Prompt:The Escape

As much as I'm looking forward to freedom, the loss of my gear and the woman's crying are making it hard for me to focus. I decide to work on my equipment, since quality swords aren't cheap.

The building most likely to house them is a solid stone and oak structure with guards at the door. It doesn't look like another prison cell, since the windows aren't barred but simply shuttered, and it's not big enough to be the chief's house. Cautously making my way over to it, I try to pry open one of the shutters, surprisingly it's not locked, and I'm able to just climb through.

Also surprisingly, I find myself in a warm room with a large bed and a fire pit. Though above the bed is a pair of very familiar looking swords. As I step up to grab them, the door slams open and a sobbing orc storms in. Upon seeing me, swords in hand, standing on what I assume to be her bed, her face turns furious.

"You. You tried to run away? From me?!" She sweeps up her battle axes, holding the large weapons aggressively. "I gave you good food, decent drinks, and even a hammer to entertain yourself, and you couldn't even be bothered to see me before you ran away?!" She swings the axes around, her muscles flexing and her breasts jiggling. "Why?" She asks, voice quiet and angry.

"I don't particularly enjoy being a prisoner, been there, done that before, not a fan." I'm keeping a close eye on her stance and weapons, waiting for the telltale tension in her legs.

"How about a challenge then?" She asks, lips curled into a cunning grin. "I was going to offer this in your cell, but I guess this'll do." She shifts a little, throwing one axe over her shoulder. "We're going to have a fight, first to surrender loses. I win, you stay here as my personal love slave for the rest of our lives, you win, and me and my closest friends will be yours." I thought about it for a few moments, thinking of making a different demand, but when I thought about it, having some domesticated mamono would help avoid these situations in the future.

"Okay. But when I win, I'm not staying here." She gives me a huge grin as she laughs.

"I like that confidence. It's so much more fun when you get a strong one to play with." She turned around, walking out of the building, I followed behind her, walking passed the guards who gave each other a shocked look.

She led me into a large square with a dusty floor. She turned towards me and got into stance, that cunning smile still on her face. Other orcs are gathering around, looking on with confidence.

When the fight started, it went from zero to a hundred in an instant. She roared and charged at me, faster than I expected. I bearlyu avoided being swept off of my feet in the first moments of the battle, but came up with my counter hard and fast.

Knowing your opponent is stronger, faster, and probably just as skilled as you tends to make you go all out. Swinging up with one blade, she leaned back, then I brought around the second blade, hoping to catch her off balance. My blade cut through her top the fur bra floating to the ground as she rolled backwards. There wasn't even a moment to appreciate my view before she lunged forward, swinging both axes at me.

I leapt over her and brought my blade down on her rump, slapping her with it. There was half a moment of sly smirking from both of us, before I brought my blade in again, trying to get it into position to hold her down with. She darted to the side and tackled me down. She was mounted on top of me, axes in position, while I brought my blades up. We made our moves in unison, my blades crossing over her throat and her axes coming down on either side of my head.

We were panting in the dirt, both covered in a fine layer of sweat, practically nose to nose. She got a big grin on her face, before laughing, and I coiuldn't help but join her. We rolled apart, sitting in the dirt and laughing. Then someone started clapping.

Looking up I saw another high orc, much plumper than the girl I'd just fought, but still well defined muscles and powerful presence.

"Well done, little man." She said, her voice deep and predatory.

"M-mother?" The other orc gasped, standing up.

"You did very well, both of you, and I think your man has earned something." She kneeled down and grabbed my face, forcing a kiss on me. Before I could do anything to resist, I felt something pass into my mouth, then burst as she pulled away.

She quickly backed off as something started to fill my limbs with new energy. Hot energy. I looked at my panting opponent, whose eyes were widening as she looked at me.

"Mum, what'd you jus-" She didn't get to finish the question as I leapt on her, tearing her loincloth off to reveal that pheromonal slit.

"Don't worry, it'll wear off in a few hours, but I think you'll enjoy it." She walked away from us as I started to pull her legs apart. With the last few ounces of sense I could muster I asked.

"What's your name?" She looked up at me, a combination of fear and arousal on her face.

"Tharos." I muttered the name a few times into her ear as we started going wild. The next thing I remember is waking up in Tharos' room, surrounded by what must have been her close friends, with her curled up on my side, still wrapped around my rod.

When I stirred, so did she, her face tired and kind. "Hey." She whispered, bringing her lips up to mine. She kissed me, and I kissed back, realising that one of my hands was wrapped around her with a large, soft breast in my hand.

"So... I didn't win." She smiled at me, still proud, but slightly less arrogant.

"Niether did I."

"What happens now then?" I asked, kissing her again.

"Well, you still got me, so I guess I'll just have you live here." I kiss her again, smiling.

"Not the worst compromise, I guess. But I'm still going out." She nodded, pressing her chest harder into my palm.

"Then I'll be with you. You won't go anywhere without me." One of the other girls shifts, rolling into my other side and pressing herself against me. "I think we can leave the rest of the girls here sometimes." I nod, happy to not have a whole squad of orcs following me everywhere.

"I think I'm going enjoy this." I mutter, leaning back and holding a different girls breast in both hands.