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  • I was born on March 18
  • I am Male
  • Safnar

    Im in Your Hands

    May 21, 2015 by Safnar

                    “I was framed!” I shouted over and over again. “Why would I kill her! I had no reason to!” I shouted at the men holding my arms and to the high and mighty judge of the town. I didn’t like him, the people didn’t like him, but he had the backing of the church. If we didn’t take his words and orders we would be branded as heretic’s and thrown out of town.

                    “Enough! I find you guilty of murder, your punishment is to be imprisonment in the Ring Mountain, along with a monster.” He declared. “And may it devour you quickly.” He said darkly. The Ring was literally a circle of unclaimable mountains with a small flower filled meadow in its center. The inside was riddled with caves containing trolls, manticores, Ushi-oni, a…

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  • Safnar

                    My village has a tradition unlike any other. To ensure the population of our village we all pair up at an early age. When we pair up we present to one another our mana crystals. These crystals are not to unlike Demon realm stones only we use our own condensed mana to make them. Starting them is the hardest part. Too start one you must focus and pressurize your mana in a small space for a long time. When it starts you might only get a little pebble barely the size of a sand grain. But as you work on it as you slowly add layer after layer of mana to it, it gets bigger and bigger.

                    My mana crystal was the size of a coin. Small compared to others but very very dense. And like all mana crystals it was a color that re…

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  • Safnar

    The sandworm's man

    April 7, 2015 by Safnar

    (I thought i might try something new. Experiment with my style and see if i can be indiret and still give you all the good stuff. Please please please tell me what you think in the comments.)

                    I had to keep moving. I had to keep pushing against the harsh sandy wind. It was still after me. It had followed me in this deep. Why was it so persistent? Why couldn’t it just leave me alone? But even as I thought these things even as I tried to keep my eyes forward and shield my face against the heavy grains of sand that were pelting me I could hear the sand behind me shifting as it moved toward me. I broke into a run a desperate run to escape.

                    This continued for hours. Every time I thought I had finally put enough distan…

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  • Safnar

    Mamono Self defence

    March 28, 2015 by Safnar

    There are many ways to Avoid, Escape, and precent capure from a mamono. I was going to Make an entire book catigory on things to do for spacifik mamono and basik self defence but will all the reasent changes to the wiki i have no idea how to do that and all help on it so far has been vage and unhelpfull. I was also going to make it on how to escape only and i was going to encourage my readers to try not to hurt or kill. But a sertan Succubuss and a few otheres have recently pissed me off greatly so im going to share with you all a few tricks on how to dispatch Monsters with almost no effort.

    Ironickly enough a mamonos grates wepon is there gratest weakness. All you need to kill most of then is a sharp knife and to know were to put it. Repti…

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  • Safnar

    Negotiations (Part two)

    March 19, 2015 by Safnar

                    Max was uneasy. Sure the attention was on the boy, the poor kid, but he sat closest to the hero’s and unlike the monsters who gave off a pleasant comforting aura the air around the hero’s was hot and thick with tension.

    “What?” snapped Aries. Why was she always so pissed?

    “Oh nothing I was just figuring out what mamonos I would turn you all into while the new kid figured out who we were.” The lilim said she pointed at each of the Hero’s in turn starting with Styla. “Orc” She pointed at Aris. “Oger.” Then at Trill. “Elf.” All three girls looked enraged.

    “Its ok boy take your time settle in we are in no hurry to start yelling.” Keven said to the boy. He looked like had rather be anywhere then near that panda girl how kept looking…

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