Original scenario made by Nola19

You're an agent for the Order and while on a mission to spy a newly formed demonic kingdom to the south, you are captured and imprisoned by the Echidna leader of the demonic guard. She gives you three choices in how you will spend your life from now on.

1) Marry her

2) Be used as a breeding stock for the Amazoness troops

3) Imprisoned with a random monster.

What are you going to do?

My response:

Let us fast forward a few weeks from this ordeal. I'm busy slaving away over a hot stove, wearing nothing but an apron. As I do this I'm going over the mental checklist in my head. So far I have swept the floors, cleaned the windows, emptied the garbage, made the bed, cleaned the curtains, and our clothes are hanging out to dry.

The front door opens, and a hulking woman - nearly seven feet tall, very muscular - enters the house. She gives a heavy sigh as she sits down at the table and looks at the news-scroll. I give her a warm smile before I turn my attention back to the cooking.

"Hi honey, how was your day?"

She gives another heavy sigh as she leans against the table. Ah, one of those days. I thus focus on the cooking, reasoning that if she's had such a bad day than the least I can do for her is to give her a good meal.

The pot is hissing at me, and as I'm preoccupied with that I don't notice my wife sneaking up on me. She wraps her arms around me and begins stroking my sides. My response is a blush as I try to focus on not burning the meal, to which she gives me a delightful smile before whispering in my ear. "Some days, the only thing I have to look forwards to is the one waiting for me at home."

Her hands begin a slow, tender descent down my sides, getting an unwilling moan from me. She just smiles as her hands begin to slide underneath my apron, slowly but surely making their way towards my


. . .

Guess which option I chose :P