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Ogre mommy spanking her rowdy son. XD

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NOTE: This is a short one-shot of an ogre stepmother, or if you wish, real mother spanking her son for being naughty at school. It isn’t a request, just a thought of a fetish I’ve had for quite a while.

The bikini your okāsan in the story wears is the Norimaki bikini from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, for those of you who know about it.

Fetishes: spanking, handjob, femdom, incest/pseudo-incest

Tags: monster girl, monster girl encyclopedia, ogre

You walked into your home nervously, checking for signs of life. All was quiet. Good.

You couldn’t stand it if your mother saw your report card or the new note you got from the teacher for climbing the walls. This definitely wasn’t worth it.

You crumpled up the note your teacher gave you and held it in your hand as you sneaked up the stairs to your room. You couldn’t afford to let your mum see you, or all was finished. You quietly tiptoed up to your room and opened your door. You walked in and shut the door, leaning back against it with a relieved sigh. You fist-pumped and staggered backwards to your bed, falling on your back and smiling as you shut your eyes.

No one was catching you today. Not this time.

You opened your eyes with a dopey smile on your face, looking up to see the ceiling. You could lie there for hours and stare at it without a single thought running through your head. Laziness was your virtue, and idleness was your superpower. If there was no penalty, you could do it all day and night at school, too. Why the hell did schoolteachers have to put those bullshit rules in place? They kept saying that playing sports didn’t make you Ronaldo or Brett Lee, and gambling didn’t make you Chris Ferguson. Yeah, right. It’s not like going to school made you Einstein.

The ceiling was a beautiful green today, and it was even staring back at you. Maybe you could talk to it. Talking quietly to yourself was something you had grown accustomed to since you couldn’t chatter with your friends while in class, and you were addicted to sharing a new video game review or a synopsis of the latest movie you’d seen and discussing it in front of everyone, even those who weren’t interested.

You smiled up at the ceiling, wondering if you should start talking now or wait until you had a clear picture of what you wanted to discuss in mind. It was strangely odd, having a face painted on a ceiling which was mint green, and it even showed a neck and shoulders extending downwards. You leaned your head back and looked to see where it ended. Strangely, the painting extended even further to wide shoulders and a large, dangling pair of breasts which were covered with a silk robe. The painter who redid your room must’ve had some skill. You flipped over onto your front, and stared at the rest of the picture. It showed a taut abdomen extending into extremely long, powerful legs, and the feet were visible emerging from the bottom of the robe.

You look up into the face again, confused at how an entire green being fit on your ceiling.

The face on the painting changed its expression. It gave you a smile full of promise and yet was a little malevolent. Shocked, you jerked back and almost fell off the bed. No painting was alive! Unless they created some method of making holographic GIFs on a wall. Even then, it should’ve taken years!

The figure reaches out its arms and grabs your shoulder, its grip like steel. You struggle and squirm away from it, understanding and a growing fear in your gut as the humanoid grabs your other shoulder and heaves you on the bed. It sits down on the bed opposite you and grabs both your hands, wrenching the note out of them.

Hello there, son,’ smiles your ogre okāsan, holding the note in front of her face and smoothing out the wrinkles. She reads it, her smile growing as her eyes travel further down the paper. And you know exactly why, despite the note being how you cut the entire middle day of classes by wandering around school and hiding in the bathrooms.

She had a good excuse to punish you for what you did. Like she did to your otōto. Regularly. You’d heard the slaps and screaming of slight pain, as well as pleasure from his room when you’d walked past it on occasion. And it was always at the times when he was sent back early from school or got a note from the teacher too, so you knew what was happening to him.

So far, you had escaped by being sneaky and disposing of the notes before you reached home, or taking them out of the letterbox and tossing them in the trash. Today was a mistake since you thought no one was home, and you felt it was safer to toss the note in your own waste-paper basket. You should’ve dropped the damn thing in the main garbage bin, it would be a lot harder to find anyway.

Your okāsan chuckles as she dragged you over to her, holding your wrists firmly and giving you an almost malicious smile. You gulped audibly, knowing that you had no chance of escaping and she was about to have her own lewd, evil way with your body.

She tosses you on the bed face down, and then leaps of the bed to reach the door. The lock clicks, and you know you last chance of getting out just vanished since the windows are always barred to prevent other horny mamono from getting in. You cowered on the bed, sitting up on your elbows and staring at your okāsan as she threw off her robe and began walking towards you. You couldn’t help but stare at the outfit she had on. It was as if she had prepared for the day you would screw up. She was wearing a thin strip of black cloth across her breasts, leaving her shoulders bare and fastening at the back. Her thong is so tiny it might as well not be there, just a triangle covering her pussy and two thin strings across her waist and splitting her fresh-looking, minty ass cheeks apart.

Do you like what you see, musuko?’ smiled your okāsan as she walked towards you, swinging her hips a little and turning around to show you her large ass. She wiggled it a little before your eager eyes, then turned around to show you her front again. She placed her hands on her hips. ‘But I think it’s not my ass which needs a little looking at. It’s yours.’

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