Archived from the Hinezumi page, originally in response to a "What Do You Do" scenario posted by A Wikia contributor, presented here in mostly unedited form.

You have been arrested for a crime he did not commit. Taking advantage of the carelessness of one of the security guards and escaped from your cell. The town marshal was a hinezumi called Akari (excuse the lack of creativity) who never left a bad guy out before and did not seem willing to change that, but you still escapes. The problem? Akari is still behind you and won't give up easy.

What do you do?

I yell at her while running, "I didn't do it!"

She yells back while chasing me, "Tell it to the judge!"

I yell back at her again, "The judge hates me!"

She responds with, "Not my problem!"

We're so busy yelling back and forth that neither of us notice we're coming up to a pond until it's too late. I try to stop but Akari crashes into my back, causing us both to topple over the edge!

  • SPLASH!*

I'm soaked, she's soaked, and we're both miserable. And evidently chasing me must have really gotten her Fighting Spirit worked up, because instead of the expected reaction where her flames should have been put out, the water around her starts boiling. Like, literally boiling. Little bubbles pop up in the water all around her, and her face turns a bright, bright crimson.

She stands up and starts drawing back her fist to give me the thrashing of a lifetime, and honestly I should be terrified. But...well... It's hard to be terrified when you're getting the kind of show I'm getting.

She must have noticed the wide eyed, stupified look on my face because just before she punches me, she looks down. That's when she realizes that the water has her clothes completely plastered to her body, and I mean completely. I can see all the outlines, and in some spots where her clothes are made of thinner material, I can even see through them a bit.

Her flames absolutely explode around her, her face turns a really, really dark shade of red and...I think I can see fire in her eyes, even. The entire pond starts boiling, and she screams out, "Stupid PERVERT!!!"

She tries to punch me, but her foot slips in the mud at the bottom of the pond, and she falls on me. Next thing I know, we're both laying in the shallow water at the pond's edge, her on top of me, my face accidentally buried in her cleavage. She blinks down at me in surprise...