Archived from the Ryu page, originally in response to a "What Do You Do" scenario posted by Ronchellster, presented here in mostly unedited form. Mind that the original scenario is rather lengthy itself:

(Pay attention that will be hard to follow)

When you were little neighbor was a girl, who was actually an undercover akabane, you two played together every day. One night you found a lost girl wearing a white kimono. Your family to Stayed your home for a few days and in that time you were very close. One night she said she would return one day to give you something, but I was almost asleep did not know that.

Years passed and now you have twelve. At school two girls moved into their class at the same time. Both were human and despite not knowing if they were natural enemies. One day he discovered that the two were actually one Gyoubu Danuki and disguised youko and since you discovered the secret of them you just befriending the two prettiest girls in school.

At thirteen you were a tutor Oomukade for a while at the same time you began to feel a strange chill when going home as if someone observe you hidden. For a while I thought was a Oomukade following you, but it turned out it was not.

At fifteen you stood alone on New Year's night. Amid the celebrations you find a Inari wearing a kimono that invites you to stroll. The evening was great fun and you had your first adult kiss. The Inari also commented that wish you were older.

At seventeen you work in a temple where met a Shirohebi that seem to have much liked you, before you know, you two spent a lot of time together.

On the eve of your birthday eighteen you are called by your parents to a temple in a nearby town. You go with your friend Akabane to the temple, where you are with a friend couple and that is where your parents do a great announcement that Ryu daughter of another couple will be your wife. The surprise was so great that your friend left her tongue out and turned out in front. You fall down and realize you have a Kunoichi watching you on the ceiling, now know where come from the feeling of being watched.

What do you do?

I try to argue with my parents that it's not right to just marry me off to someone I don't even know, then storm off. The ryu breaks down in tears, the akaname tries to comfort her, and the kunoichi follows me stealthily.

One of the miko of the temple, the shirohebi, gets angry at the way I hurt the ryu's feelings and screams at me as I run away.

I run past a group of bushes, and an oomukade pokes her head out to watch me from behind. She squeaks out an "Ow!" as the kunoichi, jumping from tree-branch to tree-branch, bounces off of her head.

I next run past a stand at which two fluffy-eared girls are selling bean cakes. Not paying attention, I fail to notice a pair of fluffy tails (one fox; one tanuki) flop out. I also fail to notice the four-pointed star-shaped lights in their eyes or their open-mouthed smiles as their heads turn, in unison, to follow me. One kunoichi-bounce later, and the Gyoubu Danuki and Youko's bean cakes are splattered all over the place.

Just before I reach my home, I accidentally knock another very pretty young woman with fox ears over. I stop to apologize and help her up, then continue on my way. A moment later, her nice, clean kimono is covered in mud as the kunoichi bounces through a puddle.

I finally get home, and in my hurry to get to my room where I can sulk for a while, I fail to notice all of the snow that has, oddly enough, only fallen around my house. There's a pale yuki-onna in a white kimono standing beside the steps leading onto my porch, but I don't seem to notice and just stomp up the steps.

I lock myself in my room and refuse to leave for anything. Later that night, however, I wake up and notice the kunoichi clinging to my roof. ...Seriously, how have I never noticed her up there before? Regardless, she tells me in no uncertain terms how much of a jerk I am for ignoring all of the nice girls that have always been my best friends and companions. She then beats me up, drags me out of the room, and forces me to marry each and every one, including the ryu.

Years later, I write the best selling autobiographical comedy harem ero-manga of all time.