Hehe, I saved this one on my own. This is a WWYD from an anonymous wikia contributor:

You and your friend made a bet about who long you could stay in a graveyard for 1 day without getting violated and if you win he'll pay for the drinks everytime. By the time you got there you noticed a light blue flame heading towards you.

What would you do.


As the will-o-the-wisp approaches I hold up my right hand, at which point she screeches to a stop.

"Is that a wedding ring?"


The will-o-the-wisp begins a long rant about how lonely she is and how much of a dick I am for seemingly presenting her with the perfect opportunity, but to my relief she soon leaves. Only once she does do I let out a sigh of relief. I didn't actually expect the ring to work. But as the night goes on and I encounter more and more undead, each and every one of them turns away and leaves me alone when they notice the wedding ring.

It's almost 4 in the morning when the will-o-the-wisp returns, and to my surprise she has a wight with her. When I hold up my hand to show the ring I'm surprised when the wight removes it from my finger and looks very closely at the ring. "Let's see here . . . 'Noble Toy Store's fake wedding rings. Fool mamono into thinking you're already taken. Buy now and we'll give you a second pair free. Does not fool mamono experienced with jewelry.'"

I drop the torch I'm holding in disbelief. "What? I - where does it say that?"

The confused Wight hands it back to me, and points at the inside part of the ring. A huge shock courses through my veins as I realize she's right: it's hardly legible, but the writing is there. "What . . . but the store associate said it was a real ring."

"It is a real ring, just not made of real gold. And the jewel's fake."

"Is that why she didn't accept my proposal?"

What follows is nearly a half hour of complete and utter silence, before the will-o-the-wisp speaks up. "You went to a toy store for a wedding ring?"

"I didn't have enough money to pay for the full thing! I-I thought it was just on a really good sale!"

Deciding this is more important than my friend's bet, I leave the graveyard with the wight and the will-o-the-wisp wishing me good luck on explaining things to her. About an hour later I stagger back towards the graveyard, walk up to the startled will-o-the-wisp, and climb in the cage. She is clearly caught off-guard, though she wastes no time in ensuring I can't escape.

"I'm guessing it went bad?"

"She didn't know it was fake either. I walked in on her having sex with my best friend. Apparently my friend used this bet so he could propose to her without me knowing. She said yes."

". . . ouch."


"Well, I know a way to make you feel better."

Five minutes later we watch as my friend and his 'wife' flee from their burning house, while the will-o-the-wisp nudges me. "Feel better?"

"A lot, actually."

The will-o-the-wisp smiles as she slides the ring on her own finger.