An Icy Queen

->Takes Place in Medieval Times<-


With careful steps I walked on. Ploughing through the snow was harder than I have ever experienced before. The raging blizzard blocked my eyesight almost completely, and despite the mask that covered my mouth and nose, it felt like they were both freezing off my face. The village elders gave me the thickest and warmest robes they could make, and luckily my neighbour’s wife was able to make the my clothes completely waterproof. She was an Arachne and her silk made the finest clothes in the village, but to fully block out the cold was beyond even her abilities. And so I walked on, each hour as far as I could, and whenever I would find a cave to take shelter in, I would seize that opportunity with both hands.


The cold became more and more intense by the hour, and the snow piled up so high, even I had to push it aside with my arms and hands. I was taller than most in my village, but this snow seemed unnatural. As if an inhuman force was trying to keep me at bay…. And I knew that this feeling was correct. A powerful force was indeed keeping me at bay, and that force was the exact reason why I have to go this far…. And even further.

A large shadow appeared in front of me. Through the snow I could hardly see it, yet due to the blackness of the mountainous walls it was visible enough. I searched desperately for an entrance, trying to get out of this snow storm as fast as possible.

“Who goes there?” a voice came from the air.

Unable to answer I limped on, the cold grasping at my very heart, until I saw a figure in front of me.


Her skin and hair made it almost impossible to see her in the storm, because both were icy blue, her hair slightly darker than her skin. She held a spear in her hand, tipped with an icy crystal, and she looked at me with a look that showed no disdain, but neither did it show pity. She was a Glacy.

“I ask again… who goes there?”

“M-m-my n-name is…. K-k-k-klemmas,” I answered as best I could, but my jaws would not stay still in the freezing cold. “I-i-I hav-v-ve come to-ooo see the Q-q-queen….. n-n-neeed h-h-her help.”

Luckily she did not ask more questions and she lead me to a doorway into the mountainside.


Inside the cold was not any less cruel than outside, but at least there was no wind or snow, and it made it slightly more bearable. I found myself in a large icy hallway that lead deep inside the mountain, and large pillars made out of pure ice held up a stone ceiling. A few more Glacies were positioned near the entrance and all of them looked at me with a questioning look and two whispered something to each other.

The one that escorted me lead me further into the mountain, following the large hallway until it reached a massive staircase. Just like everything else it was made purely out of ice, and icy statues were made on every other step. At the top of the stairs I saw a massive door.

The Glacy said nothing as she walked in front of me. Her hair hung in two long tails behind her head, and almost stroked past the steps. Her icy armour was highly revealing, exposing almost her entire back and front. Only her sides and breasts were covered along with her waist. Her arms and legs were mostly covered, yet not enough to say that it was modest. I had heard of them before. Beings of ice that serve the queen of Ice. They don’t feel cold, as they are beings of cold.


The enormous doors opened as we neared them and behind them lay a massive hall, bigger than my entire village. Pillars of unimaginable strength and size held up an arced ceiling from which chandeliers hung. There were dozens of beings present, yet most of them were Glacies. Yet here and there I also saw humans. Humans that stood beside them, a hand on their shoulders or hips, holding them close as if they were lovers. I even saw how two had their bodies entwined while he pushed her against a pillar and drove his tongue into her mouth.

What is happened to them? I thought to myself. Taken by some dark curse, forcing them into slavery? Enslaved by and to the Glacies by the queen that rules this place?

I did not want to know. I wanted to get out of here as fast as I could, but I knew I had to see my mission through first. I could not fail, as everyone back home was counting on me. I knew I had to see the queen and beg her for help. Only she could help now.


At the end of the hall, is saw a throne. It was at least ten times bigger than I could have imagined and it had at least twenty steps before one could reach the throne. And on that throne I saw her. The Ice Queen herself.

She sat quietly. So quietly I almost thought she was a statue. Her hair was long and blue. A face that was perfect… mature, yet not terribly so, with eyes that were of such a deep blue, that they almost looked purple. Her skin was flawless and the same type of icy blue as the Glacies, who were clearly created in her image, yet somehow it seemed almost to glow. She wore a long robe or dress which was made out of countless ice crystals, and hundreds of small figures and imagery were made in it. A crown like a tiara adorned her head, keeping her long hair from falling over her face. Her arms were covered in the blue dress and on her wrists I saw a bracelet in the shape of a snowflake, on both wrists a different one. In her hand she held a long sceptre, with an image of a snowflake as its crown.

As soon as I had entered the hall I was aware of her presence, but now I felt something different come over me. A new type of cold that was painful on the skin, but agony for the heart. It felt like an icy fist had grabbed my heart to squeeze any and all feelings from it, like all hope was lost.

The Glacy kneeled before the throne and as soon as she did, the queen opened her eyes and stared at me. Her gaze alone forced me to my knees, not as a kneel, but as a sapping of my strength.

“My queen.” The Glacy said and I could see how she trembled.

Does even she feel the cold of the queen?

“This human was found outside, my queen. He wishes to speak to you.”

The Ice Queen looked down on me, and I could feel her gaze piercing my clothes, skin and heart and I looked down to the floor. She nodded and the Glacy gestured me to stand up and speak.

“I-I am here o-on behalf of T-t-taki Village,” I started, and I could feel the chills down my body as the queen looked at me. “F-for weeks we h-have been caught in a m-m-massive snowstorm. A-all our food is g-gone. B-before long our young-ones will f-freeze to death. I-I have b-been sent to ask f-f-for mercy. P-please….. stop t-t-the cold in o-our village.”

The queen showed no emotion or compassion. Her cold stare pierced everything that I was and I fell to my knees. The hall had become silent, and the Glacies and few humans now looked at the queen.

“I understand your predicament.”

Her voice was calm and emotionless. Cold like the frost itself, yet deeper than a lake frozen over. She grabbed her sceptre and stepped off her throne. “I have seen that your village is at the fringes of my realm, and you mean no harm to any of my subjects. You are good neighbours indeed…. And I am willing to help.”

Her words said that she took pity on us, yet her voice felt the opposite, like she could not care less.

“I will send a few of my Glacies to your village, and they can help to stay off the storm.”

I knew this could help, but I also knew it would not be enough.

“Please… no,” I uttered and I rose to my feet again. My body had a will of its own in this unbearable cold, yet I walked toward the queen. Two Glacies wanted to intervene, but the slightest gesture from the Ice Queen stopped them.

“Forgive me, queen…. B-but that will n-not be enough,” I said as I ascended the first steps, closer to the queen and closer to the very embodiment of cold itself. “This storm cannot be stopped by them…. It i-is a freezing b-blizzard that only you c-can stop. I h-have heard of the p-p-powers that you wield. You c-can stop t-this now…. The G-glacies will be t-too late. P-please…. Help us.”

I now stood directly in front of the queen and all the Glacies were on edge. Yet the queen herself simply looked at me without any form of caution or even acknowledgment that I was so close to her. She stared at me, her glare piercing my very being, and I could not control myself.

“Then what would you have of me?” the queen asked, and I was only able to say one word to her. That one thing that I now craved more than anything else.

“Warmth,” and I pressed my lips against hers.


Chaos ensued and before I even fully realized what I had done, two Glacies pulled me away from the queen and threw me down on the icy floor. Their spears were raised against me, for daring to touch their queen and I was sure they would impale me without hesitation.


The icy voice of the queen echoed through the hall and all stopped like they were frozen. Two Glacies quickly neared her but she stopped them by raising her hand.

“.. I… leave us…”

“My queen… are you…” one of them tried to ask, but the queen interrupted and commanded them.

“Leave us!”

Unable to ignore a direct command from the queen, everyone left the hall. The Glacies and humans that were present all exited the hall through small doors or the massive gate at the far end, until I was the only one left with an Ice Queen staring down at me.

I was shaking. But now it was not of the cold, but out of fear, because I did not know what would happen next. The queen looked at me and unless I was mistaken, she too trembled slightly. The cold around me seemed to have lessened a little.

“Wh…. What…” she seemed to struggle to keep her composure until she forced the words from her mouth. “What did you do to me?”

Her voice was trembling and she seemed to be shaking on her feet. “What did you do? How… I can’t…. this is…”

Unable to form complete sentences she moved her mouth, but no sound came from it. She looked at me, but not with anger, but pleadingly.

“What did…. You do to me?” she said and she slowly walked down the steps, although she seemed to have forgotten how to walk. “You did….. this is not … normal…… my heart is…. It feels like it….. is bursting from my breast….. it burns….. make it stop….. make it stop!”

 “Queen…. I don’t know….”

But my words were in vain and she still neared me, forcing the words from her throat. “This is…. Too much… I cannot bare….. it. What kind of sorcery is this? Undo this. Undo it now.”

Her eyes were not commanding and strong anymore, but like that of someone who has experienced something life changing and does not know what to do. She commanded me to stand up and she came standing right in front of me.

“Undo this…. Take it away.”

“Queen.. I cannot-..”

But she was now ranting at me uncontrollably and she swung her sceptre around her head.

“Take it away from me…. take it from me…. I cannot bare this. Take this from me…. take me! TAKE ME!”

She stopped and lowered her arms. I heard those last words, but I did not think she meant them. Slowly she raised her head and looked at me. Her deep blue eyes now pleaded and a slight tear welled up in one of them.

“That…. Thing you did….. do it…… do it… again..”

And I saw she meant it this time. She wanted me to kiss her again, but I did not know what would happen if I did. But she came standing in front of me and looked me in my eyes, her gaze no longer piercing, but pleading.



She took my hand, and surprisingly it did not feel cold. It was a soft woman’s touch and pleasant to the skin. Her chest was arced forward and I could not deny that I wanted to oblige. That I wanted to taste those lips, but this time more thoroughly. Her eyes stared at my mouth, her lips slightly parted and I gave in to what I felt. I leaned in and she closed her eyes, and so did I.

Immediately I felt how her lips were not cold, but cooling and soft. A slight gasp came from her mouth, yet she quickly relaxed. Her lips mimicking the movements of mine and it was a bit sloppy at first. It was clear that she had never kissed anyone before, but before I noticed I found myself hugging her deeply. Her bosom pressed against my chest, and her long dress stroked past my legs. He hair touched my cheek and I could feel how she hugged me back. Her soft arms wrapping themselves around me and a soft moan came from her.

When we pulled back, her eyes were still closed and her lips were still parted, almost like she wanted to taste the feeling more. She breathed deeply, and a lustful sigh came escaped from her mouth, almost freezing my chest.

“M.. more. I want more….”


She lead me away from the hall, into a corridor that lead to a staircase upward. Every step she took seemed nervous and she leaned on her sceptre, desperately trying to keep her balance. As I climbed the stairs, walking behind her, I could see her hips moving from side to side, and it was mesmerizing. Her dress elegantly flowing past the steps, revealing her left leg with every step. And I could see that it shook uncontrollably, like her strength was waning.

Right when we reached the top of the stairs, she fell against the icy walls and she was panting. I rushed to her and took her hand, and I could see how chest went up and down rapidly and a bright red blush was on her pale cheeks.

“Help me…. help me up….”

She was clinging onto me as we continued through the hallways of the castle. Her legs had lost their strength and I felt how she pushed her body against me. When we would stop for a few seconds, I could feel her legs wrapping themselves around mine, and her lips brushed past my chest, like she yearned for me.


Before long I was forced to carry her, and she kept her own body pressed against me. She almost seemed delirious as she mumbled.

“my heart…… this feeling….. I can’t….. I want you….. my loins….. I love…..”

She was making little sense, but we soon reached a large door. With a slight gesture of her hand the doors opened and I saw that they were her own quarters. Large, spacious, with a huge bed that stood against the back wall, and large windows that looked out over the massive icy valleys below. I placed her on the bed and wanted to call for help, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer and kissed me.

Her hand ran over my back and neck, or she felt my chest, and I could not help myself but do the same to her. Her skin was softer and warmer than I thought, and the cold that I felt before now started leaving me more and more. I could not help but feel aroused as I kissed her in her own bedchambers. She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me a few inches away, and her eyes stared delirious at me, her voice trembling with every word.

“I’ve seen….. what human men do….. when they love a woman….. what they do in bed…… do that to me….. I want it… I need it…. Please…. Make me your woman…”

Her hand went down to her own waist, where it untied her own dress. The large snowflake-ornament came loose and her dress fell open. My manhood was already growing, but now it started throbbing and it pressed against her leg. A blissful smile was on her face as she felt it.

“Good…. Now….. make love to me.”


->The next morning<-

As I woke up, I realized I was naked. The white and blue covers were nowhere to be found and I was alone. As I got up and looked around me, I realized where I was. Outside the windows I saw a pale blue sky, and soft snowflakes fell down the mountains. Despite my cold surroundings I felt none of it, but instead felt pleasant. Not hot, not cold… just pleasant. I saw my trousers lying on the floor and I put them on, but the rest of my clothes were nowhere to be found. The doors to the rest of the castle were closed, but when I tried to open them, I was rudely greeted by two Glacies. Their spears formed a cross right in front of me as I tried to leave the room.

“You will have to stay here,” one of them said.

“What? Why?” I asked, but the other gave a short and quick answer.

“The Queen’s orders,” and they forced me back inside and closed the doors.


I stayed alone for what seemed like hours, until at last the doors opened. Through them I saw how the queen entered, her head held high and her posture was royal and showed no sign of any fatigue. She looked like an almost completely different person than the one I bedded last night, but as soon as the doors closed, she fell to her knees. Her sceptre rolled away over the floor and I rushed to her. Helping her up she smiled at me and grabbed my body.

“Forgive me for not letting you leave…” her haughty attitude was nowhere to be found and instead I saw again how she desperately tried to cling onto me. “I could not risk losing you this fast…. Because I want you. I want you… I want us… to do the same thing we did before. I want all of you… your hands… your tongue…. Your lips…. Your warmth… pour it all inside me.”

“But i…” I stammered, but she silenced me with a kiss.

“Your village is safe. The blizzard has stopped and from what I’ve heard they are grateful to you.”

I felt a sigh of relief as I heard the news. But that was quickly replaced with another feeling as the queen wrapped her arms around me.

“Will you….. carry me again?”

A girlish blush came to her face, and with her overall mature look, it was something that melted me. I took her legs and lifted her up. She moaned without holding back as my hands held her legs and shoulders and she clearly became more and more aroused the more I touched her.

Now…. Take me to bed…” she ordered me. “and let us become warm from each other.”

And i could not help but grin from ear to ear. I leaned in and kissed her as i turned around and carried her to the bed. I had every intention of making her feel warm indeed.

"Will you stay with me?" she aksed. "Not for a while.... but forever?"

And i nodded as i placed her on the bed. I first kissed her belly and went upward, my nose stroking the skin between her breasts.

"I will."

"And you won't mind the cold?"

"The cold never bothered me anyway." i smirked.