(Just note I might not have gotten everyone’s personality’s 100% accurate I was using the OC of several Wiki users from chat with their permission. Mauller I would have asked you but you weren’t around. I figure you wouldn’t mind but if you do ill edit you out.)

The agent sat on the hill observing the massive house with unblinking eyes. He was here, the agent knew it, and he could feel his presence. But he needed visual proof. And there it was. Safnar flanked by a jinko and inari. He reached up to his ear and spoke into a devise that should not have existed in this realm. In fact he shouldn’t have existed in this world either.

“Visual confirmation confirmed. Multiple level 4 hostile’s confirmed. We’re going to need all the suppression fields.” He said into his device.


It was the middle of the night. I had Ana snuggling into my back and the prideful inari cuddling into Ana’s back. I had only been asleep for a few hours but that didn’t stop a burst of adrenalin as my alarm went off. It was loud red and startling. Ana jumped up ready to fight and Rize Fumbled with her paint brush. But I knew what that alarm was. I grabbed my weapons and turned to Ana.

“Ana! You need to do exactly as I say. Take Rise and anyone else you can find and get the hell out of here. Do you hear me? You need to go. And don’t look back.” I ordered. It was the first time I had ever demanded something of her, and she looked like she didn’t want to go. “Ana if you don’t go or if you so much as glace back at me as you go I will never forgive you.” I said. It was the most serious threat I could think of to utter toured a Mamono.

“F-Fine.” She said a tear coming to her eye. She picked up a protesting Rise and was off. I followed her out of the room but took a different route. They would likely come in from the front door. They didn’t bother surrounding the place they knew I would face them to protected those here.

(Mauller!) I threw out with my mind. I was answered immediately my alarm would have woken the whole house.

(Safnar? Sense when can you use telepathy?) A very awake Mauller said.

(Not now I need you to open a telepathic channel. Now!) I ordered. Perhaps he sensed my urgency. As all of a sudden I could feel the minds of everyone in the house.

(We are under attack. They are called Erasers. Do not wander the halls thinking you can fight them they are trained from birth to surpass the power of gods. Mauller I need you to help me get everyone anchored to this dimension out they are at a disadvantage.) My broadcast was cut short by a group of solders coming around the corner. They wore the black full body uniforms of a swat team. They were foot shoulders mere fodder and eyes for the real threat but that didn’t make there weapons any less real. The closest man fired a burst from his gun. Three of the special rounds shot toward me. I pulled my gun and fired three rounds. Our bullets met his midair. At least two of them did the third one missed. But because of his rush to shoot me he missed. The round struck a panting and the panting disappeared.

Every molecule of the panting seceded to exist. It didn’t matter what kind of power you had if you were hit by one of these bullets you were gone. I showed everyone in the house using the telepathic link and many of the people who thought they couldn’t be matched suddenly felt fear. They could be killed.

(Shadow! I need you to start warping people far away. And everyone if they see you use a power they will make it so you can’t use that power again.) I called out as I finished off the last of the men with my sword.

(Im on it.) Shadow said. He started transporting groups of people out.


“Status report?” A voce said in the operator’s ear piece.

“Casualties on first and second floor. No powers confirmed as of yet. Resentence is strong but well within the estimate.” The man responded.

“Good send in agent team 4.” The man instructed. Three men entered the house. Each one warring his own uniform each one trained and immensely powerful. I felt there presence.

(There power is laughable.) UC said to me as he showed me tearing a soldier apart.

(UC get out now!) I shouted. Shadow encountered a squat trying to port out a group of frightened Mamono. One of the men went straight to his ear piece as soon as Shadow disappeared.

“Instantaneous travel confirmed. Lay down suppression grid 6.” He said.

(Saf I can’t spirit travel any more I can’t get back to the house.) Shadow warned.

(That’s ok Shadow help the others who are escaping on foot. UC, Cobra there are three agents in the house they must not be engaged I repeat three agents that cannot be engaged.) I said.

(Who the hell are these people!? And how do you know so much about them?) Cobra said practically tarring through the squad he found in the halls. His Mamono wife had been ported way by Shadow a while ago.

(I was one of them. I thought I was protecting the multiverse when I became an agent but I soon found out they were only seeking power and control over the wealth of the multiverse. There greatest ability is the power to attack a person on all three fields of battle.) I said.

(Three?) UC asked as he assisted a Group of Mamono out a window to safety.

(Wile you’re throwing spells and punches attacking there physical body’s they are attacking your mind and spirit simultaneously wile wording off your physical assault. You’ll be dead before they kill you.) I said. Then I sensed it. One of the agents I knew him… Maull. If he was here then the only way anyone was going to survive the night is if I killed him. That meant facing an agent. This wasn’t going to be pleasant.

(Ha! I found one of your agents he doesn’t seem very smart.) UC said. I watched him as he leaped into the back of an agent stabbing him. The moment UC struck the agent there was two. The agent UC was killing and a transparent copy of the agent who hadn’t moved an inch. As soon as UC and the agent’s old body were clear the ghost solidified and gave UC a kick sending him into a wall.

I barreled around a corner. UC wouldn’t last long if I didn’t help him. Another agent stepped in my way. He had two tayser rods likely super charged to kill rather than stun. I readied my body spirit and mind for the fight. His mind ran at mine charging up a wall his spirit dove to the left and his body charged. I met all three head on launching my assault. Seconds into the exchange I had him figured. His body was the strongest and most skilled his mind was spotty. My mind shot his twice and round hose kicked him hard. His mind was broken. His spirit went next losing his leg to my sword and finally I thrusted my sword through his chest and ran on leaving his cooling corps behind. I ran around the corner to see UC in a death grip. His spirit shattered and mind defeated. He would be fine so long as he didn’t die his mind and spirit would regenerate, even if it would be the most unpleasant thing he’s ever experienced. I myself had had the same thing happen over and over as a way of toughening me up for fights. I put a round through he agents head, mind, and spirit. Both the Agent and UC collapsed.

(Everyone’s out. No one was lost.) Mauller said.

(That was the last of the foot soldiers.) Cobra said as he ended the last soldiers with a twist of the neck.

(That only leaves.)

“Me.” Maull said behind me. I was up and around only to be grappled by the last agent. If I could beat him the house would be clear for at least a few months, as they never attacked more than once within the same lunar cycle. A by produced of inter dimensional travel, time got tricky. My mind was being beaten relentlessly and I felt the chill of a shattered spirit. I wasn’t going to make it.

“Are you ready to die traitor? Are you finally ready to cross the void? This proves it you know no one will ever question again who the strongest agent was.

“Hey!” Cobra shouted smashing the agent with inhuman strength. Somehow cobra had figured out how to attack the mind and spirit as well as I saw his mind brake and spirit shatter as his body went through a wall and lay still. It was over but as Cobra looked at me I wondered if I would be allowed to stay.

(I’ll let you desired in chat cobra.)