Hello faithful listeners, this is DJ VJ coming to you live on Mamono Radio 69.9 FM. Before I spin you our next jam, we have a special message brought to you by none other than the Fourth Princess of the Demon Realm, the Lilim known as Druella. Your Highness, you're on Mamono Radio. 

"This is a message to the anti-monster "resistance" known as the Order. Do you know exactly what you are resisting? You're resisting a world of peace, of unity, a world free from war, disease, pain, and loneliness. Mother wishes to end the countless centuries of bloodshed between humans and monsters. It breaks her heart knowing that people like you are killing innocent monsters who only want to feel the loving embrace of a husband. I will help my mother realize her plan, our love will blanket this world, consume it completely, this isn't a threat, this is a promise. So just turn yourselves in now, and I promise...your lives will be filled with the most beautiful pleasure."

...Okay. Well, coming up next on our countdown is "Shut Up and Love Me" by The Cuddle-Muffins.