Well, this is an odd sight… Peter was watching a clearing, his blue eyes shining with interest as a group of men in clear Order colours were trying to move a struggling wurm, bound in what must have been several dozen meters of heavy chain. A man in full plate mail was barking orders to the rest.

“Ho there, what’s going on here?” He asked as he stepped out of the bushes, pulling leaves out of his dirty brown hair and gaining the commanders attention.

“Stand back civilian, these monsters are highly dangerous, we are about to begin its execution.” Peter saw several of the soldiers turn towards him, eyeing him cautiously.

“But why?” Peter asked, gaining even more attention. “She’s so beautiful, and I personally like a woman who can hold her own.” He could practically hear the scowl of the commander.

“I want this man restrained with his beloved beast.” Peter smiled, drawing two blades and jumping back, avoiding two soldiers attempts to pounce on him, leaving them to grapple each other.

“Well, if you wanted to play, all you needed to do was ask.” He mocked them, charging back in, cracking the pommels of his blades into the two recovering soldiers. He charged straight towards the commander, bringing one blade down onto his tower shield, and rolling with the blow straight over the block.

The commander turned to block another blow from behind, but found Peter running straight passed him laughing at the confused noise the commander made, and running towards the wurm. The men who’d been trying to move her were now trying to defend themselves. Despite only being clad in leather armour with metal rods for reinforcement Peter didn’t hesitate to charge into the four men, relentlessly striking and moving, felling each one before others could fall upon him.

He brought his blade down on the chain holding the wurm, he wasn’t strong enough to break the thick links, but he made a good dent into it, enough for the wurm to start making progress in her struggles. He turned back to come face to face with a mace, which he dodged by falling back into the chained wurm’s cleavage.

He rolled off to the side, standing before another grunt wielding an axe. He charged, parried the axe and struck the soldier in the side of his head, knocking him out and sending him tumbling to the floor.

He ducked another mace blow, this time returning with a counter, knocking the mace from its owner and burying a gauntleted fist into the soldier’s guts, sending him reeling. There was a heavy ‘thud’ against his back, and he found himself face down in the dirt. When he tried to roll over he felt an immense pressure on his back, he suddenly understood how a wine grape felt when being pressed.

“You will die here, monster lover, and then I will kill your precious beast.” The commander whispered into his ear, before the sound of metal cracking broke out across the clearing, quickly followed by a furious roar and the weight being removed from his back.

When Peter dared to look up, he saw the wurm, knocking the commanders head into a tree so hard it dented the helmet, and left the commander slumped against it’s trunk with a weak groan. Now the wurm had her eyes on him, and he finally took a moment to get a good look at her.

She had stony grey scales with a red pattern spread across them covering her arms, tail and neck. Her eyes were a piercing gold and there was a small scar running next to her left one. But what drew his eyes quickest, apart from the large chains binding her, was the rack she was sporting. The large bust looked even larger and perkier because of how the scales held them.

She slowly started to stalk towards him, and he quickly regained his fighting posture, nervously trying to stagger away from the wurm. She lunged at him, and he jumped over her back, avoiding her arms, but getting caught up in her tail.

“Hey, uh, easy now, no need to rape me, yeah?” He nervously held his arms up in surrender, but the wurm just gave a lusty smile, getting down low so she was face to face with him.

“But I need to give you a reward, don’t I?” She purred, and his nervousness edged off slightly.

“Well,” he muttered to himself “I’m not one to say no to a reward.” Particularly given the alternative. He quickly dropped his pants. The wurm purred at what was revealed.

“Oooh! You look good.” She quickly leapt towards him, coiling herself around him.

“Don’t worry husband, you’re going to love this!” She cried as she forced herself down.

Peter had always enjoyed the thought of being a monsters husband, but he had been hoping for a salamander, or maybe a kikimora if he was really lucky, but he’d never thought of being married to something as powerful, or clingy, as a wurm. He was now happily enjoying his new wife, and after the first climax showed no sign of relief, he started to really get into her.

They fucked into the night, and through the next day, most of the soldiers had either been dragged off or just taken right where they fell. Peter, however, never even noticed, too preoccupied with pleasuring his mate to care for them. When it was finally over, the wurm was cuddled up to his side, tail having unwrapped from him so he could show her some new positions, while he held an arm around her, also sound asleep. Thank Eros for those potions Vince gave me. He thought.

He woke up to her sucking him off, and after blowing a load in her mouth for breakfast, he sat up carefully, groaning at the ache in his bones, and started to talk to his new wife.

“So, do you mind if we live at my place?” He asked.

“Why? My cave isn’t far, and I’ve got sooo much cool stuff there.” She replied in a whining tone.

“Well, as tempting as that is, I’ve got friends who’ll miss me if I stay out here, plus, I know some restaurants near where I live that make a wonderful demon boar stew, I know you’ll love it, and what I can do after it.” She looked admiringly at his now spent member, before nodding happily.

“Okay, but can we get some things from my place? Pleeeeeeeaaaase?” Peter nodded, trying not to laugh at the pouting look she gave him. That stopped when he found himself once again wrapped up in her tail, though it was a considerably smaller portion than before.

Peter was in awe when they arrived at the cave. The place itself wasn’t much to look at, just a rocky hole in the mountainside, but what was inside was every adventurers dream. Shining swords in gilded scabbards, necklaces of gold, silver and other metals set with gems, some the size of Peter’s eyeball. But the thing that drew his attention most wasn’t all the shiny gold, it was an old, familiar looking satchel with a single gleaming ruby on it.

When he opened it, there was a note to one Lynda Ariach about a powerfully cursed necklace that she should look into. Peter couldn’t help but smile at the mention of his friend, and wondering what her sister’s courier had gotten himself into for losing the satchel, grabbing the satchel and note to give her when he returned.

“So, what are we taking?” He asked, turning to his new wife.

“Only a few things” Willow answered, carting a small case filled with gems and coins.

“Where did you find these?” Peter asked, holding up one of the gems. It sent a shock through him when he held it, similar to how he’d felt the night before, wrapped in Willow’s coils. He noticed there were a few dull rocks amongst the resplendent gems, and picked one up. The stone slowly changed to a bright green, with a delightful shine to it when held up to a light. He smiled and threw it to Willow.

“Never mind, I’ll look at having some rings made for us when we get home, sound g-” He was tackled to the ground and wrapped up in Willows tail.

“Yes, yes YES! I would love that so much!” She kissed him passionately, and he felt his leather pants falling through the coils.

“Okay, one more for the road.” He sighed before grabbing her head and pulling her into another kiss.

Later that night he sat in the bar, drinking with his friends and talking about his adventure, Willow by his side smiling happily. “And that, my friends, is how I met this darling girl.” The others laughed.

“Well, so long as you’re still good to go running around with the rest of us, I’m happy for ya.” Sam patted him on the back, and another cheer went out from the small group of adventurers.

“Oh, shit, just remembered, hey, Lyn, found this while I was out too.” He threw her the satchel, and her eyes went wide when she opened the letter, a smile blooming across her face.

“Well now, this is interesting…”