Bold textSomewhere in the Demon Lord's Castle...

???:(panting)...must ...let...her...majesty ....know!

In the Demon Lord's Dinning room...

Deruella: ah! is soo nice everyone! its been to long!

QoH: The food is so good!

Lily: I'm so glad you like it, sister dearest! Ah, look you have some on your mouth! so C-U-T-E! 

Emily: So Dery-chan, I heard you recently captured Lescatie! How was it!?

Deruella: Absolutly wonderful! You should have seen the look on everyone's face! Stained with pleasure and well you know the rest!  I helped some maidens become one with their beloved.....which now that I think about it, I think it was all one guy.....lucky him, huh!?(Deruella starts dancing while lifting up QoH into the air)

Emily: Wow! A harem huh? Looks like his schedule's full, if you know what I mean.

Lily: Hmmmm..

Emily: What is it, Lily-chan?

Lily: So Deruella...did you a find a husband while there?

-record scraches-

(Deruella suddenly drops the QoH and she lands on her head)

Deruella: (O-O")

QoH: Ouchies!!! >.<

Deruella: Oh crap...sorry! And to answer your question i havent found him yet...

Lily: Oh, I'm sorry. So I guess nether of us have found any husbands yet...quite ironic actually.

Emily: How?

Lily: Well, we are Lilim..daughters of our mother the Demon Lord and we all have the power to capture the hearts of as many men as we want...but none of us have anything to show for it...

???: Quite unfortunate indeed.

???: I cant bear the thought of any of my beautiful daughters unwed and still virgins...i want to see some grandchildren eventually you know!

Out in the main entrance stand two figures...the Demon lord and her husband

QoH: Mommy! Daddy! (the QoH runs up to her parents and is hugged gently by them)

DL: Oh sweetheart I missed you!

DLH: How's daddy's little girl doing?

QoH: I'm doing great! Everyone in wonderland is happy and married!

DL: That's wonderful!

DLH: I'm so proud of you!

QoH: Tee-hee, thanks!

Lily: Hello, mother and father.

Emily: Hi Mom and Dad.

Deruella: Mom and Dad, how are you?

DL: We just finished up today's work.

DLH: Yup and let me tell you your mother hasnt lost her touch.

DL: Oh dear you're so sweet. Know that all of us are here shall we have dinner?

Deruella: She started already actually.(points at QoH)

QoH: What? I got hungry(pouts)

Everyone sits down and begins eating. Lily poured herself a glass of red wine and began to drink it. The QoH started stuffing her face with food while Deruella got some hot soup to give to her father and mother. Emily just sat there watching the QoH eat. Then the Demon Lord started to speak.

DL: So girls, I wanted to tell you tha-

(Ga-Thunk)!!)-door slams open-


DL: ArchImp Ema? What's the matter?

Ema: He's here! It's finally happened!

DL: What? What has happened?!

Ema: I just got informed a hour ago! The first MALE Mamano has been born!!

(Imagine the most perfect dinner going downhill really fast with loud crashes, spills gasps, etc. I will try do explain whats happening to give you a general idea so please bear with me.)

Everyone instantly stopped what there doing as they couldnt believe what they just heard. Lily spat out her onto Deruella's face which caused her to panic and accidently ours the boiling soup on dad's family jewels and yells in pain only to be silenced when deruella drops the pot onto his groins which make him drop from his chair to the floor groaning. The QoH starts choking on the food and starts turning blue. emily rushes over to her and gives her the hime-lake?(whatever that move is called) and eventually pops the dense chunk of food out of her. Their father at this point finally starts coming around and starts to stand up, as he gets up he is hit in the balls (again) by the chunk of food from the QoH from an angle that should have happened.(COD logic) The last bit of intense pain causes him to fall.(again)

DL: Husband!!

Girls: Father!

DLH: MY BALLS!!...(collapses)

-sometime later...

DLH: My..balls..

DL: Looks like we won't "work" for a while..

Deruella: What did we freak out about anyway? I forgot.

Ema: Um... The male Mamano.

Everyone: !!

DL: AH THAT'S RIGHT!! Quick Ema, tell us about it. Where is he!

Ema: Epp! Well, do you know about Jasmine?


Deruella: Do you know her sister?

QoH: Yeah! She's the Black Slime Queen of Wonderland who lives in my land! she's really kind and I heard she got a husband two years ago.

Lily: Th-that impossible! Slimes can only repoduce by division! How is this possible?

Deruella: Then is he fully human or half slime? Physically?

EmaThe residents over there said he's made of slime but isn't transparent and looks human with bunny ears...

Deruella: Bunny ears?

Lily: A male Slime with bunny ears? Mmmmmmm thats sounds delicious! 

Emily: Well, it is Wonderland so maybe the unique demonic energy or some other energy intertwined with the reproduction?

DL: Hmm, and here I thought I finally had enough power to fix this problem...

Deruella: Do not fret Mother, this is a miracle! Maybe he is the key to fixing your problem!

Emily: If we capture him maybe we could find out his existance and possible duplicate it!

QoH: Since he was born in Wonderland then I get to keep him!

Deruella: Sister, I think you're too young for this.




Deruella: What?


Deruella: Yes. I didn't get a husband in Lescatie so maybe I should have him!

Emily: That's unfair! I'm the oldest so I should have him!

QoH: Hey I said he's mine!

Lily: Hmm...maybe this is my chance!(quietly walks off)

DL: So where is He? Are he and Jasmine safe?

Ema: Ahhhh! I almost forgot! Jasmine and her husband were last seen outside wonderland near Hello City!

Emily:!!! That's near Lastate! A Order controlled land!

DL: Ema, we must obtain that boy at all costs! If the Order found him they would definantly kill him. Send some Dullahan to retrieve him and his parents!

Ema: Yes ma'am!

Ema then runs to inform the elite Dullahan squad to head out.

A few years later...

My name is Jack BlackRabbit... I'm a Human who lives in Hello village with my uncle Jackson Black, but I call him uncle J for short. I'm seventeen years old...well physically, I'm really four, but it's because according to my uncle I have a condition that makes me grow really fast. My dream is.......I havent decided yet but my uncle says that once I can leave the house I can go on an adventure to find my dream and my dream girl. I LOVE girls especially those with big "assets" and short pink hair. I think it's weird but my uncle says it's normal for boys my age. I believe him. Actually one day I saw a girl with horns on her head, white with blue patches of fur on her head, shirt, and legs which looked like hooves? I asked my uncle about it, but he said she was just using magic and make up. My family comes from a long line of D-Magicians or Dimensional Magicians. They can use their magical and spirtitual energy to make magic tricks. More powerful than normal magicians or mages. We can pull items, food, weapons, or basically anything from the openings of our clothing. For instance my uncle can pull a long sword out of his sleeves. We can also shapeshift. My uncle has been teaching me dimensional and reality twisting magic with the sole purpose of enertaining people. Thats what we do.  There is back story to it, but its too long so maybe some other time. My uncle is one of the best D-Mages out there and I'm his apprentice. I've mastered all the things he has taught me and now I can use my magic freely without going overboard of course. Man I'm tired. I think I'll lay on the rooftop a bit more.

???: Jack? Jack?!

Jack: Yeah, Uncle J?!

Uncle J: Come down here my boy! I got Som'in to show ya!

Jack: I'm coming!

I jump from the roof of my uncle's place and into the house. I see him in the main room with something large covered by a large blanket. I wonder what he wants to show me.

Uncle J: Jack. You've come a long way since I took you under my wing, so it's time you earned you know what!

Jack: Really!!

If its what i think it is then its my own magic suit! Uncle J then takes off the cover and under it is!.......what? It's a pink tanktop with really small pink shorts  with "I Love Men" on the shirt.

Jack: WHAT THE F**K!!!

Uncle J: You like?


Uncle J: Hehehehehe! Just messin with ya.

Uncle J then snaps his fingers and then oufit was transformed into a black suit with red lines going down, a red botton shirt underneth with a black tie,slick black shoes and a pair of white gloves.

Jack: Wow, its awesome!

Uncle J: I knew you like it. Your father made it especially for you.

Jack: Mind if I...?

Uncle J: Go ahead.

I put on the outfit. It fit me perfectly, there were some spots that where kinda small, but I reajusted my mass a bit to fix that.

Uncle J: You look just like your old man....but with rabbit ears(he wips a tear away from his eye) he'd be proud.


Jack's Magic Suit

Jack: Yeah...

Later that day me and my uncle are eating in the kitchen.

Uncle J: So do you like your suit?

Jack: I love it.

Uncle J: I'm glad so have you deci-

-knock- -knock- -knock-

Jack: Someone's at the door. I'll get it.

Uncle J: Nah, I'll get it

I hear a knock at the door and Jack insists on answering it, but I told him ill get it. I walk torwards the door and grab the nob...actually it feels like yesterday when I opened the door nearly four years ago...


Jackson: H'mm...who could that be?

Jackson walks torward the door and opens it, only to see his younger brother and his wife!

Jackson: James?! Jasmine?!

James: H-hello brother...

Jasmine: Hel-lo brother-in-law...

Jackson: Jesus, what happened?!

James: A lot...a lot has happened..

Jasmine: May we come in?

Jackson: Of course come in come in

-after a while-

Jackson: Okay, start from the begining.

James: Alright, but first we want to show you something.

James turns his head and nodds at Jasmine.

Jasmine: Look.

Jasmine unfolds a blanket in her arms and reveals a baby boy!

Jackson: A boy? you adopted?

James: No he's our son.

Jackson: I understand that but is he-

James: Brother, he's OUR son.

James then holds Jasmine's hand.

Jackson: Huh? What are- mean?

James: Yes...he is a male Mamano or half Mamano technically.

Jackson: But...the Demon Lord doesnt have the power to do this yet!

Jasmine: We know...thats why I wanted to see if we could use another way.

Jackson: What do you mean?

James: Well, you could call it an accident or a miracle. We know if we mated normally Jasmine wold only divide... but we wanted a child that would be not only to have both our genes but be an actual baby. Like other Mamano's.

Jasmine: So we decided to expirement and tried to see if I could copy a human female's womb and eggs.

James: Turns out It's possible since Slimes are special beings who can change there bodies freely they can copy the genetic code, graph, or whatever you want to call it  change and creat a small part of there body into a orb similar to their slime cores..

Jackson: A slime egg basically?

James: Yes, since you know Jasmine is a powerful Dark Slime Queen. I think only intelligent and powerful Slimes can do this.

Jackson: I see

Jasmine: When I created my first egg, James and i decided to mate to see if this was it, and we told ourself if it didnt work then we would give up, but as you can see..

James: It worked.

Jackson: So thats why I haven't heard from you that past 2 years.

James: Yes, anyway after we mated Jasmine could feel something deep inside her and that she could fell the egg growing.

Jasmine: I was so happy!

James: Yes, we accomplished something amazing, but it was when she gave birth that we where shocked by.

Jackson: It was a boy.

James: Yes again, it suprised us further when we discovered something shocking when I did a DNA test.

Jackson: Hm?

James: It's his semen...He-if he mates with any mamano...there is a chance that their child will be a MALE verson of the mother.

Jackson's heart fell to his stomach after what he just heard.

Jackson: H'-h-how?

James: Well, remember when I said that Slimes are special? Well, since he is half Slime and is a boy, his DNA/semen can adapt to his partner's genes and make it as if he's the mothers opposite. For example: if his partner is a minotarus, he will have a minotarus son. If its a girl then it will just be a normal minotarus.

Jackson: Thats unbelievable... so in spite of the Demon Lord's power. He's like a Proxy?

James: I guess in a way, yes. But there's another thing. I think this is kinda funny or a "facepalm" but only to the Demon Lord. We believe that he will only be attracted to Human girls instead of Mamano girls.

(somewhere in the demon realm)

DL: Ugh!!

DLH: Is something wrong, honey?

DL: No, but suddenly I felt a disturbance in the demonic force..

(back to jackson's house)

Jackson: How is that so?

James: Well, ALL mamano are attracted to Human men and thier spirit energy right? Since he's half Mamano and plus a boy. He will be attracted to Human females and their spirit energy. Although, I can't say that "won't" be attracted or seduced by Mamano but just he'll be mainly attracted to human women and probably will not have interest in Mamano but we'll just have to wait and see.

Jackson: Wait, won't he be targeted by the Order and the Demon Lord?

Jasmine: Yes, in fact I think one of her servants saw us and judging by her reaction she's on her way to tell the Demon Lord. That's why we rushed here. We know if she gets her hands on him...

Jackson: Yeah...

James: That's why we need your help.


James: We need you to raise him in our stead.

Jackson: Huh? Why? you're both are powerful magic users so-


Jasmine: We don't want him to live in a world where we're always running and hidding, it's an unfit life for a child.

Jackson: .....

James: Please brother, we don't want him to be killed by the Order or corrupted by the Demon Lord, he's the key for the midde path...the "true" path.

Jackson: ......alright.

James: Thank you brother! But there is something else we must ask of you.

Jackson: Hm?

James: Please raise him as a normal Human and teach him to be a D-magician, also never tell him about Mamano, the Order, or the Demon Lord so that he wont be curious and seek them. Tells him when the time is right.

Jasmine: When he starts his adventure give him these.

Jasmine gives Baby Jack to James and looks in the bag and pulls out three books.

Jasmine: Here.

Jackson: this?

Jasmine: Yes, the Mamano Encyclopedia by the Unknown Author, we happened to walk into him and asked him if we could duplicate his book his for our child to use. He suprisingly agreed and said as long as it serves his purpose it's fine. Afterwards we visited Saphirette Spherica and ask if we could recieve a copy of her book and ask her the same thing, she also agreed. She also gave us a blank book. We asked why and she said so "she" could use it as a diary and if she encounters any new mamano that havent been discovered. Hehe.

Jackson: Hehe, the how long have you been traveling?

James: About a few days but we've been teleporting a lot so we're tired.

Jackson: That explains why you both look so tired.(Jackson takes the books)

Jackson: So is that it?

James: Ye- oh wait! Jasmine dear, the necklace.

Jasmine: Oh yes, here.

Jasmine takes out a necklace, its chain appears to be made out of a combination of gold, silver, and some platinum. The main part is a diamond shaped medal with some engraving on the sides, in the center is a crystal that is white on one side and black on the other. If you look closely in the middle there seems to be some strangness to it.

Jackson: Is that a twilight gem?

Jasmine: Yes, it should balance the light and darkness in his heart.

Jackson: I see


Jackson: What happening?!

Jackson looks outside to see whats's going on..


Uncle J: Oh! must've dosed off..

Uncle J opens the door

Lily: H'ello sir! Is there a boy named jack here? 


Lily by Static(Raiden)

-I will update this picture when I color and add more detail-

Jackson opened the door only for his heart to drop like a rock. It was a Lilim, a daughter of the Demon Lord and according to what she just said she must be the second princess. (Why? Why is she here?) Jackson thought to himself, he had finally got him and Jack in a place where they wouldn't be caught by the Order or the demon lord...and now that life is over.(Wait..then it must've been..!) Jackson remembered that Jack saw a Holstarus some time ago! (She must have told them! Damn it!) Jackson could only clench his fist in anger, but knew it was pointless now.

Lily: Hmmm, judging by your expression, he is here.

Jackson: Ugh. (jackson looks away then back)

Jackson: No, he's dead.

Lily: Are you sure? I sense two strong spiritual energies here.

Jackson: It's just uh..... my neighbor's kid.

-in the kitchten-

Jack: I wonder who's here? I'll go and see...

I get up from his chair and walk towards the living room and find my uncle talking with someone. I lean to the left to see who it is. It was a Girl! She looked around my age and was beautiful. Her skin was pale and had long white hair and red eyes. She also had black horns on her head. I look around her and see that she has white bat wings and a white tail. (She's looks weird, is she like that girl dressed like a cow?) I thought to my self as I continue to look at her. Something felt off about's like I feel this intense "pressure" from her, like I should get closer to her but I also feel I shouldnt... I ponder about this but was interupted as I realise she's looking at me!

Lily: Ah! There you are, my beloved! 

Jack: Huh?!

Jackson: Shit!

The girl suddenly runs up to me and hugs me tightly and pushes my head between her large breasts. I could feel them. They were so soft and warm. So this is what breasts feel like. I almost lost my mind in the softness. She then pulls me out of her soft jubblies and looks intense at me with a wide grin.

Jack: Who are you?

Lily: Me? Why I'm your wife, silly 

Jack: My what?!

Lily: My you're so cute and handsome. ♥ Not only do you have a lot of demonic energy but you have loads of spirit energy too! You're face also says a lot will come out! 

Jack: Huh?!

Lily: Hmm, why isn't your heart and mind connected to your demonic energy? Well, I can fix that with this 

Jack: With what?

Lily: T'hese 

  • chu*

The girl then closes the distance between our faces by slaming her lips on mine. My heart started beating 10x faster and my whole body was getting hot just by her kissing me. My body was mostly weak due to the pleasure racing through my body. Her soft lips conqured mine as she pulled me tighter. Like a pretador devoring its prey. She then started french kissing me and I could feel her saliva mix with mine, which sent me over the edge. I couldn't take much more of this. I really wanted to give in but I knew I couldn't. I started focusing my remaining strenght to get away from her. Finally she broke the kiss, a trail of saliva acted like a bridge between our mouths.


Jack: Ughaaaaa!

I push her off of me and back a good few feet from her. I still felt weak but I could feel some of my strength returning.

Lily: Ow! Darling, why did you do that?

Jackson: Quick Jack, this way!

My uncle points to our basement as he runs toward it.

Jack: Okay, I'm co-o-o-a-a-ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Jack suddenly stops in place and grips his head in one hand and clenches his chest in the other then falls to his knees.

Jackson: Jack, what's wrong?!

Lily: It's seems his demonic energy is finally awakend!

Jackson: No!

Jack stops screaming and slowly gets up. His eyes have changed from blue to red and the X in his eyes have changed from black to white.

Jack: ................

Jackson: J-Jack?

Jack: Heheheheheehe...


Jack awakens

Jack starts chuckling in a creepy manner, but it quickly changes into manical laughter.


Jackson: James...Jasmine...I've failed you....

Jack: HAHAHAHAHAHA (-deep inhale)- well I'm fiiiiiiiiiiiiinaly free! It's about fucking time. I was soooooo bored stuck in the god-forsakenn room.... but now I'm free as a bird! Now I can have as many delicious, sexy, cum-covered girls as I want!

Lily: Oh! He's more lustful, and more daring! I love you Jack! Come, make love to me forever and make so many babies!

Lily strips instantly and lunges at Jack like a horny school girl but only for Jack to drop down and disappears! Lily can not stop herself at this point and slams into the wall. Nonetheless she gets back up and looks around in confusion.

Lily: Huh? Darling where did you go?!

Jack: I'm nowhere right now.

Lily and Jackson were confused. Jack up and vanished, and on top of that they could still hear him but not see him! Then in the middle of the living room a hole appeared and 2 bunny ears popped out along with a wide-grined Jack!

Jack: Did you miss me? :D

Lily: Come here husband!

Lily tried to grab Jacks bunny ears and pull her silly bunny-husband from the hole but missed in the last second as the hole itself move a few feet away from Lily.


Jackson: He-he can creat movable worm-holes!

Lily: Husband, get out of that worm-hole and make babies with me this instant!

Jack: HUUH!

Jack quickly jumps out of the hole with closes up as his feet touch the ground and gets up in Lily's face with a frown on his face.

Jack: It's a "Rabbit" hole not a "Worm" hole! Do I look like a worm to you!?

Lily: N-no certainly not, husband!

Jack: Hey! who said I'm your husband?! I dont see a ring on my finger!

Lily: But, you said you wanted to be with girls! I have a waiting Virgin-hole extra-srupy just for you!

Jackson: Damn... I knew I smelled something intoxicating...

Jack: You misunderstand sweet-heart. What I want iiiiiiiisss......wait for it...wait for it......HUMAN GIRLS!!

Lily: WHAT!!!!

Lily couldnt believed what she just heard. The first Male Mamano is right in front of her eyes and he's attracted to human girls...HUMAN GIRLS. She was a Lilim a daughter of the Demon Lord, she had the best body for intense sex and for having children...and she is being blown off for normal human females! She felt not only defeated as a Mamano but as a woman too. Jackson on the other hand was not as shocked.

Jackson: Hmph. I guess James was right.

Lily: w-w-w-why?

Lily was starting to tear up.

Jack: Weeell. I guess human girls are to me what human men are to you. At least that's what my sex drive is saying.

Lily: But I'm so much better than some normal girl!

Jack: Hmm maybe...but that's just how I am. To me your nothing b- a-a-a--aaa-a-arrrrgh!

Jackson and Lily: !!!!

Jack couldn't finish his sentence due to a sudden pain in his head and heart again. Then the inside of his chest started to glow brilliantly.

Jackson: The Twilight crystal!

-Jasmine: It should balance the light and darkness in his heart.-



Jack?: NO! Its MY BODY!

Light and dark energies started forming around Jack and his eyes kept flickering red to blue.

Lily: What's going on?!

Jackson: The twilight crystal must've reacted to his demonic energy and his helping Jack fight his demonic half to balance the power!

Lily:(Maybe if I can increase his demonic energy enought it should force his human half to vanish and he can become fully mine!)

JacksonDamn it. It looks like that Lilim is plotting something. The way Jack is he needs more time to regain full control. I have no choice!

Lily slowly walks towards Jack while charging demonic energy in her hand.

Jackson runs down to the basement to retreive whatever he needs to help Jack. Jack in the mean time wasn't looking so good.

Jack: Stop this!

Jack?: Wow, what a classic response!

Jack: Oh you're one to talk!

Jack?: Face It! I'm a part of you! A part you've been suppresing for too long! Now It's my time to shine!

Jack: And the first thing you do is tease and make his girl almost cry! That's mean!

Lily: Huh?(Lily stops)

Jack: Girls are meant to be treated with kindness and respect! NOT as playthings!

Jack?: Keep telling your self that. Girls are meant to have sex with to saticfy one's desires. What does love, respect, or kindness have anything to do with pleasure?!

Jack: You need to love someone before you decide to be intimate. Otherwise what the point? Lust is NOT Love, it just make you "Think" your in love. There very different emotions.

Jack's crystal cracked down the middle as he was still struggling.

Lily was suprised on what Jack said. While Jack? treated her like a toy, THIS Jack felt concern for her. From what she learned men easly submit to lust and pleasure. But not jack he saw her as a girl not a person soley to satisfy his desires. Maybe lust isn't entirely love or it only goes so far? Now she wanted to know more about THIS Jack. Her heart beated so fast now but it was different. She wasnt feeling lust it was something else...

???: Princess!!

Lily: ?!

Lily's thoughts were interupted by a familiar voice. A Baphomet hastely runs into the room and onto Lily. It was her only friend that she enjoyed spending time with. She knew her since she was a little girl...well kinda ironic since she's a Baphomet. But they have a sister-little sister relashionship.

Lily: Molly! What are you doing here? I told you to wait outside!

Molly: I know but we're in trouble! The Order's forces are here!

Lily: Impossible! I made sure we weren't followed! But why is that issue? I Brought enough forces in case something like this might happen?

Molly: Well.. it's... not just the order... the angelic forces too..

Lily: .....Well were screwed...

Molly: We have to leave now! They'll be here any second now!

Lily: No! I won't leave without my husband!

Jackson: (huff)(huff) Jack I'm back! I'm going to summon a portal to get you to a safe place!

Jack: O-okay! I'm almost in control!

Jack?: Oh hell no! If I'm going back, your coming with me!

Jackson: Take these! You'll need them!

Jackson throws three books and a bag of coins at jack.

Jack: W-what are these?!

Jackson: No time, Space magic: WARP DRIVE!!

Jackson summoned a portal right behind Jack, which was slowly pulling him in.

???: Ha I found you all!

A Elite Order soldier burst through the door wielding a divine rifle, a holy weapon recently created to kill or at least severly injure anything with demonic energy. He looked around the room and laid eyes on Jack and pointed his rifle at him.

Soldier: We finally found you male Mamano. Die you monster!

Lily: No!

Jackson: Jack!

Jack: Ahh!


Jack's POV

I wait for the shot...the pain...and my death..but I only heard the shot. I opened my eyes and looked around. My body... I was fine. I looked up and saw who recieved the shot.. the pain and... death.


My uncle jumped in front of me at the last second. he fell to the floor and looked at me. I tried to go to his side but the portal he made was already pulling me in too deep and i was almost surrounded by darkness. I tried to reach him, but it was pointless. I looked at him for the last time and he said his finally words.

Jackson: Stay gold...

That's the last thing he said before I was completely surronded by darkness. Due to my necklace cracking, both me and my other self were cast out of conciseness and my heart was now stuck in two places. I can now only conrtol some parts of my body while the new me is asleep. You could say a part of me and the other me combined and was now in control. Now I lay in my own subconcisous for the time being.

-somewhere in the woods-

Jack: Uhhh...wh-where am I?

I wake up in the middle of some woods.  I look around and see three books scattered around me. I pick one up and find a note attached to the back

-Dear, Jack

If you're reading this then you must be starting out on your journey. There are a lot of things in this world, good and bad. These books will guide and help you through your life, the empty one is for your own use. The road is hard but I know you can bring smiles to people's faces and do good in this world. Maybe you find true love and happiness, me and your father both love you very much.

Love, Jasmine and James Black.

Jack: That's nice and all but why the hell am I in the middle of the woods?!

Jack: ....

Jack: Hmph. I guess its pointless to ask why. But at least iIknow I have parents that love me. That's one thing. Plus they left me some books to help me. Thats two things. I don't remember my past but I remember other things. Thats three things. So I guess I'm off to a good start. Since I got nothing else to go one and they were so kind to give me these books, it be a waste not to read them.

2 years later...

Jack relaxes in an apple tree near in a small town near Lavates after winning 300 gold pieces from a guy who was cheating in a street game. He chased Jack around for awhile but stopped as he lead him to a Minotarus and the rest is history

Jack: Phew... that's one pissed off bitch taken care of. I wonder what I should do next? :3

???: I'm going to be late! She'll punish me if I'm late again!

Jack: Hmm?

Jack looked to see a girl with short pink hair sprinting towards what looks like a training grounds for young warriors.

Jack: What's this I see? A cute girl with pink short hair? Plus she smells delicious. As they say in some foreign country: Time ta nab me a big one!

Jack jumps off the tree and follows the girl in excitment.

(-prolouge end-)


Amy Noscrim by Static(Raiden)

My name is Amy Noscrim, cousin of the legendary Wilmarina Noscrim. I'm a noble warrior! least i think i am...I've benn training as a warrior for the Noscrim family (or whats left of it)ever since i was little. My cousin is actually was my inspariation. I always looked up to her ever since i was 5. She was cool, beautiful, and most of all an amazing swordswoman. Ive only meet her a few times and when I meet her she was cool and kind  and mostly with this guy she was really attached to. We would always play together with that guy and her other friend Francisca, it was so much fun I would always watch her train from dawn to dusk. You could say i saw her as a cool big sister. But... those days didnt last forever.

6 years ago the kingdom of Lescatie was invaded by the 4th princess of the demon realm, Deruella. She turned it into a now very powerful demon realm which is almost comparable with the royal demon realm. Only a few survivers managed to escape that night, everyone else either became monsters or died trying not to. Unfortunatly my cousin and those close to us was among them. Not only that but the order has confirmed that the first male mamano has appeared and there are orders to all soldiers to kill him if spotted. Although, to be honest i have no interest to finding him or killing him. My REAL goal is to defeat Deruella, recapture Lescatie, and save my cousin! Thats the reason im in training. As a member of the almighty Noscrim family I must do whatever i can to save my cousin!

Also, last night me and my fellow warriors took the Army evaluation exam, its a test to test your skills as a warrior, test your skills as a mage, and test your knowledge. If you score at least a 75 you get to go on actual missions from the order! And if i work really hard i get promoted to Palidin Commander and command my own army! But i first have to get to the training barracks before my commander kills me!

Amy picks up the pace as she gets into the camp entrance and to the barracks.

Commander: Alice Luster?

Alice: Here!

Commander: Max Adams?

Max: Here!

Commander: Amy Noscrim?....Amy Noscrim?...well looks like she-


Amy screamed as she slided to her spot but she slid to Alice and crashed into her. They ended by in a rather naughty position. Not only that both her panties were showing.

Alice: hora hora! Amy your frisky today huh? couldnt resist anymore?

Amy: N-n-no! Its not like that!

-somewhere in a tree nearby-

Jack: oh-la-la! Some girl on girl action! That Alice chick has black painties! She must be into some kinky stuff. But that girl has pink panties...Amy shes one of the last in the Noscrim family. Now im MORE interested.

Male Soldier A: thats hot!

Male soldier B: Damn already?

Amy's face quickly reddned with embarement as Alice's face reddned with lust. Amy hastely got off of alice and they returned to their spots

Commander:.......well, that happend. Anyway, Noscrim!

Amy: Y-yes ma'am!

Commander: Why were you late!?

Amy: Im so sorry! I guess i was training to late last night and i didnt get enough sleep.

Commander: I admire your determination. Moving on I have the scores for all of you.

Everyone: Yeah!!

Commander: I will be in the main tent and i will call all of you one by one and tell you your score. Clear?

Everyone: Yes Commander!

Commander: good  Okay Max your first come with me.

Max: Yes!

Commander: Oh yeah, noscrim i want you to speak to me last.

Amy: Huh? Why?

Commander: Ill tell you when i see you. Got it?

Amy: Yes ma'am!

(I wonder why she wants to see me last)

-A hour later-

Amy is siting on a rock nearby the barracks when Alice shows up behind her.

Alice: Amy! The Commander wants to see you now.

Amy: oh okay, so did you pass?

Alice: Are my panties black?

Amy: very funny...what about everyone else?

Alice: We all passed actually!

Amy: Really?!

Alice: Yup! So its only fair to say you passed too!

Amy: Yes! Im going to the commander right now!

Amy jumps off the rock and runs to the main tent in exictment. As she does Jack Jumps of the tree and shapeshifts into a Order soldier. He then follows Amy to the main tent but goes around the tent and leans his head back to listen on the conversation as Amy enters the tent and sees the commander writing reports on a desk.

Commander: Ah, Noscrim. Have a seat.

Amy: Okay!(

Amy sits down on the chair in front of the commander's desk. She is waiting for the words 'YOU PASSED" to come out of the commander's lips. The commander continues writing for a few more seconds and the begins to speak.

Commander: Amy Noscrim...

Amy: Yes! (come on, say it!)

amy leans closer with anticipation failed.

At that moment Amy heart fell from all the way in the sky to the pit of her stomach. She couldnt believe what she just heard.

Amy: I...what.

Commander: (sign) failed...

Tears started forming around Amy's eyes.

Amy: b-but why!?

Commander: Okay, do you know the score limit for each test?

Amy: a-33...(sniff)

Commander: Correct. Well...let me start by saying that you did commendable at the first part of the exam, you got a 33, then during the magic test you got a 21, and in the knowledge test you got a 20...which adds up to...

Amy: 74....I got a 74?

Commander: you wear just one point away from very sorry. I know you've been training hard. Hell, if it where up to me I would've passed you in a second...but as you know the order doesnt tolerate or should i say...have the time to deal with "not adequet" soldiers....picky bastards...

Amy: I cant believe this...

Commander: Since you failed your going back to you family in Lastate. You are to leave immedietly. If it makes you feel any better. You would've been one hell of a soldier.

Amy: t-thank you commander...ill be going now...

Amy gets up and walks out of the tent in depression and disappointment. she had been training most of her life so she could become a hero and save her cousin, now it was all taken away in just moments...