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  • I live in USA Florida
  • I was born on March 18
  • I am Male
  • Safnar

    My fan fiction announcement

    December 12, 2017 by Safnar

    I feel i should tell anyone still interested in my stroys that im going to be moveing all my stuff to MGR. Ive done a lot of assessing of the projekts and storys ive done and i whant to connekt them into one theam and organize them as such. Ill be rewrighting Monster Merger, and MGE speshal ops. Ill be putting it all over there ill also be editing Monster school and posting what i have of a new story Mamono Wildes. Please wish me luck!

    Heres a direkt link to the world Theam page in MGR  (Please note youll need a MGR account to vew the post, its free and you only need a user and password so dont panic.)

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  • Safnar

    Bet your life

    March 31, 2017 by Safnar

                  For the past couple of days there has been a rumor floating around. It’s said that in a privet room in the black rose inn there is a hooded figure looking to play a particular game of cards with a particular type of person. As to what kind of game it is no one is sure, in fact not all that much is known. It’s said that the game is a gamble what you yourself are betting people are unsure but it’s said if you win you will become a rich, rich man.

    So far though the cloaked stranger has turned away all challengers saying that it’s looking for a very specific type of man to come to the challenge. I didn’t know if I was quite up to snuff but I wanted to try my hand at it anyway. The bar keep directed me up to the top floor, or tower…

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  • Safnar

    Taken by Martch Hair

    November 3, 2016 by Safnar

                    How do most people start telling you their story? Well most people establish the setting, right? Well to establish the setting id have to know where I am. And right now, I haven't got a clue where I am. Giant mushrooms tower over me on one side, on the other trees no higher than my knees line the other side of the path. It’s been a while since I've gone anywhere though. I've been to busy trying to figure this out. If I walked across the path toward the mushrooms they were bigger than me. If I walked toward the trees the mushrooms shrank and the trees grew bigger then me. I’d been here for hours trying to figure something out when a voice giggled and asked with a whimsical and mischievous tone.

                    "So witch, is it?…

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  • Safnar

    Monster School (Part 8)

    September 1, 2016 by Safnar

    To wake up alone after what had happened to me last night was both a relief and a disappointment. As much as I tried to pretend otherwise it was a very pleasant thing to wake up in Amanda’s arms. It was like waking up in a fluffy mattress that could cuddle you.

     But I found myself alone on the couch in Amandas dorm room. My pants around my ankles and shivering in the morning chill. One of the ways you could tell if Amanda like you was by how badly se teased you. Her friends might wake up from a long night of forced cuddle sex but their cloths would be on or folded and they would have a blanket. Me? I got the dusty couch and my belt tied around my ankles.

     I pulled my clothes on the rest of the way. Stood up and stretched. Amanda was defiantl…

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  • Safnar

    Monster School (Part 7)

    July 26, 2016 by Safnar

    I don’t scum to temptation easily, a fact made clear by my persistent virginity despite being surrounded by monsters for 10 years, but Faunas body was some of the most tempting flesh I have ever felt. I had to lightly hold her waist as the soft skin on her belly gave at the slightest touch and wrapped sweetly around each of my digits, even though her stomach looked flat and toned.

    Her hair was a long cotton ball of temptation, if I let my face get to close the stuff seemed to seek me out nuzzling its cottony warmth against my face and feeling like a pillow, that smelled so sweet and relaxing. The thing between my legs always made itself known fluffy and soft even when I managed to hold still upon it for a stretch the soft fluff seemed to sh…

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