• Redknight910

    Prompt: Out for Revenge

    Not liking my chances against the armed group of monsters, I decide to run recon and get an idea of what I'm up against.

    The man himself has a halberd strapped to his back, and the salamander has a saber on her hip. The small collection of lizardmen are armed with various blades, a couple of them having polearms. I followed them, keeping to the forest shadows, and watching them.

    It was clear he was involved with the salamander, and they were talking about something, occasional laughs bursting from the salamander, and sometimes the other lizardmen would break out into fits of giggling. It was almost like watching children talking about their crushes.

    As the afternoon wore on they set up a small camp. After setting up the…

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  • Redknight910

    Prompt: On the Run

    I look up at the firey lizard girl, and give her a smile.

    "Well, I suppose I owe you and your friends for saving my hide there." She gives me a confident smirk, shifting the saber she had resting on her shoulder.

    "Great. Follow us." She turned and started walking away. "You girls got this, right?" The others nod, giving first her then me smiles. As we travel into the forest I can't help but get a good look at my saviour's rear. The way she sways her hips makes me think that's exactly what she wants.

    "So..." she says, slowing down, "I hear you were quite the soldier before hiding away out here in our lands." I look up to see a smiling face looking back at me.

    "I had a reputation. Much of a smith as anything, though." I heft th…

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  • Redknight910

    Prompt: You are an enchidna who, unlike all your sisters, have yet to find a husband who attracts you. One day while you’re searching for one, you hear two screams. When you went in the direction the screams came from, you see a man holding a knife dripping with the blood of a human woman he just killed. The you see him turn to a little boy and little girl, point the knife at them and he says “don’t worry, soon you’ll see your mother again. I’ll make sure of it.”

    I shout at the man, already sprinting towards him at full speed. By the time he looks up at me I've gotten in range to strike him with my staff. The solid strike sends him careening into a wall. I stand between him and the children, glaring and waiting to see if he gets up. Guards…

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    You are the dohvakiin. while trudging along the soul cairn, you heard a woman's voice saying "i have finally found you dovahkiin!!!! you have slain me once, now you will pay for it!!" and then lands not a dragon, but a pale-skinned woman with dragon-like wings at her back. and armor which is akin to that of dragonbone/dragonscale armor (albeit a little too revealing one at that)

    (Redguard female, heavy armour dragonbone, daul wield dragonbone sword/dagger, restoration, werewolf)

    I look at the figure before me, swords out and ready.

    "I don't think I know you." The woman chuckles, something off about her voice.

    "Of course you don't. I was just a poor dragon, my bones and scales added to your collection. My soul lost to your power. I want …

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  • Redknight910

    Prompt:First Banshee WWYD

    I walk over to her, kneeling by her, and put a hand on her shoulder.

    "What's wrong?" I ask, knowing a few things of banshee's from my studies.

    "They're all going to die." She says quietly, looking up. "Everyone's going to die, and I know when."

    "Well, that is a part of banshee's power, right? Why are you so distraught by it?" She shakes her head, tears starting to fall again.

    "None of them... I can't help any of them. I tried, I tried so hard, but they just won't answer me." I cock my head, not quite understanding what she means.

    "They don't answer you?" She nods, wiping her eyes.

    "When I call out to the dead. They don't come back. Why won't anyone come back from my call? I can ease the pain, see the time, but I can't br…

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