Well now, this is annoying Lynda thought, blowing a lock of purple hair out of her face as she faced off against a band of bandits. They’d ambushed her after she had collected on the lead Peter had found her. The ring was, indeed, cursed, but far from an unbreakable one, and she’d even managed to make it useful, since the ruby in its pendant was an actual Devil Gem, her sister would enjoy it as a ‘precaution’ to the assassinations she was always so worried about.

One of the bandits stepped forward. “So, little miss, how about you give us your shiny bits and we’ll leave the rest of you in one piece?” She scowled, taking out her staff, the bandits all started laughing.

“Let me through. Now.” She tried to make her voice as threatening as possible, but given she was staring at their chests when she looked straight forward, it wasn’t easy.

“Look at her, being all demanding, what are you gonna do next, huh? Throw a tantrum?” The leader started laughing again, before he was thrown into the men behind him.

Lynda couldn’t hide her smile at the shocked look on all their faces as she demonstrated her magical power. “So, can I go now?” The leader was dazed, as were those he landed on, but the rest weren’t phased by it, drawing a collection of clubs, mauls, bows and even a few swords.

She battled furiously, using her staff to disable as many as possible, while using her magic sparingly. She knocked her fourth bandit out with her staff when she felt the strike. She staggered back, looking down at the arrow haft sticking out of her chest. She fell to her knees, then her back, laying flat with her travel cloak splayed around her.

As the last of her energy began to leave her body, she felt something else flow in, a new power begin to flood her body. And with it came a chill, a good, cool breath that made everything seem… Distant. She smiled again, feeling the ring on her finger, surprisingly warm.

“Well that was… Less unpleasant than I thought it would be.” She looked down at her chest again, the arrow lied at her feet, and the hole in her robe showed a patch of off colour skin.

She looked up at the sound of one of the bandits crying out, and her smile returned at the horror on his face. “I offered to let you all go, but now, hehe, now you will feel my power.” Some of the bandits turned to run, only to hit a wall. With a flick of her wrist three of them fell into a moaning heap, struggling to get their pants or skirts off.

When they realised there was no escape from her lustful magic, the two remaining bandits put their weapons down and begged for mercy. She showed them as much as they’d shown her. She wandered off from the battle, a small orgy running in her wake, with a new purpose, she had a friend she needed to visit and a promise to keep

Vince woke to a pounding on his door, grumpily getting up and answering.

“Do you have ANY idea what time it is?” He hadn’t actually checked, but he was pretty damn sure it was still dark out as he opened the door. He got a slight shock when he saw Lynda standing there, her travel cloak wrapped tightly around her, and her skin pale even for her.

Lynda walked straight in, leaving Vince at the door, his groggy mind still working through what was going on. When he closed the door and turned around Lynda’s cloak was on the floor, leaving her standing there in the nude. Vince’s jaw practically hit the floor when he noticed.

“I got ambushed on my way home, a few bandits was all, but one managed to strike me in the heart with an arrow. Thankfully my phylactery worked, and now I am as you see.” Vince had woken up considerably when he noticed her naked, and now that he looked he saw the small scar on the edge of her left breast.

“So… Why are you here?” He suddenly felt hot, and the heat kept building, answering his question.

“I require a husband to help with my future experiments, I believe you would do well for this position. Don’t you agree?” Vince nodded, dropping his pants. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately, carrying her to the bedroom. She’d never been an overly chaste woman, but she was still in the single digits when it came to the number of men she’d seen.

Vince hammered her in his bedroom with the aid of one or two potions for nearly a whole day before her first spell wore off.

“I need to go home to give something to my sister.” Lynda said, showing the necklace she’d gotten.

“So, what kind of schedule will we be keeping from now on?” Vince asked, grabbing a restorative potion. Lynda grinned slyly.

“Well, I’ll need some time to work up some new experiments, but I’ll be sure to keep time for Carros work.” Vince nodded, opening the door for her.

“To the estate then milady?” Lynda scowled, she hated being treated like nobility.