You’ve lived in a rather isolated village for a good number of years. The villagers have since viewed you as an outsider, and treat you like a pariah. Hell, the closest thing you have to a friend is the local Medusa, but she’s rather callous towards you and her snakes are always trying to touch you. You’ve decided to move on; just as well nobody wants you here.

As you cross the bridges towards the outlands, you hear the voice of your Medusa acquaintance. “You’re leaving…? What the hell do you expect to find out there, is it money your after!?” She screams, tossing her coin purse to you “Here, take it! Now you have no reason to leave!” she bellows as her eyes begin to well up. Leaving is still an option… What do you do?

(WWYD by anon)

i pick up her coin purse and walk back to her to return it, when i do her snakes coil around my arm.

"I'm leaving because there's nothing for me here, the people see me as an outsider and you're kind of my only friend in the village." i tell her while she's still crying, she thens start hugging me crying more and my arm starting to feel a little numb.

"But I want you here, you can stay with me please dont leave."  as she says that i can feel the snakes squiceing tighter and I'm starting to lose feeling in my arm. I begin to pull my arm away and she pulls tighter but her snakes lossen.

"Why do you want me to stay, you've been callous and kind of cold to me?" i ask her, just as i do i notice her snakes have uncoiled from around my arm and the feelling is coming back. She stopped crying and she stairing me eye to eye now, all i can do is wipe away some tears from her face.

"I want you to stay because I love you, I have ever sense you moved into the village four years ago i just couldn't comeout and say it." she looks away from me blushing, still in her embrace, all i can do is smile at her. "You could've told me, I do like you." I tell her, she blushes a little and turns to meet me eye to eye again.

"I'm sorry about this." when I hear her say that I become a little confused, all of a sudden my body locks up, I can't move she stone gazed me from the neck down, what the hell.

"What the fuck, why did you stone gaze me?" i ask her and she coils around me draging back to the village and to her house on the outskirts of the village. Once she gets me inside she undoes the stone gaze.

"I'm sorry about that but I didn't want you to leave." she tells me blushing, I just sit there dazed still recovering from being stoned.

"You could asked instead of stoneing me." She looks at me goes redder then before, I stand up and walk over to her, I gently place my hand on her cheek and kiss her catching her off guard, her snakes snapping back little in shock them selves.

"Will you marry me, become my husband?" she asks, not looking me in the eye, this time I'm the one blushing but I smile at her, I pull her into an tight embrace and feel her losely coil around me.

"Being here with you I think I could stay here as your husband." with that she quickly coils around me, and drags me to her room to take me.

It's been five years sense that day, we've been raising a beautful little girl of three, my wife was the village mayor the entire time, the reason everyone's been treating me like a outsider was because the mayor was in love with me go figure.