So, I saw that Jerichow made a story involving the futa hellhound in a certain gelbooru picture, and after reading it I felt that I should do the same. Keep in mind this was made on a whim, and in about, oh, three hours of on-and-off writing. So, it's not my best work. Just like Jerichow's story, mine is NSFW, for all of you who actually look at this wikia from work . . .


Gave the story some much needed proof-reading. I don't have a changelog of everything I edited, but I put a bit more detail into the story, changed the 'gravedigger' into the 'groundskeeper' (wasn't sure what to call someone who takes care of a graveyard), and attempted to follow through with Jerichow's advice. Extended the blowjob part, messed with the ending a bit.

Contains: Lolis, a Living Doll, a loli Dullahan, and a futa Hellhound.

This is so fucking boring

With that thought I sigh as I sit upon the throne. It's been a long, rather uneventful day. Lily – my loli succubus wife – is currently sleeping. And while she wouldn’t say no if I were to wake her up with a round of sex, she’s . . . well, she’d pass out after maybe one or two rounds. Endurance has never been her strong point. Granted, I could just go to bed right now . . . after all, night fell just an hour ago.

“Excuse me, your highness?”

I turn my gaze downwards to find a doll that comes up about halfway to my knee kneeling in front of the throne. Ugh, not this again. “Princess Lollipop, how many times do I have to tell you? You don’t need to kneel.”

The doll cracks a smile as she gets back up to her feet. We have this conversation almost every time she enters the castle, and I'm too bored to try to explain that - while yes she's only a princess in name - She doesn't have to act so formal with me. Besides, it's her job - and the job of the dolls under her control (well over five hundred of them) to keep an eye out for any trouble among our people: the fact that she’s here means there’s probably a bigger issue that needs to be resolved. "Is there a problem?"

"Yes", she states as she lightly brushes off her dress, “There’s been a . . . situation in the graveyard. The groundskeeper has spotted a Hellhound.”

. . . Really? I mean, sure Hellhounds can be trouble, but I don't really need to know of every last mamono that appears in our kingdom. What, does she want me to play matchmaker? “Isn’t the groundskeeper single? He won’t take her?”

I don't really mean to be so abrasive. In fact I don't even realize I did so until Lollipop puts her hands on her hips and taps the ground with her foot, at which point I backtrack and say it more politely. That appears to appease her enough for her to go more into detail. “Well . . . he refuses to go back to the graveyard until she’s ‘taken care of’.”

That gets my attention. I immediately get up off of the throne. I like to think I don't ask much of our people - besides the usual royal decrees every kingdom needs to function properly - but I do not tolerate people making demands for murder. “Are you saying he’s explicitly implying murder?

Lollipop gives me a curt nod, and explains that the groundskeeper refuses to open up the graveyard until he is certain the Hellhound is dead. While I'm relatively sure no one would actually go through with killing the Hellhound, the fact that the groundskeeper is trying to make his own rules to override my own just . . . irritates me. “When Lily wakes up, please inform her that I’m looking into this.”

There's a cruel smile on Lollipop's face as she gives me a low bow, deliberately exaggerating the movements to annoy me. “Of course, your highness.”

With that I march out of the throne room. This is absurd. I’ve had it said time and time again that mamono are never to be harmed . . . unless it’s an infestation of Matango. I learned my lesson there.

But why would the groundskeeper order the death of a mamono? He’s not the nicest guy - in fact this is far from the first time he's tried to make his own rules that contradict mine - but I would never expect him to turn down a Hellhound. Well okay, he’s a pretty proud nobleman. Maybe he thinks he can make her submit, and is pissed that she’s not doing so. Still, that’s a bit extreme even for him.

I walk through the streets, the full moon lighting the way. My loyal Dullahan guard is at my side. She may still be a little girl, but she wields a sword that’s nearly twice her height with a skill many heroes can’t hope to match. I get the usual kneeling from the citizens as I pass by them, which still irritates me. To be honest, I really hate people treating me like I’m this amazing god and they should grovel at my feet. It just . . . I don’t know, I just don’t like being superior to them. It's been an entire year since I was crowned the Prince and Lily was crowned the Queen, and yet I just can't get used to it.

It doesn’t take me long to reach the graveyard, where I find the groundskeeper standing several feet away from the fence. He's not fooling around: I recognize the padlock holding the graveyard doors shut as being made by our finest blacksmith. Upon spotting me the proud fool folds his arms across his chest. “The prince himself. I’m ‘honored’.”

As usual, his voice grates on my nerves. We're no strangers to each other. I skip the formalities and go straight to the point. “I’ve been informed that you are refusing to enter the graveyard to do your job. Why?”

“This Hellhound appeared about an hour ago. I’ve got them locked in a crypt, but I doubt it’s going to hold them for long.”

. . . He locked her in a crypt. I really should be mad - after all, not many people who pay the extra price for a crypt would enjoy hearing that there's a Hellhound - likely an angry one - rampaging among their clan's remains, but in all honesty I'm impressed. To think the groundskeeper could actually trap the Hellhound . . . I didn't know he had it in him. “I see. So you want the Hellhound ‘taken care of’?”


Now see, this is why I hate him. He knows he's crossed the line, he knows that I do not tolerate people even implying that they wish to have a mamono killed, and yet he admits it right to my face with an air of superiority around him. My response is a glare. “Even though I’ve explicitly stated multiple times that mamono are not to be harmed?”

I know what he's going to say the instant I ask the question, when he just gives me this shit-eating grin. “You said that about the Matango too.”

I’ve, learned, my, LESSON! Will you -" No, don't take the bait. He's just doing it to make me start an argument with him. Alright, deep breaths . . . okay, now let's focus on the problem. "Look, just guide me to the crypt and I’ll see what’s going on.”

He immediately begins a rant about how he refuses to go in there with that ‘thing’ possibly wandering about, arguing that she probably broke out of the crypt already. This guy . . . so the Hellhound doesn't even classify as a 'she' in his mind. “How do I get to the crypt?”

“Just follow the trail, it’s in the Fireson clan's crypt.” As he speaks he jerks a thumb in the direction of the gate, clearly expecting me to just go solve his problem so he can get on with his life. But what really grates on my nerves is that he calls the Hellhound an 'it'. In fact, what else he said about her location doesn't process until a few seconds afterwards, at which point I just give him a blank stare.

“The Fireson clan. You locked a Hellhound in their crypt? Their family consists of dragons who regularly visit their crypt to pay respect to their dead. Did you even begin to think about the consequences of . . . whatever, I’ll talk to you later.”

With that my Dullahan guard and I enter the graveyard – once she slices through the metal lock, of course. The groundskeeper has the gall to rant about how we shouldn’t go around breaking things, but my guard's response - nearly slicing him open with the sword - shuts him up quickly. She’s as fired up over his treatment of this Hellhound as I am.

Alright, so down the trail we go. The full moon gives off a lot of light. We hardly need my magic lantern. We really don’t have to go far before we hear panting, and see a small light not far away. Looks like the Hellhound escaped the crypt after all. Hardly surprising. I almost feel bad for the groundskeeper: if the Hellhound caused any damage to the Fireson clan's crypt, the money for the repairs will come from his pocket. “Alright, let’s go.”

“Understood, your highness.”

As we get closer I can make out more of the area around the Hellhound. She’s facing away from us, standing right in front of the groundskeeper’s garden. Her panting seems to be quickening. I’m not sure what to think. She doesn’t look too winded, so what is she doing? Masturbating over the flowers? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen stranger things, but still . . .

Alright, this should be close enough. I give a sharp whistle and the Hellhound immediately turns her head to look at us. My guard brings her hand to the hilt of the sword and leaves her hand there, prepared to intervene at a moment's notice. I can’t really blame her for doing so: this Hellhound has a nasty expression of hatred and determination on her face. “You must be the one he hired to kill me.”

This could be bad. If she really believes we're here to kill her, she can respond with lethal force. In an attempt to help her relax I approach her with my hands held before me in a gesture of surrender. “Hey, calm down. I just want to . . .”

She turns her body towards us, and my words die in my throat. It's not that fact that she’s butt naked - believe me, I have seen many naked women since my introduction to mamono. Some of those women were hellhounds themselves, so it's not like I'm smitten by her beauty (though she is, naturally, a very attractive Hellhound). She’s got a large bust, quite common for her kind, but the massive phallus coming from her groin is decidedly uncommon for Hellhounds. I . . . I can’t believe it. A male mamono? No, underneath her phallus I can see she’s dripping fluids from what’s likely a pussy. So she’s a futa. Interesting.

In spite of her clear anger towards us her penis is as hard as steel, with veins bulging across its length. We appear to have interrupted her personal time. Hey, wait a second. “Were you jerking off over the flowers?”

What I do to get payback is none of your business!

. . . That would be a yes, I’m assuming. Alright, I have to diffuse the situation. Let’s try acting courteous. With that thought I give her a deep bow. “Hellhound, I am Prince Lolipop.”

Her response - a low growl - informs me that she's not impressed. “I don’t care who you are. That bastard made it perfectly clear that there would only be killers sent in here until I’m dead. Your corpse should be a pretty good deterrent for the next 'visitors'.”

She's completely serious. And thanks to her belief that I'm here to kill her, she'll be able to fight with the intent to kill. “I am not here to fight you, but should you keep acting hostile I will have no choice.”

She gets down on all fours, low to the ground as she releases a savage growl. It’s no use, she’s going to attack no matter what I say. Time for plan B. “Dull, stand at the ready. Remember, I have very little training in fighting and only have access to healing magic.”

My Dullahan guard shoots me a glare for using her nickname, but begrudgingly puts herself in front of me and locks eyes with the angry Hellhound and proudly declares “I will defend you with my life” before muttering ‘asshole’ under her breath.

The Hellhound gives us a nasty smirk as she charges. Dull stays close to me, eyeing the approaching threat with a cold glare as her hand rests upon her sword’s hilt. I know what she's doing. She’s waiting for the Hellhound to pounce.

The Hellhound pounces, and the Dullahan immediately runs forwards, causing the startled Hellhound to overshoot her. The Hellhound however gives me a nasty expression as she prepares to leap at me, probably intending to ram me so Dull and I will be separated. Heh, so she actually fell for it. I keep feigning alarm as I keep my right hand behind my back. When she jumps I immediately move to the right, out of her way as I reveal my hand. It’s producing a strong, greenish glow – which anyone who knows anything about magic would recognize as a healing spell.

The Hellhound’s response is a startled ‘what the’ as my glowing palm slams into her forehead, sending a surge of spirit energy directly into her brain. She crashes into the ground and tumbles to a stop not far away. She’s completely, utterly limp. The only movement is her chest, which rises and falls as the Hellhound’s eyes frantically look around. I just smirk. “Of course, just because I have little training in fighting doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of practice with it.”

She looks at me as best she can when I start walking over to her. There are some weird grunting sounds coming from her mouth, probably her attempts to talk. I think that she’s trying to figure out why her body won’t budge. “Don’t bother. You won’t be able to move for about an hour. In the meantime, I’m afraid we’re going to have to escort you to the dungeon.”

With that Dull helps me lift the Hellhound piggy-back style, and the two of us begin walking back to the castle. While we stop so Dull can – on my behalf – chew out the groundskeeper for reacting so strongly just because the Hellhound happens to be a futa, I’m startled when I suddenly realize what the thing poking me in the upper back is. Does that mean . . . is the Hellhound still hard? I mean, as a guy I naturally know how erections don’t always require a man to actually be horny. Maybe her erection from jerking off over the groundskeepers’ flowers just hasn’t died down yet.

Or maybe . . . and this gets a huge blush out of me, but maybe she’s enjoying the piggyback ride a little bit. Could it be the fact that she’s so close to a man, which – if everyone treats her like the groundskeeper was – could be the closest she’s ever been to a man before? Oh fuck, now my dick is giving me trouble as well, attempting to make a tent in my pants.

Fortunately for me no one notices, and I soon shake off my thoughts and inform Dull (who was giving the groundskeeper a piece of her mind) that we should get going – after all, my spell starts wearing off about half an hour after being cast, though - as I said before - the Hellhound won’t be able to move her limbs until another half-hour has passed.

The way it is, we soon are carrying the Hellhound though the streets. I’m surprised – and outright appalled – when the few people up this late attempt to poke fun at the Hellhound. It’s not even for getting caught, which – while poking fun at that would still be cruel – I could understand. Instead they’re poking fun at her because they can clearly see the boner she has, which is still digging into my back a bit. Of course, they can’t be held entirely accountable for their reactions: after all at least half of them have clearly come from the pub. But Dull still severely reprimands every single person who dares to mock the Hellhound. As she does so I’m startled when I notice two trickles of water dripping into my hair. The Hellhound’s crying.

It seems to take forever to get to the castle. Upon entering I find Queen Lily – a beautiful little girl with white hair and green eyes – wrapping my leg in a hug. Princess Lollipop soon does the same with my other leg. I just smile at the two of them before informing them I’m bringing the Hellhound to the dungeon. To my relief they both agree to help, and soon the four of us have chained the Hellhound to the cell wall, so she will be unable to move.

After Dull summarizes what all happened, Queen Lily chuckles and gives me a gentle nudge. “Heh, and you said we’d never use the full restraint.”

Yeah, but that was a year ago, before I really learned anything about taking care of a kingdom. As I allow my cute little queen to tell me that ‘she told me so’, Princess Lollipop is focused on the Hellhound’s penis. “Wow . . . she’s as long soft as you are when you’re hard, your highness.”

I take a glance myself to find the Hellhound’s erection has finally died down. And Princess Lollipop is completely correct. Even limp, the Hellhound is an impressive seven inches long. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous. “I doubt that’d fit in my pants anyways.”

I’m sure that all of us are trying to imagine how that would work now. I can see me struggling to keep a massive boner hidden as I’m trying to greet the royal family from a nearby kingdom. Lollipop just chuckles. “Heh, that’s a beautiful picture.”

We all share a chuckle at that before Queen Lily clears her throat. “So, she attempted to kill you and your guard, sweetie.”

Yeah, yeah. But I’m not one to hold grudges. And the groundskeeper made it pretty clear that he had indeed told the Hellhound that the only people she’d find entering the graveyard before her death would be people who wanted to kill her. The only reason she attacked was to defend her own life. “Yes, but only because she was convinced we were sent to kill her. Right Dull?”

That earns me an elbow to the crotch from my guard. “Yes, it is. And I warned you to never call me that stupid nickname. Anyways, we still can’t have her going around and causing havoc. So I think we should punish her.”

Punish her . . . I know what Dull’s really getting at, of course. She wants us to inform the Hellhound that we don’t think poorly of her just because she has a massive dong. The problem with that is that our usual punishment consists of sexually depriving a mamono until they agree to not cause trouble anymore. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea to sexually deprive a mamono that has a dick, especially a Hellhound that may actually be strong enough to break free. “Are we sure the usual punishment will work? I mean, she is a Hellhound. They’re known for being . . . stubborn.”

Queen Lily seems to realize what I’m getting at from the way she gives a deep sigh. “Yeah . . . well, what about ‘the royal treatment’? I’m sure she’d at least feel more inclined to behave herself.”

Oh my god – I swear, all of them get off on watching me have sex with someone else. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind giving mamono 'the royal treatment'. Just . . . I don’t like being made to do so. But they all agree, meaning I’m out-voted, so I roll my eyes and approach the Hellhound. Her eyes are drilling a hole in my head as I approach her, and she gives what I think is an attempt at a growl.

She has no idea what the royal treatment is, and she’s clearly nervous. I don’t reassure her, and in fact I just spend a little bit looking her over. This is, after all, supposed to make her nervous. The sight of this dark-skinned mamono breathing heavily, chained to the wall and vulnerable . . . really doesn’t do much for me. I’m not really into bondage.

But on the other side, she’s also very muscular. Her abs are rather well-toned, and just watching the sweat glistening off of her abs . . . that’s quite a bit more of a turn-on for me. I just shrug as I disrobe. No reason to make a mess of my good clothes. Once I’m butt naked I walk over to the helpless Hellhound, get on my knees, and think about how to do this. She’s hardly erect at all. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still huge, but I can tell she’s probably not that aroused right now. Oh well, that should be easy enough to fix. It’s time to begin the royal treatment.

With that I use my hands to gently stretch out her penis and begin sucking at the tip, ignoring the odd near-gasp the Hellhound gives. To my surprise all the other girls – who were having arguments about who goes next (‘The royal treatment’ always ends with the four of us sharing the target, one way or another) – all go dead silent the instant I start. I just shrug as I gently fondle the Hellhound, lapping away at the tip of her penis.

She’s half-hard in seconds, and when I look up I realize she’s starting to get control of her body back – her eyes are like saucers, even though they’re the only thing moving at all. When I glance back at her penis I find it’s rapidly growing. The large snake-like organ is at least nine inches long now, and I don’t think it’s anywhere near full size. She’ll probably be at least a foot long. Well . . . it’s pretty flattering how fast she’s getting erect. To be honest I’m really going off of what the other girls do whenever they give me a blowjob: this is the first person I’ve ever intended to give a blowjob.

Alright, ten inches long and while it’s not fully erect it has enough rigidity that it should – in theory – keep enough of its shape that I can actually get started. With that thought I stop for a moment, trying to plan in my head how to do this. No teeth, be careful of the gag reflex, and I should probably be aware that when she actually does become hard this thing’s going to be a monster.

I look carefully at her penis to find the pinkish head peeking out at me from under her foreskin. It’s surprisingly adorable, and gets a smile out of me. With that I take a deep breath, lift her penis a little more with my hands, and begin hesitantly bringing my mouth forwards. It’s not long before I feel her penis gently pressing against my tongue, and I slowly begin engulfing the penis with my mouth.

I don’t know if it’s the demonic energy that turned me into an incubus or if I’m just a natural, but even taking six inches of her penis doesn’t cause me to gag. I’m again being careful to keep my teeth covered with my lips as I begin bringing my head forwards and back. Alright, that’s the basics . . . now let’s see just how much I’ve learned from each of my girls.

Like Dull, my movements are slow and periodic. That gives me time so when I hardly have any of her meat in my mouth, my tongue can explore the tip of her giant phallus. It’s got a strange taste, but certainly not a bad one. I even poke my tongue underneath her foreskin, lapping away at the head a little before teasing the slit.

Like Lollipop, when I have so much of her penis inside my mouth that I can feel the tip of her penis near my throat I dance my tongue around her penis, tracing the veins I find as I produce a nearly-silent hum, letting my mouth vibrate slightly from the noise. When combined with Dull’s technique, it means my tongue never stops moving, either dancing along the veins or caressing the very head of the Hellhound’s massive phallus. Oh, and of course, as each of the girls have taught me I maintain eye contact with the Hellhound at all times.

Alright, time for what Lily taught me. The Hellhound flinches when I completely remove my mouth from her penis, but before she or the girls could question it I quickly grasp the glistening shaft in my hands and lift it up ever so slightly so I can take four slow, long licks from the base all the way to the tip. Her shaft is standing proud at an incredible twelve inches, and is starting to leak lots of pre-cum. Curiosity takes over, and I begin sucking from the tip of her penis as if it were a straw.

Her pre-cum is spicy. I didn’t really expect that, but it’s certainly not a bad taste. So I spend a few seconds just kissing her penis, gently sucking the pre-cum until I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. The Hellhound gasps as I rapidly engulf eight or so inches of her penis. To my own amazement I don’t gag at all, and I return to imitating Lollipop and Dull’s techniques, never letting my tongue rest as I move my head up and down her massive fuckstick.

Her pillar of meat is completely filling my mouth, but I just dance my tongue around it as I keep bobbing my head forwards and back along the pulsating shaft. The Hellhound’s starting to sweat and her eyes are twitching – I’m assuming, since that’s literally all she can do right now thanks to my earlier spell that it means I’m doing well.

But after a while I start to notice a terrible ache in my jaw. That’s when I realize I actually have a time limit: if this ache gets too bad, I won’t be able to continue the blowjob. With that knowledge I switch back to Lily’s technique – and in doing so, I have the awful realization that Lily probably developed her licking technique to get a reprieve from this ache.

I . . . I mean, I noticed how she always starts to lick more and more near the end, but it never occurred to me that she was in pain. I would never have asked her for a blowjob in the first place if I had known . . . heh, and stubborn little Lily would have refused to stop and attempted to prove herself anyways. And I’m no less stubborn. It’s time to cheat.

The Hellhound must have regained control over her mouth, as I hear and see her give a muffled moan as I begin rubbing away at her pussy. She’s completely soaked, which informs me I’m doing a pretty good job. I first start with one finger, then two, as I begin thrusting them inside of her. I watch in amazement as her foot-long pillar, drenched in sweat and spit, twitches and pulsates in time with her heartbeat, a few thick veins bulging as her face twitches and shudders in exertion.

Hey, wait a second! She’s trying to hold back her climax! If that’s how she’s going to play, I’m not going to go easy on her. With that I remove my hand from her pussy, and when she looks down inquisitively – likely wondering why I’m not touching her at all – I immediately plunge four fingers in her pussy and engulf her entire penis in one gulp.

It’s too much for me, and I’m forced to put my hands against her hips and push hard as I pull my head back to keep from hurting her. Within seconds I’m on all fours, coughing and gagging. Okay, maybe giving a deep-throat is too much for me . . . damn, and now my jaw is just killing me. Well, that’s the end of my blowjob I guess. I honestly thought she’d cum by now. But I’m still kind of proud at how well I did. I just shrug as my fingers begin dancing along the length of her penis. I doubt I’ll make her cum just through this, but it’s worth a shot. As I do so I give a few more errant coughs. “Wow, how in the world do you girls do that all the time? I mean, if it really makes you that sore you don’t . . .”

I finally turn to look at Lily, my Dullahan guard, and Princess Lollipop – the first time I’ve looked at them since I started the royal treatment - to find them all standing there bug-eyed and their mouths wide open. After a second or two Princess Lollipop’s jaw literally hits the floor, having detached from her mouth. That’s followed quickly by the Dullahan’s head slipping off of her shoulders – though Dull quickly snaps out of her evident shock and catches her head before it even hits the floor. All three of them are dripping like crazy from their nether regions.

“What?” I say while rubbing my tired jaw with my left hand. The Hellhound’s still fighting off her climax, and I’m only half-heartedly stroking her penis with my right hand. But wow . . . my fingers are just barely touching, and I have some long fingers. Did I really manage to take this monster in my mouth for so long?

It’s Dull who responds, but only after she’s got her head back on. From how red her face is now, it looks like quite a bit of her desire must have escaped for that small amount of time she was without a head. “You . . . just gave her . . . a blowjob?”

. . . Did I do something wrong? I wasn’t expecting them to be so startled. I mean, sure it’s the first blowjob I ever gave, but that’s just because none of them have penises. “Well, you told me to give her the royal treatment.”

At my comment Lily suddenly snaps out of her stupefied expression and responds, taking a second to wipe away the drool that was collecting at the side of her mouth before doing so. “We thought you were going to start fucking her! N-not that watching my husband giving someone a blowjob wasn’t one of the most amazing things I’ve seen, but . . . wow. I had no idea you’d be willing to do that.”

. . . Is that weird? I mean, I honestly assumed they had told me to give her the royal treatment because they wanted to see me give her a blowjob. Did they really want me to just ignore the giant fuck-stick and just start fucking her pussy? No, not a ‘want’. They all very clearly enjoyed watching me do it. I think it’s more that they ‘assumed’ I wasn’t going to play around with the Hellhound’s phallus. “Well, you girls suck me off all the time. I don’t see why I should demand you to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do.”

“. . . I love you so much.” With that Lily lets her succubus traits show. Just like always, what shows up first are her cute white horns, followed by her large, white wings. As she prepares to fly an absurdly long, rope-like tail extends from underneath her dress. Within seconds she grabs onto my shoulders and gives me a long, sensual kiss before returning to her spot by the other girls.

“Ahd I hihk th – wha - hy JAW!”

Lily and Dull chuckle as Lollipop quickly reaches down and grabs her jaw, struggling to reattach it as Dull clears her throat. “Anyways uh . . . what . . . else are you . . . willing to d-”

“Have I ever done anal with any of you?”

I smirk when the girls all look at each other, apparently hoping for one of them to say yes. But after a few seconds of silence each of them (save for Lollipop, who’s still struggling to get her jaw back on) responds with a ‘no’. I smirk at them as I shake my head, not noticing as the Hellhound’s fingers and toes begin curling up or that her breathing is quickening.

“As I said, I’m not willing to tell you to do something I won’t do. And definitely not with this towering monster as my first ti-HEY!

As I’m talking I realize I accidentally stopped the handjob while talking to the girls, and absentmindedly begin jerking the Hellhound’s quivering, pulsating penis again – and she gives an actual howl as she bucks her hips forwards. That tells me that she’s almost fully recovered from my earlier spell, while a quick look at her penis tells me I’m probably not in the ideal position at the moment. That’s all I get to think before the slit of her penis opens a little bit, the head of her penis seeming to grow by a few centimeters right before a powerful stream of cum erupts from her penis and splashes against my face. I’m in no way expecting it, and the girls all double over in laughter as I fall back onto my ass while trying to avoid the white stream violently splashing against my face.

For just a moment it dies down, and a small line of cum is created on my chest as I try to get back up – only to realize it’s far from over when a second, more powerful stream of cum splashes even harder against my face. I get the ingenious idea to block the spray with my hands, causing it to instead splatter all over the rest of me. Holy hell, I can’t believe how much force this stuff’s flying out with! I don’t know how long it is before the Hellhound’s orgasm is finally over. I do know however that I hear the distinct sound of three, maybe four chains breaking somewhere near the end.

I can’t see anything at the moment. The sperm kind of stings my eyes, and when I open my mouth to say something I manage to get nailed directly in the mouth with the final shot. The girls are still laughing their asses off, but eventually they stop and – unsuccessfully attempting to stifle their giggles – they come over to me and promise to help clean me off. Within seconds I feel three tongues lapping against my face.

Meanwhile – with nothing else to do – I gulp, letting the spicy cum in my mouth begin the trip to my stomach. It’s very thick, acting more like a cream instead of cum. It’s certainly a strange taste and texture, but not bad by any means. It sure beats Lily’s cooking by miles, not like that’s hard to do.

Fortunately for me they clean up the spot next to my eyes very quickly, so I’m soon able to see again. That’s how I notice the Hellhound slumped against the wall, breathing heavily. All four of the chains used to hold her up are now dangling from her cuffs. She looks up and sees me eyeing her, and blushes profusely. I’m not too surprised when she begins crawling towards me. The fact that she was able to break the chains already informed me she’s regained full control of her body.

I’m distracted when Dull gives me a kiss. My body’s mostly clean now, or at least as clean as it’ll get without a bath. As the girls start backing away (save for Dull, who clearly wants to be next) Princess Lollipop notices that the Hellhound’s crawling towards me, and – after giving a yelp that informs Lily and Dull that the Hellhound’s free – immediately steps between the Hellhound and I and puts her hands on her hips. Considering that Princess Lollipop doesn’t even come to the Hellhound’s height when the Hellhound is on all fours, this is about as effective as one would expect: the Hellhound simply bats her to the side before pouncing my lower half. Everyone watches as she gives me a grin.

“You were . . . not bad at all. First time?”

I can tell just from her smile that she’s calmed down. Well okay, she’s still rock hard so maybe ‘calmed down’ is the wrong thing to say . . . well, at least I don’t have to worry about her attacking us. “Yep. Is all semen that spicy?”

The girls all stare at me bug-eyed again, though Lily quickly recovers. “N-no, yours isn’t spicy at all. Must be a Hellhound thing.”

The Hellhound confirms that as she licks her lips. “Let me spell this out for you. I, am, horny, as, fuck. And since you seem to have a pretty little harem here, that means they’re my harem too. Got it?”

. . . Oh, boy. This is going in a bad direction. I know that Hellhounds don’t like the word ‘no’, but . . . “That is not my decision to make. If you want them, you have to ask them.”

She glares at me, but – to my complete surprise – she does not challenge me over that. Maybe it’s because I didn’t outright say ‘no’? I don’t have long to think about it before she leaps at Lily – who makes it very, very clear that she does not approve, blasting the hellhound with a powerful spell that sends her flying across the room and slamming into a wall.

While it would be fun to watch how this plays out (Lily may be a young succubus, but she’s very good with magic), that option is taken from me when Dull taps me on the shoulder and hands me her head. “Here, hold this.”

She doesn’t give me a choice. Once I’m holding onto her head her body gets on its hands and knees, removes her lower armor, and gets into a kneeling position, pointing her naked rear at the Hellhound. To my partial amusement both the Hellhound and Lily are getting into a fight and don’t notice Dull’s offer. I can see the annoyance in Dull’s face as she takes a deep breath. She absolutely hates it when she’s ignored.

LOOK OVER HERE, YOU BITCH! You too, your majesty.”

There we go, now they’re looking her way. And the instant the Hellhound realizes what Dull’s offering she breaks out into a four-legged sprint towards Dull’s willing body. Dull just smirks at the sound heralding the Hellhound's rapid approach, but can't see it as I have her head facing me. “Hey, let me know when she’s a few seconds fr-

I smirk as the Hellhound bottoms out in her in one quick motion. It’s weird, but I can almost feel the recoil as her head gives this hysterical, lustful expression. “O-o-oh god . . . that’s s-s-so . . . good . . .”

The Hellhound shows her no mercy, pounding away as if her life depended on it. The hopelessly adorable expressions crossing Dull’s face make me lift her head up to my face and kiss her – and she passionately returns it. I notice her giving a startled ‘mmph!?’ after a few seconds, but I’m too caught up in the kiss to stop until I feel something hot and wet envelop my penis.

Apparently while I was making out with Dull’s head the Hellhound picked up her body, carried her over by me, and plopped her down right by my nether region. Her intentions are obvious when I look down to find she’s got my penis in her mouth, and is giving me this amazing expression even as she pounds away at Dull’s pussy. So she wants to return the favor.

I just smile as I return to making out with Dull. Something tells me the Hellhound’s not going to leave anytime soon. Well, I must admit that this is not how I was expecting my night to go, but I’ll admit that I’m much less bored now.

No, I'm not actually concerned whether it's gay or not. In fact, the answer would be 'no', because I also am attracted to girls, so it would be 'bisexual'.