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  • I live in USA Florida
  • I was born on March 18
  • I am Male
  • Safnar

    Monster School (Part 6)

    April 19, 2016 by Safnar

    Maybe it was the extremely eager Kobold at my left but Sara was glued to me. Even if I got her to stop leaning against me so I could focus on what the professor was saying her tail would gently hook onto my hip or rub my thigh. It wasn’t even like pup was doing much, the girl was very obedient. After Mrs. Sue had yelled at her pup had not done anything disruptive, though that’s not to say she sat entirely still. The girl was a little hipper, fidgeting in her seat gazing all over the room as her attention wandered. One or two times Mrs. Sue called on pup to repeat something she had said when it looked like pup had taken more of an interest in rolling her pencil around the table rather than lessening. But pup managed to repeat word for word …

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  • Safnar

    Monster School (part 5)

    March 31, 2016 by Safnar

    I passed on the extra training choosing instead to get to my dorm as soon as humanly possible and double check all my fortifications. However on my way down the hall to my dorm room I was ambushed… by friends. Ele, Ele’s boyfriend (I really should learn his name some time), Catrina, Eric, Stilla, and Mecx were all there waiting for me. A moment of silence passed among the central group and then I spoke.

    “Is this an intervention? Cause I swore in not on drugs.” I said.

    “I told you something like this would happen if you didn’t get a girlfriend soon.” Ele said. Her school girl uniform was a little small and revealing for her form.

    “No you didn’t.” I said simply.

    “Yes I did! I specifically remember it was w-“

    “Hon, you told me, a few days ago when…

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  • Safnar

    Monster School (part 4)

    March 2, 2016 by Safnar

    Breathe, calm down. You can’t go through a monster filed city with arousal like this it’ll be the sex of you. (Ha ha another pun…. I’m a bad person). The store room was pretty safe from the other monsters. No one really came back here unless they had someone with them, mostly because it was hard to man hunt in a room that was normally empty.

    When I finally had cooled enough I went back inside, strait to the bathroom with my locker in it and retrieved my bag putting my hat away. Boom id officially clocked out. Mrs. Boss has the hats enchanted to send her system a report as to when they were being worn. In other words as long as I wore my hat I was clocked in. It was also why she flipped out when I didn’t have my hat because that meant she ha…

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  • Safnar

    Monster School (part 3)

    February 16, 2016 by Safnar

    Part 3

    For the second time in the same day I found myself in a very confused daze. First Melody, the quiet shy girl of the Virgin hunters who has on more then one occasion spared me herself. Then Fauna the friendly mothman who I had counted as one of my closest friends. Very deep, very lustful, feelings for me.

    I could see my ability to support myself in the future being milked away but my two very horny wives. Could I support them and myself? Or would they support me? I shook my head to clear it and walked around a purple wet floor sign careful not to touch any of the just barely noticeable threads that hung loosely from the sealing.

    I mean why me? I knew I had always been kind to them, probably kinder then some of the other single guys in t…

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  • Safnar

    Monster School (part 2)

    February 10, 2016 by Safnar

    “All right Americas coolest Monster vids. My name is Zack filming from over in Silverwood University home of the Werewolves Owoooooooooo! I’m sending you this vid as part of your compation to find the coolest monster hunts around the country!-“ The camera jossals around a bit till it shows Dorm building-c’s entrance. Then moves back to the young over exited face of the boy. “Within those Dorms is one gnarly dude. He’s out run a pack of werewolves every day for the past 2 months! Oh there’s one now up in the tree!” The camera turns to view a typical werewolf, athletic build darkly colored fur, wearing a denim jacket as she stared transfixed on the Dorm building.

    “This is a member of a gang notorious around this campus called the virgin hunte…

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