For the past couple of days there has been a rumor floating around. It’s said that in a privet room in the black rose inn there is a hooded figure looking to play a particular game of cards with a particular type of person. As to what kind of game it is no one is sure, in fact not all that much is known. It’s said that the game is a gamble what you yourself are betting people are unsure but it’s said if you win you will become a rich, rich man.

So far though the cloaked stranger has turned away all challengers saying that it’s looking for a very specific type of man to come to the challenge. I didn’t know if I was quite up to snuff but I wanted to try my hand at it anyway. The bar keep directed me up to the top floor, or tower as it was like. A pent house suet or as close to a pent house sweet as we could get in this town. It really was just a room at the top of a creepy tower with a large bed and a table in it. At that table absent mindedly shuffling a deck of cards was the cloaked stranger. An empty chair sat at the opposite end of the table witch I slid into.

“So you are the stranger?” I asked. The figure stopped shuffling the cards and looked at me as if he was noticing me for the first time. That’s when I noticed sticking out of the shadow of the hood it wore was a small dainty chin with skin as white as a peril. When this figure spoke, it was also definitely a girls voice that filled the silence of the room with a eerie but enchanting tone.

“I’m a stranger to this town as I am a stranger to many town. However, if you are asking if I am the stranger of the rumors that have swept up this town the then answer is yes. Have you come to try my game?” She asked.

“I have.” I said. Then I sighed. A few lines and she got me talking like her. “Yes.” I said forcibly breaking the mood. This seemed to gain a response from her. A slight twitch.

“I accept your challenge are you prepared to hear the rules and the wadger?” She asked.

“Lay it on me.” I said again refusing to match the mood she was so clearly trying to establish. She paused her shuffling and looked at me for a few moments before speaking again.

“This will be a simple game. One hand of 5 cards per play regular poker hands all apply. You are aware how to play?” She asked. I nodded. “We will play until one of us has won three times. Once that has happened the bet is over and to the victor goes the spoils. If you win you get 100 gold coins.” She said. Holy shit! Let me put this into perspective. 100 bronze coins go into one silver coin and 50 silver coins go into one gold. If I worked nonstop for a week I would earn 5 silver and 20 bronze coins. One gold coin would put the company selling me my home in debt to me. I was seeing dollar signs. “If you lose you belong to me.” She said. Wait what? Like slavery? “There are only two other rules. First you may leave at any time until the final game. If at any point you want to back out you are welcome too until the winner of this game is determined, and finally if you fold before any cards are shown it will not count as a win or loss for anyone. I will continue to play hands till you back out or one of us wins. Do you agree to these terms?” She asked.

Well that was a lot to absorb. I mulled it over for a moment meanwhile she continued to play with the cards in her hands. If I win I’ll be living like a noble in this town. If I lose I’ll be a slave to this stranger? But I could back out at any time, right? Any hand so long as the ultimate winner hasn’t been decided?

“All right. Yes, let’s do this.” I said. There was a flash under her hood, a flash of teeth as she smiled to herself. She gave the cards one more quick shuffle and then put the deck on the table. I cut it and she dealt. Five cards face down to the both of us. I picked up my hand. Gave it a quick sort through and looked at what I had. I had nothing. This was a fold.

“You show your hand first.” The stranger said.

“Fold.” I told her, putting my cards down. She gathered all the cards up and started shuffling again.

“Do you travel at all?” She asked. Is this the part where we try to get to know one another? I thought.

“No I don’t but I work at the docks so I meet a lot of well-traveled people. Even a monster or two but nothing two dangerous.” I said. Her hands stopped shuffling for a moment.

“Monsters?” She asked before placing the deck on the table.

“Like I said nothing really dangerous. A holsterus here and there, a unicorn on one occasion.” I said. I cut the deck. She started dealing.

“What do you think of them?” She asked.

“Scary beautiful I think, almost makes it hard to believe that they are as ferocious at the church makes them out to be. Still when you hear stories of big gnarly minotaur men tarring up a platoon of solders you don’t take chances do you?” I asked. I took my cards and sorted them out.

“Men? You don’t know?” She asked.

“Know what?”

“All monsters are girls.” She said. What? What did she just say? I thought. “Oops you put your hand down.” She said. She put hers down as well. “Pair of aces beats pair of 4’s the first win is mine.” She said. What?! She cleared her thought.

The first hand is played,

The winning hand goes to me,

Soon, you will be mine.

She was almost chanting. Then her eyes glowed and she undid the thin string at the top of her cloak. Everything but the hood hiding her face fell away reveling her very feminine body. From the neck, down she had a pure white coloring to her skin that was both alluring and chilling. That was not a natural color. Her shoulders and most of her vast bust was left bare but from her nipples down was a skin tight elegant gown that flowed all the way to her ankles. A dress that was split at her right hip to allow her long shapely legs to show through. Legs that had a strange set of stockings from the mid-thigh down. At her feet, which had no shoes at the moment, these socks were thick and fluffy making the dainty curves of her feet look pillowy and soft, but as they traveled up the thigh the sock thinned out into a stocking like material then then seemed to blend into her skin at the very top. The whole thing was a bright pink, which clashed with her dark purple dress but seemed to complement her erry white skin beautify. Her legs seem to be where most of my attention was being drawn an odd thing as I was more of a chest man. Still they way her flesh gave and the smooth ness of her skin. I was a bit memorized as she recrossed her legs changing the one on top.

“W-wait are you a-“

“Yes im a monster. Tiss why I haven’t taken off my hood just yet. I wouldn’t what my pure beauty to scare you away just yet.” She said. She giggled a movement that set her firm and sizeable bust jiggling. “If you Keep staring at me like that I might just forget the game and steal you away now. You do want a chance to take my gold, don’t you? Or have I scared you off already?” She asked. I closed my mouth which must have been hanging open electing another giggle from her, and another tantalizing bounce of her breasts.

“So does that mean… If you’re a monster that I’m betting my life here? Is that what you mean by I’ll be yours?” I asked. When she spoke, I could hear the smile in her voice.

“I suppose you could say that. You could also say that if you lose I’m going to eat you up. And you do look tasty. Do you still what to stay?” She asked. “Most of the other challengers all left after losing their first hand.” She said. Only one. I’ve only lost one hand. Part of me wanted to go but the other part of me felt waited down to this chair Like I had to see this through.

“Deal the cards.” I said. She placed the deck on the table I cut it she started dealing the cards.

“Most people would have left by now.” She said as she dealt. “I allow them the curtesy of saying I turned them away.” She said. I picked up and sorted my cards. A full house a good hand. I’ve won this hand no pro- “Fold.” She said putting her hand down.

“What the hell?!” I said. She however seemed unaffected by my outburst.

“Never in the rules did I ever say I couldn’t fold if I didn’t want to. I am playing to win myself you know.” She said simply. I ground my teeth in silence, then I asked.

What kind of monster are you?” She put the deck down and I cut it.

Win this hand and I’ll tell you.” She said as she dealt. I sorted the cards and looked them over, Two pair. I’ll play it.

“Two pair 9 high.” I declared putting my cards down.

“Damn.” She said laying hers out. She only had one pair of kings. She cleared her thought.

A White tall and fair,

A man his cards played unfair,

He will become mine.

Finished with her Haiku she reshuffled the deck.

“So you’re a White?” I asked more then a little confused.

“A Wight is an undead noble. A high-end zombie if you will, except our flesh is preteen and our touch has magical properties. Properties you will learn of if you lose this game.” She said. I couldn’t repress a shiver. But the score was one to one. I had no reason to quit now. The deck was cut the next hand was dealt. I looked it over. Pair of 3’s.

“Remember you can fold at any time.” The Wight said. Of course, I knew that. I thought. But before I could fold she continued. “I won’t hold it against you if you don’t like your hand.” She said. Wait a minute. Was she bluffing? I suppose such a thing would be hard to do given that there was no money on the table it’s not like we could raise the stakes much higher than my life, could we? I grinned at her. She had to have nothing. That’s all I could think of.

“Pair of 3’s.” I said grinning. “What do you got?” I asked. She sat there for a moment, and then laid down a pair of 5’s. I suddenly felt cold. She played me. She cleared her thought.

Twice I’ve won this game,

This is your last chance to run,

You are almost mine.

With the last words spoken she pulled her hood off and revealed to me her face. She had a small round head that was adorable even if it was erraly painted white. Her eyes were blood red but still warm and inviting. Her hair actually had a fleshy peach color and as she pulled it out of the bun she had it in to keep it in the hood it bounced softly about her shoulders before she retied it into a ponytail. “My name is Anastasia, and you will belong to me if you lose one more time.” She gestured to the door behind me. It was wide open. “You are still free to leave until I deal the last hand. This time there will be no folding and if you stay I will not let you leave unless you beat me twice. This is your last chance.” She said. That was too much of a stretch. My life on the idea that ill win twice before she wins once more?

“I-I think ill-"

“The jack pot is doubled ill have you know.” She said. What?

“What did you say?” I asked.

“The jack pot. You have to win twice it only seems fair that you win twice the reward.” She said politely. This is probably a bad idea, but I need the money. Besides I almost wanted this game to keep going for the soul purpose of looking at her a while longer. She was very pretty.

“Fine… It’s a bet.” Soon as I said that the door behind me slammed shut and locked on its own. Anastasia dealt out a quick hand her eyes glowing in excitement. I was very nervous now. What did I just agree two? I wondered as I nervously picked up my cards. The shaking in my hands stopped when I saw I had a full house.

“Full house.” I said putting the cards down quickly. Anastasia smiled at me.

“Two pair I guess you win.” She said. There was a moment of silence as I waited for the Haiku that never came.

“All out of poetry?” I asked. She shook her head.

“I think the time for that is past. Don’t you? We have one last game to play after all.” She said shuffling.

“I-if I lose will it hurt?” I asked. She smiled.

“If it hurts I’m not doing it right.” She said. I defiantly felt multiple meanings in there. She dealt the cards. I looked mine over. “Relax yourself it’s the final hand. You must play it. We shall see who has won.” Anastasia said. She recrossed her legs. I swallowed hard, putting my cards down.

“P-pair of 8’s.” I said. Her eyes flashed and she laid down her cards slowly.

“Two pair.” She said. I stood up a panic quickly overwhelming me. Invisible hands griped my shoulders and shoved me back down into the chair. Two more sets of invisible hands grabbed my arms and pined them to the arms of the chair with inhuman strength. “I know your nervous so my ghost maids are going to help you relax into this.” Anastasia said. The table was moved aside and Anastasia watched as two stools were dragged over and my feet were lifted onto them. My legs spread wide. Anastasia looked at my crotch and liked her lips. The hands on my shoulders started to work at me. Massaging the tension out of the mussels and rubbing pleasure into them.

“W-wait what i-is going on?” I said even as the massage on my shoulders worked the strength from my body. The invisible forces slowly undid my shoes and took them off as Anastasia explained.

“Well I’m going to make you mine. The experience can be a little overwhelming so my maids are going to make sure your good and comfortable wile I work.” She said smiling. The hands clasped my feet and started rubbing.

“H-Hhhaaaa stop.” I said squirming.

“Oh dear it looks like there not doing a very good job relaxing you, are they? Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to help you relax as well. But there doesn’t seem to be anything left to massage is there?” She asked to no one in particular. Then through the pleasure filled haze that was slowly descending on me I heard a voice whispering in Anastasias ear. “Oh really? You think that will help him relax?” More whispering. “My feet? You think so? Hmmm that seems like a wonderful idea. Pull the curtains and bring me closer so I can reach him please.” The curtains over the huge cercal window were drawn and Anastasia, still seated with her legs crossed, was lifted into the air and glided closer to me till she was seated between my legs.

“W-wait are you going to do?” I struggled out still struggling against the invisible hands of her ghost maids. How many were in this room exactly? Suddenly my pants were torn at the crotch and my member was pulled out and exposed.

“Don’t bother trying to make it hard for me girls I take great pride in my ability’s to arouse men.” She said. Then she reached out with one of her feet still covered in that soft pink sock. She placed it on my flaccid member and smiled at me. “Wellllll?” She asked. The massaging, her sexy leg reaching out to me it was all to stimulating and my member obeyed her demands hardening under her foot. Her toes gently wrapped around it and she started stroking it with the one foot.


“There we go that’s it just relax.” She instructed as her foot continued to stroke me. I however was not relaxing I was struggling as much as I could. Which wasn’t much. In fact, my struggling seemed to make Anastasia happy and the ghosts who held me down and massaged me, as disembodied giggling filled the room.

Stroke……….stroke. “Well if your serous I suppose I should get serous as well.” Anastasia said happily. She reached out with her other foot and now both of them were wrapped around my member.

Stroke…stroke…stroke I was melting from her feet, her god damned feet, they were hitting every weak spot teasing every sensitive area and the massage on my shoulders and feet were forcing me to relax to the point where I couldn’t control my own body.

Stroke stroke stroke stroke, I blew right past my limit and as if she could sense it easily her feet tugged with just the right force and direction to launch my load all the way up her legs.

“Ohhhh! Good job! What a fine way to relax!” Anastasia said with a huge grin on her face. That was it I couldn’t move at all. I was still awake I could still see everything but I couldn’t move at all. “Well maybe to relaxed… All right I’ll do it.” She said with another giggle. “Just this once ill clean it up nice for you.” She said. She got up and then sunk to her knees between my legs. Her face drifted closer to my member her lips had almost reached it when she stopped. “OH!!! Silly me! We haven’t even kissed yet. It would be inappropriate for me to continue unless we have kissed first.” She said. She stood up, and looked me over. “Hmmm I dare say you have the highest hand in my heart. Yess… I think my search is over. I’ll be taking you home with me." She pushed her tight sexy body against mine her face so close. For a moment, when she stopped herself from sucking me clean I had thought my member would be allowed to go soft but as she, snuggled is the only word, against me my member slipped between her thick tight thighs. With no space between them and her suddenly becoming very fidgety those thick soft thighs started squeezing and rubbing my cock.

"Would my new love slave like to come home with me?" She asked. Her breasts were so soft her legs were so stimulating and still she offered more pleasure with her lips sweetly kissing me even as her wiggling thighs spurd me toward another climax. "Live in my mansion?" She asked, kissed and wiggled her hips tormenting my member yet again. "Sleep in my bed? Beside me?" Kiss, wiggle. "There's no need to answer with your words if you'd like to become my love slave... no, my love king, just cum for me." She said. Kiss, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, pop. I couldn't hold back against the stimulation my cum covered the inside of her dress but I don't think she minded at all. In fact, she seemed overjoyed.

"Oh good then let's finish this quickly it’s not fair of me to tease you any, longer is it?" She asked. My feet were put down. Anastasia sat on my lap grinning excitedly as she used two fingers to pull away her dress and reveal she was wearing no panties. Her tight puffy pussy leaking love juice all over my lap. "In you go my king." She said. And with that she impaled herself on my member wrapping her arms and legs as far around me as she could. The tight flashy walls of her sheath coiling, tightaning and reshaping to fit my cock almost two well. I felt little nubs grow pointed in to tickle the underside of my glands when I was all the way in. I felt the flesh close to the entrance tighten and get a rougher texture to milk my member with every stroke.

"N-nooo stop. Let me out." I begged. She ignored me and started thrusting her hips slowly and gently.

"Mmm this feels so good." She said. I didn't last long at all exploding into her greedy snatch and still she didn't stop moving. Instead her pussy tightened up and continued to reshape itself forcing more pleasure into me. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Again, I came. "Ahhhhh~ that's was the fifth time! And your still awake? Your soooo strong." She said grinning and twisting me now. "How much more do you have I wonder?" She asked as I leaked cum helpless to the pleasure. She had even begun to hump again as I passed out. "Sweet dreams."

When I woke it was dark out. I was completely without cloths and in the bed of the room. Anastasia slept next to me, also completely naked and clinging to me as if I was a body pillow. When I woke up Anastasia stirred her bright red eyes opening and falling on me.

“Oh? Are you ready for round two?” She asked pushing her chest tighter against me. I looked her over, her adorable face, her sexy body, her pail smooth skin.

“You cheated didn’t you?” I asked. She giggled.

“Yup. I couldn’t help myself I wanted you soooo much. Your bravery was so arousing.” She nibbled at my ear for a few moments. “D-did you want to play again? Honestly I mean…” She asked. I put my arms around her.

“Naw. A deals a deal right?” I asked. She rolled over on top of me. Straddling my hips.

“Then its time for round two right? But I warn you I wont be holding back this time.” She said with a dark grin. Thus my life with the white began.