On the ocean between Zipangu and main continent a lonely ship was sailing, on the deck a guy with shaggy brown hair covering his eyes was standing, he has 159 cm in height, slim build, slightly pale skin and under his hair a pair of light green eyes are hidden, he's wearing a black mage robe with a hood and on the front of said robe is a white symbol belonging to The Order. 

He was starring at the ocean before him tightly grabbing his wooden staff, he was so lost in thought that he didn't noticed a sailor walking up to him, "Hey, mage." The sailor said startling the young mage who let out a very girly scream and jumped up from fear, the mage quickly turned around and stared at the sailor, "Y-yes...what's the problem?" He asked earning a laugh from the bulky sailor, "Don't be scared kid, I just wanted to tell you that the storm is coming so you should get under the deck."  

The mage let out a sigh of relieve and nodded, "Thank you and please call me Jasper." The sailor smiled and walked away, Jasper turned toward the water once more before following the sailor, 'I have bad feelings about this.' He thought and walked after the sailor, few hours later he quickly sat up on the bed hearing a loud crack, he quickly grabbed his staff and rushed up the stairs, what he saw filled his heart with dread, the ship was heavily damaged but not sinking...yet, the waves are violently crashing onto the ship rocking it left and right. 

Many sailors were washed into the water by the waves where water mamono are waiting, Japer looked around and saw the sailor from before trapped by brown octopus-like tentacle, he was forced into the water before Jasper could do anything, cursing he tried to help the others by creating the ice shards and launching them at the monsters in the water but not even one hit them, then he felt a shiver running down his spine, he quickly turned away just in time to see a dark cloud surrounding him. 

He tried to see anything except the darkness but only darkness were present, then he noticed a white glow but it felt unnatural, after few seconds he saw another mamono, a Kraken, her long violet hair, slightly glowing and incredible attractive body, glowing purple eyes and ten tentacles are standing out in this impenetrable darkness. 

Her white skin has a shade of pink on it, the black triangle thing on top of her head has four purple glowing circles, two small nearly the same size as her eyes and two much bigger, she wears something like a black skirt with glowing circles but it looks like fused with her body, her breasts are covered with black vest-like thing that also seems to be fused with her body, she looked at Jasper and smiled, "Oh my, what a cute boy I found, I will have a lot of fun with you." Then she licked her lips. 

Jasper as most people believed that monsters are dangerous creatures that cause destruction, he created few ice shards and launched them at the kraken, she yelped in pain as few shards cut her skin, she lost her balance and fall down onto the floor, Jasper carefully walked up to her and checked if she was dead but that was his mistake, one of the tentacles knocked off his staff to the side while four more pinned him to the ground. 

The kraken crawled on top of him with tears in her eyes, "You meanie! What have I did to you?!" Jasper heard a deep sadness in her voice which confused him greatly, "Y-you...aren't going to kill me?" He asked barely louder than a whisper, she quickly shook her head, "Of course not, why would I do that?!" She answered still crying, Jasper wanted to say something but the floor beneath them collapsed, then Jasper passed out. 

His eyes slowly began to open and he took in his surrounding, it was a cave by the sea but there was few things signalizing that someone was living here, it looked just like a house but without walls, the bed Jasper was currently lying in was very big and without problem five or six people could sleep here, Jasper slowly stand up and tried to find a way out of here but the only way was to swim and he wasn't a very good swimmer. 

He looked around searching for his staff but he didn't find it, he cursed under his breath and tried to jump into the water but the kraken from before appeared before him, she smiled and hugged him with her arms, "You wake up!" She said very excited and too loud for Jasper who cringed slightly from that alone, he pushed her away and took a few steps back, "Don't come near me!" Jasper shouted, the kraken looked like she was about to cry, "Why are you so mean to me?" She asked before moving closer to Jasper. 

She quickly bounded his arms and legs with her tentacles, she placed him on the bed and crawled on top of him before releasing his limbs, Jasper tried to use this and attack her but all ten tentacles coiled around him, "Wha...?" He tried to ask what she was doing but she silenced him with a kiss, taken off guard Jasper couldn't resist her as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and began to explore it, the kiss continued for several seconds before she pulled away, smiling she brushed aside the hair covering his face aside and sighed dreamily after seeing his eyes in light green color. "You're so cute, what's your name?"

She asked happily, Jasper hesitated before he finally answered, "J-Jasper, are you...really not going to hurt me?" She nodded before leaning down dangerously close to his face, "Of course not, by the way my name is Sera." Her hands quickly grabbed his robe and pulled it up, soon rest of his clothes landed by the bed, Jasper closed his eyes in embarrassment, one of her tentacles coiled around his shaft causing Jasper to gasp and open his eyes, "Wha-what are you doing?!" He asked clearly startled by her action. 

She giggled at the dark red blush adoring his face, "You didn't noticed, we're going to make a child." Hearing that Jasper began to struggle much to the displeasure of Sera, "Get off me you shotacon!" He shouted, Sera sighed and positioned herself above his manhood, "You won't leave me a choice." She lowered her hips so that the tip of his manhood is placed on her opening, "I wanted to take it slowly but you must have been stubborn." 

She lowered her hips and his manhood went all the way inside her, she smiled down at him seeing his body spasming from pleasure, "Feels good? For you I can do much more than just that if you want...just accept this and be my husband." He couldn't speak because of the pleasure coursing through his body, she untangled her tentacles and lay down on his chest, "Look how close we are, I just can't hold myself back." She said seductively and wrapped her tentacles around both of them pulling they bodies together in a tight, slimy hug. 

She started to move her hips back and forth moaning slightly, "St-stop...I can't...!" Before he could finish his sentence Jasper grunted and climaxed releasing his semen inside her, Sera moaned as the hot essence of her husband poured inside of her, after few seconds she looked him in the eyes, "That was really good darling but I didn't orgasmed even once so I must start moving." She did as she said and once more rocked her hips back and forth slamming they genitals together. 

This continued for few more hours, Sera climaxed few times but Jasper passed out long ago, when he finally wake up his body felt sore yet were warm, Sera was laying on his chest smiling happily at him, "Did you slept well?" She asked with a loving voice, he nodded slightly before looking away from her, "You don't intent on letting me go do you?" He asked in slight shaking voice, Sera raised her eyebrows at him, "Of course not, you're my husband now so I can't let you go alone, what if some other mamono catch you." 

Her voice sounded upset and her eyes looked...lonely, Jasper slowly turned his head toward her and sighed, "I...will do it...I will be your husband..." Hearing that Sera wrapped her hands behind his neck and kissed him although this time Jasper started to kiss her back, it went for several minutes with short breaks, when they finally pulled away Sera giggled at him, "I love you." She said with confidence in her voice, Jasper looked into her eyes, a small smile crept its way onto his face, "I think...I...I lo...I love you too." She squealed in happiness and gave him a small peck on his lips, "I know." 


It's been few years since then, right now Jasper is sitting at the entrance to the cave he has been living for nearly ten years now, he watched as sun was slowly raising illuminating the sea in orange glow, he heard a yawn behind him and a big smile appeared on his face, two warm arms wrapped themselves on his chest and Sera placed her chin on his shoulder gazing at the raising sun with her husband, "Couldn't sleep?"

He asked with love clearly present in his words. She pouted a little and nodded, "Of course, even if it's our seventh child I still can't get used to the kicking." She said and turned toward the cave, there few small girls were sleeping, the two oldest are twins, both of them inherited a hair of they father together with hair color of they mother, all girls have various hairstyles but all have pink colored hair, the youngest child have only two years, she stirred lightly and yawned, Jasper and Sera giggled at this, "Looks like someone is waking up, go to them Sera, I will start making breakfast." 

She nodded and went to the kids, Jasper stand up and once more looked at the sea, 'That was the best thing that could ever happen to me.' He thought and walked after his wive, the two and they children lived happily ever after.