike anything she ever experienced! His spiritual energy was so potent she felt her eyes roll back into their socket and her entire body felt as though it was struck by lightning. 

Ah! At last! He toppled over with her on top of him. He now seemed to be consumed by the sensations she provided for him. Ah! Now this was how it was supposed to be! 

“Master! Oh! Master! Please… please…” She whimpered as she crawled up to his stomach, then chest, then mouth. Her body rocked from her overwhelming desire and her desperate panting. “Please master, say that I can. Please let me! Oh! Please!” She begged, somehow unable to bring herself to rape him. How could she? Unless her master gave her permission she would have to hold her wet, throbbing opening above his hard shaft.

He tightened his grip upon her taught bottom and rolled over. She squealed in delight and ran her paws over his face and through his hair, breathless, and repeating her desires she wanted from master!

“Master!” She squealed as he entered her, filling her entire canal with his flesh. Oh! how she needed this, how she needed him! 

He thrusted his entire length into her, and locked his lips to hers. her tongue swirled around his, and licked every part of the inside of his mouth. His hands came up, through her hair and grabbed her ears. 

She cried out as he took one more hard and violent thrust in and painted her entire being with white! Her mind! Her thoughts! Her womb! Her soul! Her focus! Everything was painted white!

She screamed, howling her joy; a desperate  and ancient need that had at last been fulfilled! 

The entire world, swayed before her as she collapsed and toppled over him, still sore from the beating he gave her just hours before. She panted with a confused and deliriously happy grin on her face. 

She sighed and rolled over to him, “Master…” She whispered as she drifted of to sleep.

A harpy passed by, drawn by the sounds the hellhound made, wondering if there was possibly any more men to be had, and grunted in disappointment seeing only the hellhound and the man who was now her husband. 

It was a strange sight, he was dressed in beautiful white robes, contrasting the dark hellhound’s skin and hair.

It looked a lot like a symbol she had seen before. A symbol that meant balance.