I don’t scum to temptation easily, a fact made clear by my persistent virginity despite being surrounded by monsters for 10 years, but Faunas body was some of the most tempting flesh I have ever felt. I had to lightly hold her waist as the soft skin on her belly gave at the slightest touch and wrapped sweetly around each of my digits, even though her stomach looked flat and toned.

Her hair was a long cotton ball of temptation, if I let my face get to close the stuff seemed to seek me out nuzzling its cottony warmth against my face and feeling like a pillow, that smelled so sweet and relaxing. The thing between my legs always made itself known fluffy and soft even when I managed to hold still upon it for a stretch the soft fluff seemed to shift and rub against my groin. It was a relief when Fauna finally landed even though I didn’t really know where I was at the moment. We were in a square room made of old, worn wooden boards. That meant we were in an older un-kept part of the school, but the walls were replaced with glass and the view stretched on for miles.

“We at top of library.” Fauna said sounding proud. The old library tower I had heard a rumor there was a room up here that only a flying mamono could reach. It seemed quite a few harpy’s had made nests up here as small piles of blankets and plows littered the floor some even had a sleeping harpy in them, alone or otherwise curled up against a naked man. The air was rather tranquil in the mid-day light. Even the harpies in heat seemed content to just laze about and enjoy the moment.

Fauna chose one of the larger nests and settle into it patting the blankets next to her with a puppy dog look on her face that said, lease oh please sit next to me. I sighed, there was no easy way out of this even if I could say no to the most adorable thing since a witch with the hiccups. (Momentary flashback to a youtube video with a witch who couldn’t seem to stop her hiccups. She would go *hic* her hat would bounce several of the men watching would break out into giggles and the witch would stomp her foot. “It’s not f-*hic*funny!” The men would laugh harder as she blushed. I believe Sabbath are still using that video on their promotional campaign.)

“All right, all right just turn those eyes off.” I said to Fauna. She smiled at me and patted the nest next to her, her wings fluttered excitedly. I sat down and started reading next to the fluffy pink sex ball. The peace lasted only a few minutes, or rather it was the intense feeling of peace and tranquility that caused my predicament, as Fauna slumped into me. With her body resting right up against me it felt as if her incredible flesh was trying to swallow me, or my arm at least. While her cotton ball of a head rested against my shoulder and filled my nose with the intoxicating sent of her perfume. I felt sleep trying to overtake me as well, perhaps there’s some were sheep in Faunas blood line?

“F-Fauna.” I tried. Fauna let out a deep breath and snuggled into me wrapping an arm around my chest. “D-did you fall asleep?” I asked. Her breath started coming out in lazy waves tickling the flesh as it rolled across my chest. This was more than just a girl sleeping on my shoulder. The soft textures of her body, the soothing warmth, it all held the same pull for me the same encompassing intoxication as Sara’s breasts. If I didn’t escape her soon I would melt away into her. I tried to struggle loose and Fauna shifted rolling over on top of me and covering my body like a blanket.

My face burned, I was trembling all over. She felt so nice. Would it really be so bad to just lay here and fall asleep myself? Wouldn’t I have the most unimaginably pleasant dreams with Fauna acting as my blanket? Fanua shifted again and her lips pushed lightly against my cheek. The ripple of pleasure the shock wave jolted me back into my senses. It took a while but I managed to worm free without wakening her up. Soon as I was out Fauna rolled over her gorges body was welcoming me back in. Rest your head here, snuggle into this, it seemed to say. It was like Fauna herself was a pit of comfort that almost rivaled a yeti. I moved away from the Austin trap to a Harpy that was cleaning out her wings. As soon as I was close she perked up smoothing out her hair and brushing away the loose feathers.

“Hi I’m sorry to bother you I was just wondering if you could help me down? My uh… date fell asleep and I don’t want to disturb her.” I said. The harpy gave Fauna a look, it was mixed with both jealousy and… hunger? Well I guess birds do eat bugs right?

“I mean I just got totally comfortable up here but I suppose I could be bothered to help you down.” The harpy said. She had one of those tones. High pitched and like a deva. The kind that can be funny if done right or just go right though you and make you want to send the girl back to school to learn to talk properly. Still I guess someone must like that kind of tone as a monster wouldn’t do it if no one liked it. She jumped up grabbed my shoulders and carried me back down practically dropping me the last couple of feet before taking off again.

“If I find anyone, like, stole my nest it will NOT be a good day for you.” She called as she took back off for the bird room. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Monsters could seem so normal once you got past the whole, overwhelming sexual skill and pleasure part… or rather parts. I took maybe two steps and wham! My head slammed into a book shelf and I felt an unmistakably monsters figure push tightly against me. The unimaginable width of the hips and the deep fluff that accompanied them glued me into the monster that now held me before my dazed vision could clear.

“oooowww what was that for?” I groaned. The wererabbit was holding my wrists in a death grip completely unwilling to loosen up as she ground her rabbit half against my pelvis.

“Oh I’m sorry. Sorry! I just got so excited and you looked cute so I thought why not right? Were all used to monsters here surly a little stud like you wouldn’t mind right rightright? I saw you on TV, you run pretty fast for a human I’ll bet we could make the best babies ever but enough talk it’s time to fuck.” The exited rabbit girl blurted and. She shot in for a kiss and was stopped just an inch from my face.

Its hard to say what was happening exactly. Things were just moving way too fast for me to properly understand, Fauna falling asleep on me, the harpy dropping me like I was radioactive, the wererabbit attacking me. It didn’t occur to me till latter that I wasn’t really reacting to anything at all I was really just letting my self be swept along by the currents of the events. At this point I might as well have been a deaf, blind man. Sure I could smell the musk of old books and sex, a sent that lingered in every part of the school. Sure I could see the adorable and rather surprised look of the rabbit in front of me, and the growling that could only come from a wolf. But right then I was just so over loaded I couldn’t process anything. What happened next didn’t help me much either. As the wolf that yanked the now terrified Wererabbit off me was not Melody, but Vivian.

“You listen and listen well. This man belongs to Melody and Melody’s pack understand?” She growled at the trembling rabbit. The girl nodded, or at least a close to a nod as she could manage with her ears in a werewolfs death grip. “You’d best spread the word to your friends two. Austin is not on the menu, at the end of this the only girls he goes to are Melody and her pack.” Vivian said. She threw the rabbit and she took off, fast even for her spaces. Vivian turned to me.

“Ware’s Fauna she’s supposed to be on the library.” She said.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Vivian sighed.

“With the news coverage of our competition a lot of monster have made you their personal challenge. They plan to steal you away from two groups to show their power as a monster. Because of that we have put you under guard. Fauna was supposed to watch you in the library because she loves books so much.” Vivian said.

“Oh… well she, uhm… fell asleep.” I said. Vivian pinched the bride of her nose.

“Never in my life have I gone through so much trouble for a quick fuck from a virgin.” She said.

“You could just call this off.” I said. She shook her head.

“No it’s a matter of pride. Amanda can you take him?” She asked. Amanda appeared from around the corner as huge and fluffy as I remember her, and I have been dreading this moment.

“Shure I’ll take him back to my dorm. We have a bit to discuss anyway.” Amanda said. There was that moment of panic when the yeti reached out, grabbed me, and lifted me up into her arms as if I was little more than a large child.

“You’ll have to take the long way if you’re going to stay out of the hunt zone.” Vivian said. Vivian looked like she was in deep though about something. “And don’t play with him.” She added.

“I can’t promise that but he’ll still have his virginity if that’s what you mean.” Amanda said. I turned dark red, what the hell was she planning for me at her room? I wondered. Having been Amanda’s friend for many years I’ve been put through the ringer of sexual harassment from her. I have hugged her back, back when I didn’t know what that meant, and ever since then, even though she didn’t have sex with me, I have been the target of her lusts, affection, and sometimes frustration. Although we have never had sex that didn’t mean I haven’t spilt my fair share of seed at her hand, or paw.

In my time with her I’ve learned that she can rub you in just the right way just by walking around with you in her arms, don’t ask me how she does it I don’t know. The only way to avoid that was to curl up into a ball and let her take you away. Any struggling on your part and you’d find that somehow your pants have slipped and your member is grinding against her stomach with every step, and she was not above simply walking in circles until the grinding pushed you over the edge.

“Come on Austin lets go.” She said happily and she walked off with me in her arms. I wasn’t sure what to do. Amanda was the most dangerous one of the group. She could turn any kind of contact sexual.

“S-so Amanda you’ve grown a bit since I saw you last.” I said. Amanda blushed.

“Jezze its only been a couple of months and I even told you I’d be following you here soon as I made up those credits.” She said.

“U-uhm yeah I did mean to come say hi I was just-

“No its totally ok. I get it you had a job and a school with all of that you had very little time to do much else.” She said. One good thing about Amanda is if she says somethings fine she means it she doesn’t harbor anything. Although on the flip side even if she’s being friendly and happy, if she hasn’t said she forgives you or that things are fine your screwed.

“Well I’m glad were cool.” I said.

“Oh no. We’re not.” She said happily. My blood went cold. Amanda’s embrace deepened and I sunk in powerless to escape its depths. “I leave you alone for a few months and what do you do? You go and get claimed by a harem! Am I not good enough for you? All the girls you’ve attracted are really big breasted are mine not big enough for you?” She asked. She looked down as me as she walked. Her embrace was getting more and more comfortable; that’s how I knew I was so screwed. I’d be lucky if she only plays with me.

“And not only dose my cute little hubby go and get a harem but I had to find out through the harem members themselves asking me to join them in some twisted game to be the first one to stuff him in there pussies when I’m the one he promised himself too first!” She shouted the last bit. It was times like this that her true Yeti heat burst forth. A smooth and intoxicating warmth that could disarm the toughest of men. This was the very yeti warmth, that only appeared when Amanda was mad, that I’ve seen turn the head strong dark elves, a group that Amanda was friends with growing up, into crying wrecks as they spill all their pain and regrets into Amanda’s welcoming bosom. Literally crying into her chest as they choked out their secrets. Needless to say I was no match for it and the warmth washed over me and turned me to mush.

Amanda sighed as she looked at my limp form in her arms. She leaned in and sniffed me, her small nose twitching cutely as she sniffed my face.

“The cow kissed you.” She said. “Lucky you I like her, so I won’t make you pay too much for that.” She said. I forced myself out of the daze her warmth had put me in just enough to ask.

“W-what are you going to do?” I asked. She leaned in and kissed me. In my weakened state I was ripe for the taking. Her kiss blew through me making my whole body buzz with pleasure. Her wonderfully soft lips pushed against mine. Her tongue teasing every bit of mana my mouth had to offer.

“Mmmm~” She said. The kiss deepened her fluff was consuming me. I was never going to be able to find my way out, I would never be free. I thought for a few moments, then I found myself standing on my own feet swaying dangerously as Amanda opened the door to her dorm room. The lion’s den. If I went in there I was going to be forced to cum. She might not take my virginity but she had promised that much when she said I was going to pay. In the end however I had no choice in the matter. Amanda scoped her paw around me and pushed me in like I was an animal to timid to enter her cage.

“Come on we still need to talk about things.” She said. Lights clicked on and Amanda’s den was revealed to me. It was a small two room dorm, a small kitchen area shoved off into one corner a small bathroom door in another. There was no bed but there was a large cozy couch and opposite that a huge tv. “Go on sit down make yourself cozy.” Amanda said. I sat carefully onto the couch right at the end. Amanda looked at me a moment then picked me up moved me a few inches away from the arm rest and plopped down between me and the arm rest laying her huge thick thighs across my lap. The soft sensations right on my groin got blood moving.

“So about what I want to talk with you about.” Amanda started. She shifted a bit rubbing her legs against me. “This whole ordeal is all about who gets you put your baby maker in who’s pussy first. Fine whatever that’s cool. But when our team gets you, and we all know it will be Melody’s pack that wins, there’s going to be another ordeal. Because you have four girls and only one virginity.” She said. She shifted again then picked up a magazine and pretended to read it. On the cover was an advertisement for a breast dipper.

A breast dipper was a male suck toy that could be used for mamono who, for whatever reason, don’t get to suck their husband enough, or are going to be away for a while and don’t what their husband’s mana going to waste, or otherwise cheating on them. Breast dippers are little loli like things with breasts the size of a man’s head, the big head, what happens is the monster give the breast dipper her mana, this makes it so that only the monster who put it on can take it off, thus preventing their husbands from cheating. Then she puts it on the husband. The penis goes between the breasts, the legs of it wrap around the waist and special magic allow for the man to wear pants and hide it from others. While the monster can’t suck the man this artificial monster, with no real DM of its own, will subject the man to an endless paizuri milking out mana and storing it in the breasts. Then when the monster gets the chance she can take the dipper off the man drink the mana from the monsters nipples, mana kept fresh by magic in the dipper, and the man can go back to having his brains sucked out by his wife rather than the breast dipper. Actually it was common practice amongst some men to have one put on as a way to protect their virginity. As only the person who’s mana that matches the one who put it on can take it off, no monster can rape you while you ware one. That is assuming you can put up with the constant stimulation and the “weeeeee!” sound coming from your pants.

“I want you to know.” Amanda said drawing my attention away from the magazine add. “That I don’t have to have your virginity. I only need to have you. In the end your mine. So be ready, because I hold myself back for now but there will come a time when I don’t need to anymore and there will be no mercy.” Amanda said. She put the magazine down stuffed her hand between her legs and unzipped me. With a grin she fished out my raging errection and wrapped it snugly in her oversized paw. Her paw started massaging my member each one of her thick fluffy digits moving at a different time as her whole paw began bobbing up and down. Her paw was so big that when she stroked down the gentle fluff could cling to every bit of my member without leaving a single bit of it free to open air.

“If you cum quickly, and if you cum enough, I might let you sleep tonight.” Amanda teased. I struggled and squirmed under her legs trying to pry the soft limbs apart so that I might reach in and stop her paw from its assault but I wasn’t strong enough and the pleasure was quickly ebbing any at my strength. By the time I came into her paw I had gone limp. “That’s it, that’s it. Good boy.” Amanda teased as her paw squeezed me in time with my ejaculation as to keep it coming. “I’ll need every drop so don’t hold back.” She said. When the intensity of the prolonged orgasm finally knocked me out Amanas paw was no doubt filthy with my cum.