Archived from the Manticore page, originally in response to a "What Do You Do" scenario posted by Mad Larry, presented here in mostly unedited form:

"You are wandering around a mountainside looking for a medicinal plant.You pass by a large boulder when you hear a noise.You turn around and look towards the top of the boulder.Perched there is a Manticore and it seems she's ready to pounce.As she jumps you take a step back you slip causing her to miss you.You turn to face her and she's preparing to pounce once again. What will you do?"

I scream and start to run. I look back, and she's just standing there. By God, I actually think I'm going to get away.

But then her eyes narrow, and she grins. Oh no. She's up to something; I can feel it in my bones. Her tail starts waving around behind her, and she pulls her wings close in to her body. I dunno what she's planning but it can't be good.

I turn my eyes back to the road so I don't go running off a cliff, and really start turning up the speed. Suddenly, though, I feel a sharp pain in my hinders. I scream out, "Yeowch!," and try to reach back to grab my butt, but suddenly my entire body seizes up. My arms won't move, and my legs completely lock up.

Next thing you know, I've landed face first on the dirt, and I can't move anything. My butt's sore, and I'm getting a nice, close-up view  of the ground. My ears still work, though, so I can hear the soft padding of fluffy kitty feet.

I feel, very clearly, something sharp being yanked out of my hind quarters and I yell out a curse into the dirt. From somewhere above me, a voice laughs and says, "Well that's not very polite language to use around a lady."

I feel a foot hook under my left arm, and the next thing I know I'm being rolled over onto my back. Looking down at me is a pretty, but rather decidedly frightening, woman with wings, fuzzy hands, feet, and ears, and a big, scorpion-like tail.

She laughs again and says, "Awww. Did 'ems fall down and go boom? Poor baby." I break out into a cold sweat, and she starts pacing around me. I can feel her eyes appraising me, grading me, even, like a cut of steak.

She can evidently tell what I'm thinking, because she says, pretty bluntly, "Yeeeeeeah. I'm gonna eat you now." In response, I start whimpering and she sits down straddling my lower legs. That tail of hers curls around her waist and seems to almost be staring right at me. "I'm gonna eat you aaaaaaaaaall up."

I open my mouth to scream and... Wait, what the... Hey, don't mess with my pants! Oh God, get your tail away from th- Oh my...