I want to thank Party for saving this before Jekkers removed it. Doubt I would have been able to get it back if he hadn't.

Anyways, my first blog post, so if there are errors it's probably because I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. But let's give it a shot anyways, shall we?

(Remember, for the cockatrice page)

You are walking along a mountain trail one day when you notice a commotion on a nearby mountain. Upon inspection from your vantage point (the trail you're on gives you a nice bird's-eye view of the action) you notice that a cockatrice (Runus Fastus) is being chased by a brown-furred werewolf (Hornyus Bisexualus). Just as it seems the werewolf's about to catch the cockatrice the cockatrice looks back at the werewolf and says something (you can't hear it from this distance). At this time the cockatrice puts on a truly amazing burst of speed, leaving the werewolf in the dust.

You barely have time to say 'wow' before you hear the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps. In another second you find the cockatrice just two inches away from you. With a 'beep beep!' she begins running full-speed down the trail and her pheromones are making you follow her. Fortunately it's not long before they've worn off and you are resting on the mountainside, no match for the cockatrice's truly supernatural speed.

You're surprised when the exhausted werewolf eventually catches up, trots up to you and collapses in your lap. After some time she gets up, now rather rested, and pulls out a blueprint from . . . actually, you don't know where she got it from. It appears she plans to make a trap to catch the cockatrice. But before she can put any kind of plan into action, both of you hear the cockatrice returning. The werewolf immediately clips a clothespin on your nose, saving you from another futile chase when the cockatrice sprints right by both you and the werewolf. It's clear that the werewolf would appreciate some assistance catching this cockatrice.

What do you do?