How do most people start telling you their story? Well most people establish the setting, right? Well to establish the setting id have to know where I am. And right now, I haven't got a clue where I am. Giant mushrooms tower over me on one side, on the other trees no higher than my knees line the other side of the path. It’s been a while since I've gone anywhere though. I've been to busy trying to figure this out. If I walked across the path toward the mushrooms they were bigger than me. If I walked toward the trees the mushrooms shrank and the trees grew bigger then me. I’d been here for hours trying to figure something out when a voice giggled and asked with a whimsical and mischievous tone.

                "So witch, is it? Are the trees bigger? Or are the mushrooms bigger?" It asked. I spun around trying to find the source of the voice but whatever had spoken was no were to be seen. The voice that sounded like a girl’s voice could be hidden in the now small mushrooms or the now huge trees. If it was a monster I could be in trouble. If there ever was a place to meet a mind bending monster it would be in a place a loopy as this one. I gave myself a moment to collect my thoughts and then I fell back on a tried and true method of monster survival, confuse the hell out of them.

                "Who cares about the trees and mushrooms, how big am I?" I asked. It seemed like that was the key to this whole thing as soon as I said that the trees and the mushrooms were both the same size and it was as if a warped lens had been removed from my eyes.

                "Awwww poop. You knew this trick already?" A voice said from a tree branch. Nervously I stole a glace. A monster to be sure, only a monster’s skin could be so smooth it glowed, and only a monster could hold a look of supposed innocence on her face and still make a man lust for her. The grinning cat girl jumped down from the tree and was gone before she hit the floor. "I must say that was clever though. Are you already aware of the way wonderland works? Or did you just get lucky?" Her voice said circling around me. Off in the distance I heard another voice.

                "Veronica this is the fourth time you've dragged me around this silly forest man hunting. I'm very afraid that if I don't place a man between my legs soon I'll have to settle for raping you instead." The voice had a slight English accent and sounded so smooth and normal even when she talked about raping someone.

                "I'm telling you there's a boy here I can feel it. Ohhhh~ my fathers are all in a puff. It’s been a while since I've sensed a single man." I backed away from the voices and into the cat girls arms.

                "Awww you don't want to stay and play?" She asked wrapping her arms around me and squishing her body against mine. She shoved her paws between my legs and started groping. "At least let me pop a feel." She said.

                "H-hey! Paws off!" I shouted twisting in her grasp. She vanished but her paws stayed continuing to rub and grope my crotch.

                "Bonus points for the pun. I’d say you’re a solid 7 defiantly a bunny kind of guy." She said up in a tree branch. I was stunned by the soft fluffiness of her paws but I did manage to swat them off and take off running.

                "Good luck lover boy." The cat called after me her paw wavering at me from the ground. I ran as fast and as hard as I could and the path around me quickly started to narrow. Getting tighter and tighter. I took one corner to fast and slammed into her. The rabbit girl. We bounced off one another and landed on the path.

                "Outchies!" She said. When I got a good look at her I was almost frozen in place. As I would latter learn about all her kind she had bright pink fur on her rabbit legs, on which she was kneeling. She had matching pink hair that was long and smooth and flowing, and big pink floppy bunny ears sticking out the top. All she wore was a fluffy peach sweeter and a carrot on a string she wore as a necklace, however even with the loose thick sweeter her humongous breasts raged against their confines stretching the fabric to its limits. But the most horrifying part of all was when she turned to look at who she had bumped into she saw me and her irises changed shape to that of little hearts.

                "Are you ok?" She asked leaning forward toward me on her hands and knees. Now in a panic there is no human who could ever manage to say the right thing, but honestly how was I supposed to know? As I scrambled up I shouted the first swear that came to mind.

                "Fuck!" And the bunny girl took that as an invitation. Excitement filling her eyes.

                "OK!!!" She shouted leaping at me. I just barley managed to avoid being tackled to the ground. I took off again the bunny girl wasting no time in chasing me. And she was much faster.

                "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I shouted now completely freaked out.

                "I'm trying I'm trying! Just hold still!" She shouted. She would have caught me already but in her altered mental state she was in no condition to keep up with my sudden stops, turns, and twists and I kept dishing them out. Still she was easily twice as fast as the guy twice as fast as me and with each swipe of her exited hand she drew closer to her prize. There was no way out of this. I saw a danger sign and leapt for it. The bunny stopped looking at the sign and then me paralyzed on the spot just behind it. For a long moment, nothing happened. So, to scrambled off deeper into the area.

                "No not in there that's mellow marsh!" The bunny girl called after me. She looked antsy like she wanted desperately to come after me but kept looking at the sign and stopping herself. In the end as I rounded a tree and she was lost from sight I caught a glance of her jittery pacing in front of the sign looking worried.

                I pushed on. The sign said danger but if I could escape that girl in here for even a while it had to be safer, right? As I pushed on more signs began to appear. 'Cation mellow marsh' and 'stay on the marked path' and other fun things that make the skin crawl. The marked path was a thin stone walk way. The surrounding area was patches of dirt in what looked like pure Wight liquid marshmallows. This alone isn't very scary but what was in the marshmallows was quite disturbing.

                People, plants, and animals, all long dead all stuck or mostly buried in the marshmallow. In various poses of desperation. Some of the bodies were clawed up a tree, and still helpless to the marsh goo. Still clinging to the trunk in desperation. It was horrifying. But the gut wrenching bit was when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

                "H-hello? B-boy? W-we really shouldn't be in here." It said nervously. The bunny girl had followed me in here? She wanted me that bad? "C-come out please." She said. I kept moving. I didn't run, something about this place said that was a bad idea. It was when I came up to a particularly gnarly seen in the marsh, one skeleton trying desperately to push himself up and out of the goo wile three others held him in from the waist, that's when she found me.

                "T-there you are!" Listen we shouldn’t be here its dang-" Her paw slipped off the narrow path for just a moment and the marsh came alive splashing against her lower bunny half and yanking her to the ground.

                "Kaaaaaaaa! It’s got me it’s got me! Help!!!" She cried clawing at the ground as the marsh pulled her in toward deeper pools. I might be on the run but I'm not an ass hole. I couldn't let her just die. I ran over.

                "Grab on!" I shouted. Grabbing her under the pits. She grabbed my shoulders and I pulled hard, only to meat no resistance what so ever. The marsh around us vanished into regular forest. The group of skeletons turned into three monsters violently sucking off a man. And I ended up flat on my back with the bunny girl giggling on top of me. Once again I had the feeling that a lens had been removed from my eyes.

                "You saved me! You saved me!" The bunny girl shouted hugging me tight. "I knew you were just playing hard to get! Come on its time for your reward!" She said with glee. Her sweet looking face moved in her eyes closed her lips puckered.

                "N-" I started to protest but was instantly cut off. Her lips were soft. Her fur was so fluffy. Everything about her was amazing. Just like I always imagined a monster girl to be like. Her sent was like strawberries, it so intoxicating. Her skin was soft and smooth with just enough texture that every brush every light touch felt so wonderfully amazing, and she was warm.

                "Mmmmm you taste so good." She said. She slipped down low pulling my pants off and reveling my member to her.

                "W-what no!" I shouted trying to struggle up. The bunny girl quickly started stroking me hard the pleasure of her hand was paralyzing.

                "Uh ah you said you wanted this no take backsees." The bunny girl teased as my member grew to full length. She looked at it with pure ravenous hunger then moved in taking the tip into her mouth with a little humph sound. The sensation that followed robed me of the strength to do anything. She started by simply sucking on the glands, that was it just the tip, sucking and licking what was inside her mouth. But as time wore on she hungrily put more into her mouth. Bobbing her head a little deeper with every stroke, seeming to so desperately want what was already in her mouth that she seemed to be cuddling my whole crotch. Her massive bosom pillowing my balls.

                By the time I was ready to blow she was swallowing the whole thing with every bob violently milking my prick like it was a popsicle. When I couldn't take it anymore and came she buried her face and swallowed over and over again sucking out every burst every throb of my dick with added force. She didn't even wait for the first orgasm to be over before she leapt forward and shoved me deep into her pussy.

                "Sooo good." She said as she shook her hips pounding my pelvis. I was barley a participant here. Her hips violently rocking her pussy squeezing so tight it would have been painful if it didn't feel so good, and when I was pushed over the limit it was as if she knew herself locking up and holding me in deep as if to climb every drop of my cum for herself.

                "P-please slow down." I said.

                "k." She answered. She laid down on top of me and started grinding her hips against me. Slowly, teasingly, with so still so much stimulation. Her legs held me so tight I was locked in, not that I could go anywhere even if she wasn't holding me like this.

                "Please n-no more." I said.

                "Yeah more more more." She said starting to speed back up. I just kept cumming and cumming and she never stopped moving. Thus my new life as a citizen of wonderland began.