Archived from the Mimic page, originally in response to a "What Do You Do" scenario posted by Mad Larry, presented here in mostly unedited form:

"You and your buddy are exploring ruins when you notice a treasure chest.When you get close enough a Mimic pops out.She seems a little confused as she looks at you then your friend.You have a feeling she's gonna grab you since you are closer than your friend.

What will you do?"

There must have been a rock there on the floor I didn't see, because I stumbled as I tried to back away from her. As I started to fall, however, my hand reflexively shot out and grabbed my friend by the shoulder.

I was able to regain my balance, but alas, it cost my friend dearly. He was sent tumbling towards the chest, and the mimic grabbed him. It's sad, I know. I shall miss him dearly. But at least he goes knowing that his capture was not in vain, for it allowed a dear friend to live to see another day.

As I stand here, looking around at all the piles of glittering treasure around me, I know that somehow, with great difficulty, I'll find the strength to go on with my life. It's what Harold would have wanted.