To wake up alone after what had happened to me last night was both a relief and a disappointment. As much as I tried to pretend otherwise it was a very pleasant thing to wake up in Amanda’s arms. It was like waking up in a fluffy mattress that could cuddle you.

But I found myself alone on the couch in Amandas dorm room. My pants around my ankles and shivering in the morning chill. One of the ways you could tell if Amanda like you was by how badly se teased you. Her friends might wake up from a long night of forced cuddle sex but their cloths would be on or folded and they would have a blanket. Me? I got the dusty couch and my belt tied around my ankles.

I pulled my clothes on the rest of the way. Stood up and stretched. Amanda was defiantly gone. The bathroom was empty, and the dorm was quiet. But she did leave me a rather nice looking breakfast of bacon and eggs on the table. Instead of being inside Amada was outside with Fauna, Melody, and Sara. As well as the rival pack and a small crowd on the outside perimeter, and Amanda was taking deep sniffs of her left paw and holding it for long moments.

“Amanda you’re driving me crazy! Are you a Grizzly or a Yeti?” Melody asked. Today melody had taken a page from Sara’s book squashing her breasts down as best as she could with a sports bra. And like Sara her cleavage refused to be contained pillowing up wherever possible and looking as soft and fluffy as ever.

“MMMmmmmmmmmm Today I’m a grizzly. I just can’t get enough of this strong sent. It lingers so sweetly.” Amana said.

“Wait what? D-did you-“ Amanda cut Melody off by Covering her face with her paw.

“Here Melody take a whiff.” She said. Melody’s face turned so red that it glowed. She struggled to pull Amanda’s paw off her face wiggling around for a while till her thighs started to glisten with her juices and she started trying to lick the paw. “Awwww so cute! But I already cleaned it hon I needed the cum for a little… experiment.” Melody whimpered and continued trying to lick my sent off Amanda’s paw.

“Fauna what some two!” Fauna shouted diving for Amanda’s legs and licking them all over.

“H-hey! What are you doing you l-l Hiiiiiiiii!” Amanda twitched and shuddered as Fauna started licking at her honey pot through her fluff bikini. There were several nose bleads in the crowd watching.

“T-TODAY IS AUSTIN’S BIRTHDAY!” Sara shouted stomping a hove. The silence that followed made Sara very nervous.

“Oh yeah I forgot about that.” Amanda said after a moment. “Well are we going to do something special? Or just business as usual?” She added to the dumb struck Melody. Vivian however was the one to speak up first.

“Hey I don’t care if it’s his birthday or not we have a hunt to finish!” She said.

“Ok fine but is an after party ok? Can we take Austin out on his birthday without you attacking or following us?” Amanda asked. Melody looked nervous.

“U-um h-hang on I-I don’t think I can go to a party tonight I-I have a t-thing.” She said. All eyes were on her.

“Im sorry?” Amanda said.

“I have a thing I can’t g-“

“Why are you avoiding Austin? Of all of us you’re the only one who hasn’t made an attempt to get closer to him. What gives?” Amanda said. Melody looked like she wanted to vanish were she stood. She even gave a dog like whimper.

“I-I’m a wolf all right?! I don’t have as much restraint as you. I-If I met Austin outside of a hunt… well there would be no need for this game anymore.” She said.

“There will be three of us there to hold you back if you lose control, and there’s always my way of reliving stress.” Amanda said. Melody turned bright red.

“A-and what the hell would that be?” She asked. Amanda smiled at her.

“W-we can have the party at my house if that’s ok?” Sara said. “I-I mean I can hang out with Austin for a wile and then make sure he ends up at my house. It’ll be fun. My uh- mothers will probably bother us a little but as long as we keep a close eye on them it should be fine. We can even sleep over… I mean only if everyone’s interested.”

Fauna smiled brightly at everyone. “Fauna what go! Sleep over at Sara’s House!” She said excitedly. The other girls thought on it for a bit.

“I guess I’m ok with this plan. But Sara, if you take another kiss from out boy I will milk your tits till you’re an A Cup Understand?” Amanda said. Sara was dark red and trembling, but managed a small nod.

“B-but I-I told you I um-“ Melody started.

“Now Melody Your going. And wile were there I’m sure we could help you get a little release. Without compromising the competition mind you.” Amanda added looking at Vivian.

“Oh don’t worry this competition is over one way or another today.” Vivian Promised. “In fact even if No one gets him today… Well I guess we’ll have to take that as our loss. He is after all yours.” She said. “Heh Cause I Just happen to have got us a secret weapon.” She said grinning evilly, though that grin only lasted a moment. Melody went pail.

“Vivian please tell me you didn’t.” Melody said. Vivian Grind.

“Our pack was one short sense you’ve left. Well I Guess there’s no point in hiding her anymore is there?” Vivian asked with a toothy grin. “You can come out.” She said. There was a moment of silence were nothing happened and no one came out. Vivian’s ears flattened to her head and her face turned dark red. “M-mistress it would honor us greatly if you would show yourself now.” She said.

“Vivian.” Melody said looking sad for her. “What have you done to your pack?” She asked. A hellhound walked around the corner. She wore dirty tattered punk cloths, and had that half shaved combed off to the side hairstyle dyed bright green. She had more piercings then a person should be allowed to have and a dark grin on her face.

“Vivian here did the best damn thing she could have possibly done. She went and got some real help, from a real wolf.” The Hellhound said.

“B-but Hellhounds are lone wolfs! Your kind doesn’t join packs!” Melody said looking terrified. The hellhound wagged a finger at Melody.

“Now now, our kind won’t be tamed, marshmallow. So if we join a pack we are the boss. Isn’t that right Viv?” She asked the rapidly shrinking Vivian.

“Vivian? You gave up alfa?” Melody asked. Vivian went to answer when-

“It wasn’t like she had much of a choice, I wasn’t going to be some stupid beta.” The Hellhound said. “Oh I also pulled out all the stops for this race here. Witches will drop basic block obstacles and everything. If we don’t catch this man today well… then your sorry lot deserves him them.” She said.

“A-are you even a student here?!” Melody asked.

“That was never in the rules.” The hellhound said. That’s when I came out of the dorm building. It was clear that things were tense. In fact, for a few moments no one even realized I had stepped out of the building. Then every pair of eyes was on me and I almost dropped a brick.

“Go time.” The Hellhound said licking her lips.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked. I wasn’t really given an answer as everyone jumped at me. I back stepped jumped into the wall and sprung up and over the lunging monsters intending to use a beta wolf as a midair spring board to get behind the mess. Unfortunately, such a maneuver is easier to watch in the movies then it is to preform, and we all know it’s just CG or kunoitchi doubles. I missed the beta wolf and crash-landed on the ground behind the tangled mass of monsters.

The crowd let out a cheer the monsters behind me cursed and ground and wrestled with one another and I got up and took off. I may have messed up but the confusion of what happened bought me enough time to escape. Or so I thought when several blocks of varying sizes grew in front of me.

“Shit!” I said. I reacting on instinct. The first block I came to was waist high. So I planted my hand swung my legs over and landed perfectly, A vault. The next block was just taller than I was, so I ran at it jumped and used the jumps momentum to pull me up. Soon as my feet were planted on top of the block I leapt to the next block witch was higher up then this one. Then I dropped tucked and rolled with the landing preserving my momentum the whole time, I never slowed down. I did however risk a glace behind me.

Fauna’s face was so damn close. Her arms were outstretched her face glowing with excitement. I dropped and she shot over me. Of course she would have kept up she can fly it’s not like something can trip her up when she can fly. Behind her it was a flower of death blooming around the blocks. The hellhound and Amanda seemed to have made it a personal race between the two, and as tall as Amanda was the hellhound was just as tall. They were climbing up over the walls following me directly. Beta wolfs, Sara, Vivian, and Melody poured out around he blocks around them. The gates of hell.

I took off again at full tilt running past the poor confused Fauna who had just managed to slow down and turn around. She immediately stated trying to turn around again as I passed her. Blocks were popping up left and right. Sometimes the shapes were right and I could go over them other times I was pushed in a new direction. Parkour is all about getting through with as little effort as possible. I turned down an ally of blocks. It looked like the witches were getting frustrated with me as they had just funneled me into a dead end. The packs were coming I didn’t have time to back track.

Emily never taught me this trick but I figured I had to try. I leaped into a wall and pushed off toward the other wall, It actually worked, most of the way up. The higher I got though the more tired I got. It takes a lot of endurance to do this and all that running beforehand hadn’t helped, plus the blocks were big and likely heavy but they were not bolted down or anything. So when I reached the top, or as close to it as I could get, the block tilted wildly and fell with me still on it.

It landed with an ear splitting smash that got the observing crowd to go silent. The closet monsters to the fallen block covered their sensitive ears and looked absolutely disoriented. I wasn’t faring much better than them, being right on top of the damn thing. I struggled to my feet and wobbled toward the crowd. The edge of the hunting ground. No more blocks popped up, no more tricks. I just had to make it to the edge of the hunting grounds and I was home free.

I knew the packs were on my tail recovering and taking off at full speed. I was more falling forward then running the crowd actually parted for me there was a heart stopping moment when I was almost there and then I was over the line I was safe, for two seconds. Something grabbed my color and yanked me back into the hunting grounds roughly enough to nearly crush my windpipe.

“Got ya you little rat. No were to scurry off to this time.” The hellhound growled.

“Hey! He got away! He was over the line!” One of the beta wolves shouted as she caught up.

“You think I give a shit? I said I’d catch him and I don’t give a shit about any boundary’s!” She said. The others were catching up now two. This hellhound stunk, like cheap smokes and stale beer, a sent I was only aware of because she was holding me so tight my ribs were throbbing and getting ready to give. The werewolf saw this and tried to help but the hellhound wasn’t having it.

“Back the fuck off bitch!” She said backhanding the wolf. The others had caught up Vivian gingerly helped up the wolf. Even the crowd was booing and angry, to the point where the hellhound looked nervous. Vivian stepped up.

“This competition is over! We forfeit!” Vivian said a deep and dangerous growl in her voice.

“No I- Look virgin boy is right here! I got him!” The hellhound said now looking nervous. The booing of the crowd got louder. Vivian repeated herself loud and clear.

“WE FORFIT!” She shouted. The hellhound turned to me furry in her flaming eyes.

“My name is Ella, and you will be my little bitch soon.” She said before she dropped me and ran off on all fours. The crowd cheered. For a moment I was filled with glee. I’d been saved from a hellhound. Then I fully relised the gravity of the situation. Vivian had forfeit the match. There was no longer any reason for Melody, Fauna, Sara, or Amanda to hold themselves back, not that Amanda was really trying to hold herself back in the first place.

I looked at them from my spot on the floor. It looked like it hadn’t fully sunk in yet they had won. I got up and tried to vanish but Sara was faster.

“Oh Austin wait up!” She said grabbing my arm. She started pulling me along toward the city. “Come on I got us a whole day planed out!” She said gleefully.

“W-well yeah but I have to go to work Sara.” I said. No! Escape! Get away from her, death by breasts!

“That’s ok ill handle it!” Sara said gleefully. She pulled out a cellphone and made a call. “Hello? Ms. Boss? Yeah hi it’s Sara. Me and Austin are going to take the day off today, it’s a special occasion.” She said dragging me along the whole time. “Oh no that’s not ness- well ok if you insist.” Sara said hanging up.

“Ms. Boss gave us the week.” She said. “Come on were going to miss the buss!” Sara said excitedly. Perhaps it was because she had a death grip on my arm right now but the normal timid cow I’ve grown used to was no were to be seen. She seemed exited and confident and I couldn’t think strait with her breasts hugging my arm. “Man it feels so good to be able to do this.” Sara said as we hurried onto the buss and took our seats.

“What t-taking a bus ride?” I asked. Why is it I only get this nervous when Sara grabs me? Sara shook her head.

“No This.” She said giving my arms a squeezes. “When I hold you like this, especially when my boobs can touch you, I always feel so wonderful, so confident. Like anything is possible, like I could even stand up to Amanda.” Sara said. The buss started to roll. “But you’re just the opposite aren’t you?” She asked. I was sitting in the window seat she had the isle I was tricked somehow, so when she leaned into me I had no were to go. “When my girls are against you, you get so timid and shy. It’s so cute it makes me want to do it more, and it makes me feel so special because you don’t tremble like this for the other girls do you?” She asked. She was so close now. He faces was to close. “For me you tremble, In Amanda’s arms you shrink, well most of you shrinks right? In Faunas arms… I’ll bet that little fluff ball relaxes you so much you go limp. And in Melody’s arms, well I’ve felt her touch myself, she’s a melter, I’ll bet she makes you feel like your melting away.” She was growing closer and closer by the moment. She was going to kiss me again, and I was trembling to much, I was too far under her spell to resist.

Rather than kissing me she merely pecked the bridge of my nose with her lips. A sensation that made my nose tickle presently.

“I’ve been forbidden from kissing you on our date today. Amanda is really intimidating even when she’s threatening pleasure.” Sara said. I was coming out of it. The immediate danger seemed to have passed.

“Y-yeah. But she’s a big softy. Never hurt anything in her life. Even when she was being bulled in school she didn’t hurt anyone even though she could have easily.” I said.

“How did you get a girl like that interested in you?” Sara asked. She had let me go for the time being so I wasn’t trembling or stuttering anymore.

“Well my parents were friends with her so we hung out a lot. Eventually we started going to the same school and everything.” I said.

“So typical childhood friend romance?” Sara asked.

“Hardly. More like sibling rivalry in the beginning. We weren’t related by blood but we were almost family. So we tormented each other for the longest time. One day the bulling at school got a little too much for her. I found her crying and well, I comforted her.” I said.

“You hugged her?” Sara asked. I nodded.

“I didn’t know at the time you see… That didn’t stop her from hugging me for about an hour after that, and declaring herself my wife.” I said. The city was rolling by outside and I still had no idea what was in store for me. “Sara where are we going?” I asked.

“Well I thought we would hit a movie, maybe an arcade then just wanders around the city, oh and then when it’s starting to get late we would head to my house.” Sara said happily. “Like a date.” She added.

“People kiss on dates Sara, and you just told me you’re not aloud.” I said. Sara turned dark red.

“Well it’s not a matter of if I’m not aloud it’s a matter of whether or not I’m willing to pay up for it.” She said looking away. “Why did you want to kiss me?” She asked her face got close again as she leaned into me her breasts gushing against my arm once more.

“D-did you h-have any more questions about the others?” I asked trying so hard not to look into her bottomless blue eyes.

“Yes I do! Fauna. What gives? I mean your mana gives off a more earthen sent, not farm boy earthen but still. Beast men match you so how did you get Fauna?” Sara asked.

“Fauna was my physics tutor. And a close friend in Ms. C’s mamono anatomy class.” I said.

“Who back up. Fauna is your physics tutor? How does that work out?” She asked.

“Fauna is a wiz when it comes to reading and numbers. She has a small speech impediment that I think she uses just to sound cuter but she’s probably the smartest among you girls. Book wise of course.” I said. Sara looked dumb founded.

“A Mothman going to collage was impressive enough but for her to be so smart that she is your physics tutor… but that still doesn’t explain why she likes you.” Sara said.

“Well according to her Mothmen don’t care about mana smell it’s all about the light a person gives off. She just said that she liked my light one day and a few days ago when she joined Melody’s pack I learned she really liked me.” I said.

“Hmmmm I guess that makes sense from a monsters stand point. What about Melody? I mean I know she used to be in Vivians pack. I know that she left Vivians pack because she caught you and Vivian made her let you go. But do you know where she started to like you?” Sara asked. I shrugged.

“You got me there. Honestly I never really spoke to her much, I knew her from a few classes and obviously I knew her from Vivian’s virgin hunt but other than that we never spoke much. I didn’t even know she liked me till she… got a hold of me on a hunt. Alright your turn spill it.” I said. Sara turned red again.

“M-me? Y-you know when I started to like you! It was when you forgot your cologne!” She said turning red.

“Really? You caught one whiff of me and said I was the one?” I asked. Sara looked guilty.

“No…” She said. There was a long silence.

“Come on you can do it.” I offered.

“I-I mean… I got a job at one of my mom’s shops so that I could meet boys. It wasn’t like I needed the pocket change or anything... Well you already worked at the shop when I started remember? I really didn’t think much of you at the time. But over time I started to think you were kinda cool though I could never, for some reason, really get into you like a monster should. Then one day when I was cleaning the men’s bathroom, don’t give me that look you knew Ms. Boss turns off the protective charm at night for cleaning, I found a shirt that you had forgotten.” Sara started to fidget in her seat next to me. I noted how she was being very careful not to touch me at this point.

“I-it had your real sent on it but it was so faint. I only got a little before it faded altogether. But I was hooked. For the next few weeks I was trying so hard to get close enough to you with ought you noticing so that I could see if that was what you really smelt like. A-and then…” She was really red now.

“And then I forgot the cologne that hides my sent from holsterus.” I supplied.

“I almost raped you the moment the sent touched my nose. I finally had a real fix on your mana even now just smelling you makes me wild and if I focus on it for too long I start to lose control.” Sara said fidgeting with herself.

“Sara you going to be all right?” I asked.

“Y-you know Amanda said I wasn’t allowed to kiss you but she said nothing about you kissing me. W-would you help a poor girl find relief?” She asked puckering up and closing her eye’s. Oh this isn’t going to end well for me is it?