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  • I live in USA Florida
  • I was born on March 18
  • I am Male
  • Safnar

    Monster school (part 1)

    February 6, 2016 by Safnar

    How long has it been since the merge took place? 9 years? 10? I hear in the early days of the merger it was every man for himself and every woman for her man. I heard that most of the chaos was due to the trade. Scientists figured it out later but when the dimension the monster girls came from and ours touched, a touch brought on by their use of a magic catalyst, there was a trade. Because matter can neither be created or destroyed in a dimension when the monsters came through there was an equal trade off in human population.

    Families were decimated, governments without politicians (YAY), army’s without generals. The mass confusion spurred on by the sex happy monsters lead to an all-out apocalypse. Heavy blows were dealt, new lines were dra…

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  • Safnar

    "Gentle" Vampire

    January 19, 2016 by Safnar

    I was brought to the Ring Mountains by a group of lousy bounty hunters! Human bounty hunters are leading me to my doom. Throwing me in a pit of monsters! FOR A FEW LOUSY COINS! Not for the first time on the trip I threw a useless punch through the bars of my cage and not for the first time it missed the man I had aimed it at my a hairs breath.

    “SHIT!” The man said jumping away from me. “This basterds reach gets longer every swing!” The man said. He had a huge smile on his face though. I had managed to clock one of them when they first put me in here. He now walked at the back of the caravan a huge black eye shone on his face. All right maybe it wasn’t so much a punch as I grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him into the bars of the cage a f…

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  • Safnar


    Succubus announcer: Hiya everybody. It sure is a bright and beautiful day here in the bright green demon realm of Northstone! For those of you who are alarmed that your magic quill has started righting all on its own don’t fret this is your free subscription to the MAMONOLIMPICS! *Trumpet’s sound* I know you might be wondering what the Mamonolimpics are. Well we monsters heard of your humans Olympics as a physical test of the best of the best in sports and other activity’s and we thought gee we can do that two it sounds like FUN!

    Manticore Announcer: That’s right Linda it does sound like fun. Now the grand opening was yesterday and it was a group demonstration of black mass brought to you by Sabbath. And let me tell you WHAT a …

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  • Safnar

    The ghouls marking

    July 28, 2015 by Safnar

                    Fight a ghoul. That’s what I was told. Like oh no its no big deal your just a small time solder with no equipment besides his sword and I was supposed to take on a level 2 undead. On top of it wall the whole area had the undead realm curse. Rotted trees, dark squishy moldy earth and a strange smell that hung in the air that although not unpleasant still reminded one of flowers on a grave or the scent of a funeral home.

                     I hated it here but I couldn’t leave until I had the head of the ghoul to give to my commander. The round squished under my boots the air was filled with the sound of monsters unseen wandering in the dark fogy reassess of my vision. There was a ghost of a giggle to my right a disembodied whisper…

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  • Safnar

    Pg 11 Lela's first

    June 2, 2015 by Safnar

    1 Zombies in the forest

                    I sprinted through the woods a cracking bat in my hand. I’d made it out of the city when the strange monsters attacked. I’d survived when that big reptilian snake woman smashed my car and ran off with the soldier who had come to help. But now? Now they were everywhere. The shuffling corpses. Moaning like girls in heat. I could see there shadows. They were all over the place. One of the zombies stepped out of the shadows holding her arms up reaching out for me. I panicked and swung nailing the side of the zombies head and sending her down. She was well preserved for a corps her pail skin didn’t have much flesh and there was no smell of rot in the air like one would expect a rotting corps to have.


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