That Wurm is not making him any better. Damien was wandering the woods, trying to calm himself down after Peter had pulled another prank on him. He’d dropped by his house to supposedly hang out, when he’d been snatched up by Willow and dragged off, kicking and screaming.

Damien had given chase, only to find the two laughing as he caught up to them. He had been so worried he’d even taken his sword and shield, just in case. He threw a rock at Peter and left, going deeper into the woods than usual for his walk.

As he walked he began to feel eyes on his back, but when he turned around there was nothing there.

“Peter, I swear, if you followed me out here…” He was silenced when the actual owner of the eyes stepped forth. He’d only seen one or two of her kind, but this one looked no different.

The grey shelled abdomen of an insect, surely stronger than any metal he knew of, the four great insectile legs branching off from it, another two appearing as legs on the humanoid torso sitting atop. The torso had the same armour covering her arms and chest, with a face that on any other creature would be considered cute. Then there was the pitch black eyes, unreadable, and completely focused. Damien sighed, holding his hands out in a stopping motion.

“I know there’s no point in trying to run from you, so I’m just going to ask for a favour. Can I just wail on your shield for a bit? A friend’s stupid joke got me pretty damned frustrated, and I’m trying to calm down. Let me do that, and I’ll let you do whatever you want with me, deal?” She nodded, reaching around to her insectile half and pulling up a shield that looked like it could stop a charging minotaur.

Great, now I have insecurities about the size of my shield, just what I needed. He thought, drawing his sword. His shield was a simple steel reinforced wooden based shield with some defending runes carved into the steel rim.

He let a massive shout loose and began to beat on the chitinuous shield. He would have been lucky to leave a scratch on such a powerful piece of armour, but he wasn’t trying to break through the defence, just work out his frustration.

After almost a half hour of raw pounding he finally stopped, his sword was dull enough to be used as a club, and he laughed. “Well, Simon’s going to be pissed with me this time.” He grabbed the edge of the tower shield and slowly pulled it aside. She moved it aside and placed it onto her back.

“I guess it’s time to hold up my end, huh?” He unstrapped his armour and began to remove his clothes when she suddenly pressed her face to his crotch. He waited nervously for her to move, and she slowly lowered herself down, giving herself easier access to her new favourite food source.

“Umm… I could take them off you know?” He gestured at his pants. She took it as a sign of impatience and pulled them down. He was about to protest when she dived straight into him. His protest quickly turned to a moan. He was stunned by her eagerness, he’d never pictured a soldier beetle to be quite so lustful. As he came for the first time she didn’t let go until he was well and truly run dry.

“More?” She cocked her head, eyes different somehow, less distant and cold, they were still black but they seemed more human to Damien.

“I never could refuse a lady.” He smiled, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her. She wrapped her own arms around him and the two legs near her waist around his arse bringing his head in line with her crotch. She pulled him in deeper and he groaned at the sensation. It was indescribably good, and he didn’t want to stop. The two eventually pulled apart, though neither could say how many times he’d poured his energy into her.

“I love you.” Damien whispered, kissing her one last time as he pulled away. He couldn’t remember when he’d last been this exhausted, but he somehow had to make it back home.

“I don’t suppose you’d… Let me, uh, ride on your back?” He asked, she gave a faint smile and turned to give him access to her large abdomen. As he climbed up he felt the surface of her shield, it was spiny and had sharp points across the surface, but it was smooth and unmarked like it had only been made yesterday.

“So, what’s your name, honey?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Sarah.” She said, her voice cool and calm.

“Damien Briggs.” As they walked he got a sly idea to get back at Peter.

“Hey, could you help me with something…”

Damien stood, pounding on Peter’s door.

“Get off your ass and open this damned door Peter!” He shouted, then heard a click and saw the door open just a bit.

“H-Hey there Dame, uh, is this about yesterday?” Peter asked, looking through the gap.

“You damn well know it is.” Damien growled.

“Hey, we can talk about this, right?” Peter opened the door a bit more.

“Yeah, sure.” Damien forced the door open and slapped a hand on Peter’s shoulder heavily. “I wanted to thank you, numbnuts.” Peter’s face went from scared to confused in record time.

“You want to what?” He asked, looking for the slap he was expecting.

“Yeah, if it wasn’t for that little joke of yours I’d never have met this fine lady.” Sarah steps out from behind the wall. Peter looks at her, his face slightly scared again.

“Well, uh, you’re welcome? I guess.” He tried to smile, and a hand smacked into the back of his head.

“Sorry, I still had to do that for pulling that shit on me. Still, thanks man.” Peter grumbled what sounded like a ‘no problem’ as he closed the door.

“That was… Strangely entertaining.” Sarah smiled, wrapping an arm around Damien.

“Yeah, thanks sweetheart, shall we head home then?” The two made their way back to Damien’s house.