Teachings of a Teacher

(Takes place in Modern Times)

With almost the entire class present, we started to get slightly restless. It was a Friday after all and even though it was the year of our finals, and we needed to study, we didn’t want to sit around and wait for the teacher all day. Mr. Muso, our Biology Studies teacher, was not exactly punctual the entire year, but this was late even for him. Finally the door opened and I looked at who entered.

“Good Morning, everyone,” said the principal as she entered the room. “There is a slight change in your tutelage.”

The principal was a woman in her mid-forties with brown hair tied in a bun behind her head, and a strict face. She was harsh to anyone who would break the rules, and despite the fact that the youngest of our class was 24 years old, with me being the oldest at 28, she would treat all of us as children.

“Mr. Muso will not be giving you class anytime soon. It seems he… eh…. Had an encounter with a Wyvern and it seems he will be quitting his job soon. We know this is inconvenient for you since it is your final year, but we’ll have to make due. While we search for a permanent replacement for him we have found a replacement for now.”

“But sensei, we have no…” one of my classmates was about to say, but a firm glare from her was enough to silence a Dragon, and some of us thought she was actually a Hellhound in disguise.

“There will be no questions for now, Mr. Yuko. The classes must go on and you have already lost enough time. Miss. Yuna will be teaching you all for the time being.”


I sat in the back of the class and thus I was able to adjust just in time, but the students in the front row almost fell of their chair. Through the door there walked a woman of beauty the likes of which I had not seen before, and then I am including Irri, who was an Inari.

She had long, flowing white hair with a few black strands. Her robes were fairly the same, long and flowing with white and green. Behind small glasses she had softly grey eyes who looked at all of us with kindness. On either side of her head came two white horns pointing horizontally and small tassels hung form them like earrings. Her figure was slender, except for her chest, which was quite large. A white bushy tail came from her lower back and we all know what she was. She was a Hakutaku, and she looked like she was not a day older than 30. The principal looked at all of us with a stern and strict look.

“I expect all of you to treat her with respect and dignity.”

The principal walked out and Miss Yuna thanked her with a bow and walked to her desk.

“Good morning, everyone,” she said and her voice was as soft as milk. Only half the class was able to say ‘good morning back’ while the other half was desperately trying to stop their noses from bleeding.

“I hope I will be able to teach everyone enough before your finals.”

I could see a few of my classmates already smile and grin at each other, but if Miss Yuna noticed it, she chose to ignore it.


Before the hour was up, five of the guys were forced to leave to the hospital because of a mysterious and persistent nosebleed, while the others were desperately trying to hide it. I sat in the back, trying not to look at her too much, because I knew I had to pass this year.

At the end of our class we all packed our books, and prepared to leave the classroom.

“Mr. Oshiro… Would you stay for a bit longer?”

The entire class now looked at me, and I felt my face getting redder. What could she want of me?

While the rest of the class left, I was forced to stay behind.

“How can I help, sensei?” I asked, not sure what her answer would be.

“Well… I’d like to ask you something. Please… sit,” and she gestured at the desk in front of hers. I saw how she grabbed a file form her case and placed it on her desk.

“I read your file…” she started. “and I noticed that this will be your third time that you try to pass your finals?”

The blood rushed to my head again, as she pointed out… quite bluntly… that I failed three years in a row to pass my education. After I would pass I hoped to find a job in Microbiology, but as things stand now, I probably never will. I nodded. “Yes, sensei.”

“Mhm….” She nodded and she looked from the file back to me, her eyes just looking over her crescent-shaped glasses. “Why is that, if I may ask?”

Her voice was still calm and kind, suggesting she was not judging me for being a lazy or incompetent student, but only asking if there may be a reason.

“I’m not sure,” I answer. “I found Mr. Muso’s teachings to be difficult to understand, but I don’t want to blame this all on him. I must say I am also not the most diligent student in class, but since the start of the year I have been trying to change that.”

This was indeed true. I have not failed a single test this year, and although I have not received an A+, my lowest grade is a B, for Biology Studies. I am not worried about the rest of my classes, but Biology Studies is my weakest point, yet also my greatest passion.

“I can pass this year… I know that… and I am trying my best to study as hard as possible…. But this class is my weakest point.”

She nodded and smiled at me. “I know… I have seen that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the other classes…. Yet here you can do with a little extra if you want to finish cum laude.”

She closed the file and leaned toward me, resting her elbows on her desk. I forced myself to look at her eyes, or look at one of her horns, but it was difficult, since her cleavage was hard to miss and I understood why five guys had to leave because of their nosebleed. Her lower arms squeezed her pale breasts together and felt my red face decreasing, only for the blood to rush to my loins.

She gave me a gentle smile and looked me in my eyes. “I can help you if you want,” she said. “If you want I can give you extra lessons after class…. And if all goes well… you can even finish this year with summa cum laude. But… only if you study… then I can help.”

“Of course,” I answered before I even knew it. “Thank you, sensei. That would be great. Thank you.”

She smiled kindly at me, and, maybe it was just the reflexion of her glasses, I see a slight glimmer in her eyes. “Then we have a deal.”


As the days turned to weeks, and the weeks to months, I found out just how good of a teacher Miss Yuna was. I assume it is because she is a Hakutaku after all, but I understand every word she says and even the more complicated subjects feel like a fifth-grade project. While the other students go out and study by themselves, or go and organize a party, I stay in school under the tutelage of Miss Yuna. Not that I mind. Not one bit. In fact, I am almost inclined to ask for more private lessons.

For the first two weeks we stayed in the main classroom, and I sat in the front of the class while she wrote things on the chalkboard. But after that we moved to the library to find a quiet corner and she would explain even the most advanced subjects to me. But after she would stop explaining I would still be left with questions. Not because I don’t understand… but because I want to know more. And every time she seemed to be more and more delighted by my questions and I could see her eyes glimmer whenever she saw that I had more questions.

The subjects also quickly became more divers, and not just about biology related issues, but also mathematics, economics, psychology…… and in time, even both human and mamono anatomy. She was not shy when talking about those subjects, and easily explained the physical weak points of humans, and of the mamono. The sensitive places on the body of humans and mamono was a subject she seemed to know incredibly well, and I often found myself to be the test subject whenever she would teach me about a sensitive spot on the human body.

Her deft fingers would touch my neck on just the right place, and on those moments her expression was not smiling and kind. Her eyes would tremble slightly and her lips would be slightly parted, in an expression I could almost see as anticipation and enjoyment… like she loved to touch my body, and despite me trying not to make it happen, my blood would flow downward.

She would not sit on the opposite side of the table, but right next to me and explain everything closely. I first thought it was because we were in the library, and we had to keep as quiet as possible, but her shoulder would often touch mine, and whenever I would write down one of her answers and explanations, she would lean in, her hair stroking past my arm and her shoulder rubbing against mine. Her leg would touch mine, and at first I thought it was accidental. But when I would move my leg away, she would only sit closer, pressing her hip against mine. She would turn her head, looking me in my eyes, and, cleavage or not, I would be captivated by her soft grey eyes.


Unfortunately my classmates would notice us from time to time. Luckily they would only show up, uninvited I might add, whenever she would only explain or teach me, and not during those eye-locking moments. They would have questions for her, and she would answer them, but then also quickly return to me and shoo the others away, pointing out that I needed the extra lessons.


“…. which is why we became more interested in the Microbes…” she finished.

“…to better understand the life forms that may be too small for the eye to see, yet no less important. They influence our lives in ways that, even today, we cannot imagine.” I answered

“Very well said,” Miss Yuna answered happily. “You are learning more and more by the day.”

“Well… I do have a very talented teacher,” I said quickly, and I could see a red blush on her pale face.

“Well… that is it for today…. It is getting a bit late and….”

 A white flash followed by a loud rumbling broke her sentence. We both looked outside and saw that it had started to rain. The streetlights went on and it had become darker outside. We both had lost track of time and it seemed it was already past 8.

“Oh, no.”

She stood up and looked out the windows as the rain hammered down on them, and it seems there had been a sudden cloudburst. Rain in thick drops was pouring down and the occasional lightning flash made it slightly sinister.

“I thought they predicted a pleasant weather today,” she silently said to herself.

“Do you have to walk far?” I asked her, but she turned around and smiled.

“No, not that far. A few blocks, not more. And you?”

“I have to go to the train station.” I answered, which was true. This was our last week before the holidays and I had planned to take a small break from studying. “Let’s just hope the storm hasn’t damaged the rails or the trains.”


We parted ways after that. There was only one umbrella left for students to take, but I insisted that she would take the last one.

“Don’t worry… I am not made out of sugar… I won’t melt,” I joked, and she chuckled amused.

But arriving at the train station, I saw that the storm had caused damaged to the tracks, and it seemed that all departures had been cancelled.

“Ah crap!” I mumbled to myself when I saw the screen with a red ‘DELAYED’ behind every arrival and a ‘CANCELLED’ behind every departure. “Now what?”

“You could stay at my place.”

I turned around and saw her standing right in front of me. Her clothes wet on a few places, but mostly dry and she looked at me with a kind smile and a gentle look in her eyes as she preened through her glasses. “My home is not far, and I have a spare bedroom.”

“Oh… no I,” I stammered but she pulled me under the umbrella and wrapped her arm around me, pressing her shoulder against mine.

“I insist.”


With a smirk she dragged me away from the station, and escorted me to her home. It was indeed a nice and spacious place. A small parlour, a dining room with a low, wooden wall separating it from the kitchen. I removed my shoes as she places the umbrella bin.

“Here,” she said and she grabbed the neck of my coat. “I’ll hang this somewhere to dry… and your shirt and trousers are wet as well…”

Despite my terrible and hardly meant efforts at protest, I was almost fully undressed by her, and I had the feeling that she enjoyed undressing me. Within a minute I stood in the bathroom with only my trousers still on. She insisted I would take a shower first.


 I felt uncomfortable. I know Miss Yuna for a few months now, yet I had the feeling that she knows me better than I know myself. I knew that as a Hakutaku, she was able to learn and absorb knowledge at an incredible rate, but I felt like she wanted to know more about me than I was aware of. The water flowed down my body as I thought about her. I could not deny that she had come to occupy my thoughts and I quickly found myself staring at the ground thinking of her.

After I finished showering, I grabbed one of the bathrobes she gave me and opened the door to move to the guest room. As soon as I opened the door she stood in front of me.

She had removed all her clothes, and wore nothing but a bathrobe. Her long, white hair with a few black strands, hung past her pale face and she had removed the small ornaments from her horns. I had only seen her in her teacher’s robes, but her bathrobe was pristine white, and gave even more cleavage than before.

Before I could even think about averting my eyes, she moved toward me and squeezed herself past me in the doorway. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest, and her eyes gazed into mine and I saw a flicker in them. Her legs, which were covered in long, soft, white with black fur, brushed past mine and I could have sworn I could feel her hand going past my loins, but since this was a narrow doorway, I thought of it as an accident.


After fifteen minutes she left the bathroom, but that only started the rest of my troubles. I now knew I was ensnared in the web of a woman I did not fully understand. Was she always like this? Confident about her sexuality? Not shy or even remotely prudish in any way? Or was she trying to send me messages and I was just too blind to see them?

I sat on the couch in the parlour as I waited. I wasn’t sure what to do, and my clothes weren’t dry. I felt more and more awkward by the minute as I realized more and more that my sensei was flirting with me like crazy.

“The guest room is here.”

Her sultry voice popped up out of nowhere behind me. I had been too occupied with my thoughts to hear her coming. I quickly stood up only to see that she still wasn’t trying to cover herself. Her skin was now glistening with water, and her hair hung loose and shining over her shoulders. Her bathrobe hung loose around her neck and waist, exposing the majority of her breasts, and I could smell a deep and pleasant fragrance coming from her body.

“Please… follow me.”

I followed her, her hips swaying seductively with every step, to a door where she stopped and gestured me to enter. But after I took two steps into the room I realized something was wrong.

The room seemed to be a woman’s bedroom, not a standard guest room. the bed had soft white linen hanging over it and numerous pillows were placed against the headboard.

“Eh… sensei. I-I think this is t-the wrong room,” I stammerd.

“No… it is not.”

I suddenly felt two arms being wrapped around my waist, and two breasts pressing against my back. Wet hair stoked past my shoulder and I felt how Miss Yuna hugged me intimately from behind and she kissed me on my neck.

“Sensei… what is-…” I tried to say, but she quickly turned me around and I was silenced by her mere gaze.

“Don’t call me sensei…. Call me Yuna.” And before I could react she planted her lips on mine and kissed me.


My first reaction was shock. My body froze and I could not move for a few seconds, but as her arms moved upward and wrapped themselves around my neck, and as her embrace became closer and closer, I felt myself relaxing in a way I had not experienced before. I could feel her excitement rising, and I could not deny that my own was rising as well. Her wet body was pressing through the bathrobes against me and she slowly pushed me further into the room and toward the bed.

Her hand moved downward and she hugged my waist underneath the bathrobe and her tender fingers now stroked past my spine.

Is this why she used me as a test subject? I thought to myself. To see, to sense what my weak points were? Because she was touching me in such a way that I felt all anxiety fell off my body and I was engulfed by a relaxing feeling of serenity.

Her robes fell open, and so did mine, and our bodies touched each other. Neither of us was dry, and before long I felt myself kissing her back. She had cast a spell on me and I did not fight it. I moved my hands under her robes and felt her soft skin. A slight moan came from her and she pulled back.

“Now for a new lesson,” she said seductively and she pressed her body against mine. “How to pleasure a Hakutaku. Shall we have a practical lesson?”

I smiled and placed my hand on her neck and pulled her closer. My manhood was throbbing and I wanted to explore every inch of her, and her eyes said that she wanted to do the same to me.

“Teach me.”


->The next morning<-

I woke up alone in a bed covered with soft pillows and linen blankets reached just over my waist. The storm had passed and rays of sunlight fell through the windows and bathed the room in a golden light. I sat up straight and the door opened.

Miss Yuna walked in and she wore the same pristine white bathrobe of the night before and she smiled happily. In her hands she carried a tray with a teapot and two cups, and when she saw that I was awake she blushed slightly.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning indeed,” I answered.

“I must say, I am slightly surprised,” she continued and I looked at her questioningly. “Yes…. You always look serious…. But when you are asleep, you look much cuter.”

I blushed as she placed the tray on a small table, and she came sitting on my legs.

“I must ask you something, miss Yuna.”

“Of course,” she nodded. “But on one condition….. when we’re alone… you can call me Yuna.”

I smiled and nodded. “Very well then, Yuna. But I still have to ask…. Why did you pick me?”

“Out of everyone at school, including teachers?” she asked. “I thought that was obvious…. It seems I need to teach you a bit more then.”

We both chuckled, but I still did not have an answer, and she looked at me and explained. “I am a Hakutaku…. I am a being of knowledge and I am drawn to it. All your classmates follow my classes only for two reasons.”

When I raised an eyebrow she pulled her breasts out of her bathrobe and pushed them both up.

“one… and two,” and I chuckled again and I felt my blood rushing. “But you are also someone that wants to learn,” she continued. “Others in your class may have known more than you, but you were the one that wanted to know more. You wanted to study, and I am drawn to that. Having knowledge is one thing, but if you don’t want to expand that, I cannot offer anything. I am a teacher and a scholar at heart, and I need someone that I can teach… someone that wants to know more, that wants to be taught. The moment I asked you if you wanted extra lessons I knew that you were exactly that.”

“So you’re looking for a good student?” I asked, but she quickly saw through the joke and she leaned toward me, her breasts hanging down.

“I’m looking for someone that wants to learn more and more.”

“Well,” I said and I pulled her closer. “Shall we begin lesson number 2;  How to make a Hakutaku squeal; a practical approach.

She widened her eyes and bit her lip before she pushed me down and straddled me. “I can’t wait.”


->A month later<-


After a month I passed my final exam, and at the graduation ceremony I was handed a reward for outstanding performance and passing all my classes with summa cum laude. In the front row I saw Yuna clapping, and I made a bow to her.

When we came home later, because I had decided to move in with her after the finals, I immediately grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. I blocked her leg with my knee and pressed her arms against the wood. A quick expression of fear was on her face, but she smiled back when she saw my intentions.

“I received an award for my performance in school,” I said to her and I knew that her blood was rushing down to her loins. “Now allow me to give you your reward.”


And neither of us left the house for an entire month.



I hope this was a good take on the Hakutaku…. A bit longer than I thought it would be, but oh well.


Summa cum Laude: With Highest honours. Basically you get an A+ and more.